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Colorado Technical University Ethical Dilemma on the Nursing Practice Discussion

Colorado Technical University Ethical Dilemma on the Nursing Practice Discussion.

There is one particular unit of the hospital that has had repeated ethical issues that have not been addressed correctly, and employees are upset. You have been asked to have a discussion with the staff about the decision-making process that must take place about any ethical issue.In your discussion of the process, be sure to include the following:Provide an example of an ethical dilemma that needs to be resolved on the unit.Describe how the ethical decision-making process will be useful in resolving this dilemma when issues may challenge the principles held by individuals.
Colorado Technical University Ethical Dilemma on the Nursing Practice Discussion

Political Science homework help. This paper focuses on SOCW 6121: Advanced Clinical Practice II week one and two and three discussion. Murray Bowen is one of the most respected family theorists in the field of family therapy.,SOCW 6121: Advanced Clinical Practice II week one and two,Discussion 2: Family Theory, Murray Bowen is one of the most respected family theorists in the field of family therapy. Bowen views the family unit as complex and believes it is important to understand the interactions among the members in order to solve problems. Satir and Minuchin also advanced family therapy with their concepts and models. As a clinical social worker, using these models (along with having an ecological perspective) can be very effective in helping clients.,For this Discussion, review the “Petrakis Family” case history and video session.,By Day 4, Post (using two concepts of Bowen’s family theory) a discussion and analysis of the events that occurred after Alec moved in with his grandmother up until Helen went to the hospital. If you used the concepts of structural family therapy, how would your analysis of the situation be different? Also, Which family theory did you find to be most helpful in your analysis? Finally, indicate whether Satir’s or Minuchin’s model is the more strength-based model. Why?,Discussion 1: Family Assessment,The first step in helping a client is conducting a thorough assessment. The clinical social worker must explore multiple perspectives in order to develop a complete understanding of the situation. From this understanding, the social worker is able to recognize the client’s strengths and develop effective strategies for change.,For this Discussion, review the ,“Cortez Family”, case history.,By Day 3, Post your description of how micro-, mezzo-, or macro-levels of practice aid social workers in assessing families. Assess Paula Cortez’s situation using all three of these levels of practice. Additionally, identify two strengths and/or solutions in each of these levels.,Describe the value in strength-based solutions.,Discussion 2: Circumplex Model, Understanding the level of cohesion of a family system is important in order to determine an effective treatment plan. Olson (2000) developed the Circumplex Model, which has been used in the areas of marital therapy and with families dealing with terminal illness.,For this Discussion, you again draw on the “Cortez Family” case history.,By Day 4, Post your description of the Circumplex Model of Marital and Family Systems and how it serves as a framework to assess family systems. Apply this framework in assessing the Cortez family. Furthermore, Use the three dimensions (cohesion, flexibility, and communication) of this model to assess and analyze. Finally, Describe how assessing these dimensions assists the social worker in treatment planning.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Political Science homework help
ESL 433 HELP BENCHMARK – Using SEI Strategies in a SIOP Lesson Plan. I don’t understand this Psychology question and need help to study.

Hi I would like to use the first grade and one of the common core standards would be this one “CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.1.7 Use illustrations and details in a story to describe its characters, setting, or events”
Here is also a website that was given to help
For this benchmark, create a SIOP lesson plan that integrates students’ reading levels, cultural background, language objectives, content objectives, and best instructional practices for ELLs, as well as authentic assessment for a grade level and content area of your choice.
Use the SIOP lesson plan template, located on the College of Education site in the Student Success Center, and the “Class Profile” to complete this assignment.
From the “Class Profile,” specify a grade-level of your students. Choose a performance objective from the ELA Common Core State Standards to create the content objective for your lesson.
Select the English language proficiency standards based on the needs of your students. Consider applicable language acquisition stages of development in designing your lesson plan.
Utilize strategies and classroom assessment techniques that are appropriate for all ELLs including ELLs with special needs and gifted ELLs.
Integrate the following:

Lesson Preparation
Building Background
Comprehensible Input
Practice & Application
Lesson Delivery
Review & Assessment

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
ESL 433 HELP BENCHMARK – Using SEI Strategies in a SIOP Lesson Plan

Law Office Management – Paralegal class. Paper details   I have to have a paper talking about the class. The teacher said it would be a good idea to talk about how it is difficult to be in this class and be in the military. I have been away for the military for the most of this semester. I was in Fort McCoy WI for a 6 week course. I was doing alot of things outside, and sleeping in tents and still keeping up with my school work. I am also a correctional officer, at a maximum security prison. You can talk about that as well. This paper just needs to be about what I am taking from this class and how I will use it in my cilivian and military career. You can talk about how this class was not a requirement but I am glad that I ended up taking it. I have attached a paper that I wrote for this class earlier this year. I will also attach the last test so you can see exactly what we talk about in this class. Thank you! Same format as the last paper.Law Office Management – Paralegal class

Anglia Ruskin University How You Feel About the Group How You Fit in Article Ques

Anglia Ruskin University How You Feel About the Group How You Fit in Article Ques.

(4) After reading my Introduction and then read the 3 members introduction, and then answer the 3 questions. ” write a one page, double-spaced paper discussing the following:1. How you feel about the group, how you fit in (or feel you don’t fit in).2. Did this meeting help the group grow closer together?3. Discuss any norms, roles, fantasy themes, cohesion (or lack of these) that came about during your time together.Please read my Introduction and then read the 3 members introduction, and then answer the 3 questions.My IntroductionHello everyone, first, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself and am very humbled. My name is Jenny . I reside in Victorville,California. The State is also known as the Golden State. This is my second year at VVC. The past year of studying in this college has been good. I plan to get my AS in Child Development . I have already completed most of my credits required for the AS. Child Development is my specialty as I enjoy working around children.About my family, we are five, I am married and my spouse works as a nurse at the community hospital. I am blessed with two boys and am proud of them since they are hardworking. Additionally, I have three dogs named Lucky, Slipper, and Roxy. I enjoy spending time with my family as this strengthens the bond of our family. I also enjoy working with students. My hobbies are community service, team, and individual sports, outdoor activities, and helping the needy. I hope to learn interpersonal communication skills which will help me understand the people I will be interacting with better. (“How to Introduce Yourself in College or School? | Lemon Grad”, 2021)ReferenceHow to Introduce Yourself in College or School? | Lemon Grad. Lemon Grad. (2021). Retrieved 29 June 2021, from Annette introduction #2Hi my name is Annette Gonzalez, am a full time mom of a almost 6 year old and one year old. I am married and we have been together for 10 years. I am extremely family oriented and I love traveling with my family. I am an extremely shy person and I am introverted but around my close friends and family I am a goofball and I love to have fun. I am a spiritual person but I really am not religious. I just moved to the high desert almost two years ago, I used to live in Los Angeles but the houses down there were to expensive and with a growing family our two bedroom apartment was just too small. I honestly do like living in Victorville, it is different from LA way more quieter, but I do miss having everything so close and even the city noise. I started working on my associates as soon as I graduated from high school, but I couldn’t decide what to major in so I stopped. Now I am planning to graduate next spring and get my associate’s degree in Math and Science.Member Kimberly Introduction # 3Hello everybody, my name is Kimberly Funkhouser,I usually just go by Kim.I am a Medical Assistant major returning to VVC after more than 10 years,when I earned the Medical Assistant certificate to now work for the Associates degree. I should finish all my credits by 2022.I worked as a Medical Assistant for a brief time after receiving my certificate,but as of right now I am not sure if it is the field, I want to stay in.I did enjoy the administrative side of it and do like helping people,but I may like to try to do something in psychology supportive services instead.I was extremely nervous about coming back after such a long time,but after last semester I feel much more capable in my ability to do well.I had struggled a lot with online classes before, but I have gotten better at it,or it could be that I have fewer other things to do or worry about now.I am good at working with computers and most office software,mostly I figure things out as I go as needed.I am also a single mom, my daughter just turned fourteenShe will be starting high school next year.and she is what I am most proud of.I do have to apologize of course for this video being so late.My brother’s wedding was this weekend, and I didn’t’ manage my time very well at all.However, I must admit that this has been kind of a nightmare assignment for me on several levelsso, I cannot completely blame my brother’s wedding for its lateness.I have a lot of social anxiety and going places and talking to people is something I struggle with a lot.Then talking about myself is something that is even worse.I am looking forward to learning ways to help with that this summer.Member Lakera Introduction #4Hello my name is Lakera Jackson. I am 15 years old still attending high school. In my future I will become a Nurse Anesthetist. I’m not push to become a anesthesiologist because I don’t like school that much lol. My favorite animal is a panda I have, I love pandas so much because when I was little I got a giant stuffed panda and I have had him ever scene. I don’t have a religion my parents never forced it upon me but mostly everyone I have ever met said I was free spirited, witch I find interesting. I don’t watch much tv it doesn’t really interest me but I do watch a lot of anime. A Lot of people say it’s weird and childish but when you find hidden gems they really teach you a lot. I think anime and reading books have a really big role in why I am so “mature” now. I’m very calm and laid back now that i’m older but when I was younger I was really loud and was always yelling maybe its because im drained but it makes it easier to put up with certain things because I can stay level headed. My favorite color is yellow because it was my aunts favorite color. I have a lot of hobbies but never stick to one for long. I love to shop but I don’t like paying for things:) I played basketball since the start of middle school and i’m pretty good if I do say so myself. I’m not great at spelling ask anyone I know and they will tell you but I am very smart and a quick learner. Im one of the middle child out of 4 but I don’t mind it. I’m pretty tall about 5’8 going n 5’9 so i’m usually taller than most of the people I meet. My biggest goal is to be financially free and travel. The first place i’m going to travel is japan. That’s the whole reason i’m teaching myself japanese. My favorite thing to do is sit in silence or have a meaningful conversation. My personality varies depending on the company I am around so I guess that you can say Im flexible.
Anglia Ruskin University How You Feel About the Group How You Fit in Article Ques

Ashford University Racial Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System Research Paper

assignment writing services Ashford University Racial Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System Research Paper.

YOU ARE NOT WRITING THIS PAPER FROM THE START…I HAVE AN EXTENSIVE AMOUNT COMPLETED ALREADY…you are adding to my sections and the overall paper to reach the length requirements 1. This final research paper must be a length of 25 pages excluding the cover letter and references 2. Please stick to my topic 3. I have to have at least 9-10 research questions in the research section of the paper and those questions have to be answered in the methods section of the paper. 4.After you have added to the paper you will create a 12-15 Slide PP highlighting the most important parts of my paper with graphics and short speaker notes 5. THERE CAN BE NO PLAGIARISM AT ALL….MUST SEND A TURNITIN REPORT
Ashford University Racial Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System Research Paper

The Growing Health Consciousness Commerce Essay

It is credible because it is an in-house magazine published by a major player in the industry; the manufacturers and marketers of pepsi and 7up brands. It is given to employees to update them on current issues relevant to the industry. It is reliable, because it deals with and provides accurate information about the products in question. It is published bi-monthly hence it is always up to date on industry issues. The magazine focuses on quality, leadership and provides a long term perspective on business strategy in carbonated beverages manufacturing and marketing. Nigerian Journal of Medicine Highly credible, because it is the official magazine of the Nigerian Medical Association. The Nigerian Medical Association is the sole registered body for physicians. It is reliable because the journal is published regularly and the information provided is up to date and relevant. The information and data published in it is verifiable and peer-reviewed. They state and publish empirical fact that is based on irrefutable evidence. They carry out pragmatic research and are an excellent source of secondary data. Summary of sources (Continued.) Nigerian Health Journal It is credible because it is an online magazine published by a team of medical professionals. They are recognised and the website is registered with the Nigerian health ministry as a credible medical publication. It is reliable because the website is regularly updated with relevant content. The website offers a wide readership to more people, especially young adults who seek information over the web with computers and handheld devices, rather than traditional print magazines. It reaches its target audience effectively. Soft Drinks International This source is highly credible because it is a 139 year old magazine first published in 1873 as the “Mineral Water

Bay State College Boston CH6 Strategic Management and Business Policy Paper

Bay State College Boston CH6 Strategic Management and Business Policy Paper.

Meet the 500 word count, Makes connections to the course content and/or other experiences. The course is: Strategic Management and Business Policy Toward Global Sustainability, 15th edition, Authors: Thomas L. Wheelen and J. David Hunger.The chapters are 6 and 7; -Please tell the video you chose (the link is provided below). Then use key terms and concepts from the text to discuss how the video relates to the topics in the text. Describe how the video affected you and your view of management and leadership. Shaffi Mather: A new way to fight corruption “Shaffi Mather explains why he left his first career to become a social entrepreneur, providing life-saving transportation with his company 1298 for Ambulance. Now, he has a new idea and plans to begin a company to fight the booming business of corruption in public service, eliminating it one bribe at a time.”
Bay State College Boston CH6 Strategic Management and Business Policy Paper

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