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Colorado Technical University Business Organizations Business Law Discussion

Colorado Technical University Business Organizations Business Law Discussion.

I’m working on a business law discussion question and need guidance to help me understand better.

Within the Discussion Board area, write 200–250 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.For this Discussion Board, please complete the following:Maria and Sylvia have always wanted to start their own restaurant business and be an entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, they must decide whether the business should operate as a general partnership or as a limited partnership. Which is the better choice?NOTE:undefinedResponses to Other Students: Respond to at least 2 of your fellow classmates with at least a 50–100-word reply about their Primary Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider the following question:What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates’ postings?
Colorado Technical University Business Organizations Business Law Discussion

Ashford University Developing Skills & Strategies for Success Discussion.

As you did in Week 3, here you will think about your learning experiences thus far and exchange ideas with fellow classmates. Your instructor will check in and award points in the gradebook, but will not participate in this forum. Use this opportunity to gain insight from fellow classmates and to expand your thinking.Prepare:Before attempting this discussion,Make sure you uploaded your Week 3 PowerPoint presentation to Folio. For help getting a link to your project in Folio, view this guide: Getting a Link to a Project in Folio (Links to an external site.).Write:In your initial discussion forum post,Post a link to your Week 3 PowerPoint that you uploaded to Folio.Identify a specific element of your Week 3 PowerPoint you would like targeted feedback from your classmates.Describe what you plan to do differently based on what you found challenging as you planned and completed the Week 3 PowerPoint.Explain how reflecting on your planning and performance of the Week 3 PowerPoint might help you in the development and achievement of your Personal Development Plan final project.Your initial post should be a minimum of 150 words
Ashford University Developing Skills & Strategies for Success Discussion

How to develop a project charter for the construction of a Homeless Shelter?. Need help with my Management question – I’m studying for my class.

Develop a project charter.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper featuring the following elements:

Narrative project description
Problem and result statement
Mission justification
Project scope statement
Major deliverables
High-level milestones for significant events
Applicable technical requirements, assumptions, or constraints.
50 one bedroom units @ $20,000.00 each.

How to develop a project charter for the construction of a Homeless Shelter?

Heroes in English literature constitute a majority of the middle Ages narratives. In epic plays, poems and narratives, heroes were defined as being selfless individuals who deliberately and courageously risked their lives for a justified cause. They are said to overcome risky and dangerous obstacles for the benefit of others. In the middle Ages, there is a variety of literal text that depicts heroes. These include epic heroes like Beowulf, romantic or chivalric heroes like Lanval and Lord Gawain and the green Knights (Kline 27). This middle Ages narrative will form the basis of this paper in showing the comparison of these heroes. Then what qualities were deemed to characterize these heroes in the middle ages? From the above mentioned epic heroes, we find that the aspect of heroism is differentiated mostly to suit the time in which they were written and also to meet the expectation of the audience and preference at the time. In Beowulf, we find that heroism was depicted by being courageous and brave. This is demonstrated by Beowulf who travels far and wide to prove his strength. From the story, it is evident that the community which was the Danes of Denmark and the Geats who constituted Beowulf’s own people valued not only physical strength as an attribute, but also the aspect of being selfless for the greater good. This is demonstrated when king Hrothgar of the Danes great hall called Heorot is attacked by a demon called Grendel and kills most of the king’s men. It is prudent to mention at this juncture that Beowulf being an epic poem starts at the Medias res. So we learn through narration of king Hrothgar to Beowulf that Grendel has been attacking the village and killing the people (Heaney 56). Beowulf is depicted as a hero because of his ability to defeat Grendel without being armed. According to the story, Beowulf severs Grendel’s arm. Being mortally wounded, Grendel retreats to his borrow to die, but this is not the end of king Hrothgar tribulations as Grandel’s mother avenges her son’s death by killing king Hrothgar close friend Aeschere, Beowulf swears to avenge Aeschere death and goes after Grendel mother in the swamps and kills her by her own sword, heroism in this case is depicted by the ability of the hero or heroin to defeat super natural demons, its a matter of mortal being verses supper natural beings. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to some analysts, epic narratives were meant to depict a man as being in control of his fate and that his destiny was not predetermined by the supernatural beings. At the end of the story we see Beowulf fighting a dragon that had ravaged his kingdom and, although this is fifty years after killing Grendel’s mother and himself being old, he still has to prove his ability. Thus, he goes after the dragon and although he managers to kill it, it is at his own demise because he shortly succumbs to death. In Beowulf’s case, a hero is the one who gives his life for other to live. Although Beowulf forms what we may refer to as traditional form of epic poems, Marie de France in Lanval introduces us to a different aspects in terms of how epics were viewed traditionally. Normally, heroes were men who were supposed to save the women at all cost even to their own peril, but in Lanval, it is the direct opposite where it is the woman who saves the man. The reason given for this drastic change from male centered epics that depicted males as being heroes and females being villains is the fact that Marie de France lived in the era of Eleanor of Aquitaine who herself loved plays that women played important roles. In Lanval, the story is about a knight called Lanval who sits at king Authors table and is overlooked by King Author and rest of the king’s official, feeling depressed for having nothing and most importantly land (Marie De France 1-2). He rides of to the countryside to clear his head. Marie de France adopts the fairy mistress motif that is traditionally used in Celtic stories, where a beautiful lady comes from another world and falls in love with the man, but there is a catch, the man should never reveal their love. If the man breaks the pact, then he is punished by the fairy lady by withdrawing her love. Laval’s case is not so different, but heroism is depicted by the virtue of love rather than physical strength as was the case in Beowulf. At the time of this writing, the society seemed to uphold the truth and no wander when Lanval stood accused at the court by Guinevere, king Author’s wife who wants to have an affair with Lanval, when Laval refuses to engage in such an act Guinevere accuses him of being a homosexual, but Laval sticks to his decision saying that he cannot betray king Arthur. Lanval is forced to confess his love to the fairy lady. He is told to prove that he has a lover or else be banished knowing very well that he had broken his world to her fairy lady. He knows that she would not turn up and so prepares to be banished, but out of the blues, she appears in front of the court and confesses her love for Lanval. The story culminates in both Lanval and her fairy lady ridding towards the sunset. We will write a custom Essay on Heroes in English Literature specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Marie de France takes epic poems to the next level where heroes suffers for doing the right thing this is typical of Shakespearian tragedy where doing the right thing is the cause of a hero falling from grace to grass, but unlike Shakespeare’s tragedy that culminates in a sorrowful mood with the demise of the hero, Marie de France culminates Lanval on a happy ending, where justice is served. Heroism in this aspect is depicted by virtue of love, honesty and justice rather than battles and physical strength of an individual. As mentioned earlier, Marie de France performed for Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England, by the virtue that they were royal the poems had to be tailored to show bravery in virtues and ideals rather than wars and battles, which at the time were viewed to be barbaric and not befitting nobility In sir Gawain and the Green Knight, heroisms is also depicted as a virtues rather than physical strength. The main protagonist in the story, Sir Gawain who is the nephew of King Arthur and the youngest Knight accepts a challenge from the Green Knight who rides to Camelot on the New Year’s Day. According to Weston, (50), the challenge is for anyone to strike the Green Knight with his own arks and that the green knight will return the blow one year and one day after. Sir Gawain doesn’t just strike the green knight, but severs his head on one strike, but the green knight picks up his head and reminds Gawain to meet him one year later at Green Chappell. Heroism in sir Gawain and the Green Knight, is demonstrated by the fact that sir Gawain honors his word and a year later rides to green Chappell to receive his dues, also the aspect of faithfulness and luck of greed is depicted in the story as being acts of heroism, during the long journey and on the brink of starvation, Sir Gawain encounters a beautiful castle and is hosted by lord Bertilak de Hautdesert and his beautiful wife, sir Gawain informs them of the task at hand to meet the green knight, but Bertilak informs Gawain that the Green chapel is only a mile away and that he should be Lord Bertilak guest. In the meantime each time Lord Bertilak went hunting lady Bertilak would try to seduce Gawain this went on for days, but Gawain would not yield, eventually she hands Gawain a green girdle. Gawain goes to meet the green knight at the chapel and finds him waiting, Gawain bends and waits for the Green Knight to strike him, but due to fear, he flinches and Green Knight only makes a mark on Gawain’s neck on the third strike and reveals himself as Lord Bertilak de Hautdesert (Weston 56). Gawain is a hero because of virtues and not his strength, the ability to stick to his word and be faithful to lord Bertilak de Hautdesert saves him and returns to Camelot as a hero. Works Cited Heaney, Seamus. Beowulf: a new verse translation. Reprint, New York: Norton

Strategic Analysis of Ge Healthcare

GE Healthcare: Company Overview GE Healthcare is a unit of the wider General Electric Company. It has a global orientation, employing more than 46, 000 staff committed to serving healthcare professionals and patients in over 100 countries. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom (UK)-the first GE business segment outside the United States. It has a turnover of approximately $ 17 billion. The headquarters hosts GE healthcare corporate offices as well as finance, sales, global sourcing departments, X-Ray marketing, manufacturing, design and shipping. The finance and sales departments at the headquarters handle GE Healthcare’s high level decisions, but each modality often has its own similar departments. The global sourcing department handles all purchasing for the firm. GE Healthcare provides a variety of products services namely Technologies in medical imaging, diagnostics in medicine, systems for monitoring patients, solutions for improving performance, discovering drugs, and technologies to manufacture biopharmaceuticals. It also provides X-Ray products which include; radiography, fluoroscopy, vascular, cardiology, and the Mobile C-Arm machine. At present, GE Healthcare has six major business units; Global Diagnostic Imaging Unit: with its headquarters in the US, its business includes; digital mammography, X-ray services, Magnetic Resonance, Computed Tomography and technologies in Molecular Imaging. Integrated IT Solutions (IITS). Also headquartered in Barrington USA, IITS offers solutions in clinical and monetary information technologies, such as IT Products and service for departments, systems for picture Archiving and Communications, Information System solutions in Radiology and Cardiovascular in addition to practices and systems for managing revenue cycles. Medical Diagnostics Business Unit. This is headquartered in USA and its business includes; Researches in Medical Diagnostics, manufacturing and marketing imaging agents used in medical scanning techniques to view human body organs and tissues. Clinical Systems Unit. Also Headquartered in the US, this business offers a variety of healthcare services and technological solutions for medical officers and managers of healthcare systems. These include; Ultrasound, technologies for monitoring patients, bone densitometry, incubators, respiratory care and management of anesthesia. GE Healthcare Life Sciences Unit. This is headquartered in Sweden. It produces technologies for discovering drugs, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and cellular technologies. This division also manufactures equipment for the purifying biopharmaceuticals. GE Healthcare Surgery Business Unit. This division offers equipment and technologies for surgical care interventions, cardiac, systems and technologies for diagnostic monitoring, systems and data management technologies, to systems for mobile fluoroscopic imaging, instrumentations on 3D visual systems and navigation. Its headquarters are in Utah, USA, GE Healthcare has offices in different parts of the world. It also has primary regional operation centers in Paris, Japan, and India. (GE Healthcare Website; Retrieved December 2010) Business Strategy and Organizational Structure Analysis The world business environment is constantly changing, presenting new opportunities and challenges. This calls for competitive strategies in order to remain competitive. This section evaluates the opportunities and challenges presented by GE Healthcare organizational structure. In the Financial Year (FY) ending December 2007, the company recorded revenues of $16, 997 million; an increase of 2.7% over 2006. The operating profit was $3,056 million in 2007; drop of 2.7% from 2006. This GE business unit recorded revenues of $16,015 million, during the Financial Year (FY) ended December 2009. This reflected a decrease of 7.9% over FY 2008. The operating profit for the FY ended December 2009 was $2,240 million a decrease of 15.1% over FY 2008. Analysts attribute to both the complex internal and external environments of the company. I evaluate this argument by undertaking a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of the company and integrating it to the Porters Five Forces Model. Internal Analysis GE healthcare is one of the best firms in leadership development. The firm’s Human Resources Department is keen in developing a strong workforce that responds to changing global needs. It employs strategically employs and motivates the best qualified talents globally. It invests more than $100 million annually on educational training and staff development. The GE Healthcare Institute provides advanced training for GEHC employees and customers. It combines Technical training, Applications and Leadership trainings. More than 70 laboratories with the latest equipment provide GE and customers world class instruction in all areas of equipment maintenance and operation. The Training in Partnership curriculum provides a full range of training programs. GE managers are considered one of the firm’s distinctive competencies and strengths. The challenge is maintaining employee motivation through better remuneration in a time of global economic meltdown and declining profits for the firm. GE Healthcare is capable of changing and constantly re-inventing itself to deal with changing business needs. Setting new standards for management, organizational design, Research and Development has been the pillar of the firm. This is evidenced by the establishment of the six distinctive business units stated above. Exploiting the resources that the firm has, this competency can be meant un-substitutable. The firm is continually innovating to develop solutions to customer changing needs. As Jeffrey Immelt stated, the firms’ employees “have an ability to live in the moment”. This quality is rare and not easily imitated. This organizational culture ensures that employees continue with innovation and development of new ideas. The firm has a global orientation, with production facilities outside the US and UK, a wider customer base, a superior brand, sales, marketing, IT and Production departments within every modality. This ensures efficiency of service within each business unit. To ensure financial accountability in outsourcing and procurement, decisions regarding this are handled by offices at the headquarters. GE Healthcare operates within the Rubric of the well known and established General Electric; this promotes sharing of management knowledge and experiences. General Electric is a well known Brand with a global touch. This strong internal structure has been at the core of the firm’s success. However Organizations function as systems, they interact and respond to the surrounding environment (Barnard 1938). This calls for an external analysis of this firm. External Analysis Competitor Analysis Analysts argue that competitors can ensure that similar firms remain productive. Though this can be healthy for consumers, small competitors and substitute product can drive giants out of the market. Siemens AG competes against GE group in communications, power, transportation, medical, and lighting industries. Siemens and HE Healthcare are most competitive in the healthcare industry. Siemens Medical Solutions happens to be largest supplier of healthcare equipment globally. Siemens AG is distinctive in its innovativeness and provision of complete solutions to its customers. Siemens is actually larger, with close to 440,000 employees, 70,000 of which are located in the U.S. Despite the fact that GE Healthcare outdoes Siemens AG in healthcare ($9.4 billion) and energy ($15.3 billion) it is a competitor that cannot be ignored. Both operate at virtually global scale. Other competitors include FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc. Hitachi Medical Corporation Nihon Kohden Corporation Schiller AG TOSHIBA Medical Systems Corporation Philips Healthcare Philips Respironics, Inc. Industry Analysis General Electric’s firms including the Healthcare unit have been analyzed using porters five forces model to determine which industry is more attractive. GE Healthcare industry is challenged by competitors and new market entrants. Consumers constantly demand low prices at a high quality leading to intensive bargaining. Retailers have to bargain with suppliers to fix the prices of their products. The GE retail industry also faces the threat of substitute products. For more on the competency strategy, SWOT analysis an the forces model see Appendix 1 and 2. Recommendations GE Healthcare already has a global orientation, large customer base. The success of GE Healthcare lies at how best it chooses its business focus. There is need to focus on a specific market niche. Too much diversification and provision of a wide variety of products may be a step forward but it can also become a mechanism for reversal. Much diversification can lead to lose of business focus. It is evident that new technology and the creation of a global virtual market offer an opportunity for the firm to grow its business. African and some Asian markets are still virgins to the firm. There is need to identify and exploit this business markets. Where favorable, establish production facilities. Advertising and strategic marketing remains a superior option to strengthen the firm’s brand identity. With increasing human rights concerns and demands for accountability, there is need for education and corporate social responsibility, as consumers are becoming more sensitive to scientific information. Nevertheless challenges of environmental accountability abound and cannot be ignored. Works Cited Barnard, C.I. The Functions of the Executive, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1938. Print. Barnard, C.I. Organization and Management: Selected Papers, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 1948. Print. Brady, Diane. GE: When Execs Outperform the Stock. Business Week 17 Apr. 2006. Goel Sanjay et al .General Electric: Strategic Management. April 20, 2006 Appendix 1 GE Healthcare: SWOT Strengths Innovation Research and Development Broad Product Portfolio/business units Global Orientation/customers/market share Recognized Brand-strong reputation/image Superior Technology Ability reinvent itself to deal with changing times Strong Organizational Culture/structure Strategic Alliances and Agreements Awards and Recognition Weaknesses Fluctuating Revenues/profits Voluntary Product Recalls FIDA Warning Letters Environmental legal constrains Opportunities Growing Aged Population Market Potential Emerging Markets New Product Launches Inorganic Growth Strategy Threats Introduction of Innovative Technologies Competitive Environment FIDA Regulations Deficit Reduction Act Increased regulations regarding outsourcing

cost behavior case

term paper help cost behavior case. I’m trying to learn for my Accounting class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

cost behavior case is attached. Please complete the case in Word. Copy and paste your Excel Regression results into Word. Be sure to answer all the case requirements completely and separate your answers according to each requirement. Think about your critical thinking rubric as you complete the case requirements and put yourself in the position of working for a company and analyzing this problem. Structure your presentation as you would if you were preparing it for your boss (clear, logical, complete, accurate).
I have also included an Excel spreadsheet with the data entered by the administrative assistant. You should review this data prior to the start of your analysis.
cost behavior case

FIU Counselling in Context & Outreach Distressed & Marginalized clients Discussions

FIU Counselling in Context & Outreach Distressed & Marginalized clients Discussions.

I’m working on a psychology question and need a sample draft to help me study.

Discussion Topic #3 – Chapter 2 – The Evolution of the Community Counseling Model (300 words minimum for main posting with 200 word replies)For this discussion:Select and briefly discuss at least one important happening in the evolution of community counseling for each of four time periods. Include the 1920’s – 1930’s, 1940’s – 1950’s, 1960’s – 1970’s, and 1980’s – 1990’sWhy is it important to understand this evolutionary process as discussed on page 24?Discussion Topic #4 – Chapter 3 – Counseling in Context(300 words minimum for main posting with 200 word replies)Chapter 3 of the text illustrates the Respectful Counseling Framework, and includes four counseling approaches with a social justice orientation (p. 73).Briefly describe the Respectful Counseling FrameworkDiscuss two of the approaches with a social justice orientationIndicate some of the characteristics that the two approaches you selected have in commonDiscussion Topic #5 – Chapter 4 – Outreach to Distressed and Marginalized Clients(300 words minimum for main posting with 200 word replies)In Chapter 4, the topic of difficult transitions is addressed, and how preventive outreach to distressed and marginalized clients can not only provide support, but also prevent a crisis.Describe the four factors that characterize people who can successfully adapt to difficult conditionsDiscuss two of the models of outreach programs that community counselors can create to serve clients and families undergoing transitions from the text OR other models from specific groups that might be in the process of undergoing transitions, such as members of the LGBTQI community and others (these can be found online or from your own experienceNote: Some of the examples in this chapter can be used as a mental health prevention program in your Grant Proposal Assignment.
FIU Counselling in Context & Outreach Distressed & Marginalized clients Discussions

Gameplay Mode Reading Reflection and Annotation Paper

Gameplay Mode Reading Reflection and Annotation Paper.

Part1: Reading Reflection: 1. Who is the author? What are their qualifications? Academic affiliations? Other work?2. What is the research question that the author is trying to answer?3. Restate the author’s argument concisely.4. How is the author building their argument? What is the method of their research? For example, are they conducting interviews, analyzing films, etc.5. What sources are cited? In other words, what is the author’s evidence? Or where are they getting their data from?6. Who is the author in conversation with? Who is the audience?7. When was the text written? How does this affect the argument?Part2: Reading Annotation: What counts as meaningful engagement with the text? Highlight the corresponding words in the text.Take a screenshot or copy the text and mark the page.1.Identify passages that are confusing, ask/ answer clarifying questions2.Try to reword difficult passages to make them more understandable3. Reword or summarize key concepts or passages4. Link key terms and ideas to outside materials or other course readings5. Ask/ answer a discussion question (see below)(If you want to answer a discussion question, I dropped two pictures)Elements of a thought-provoking question (this is different from a clarifying question):It cannot be answered with a yes or no, or a quick Google searchIt doesn’t ask for personal opinions, but prompts thoughtful analysis or reflectionCan refer to specific passages to preface the question and provide context
Gameplay Mode Reading Reflection and Annotation Paper