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Colorado State University VMware Virtual Technology Discussion

Colorado State University VMware Virtual Technology Discussion.

Recently, you have been hired as a Virtualization Administrator for a
solar panel manufacturing company. While the company is in Denver, the
growth of the industry has prompted them to offer their services nations
wide. Their current Information Technology infrastructure in their
local data center consists of the following physical hardware:Three domain controllers with a Single Forest Single Domain Active Directory model,Three Microsoft Exchange servers,Ten web servers,Five application servers,Eight database servers,Hardware-based load balancer,Firewalls,Routers and switches, andVoIP infrastructure.The Information Technology staff is limited to developers, a database
administrator, network administrator, help desk support staff, and a
network engineer.The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the company is worried that
with the rapid expansion of the business, the current hardware will not
support the required computing power. The CIO estimated that at least 15
to 20 servers (web, application, database) will be needed. Due to space
and cooling issues in the data center, you have been tasked to develop a
plan for virtual technology. As a Virtualization Administrator, it is
your job to come up with a plan that meets the business requirements.Deliverable:Research using the Internet
on one of the popular virtualization technologies. Make recommendation
to your CIO on virtualization technology that should be implemented and
why. Your APA- 7 formatted proposal should be at least 2 pages in length,
not including the title and reference page(s).
Colorado State University VMware Virtual Technology Discussion

Bethel University Healthcare Organizations Discussion.

Discussion: The response to the facilitator’s original post should be a minimum of 250 words and must be supported by at least four scholarly sources from google scholar. References should include a scholarly source outside your textbook. References and citations are required for your initial and response posts. Make sure you use scholarly references. Popular websites are not scholarly resources. Sites such as Investopedia and Wikipedia are not acceptable as these are not considered scholarly or reliable. All content that is not your original thoughts should have citations and references, including initial and response posts. Respond to this question with a minimum of 250 words and 4 scholarly sources. 1. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services maintains the Web site provides an array of measures that report on individual hospitals and other types of health care providers. Access the Web site for help in completing the Discuss assignment this week. The site allows you to find a hospital and assess how it compares to state and/or federal statistics. There are several categories of measures including: general information; survey of patients’ experiences; timely and effective care; readmissions, complications, and deaths; use of medical imaging; Medicare payment; and number of Medicare patients. Enter information to locate a hospital of interest to you. Once the hospital is located complete the following. 1.Compare and evaluate the survey of patients’ experiences relative to state and federal statistics. 2.Compare and evaluate timely and effective care for emergency department care relative to state (if available) and federal statistics. 3.Compare and evaluate under readmission, complications, and deaths the 30-day outcome information relative to state (if available) and federal statistics. 4.Overall how would you rate the hospital you selected? Explain your rating. In your response posts, discuss what you found interesting about your peer’s posts and if you agree or disagree with the rating given. Make sure you use scholarly references. Popular websites are not scholarly resources. Sites such as Investopedia and Wikipedia are not acceptable as these are not considered scholarly or reliable. All content that is not your original thoughts should have citations and references, including initial and response posts. Complete: For this assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below. Use at least four scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your essay. Cite your sources in APA format. For this assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below. Use at least four scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your essay. Cite your sources in APA format. This week we examined pricing for healthcare organizations and how various types of healthcare organizations negotiate prices. Discuss factors to consider when negotiating a healthcare contract. Describe how managed-care organizations establish prices and how legal or regulatory issues impact these organizations. Be sure to use at least four sources and use APA format.
Bethel University Healthcare Organizations Discussion

SOC 120 UCLA The Resistance to Colonialism in South Africa Discussion

SOC 120 UCLA The Resistance to Colonialism in South Africa Discussion.

Format: 12pt font, Times New Roman, 2 pages Single Spaced*Minimum length requirement for reflections moving forward: 1,200 words minimum (not including work-cited list)NOT DOUBLE SPACEDHello, I need help with my weekly reflection for Sociology class. I will provide you with (1) Powerpoint, (2) the reading (3) example of a reflection and (4) YouTube link of the documentary we must mention in the reflection. The reflection is not an essay with an intro, body, and conclusion, but rather just shows the understanding of this weeks material and develop an analytical perspective on it. It is highly encouraged to use quotes from both the readings and Powerpoint.Down below I will attach the syllabus instructions for the weekly and the “Orientating Question” that was emailed to us after the lecture to help guide our reflection. THANK YOU.TA (Teacher grading assistant) NOTE: “try to bring in more specifics from the lecture, readings and documentary, and cite them. So for example, when you describe Indonesia’s economy, say something to the effect of “As shown in lecture #2”. That makes it easier to see how you’re incorporating the ideas from different sources and gives credit where it’s due.”*** Suggestion from TA: All you really need to do is say ‘in prof Robinson’s lecture’ or ‘as mentioned in into the temptest’ or ‘as shown in Harvest of Empire’ … they really stress that they want you to connect and show you understand the material. So like take from the ‘harvest of empire film’ how they talk about Puerto Rico and How they trans nationalized and are now in the US, take that and connect it to how Robinson talked about it in the lecture and such._______________________________________________________________________________________MUST ANSWER THIS ORIENTING QUESTIONEmail from ProfessorDear students,Here is your orienting question for this week:Dear students,Here is your orienting question for this week but recall that you need not follow it. Please remember that your most important guidelines, to reiterate, are on the syllabus. The orienting question is for those who feel they need it in order to get started,In what ways may what we have studied so far with regard to the course themes – the global economy, globalization processes, resistance – help us understand the case study of South Africa? How do Desai’s book and the documentary engage with and reflect these larger themes of globalization and resistance as covered so far in the course?Your professor_________________________________________________________________________________________Syllabus InstructionsRead these guidelines carefully. Each week, on 8 occasions, you will prepare a reflection essay of approximately 2-3 pages (single-spaced). *Minimum length requirement for reflections moving forward: 1,200 words (not including work-cited list). You are of course free to write more than the minimum required. These are not academic papers in which you need an introduction, hypothesis, conclusion, etc. They are reflections and you may use a more informal style, even stream of consciousness prose. Please note: there are two criteria we will use in grading these assignments:Does your reflection demonstrate that you have participated in and paid attention to the lecture/powerpoint, done the readings, and engaged with the documentary?Have you developed analytical discussion, including bringing in the terms, concepts, and theories that we discuss in the lecture and are in the readings? Have you shown how the three (lectures, readings, documentaries) are related to one another, and have you identified and discussed the underlying theme(s) that run through all three?In addition, I will generally send out an email shortly after class with several orienting questions that you should respond to in the context of your reflection. We will be looking very carefully to see how you respond to these orienting questions, especially with regard to the readings.Note that these reflections should not be a summary of the lecture, readings, and documentary, and nor should they be a question and answer format. Avoid mere description. The purpose is three-fold: 1) that you demonstrate you have attended the lectures done the readings, watched the documentaries, and given thought to them; 2) to identify what you did not understand and what you think is important to discuss in class, in relation to the course, and; 3) this is crucial, that you are able to synthesize the three (lecture, readings, documentary) to develop a meaningful analytical discussion on the topic of the week.As you write these reflections, you should use the sociological concepts and terms you have acquired in the course and through the readings. We will be looking for this as we grade.__________________________________________________________________________________Nov. 10: Case Study in Globalization and Resistance: South AfricaRead: Ashwin Desa, We are the Poors ( I linked notes of every chapter of the whole book) Film: Apartheid did not DiePlease be sure to quote from Reading, Documentary, and Powerpoint multiple times throughout the reflection
SOC 120 UCLA The Resistance to Colonialism in South Africa Discussion

Why Is Desalination Becoming So Important?

assignment writing services Desalination is a technology which includes several processes that remove salt and other minerals from seawater to produce freshwater. In recent decades, this technology developed rapidly and becoming more and more popular around the world. This essay will focus on the effects of using desalination. It begins with the reason why this technology develop rapidly in the recent years. After that, some economic and environmental benefits and drawbacks of desalination will be analysed. Finally, give a conclusion. Water is a basic and crucial resource for survival and growth of life. We can not live without water. However, there is a research by Fiorenza (2002) shows that nearly one fourth of mankind is suffering from inadequate fresh water supply, both of quality and quantity. Considering water shortage concerns about 80 countries and has caused some serious results in many places, the water shortage phenomenon is becoming a serious global problem that affects people’s daily life and hindered the social development. Because of the increasing number of global population and expansion of both industrial and agricultural activities, the water requirement will increasing rapidly in a very near future. It is obviously that the traditional fresh water supply system can not meet the requirement any more. An alternative water supply option is need to help us deal with this problem. Water is so important for human beings, therefore, we have already developed many kinds of water supply systems. But all of them have a common problem and also the fatal problem is that they all need natural fresh water resources. The research by Khawaji (2007) illustrates that nearly 97% of the earth’s water is seawater while another 2% is fresh water but locked in icecaps and glaciers. The available fresh water just accounts for about 0.5% of the earth’s total water supply. Another point should be considered is human activities have polluted a large amount of fresh water resource. It means that all the traditional water supply systems just can use much less than 0.5% water resource. It is obvious that we can not just rely on these traditional water supply systems any more. Comparing with these traditional options, the desalination technology does not need natural fresh water resources, desalination equipment can produce fresh water from seawater. This technology give human beings an opportunity that we can use the majority of earth’s water resource. This is really a revolutionary change that we need not rely on natural fresh water resources any more. Because of this unique advantage, desalination has developed rapidly in recent decades and playing an important role in many countries now. For example, according to research by Zhou (2003), in Saudi Arabia the desalination equipment produces more than 6,000,000 m3 of freshwater per day. This technology has become a reliable fresh water source for human beings. In fourth century BC, Aristotle found that when saltwater turns into vapor, salt and freshwater will separated. This was the first desalination theory and it has already been discoverd more than 2000 years. The previous analysis shows that desalination has a lot of advantages, but it can be questioned just used in recent years. It is because the former desalination technology cost too much and was not reliable enough. This is also the main reason why there are many critics against the use of desalination. However, the desalination technology has advanced a lot in the last 30 years, especially, the invention of multi-stage flash process and reverse osmosis. According to the research by Tsiourtis (2001) shows that 86% desalination factory use these two desalination processes now. In addition, these two methods are the most commercially important desalination technologies. Furthermore “technological advances were made on the multi-stage flash (MSF) process (materials and process) and on reverse osmosis (RO), with improvement on the membranes and the energy recovery equipment.” (qtd. Tsiourtis, 2001) So these technological advances in the last 30 years have driven down the cost of desalinated water very much. The figure 1 illustrats that the price of desalination shows a decreasing trend from 1988 to 2000. The total cost of desalination decreased from1.7$/m3 in 1998 to 0.7$/m3 in 2000. It is an acceptable price for many countries now and due to the decreasing trend, it can be predicted that the desalination will more cheaper in the future. The decreasing cost trend is just one economic benefit of desalination. Another reason is in some situations, desalination is a cheaper water supply option. For example, China’s water resources are uneven distributed and many places in northern China are facing the water shortage problem. So, the government decides to build a long pipeline to transfer water from the Yangtze River to area in northern China. Research by Liu and Zheng (2002) shows the main canal would be 1150 km long. From the research by Kally (1993) we already find that the cost of transport is around 0.061$/m3 per 100 km. Therefore, it means that the cost of transferring water will more than 0.07$/m3. It is higher than using desalination, additionally, because of the desalination cost has fallen from 1.7$/m3 to 0.7 $/m3 and still keep an decreasing trend. There is no reason to believe that the trend will not continue in the future. So desalination also has its economic benefits in some situations. Desalination not only has economic benefits, but also has many environmental advantages. Firstly, compares with the water transport, desalination does not need so much pipeline and pumping stations. It means that less land will be occupied and less energy will be wasted in the transferring process. After that, because these traditional water supply options need fresh water supply, the overuse of surface water and groundwater has caused many serious consequences. For instance, the ground surface settlement happened in many places in China just because of the abuse of groundwater. Research by Chai et al. (2004) shows that due to the abuse of groundwater, surface surveys of land subsidence is 2 to 3 meters in the central area of Shanghai. Ground surface settlement is harmful to a building’s foundation and will cause dangerous results. However, desalination’s resource is seawater, it will never limited and never will have these troubles. So, compare with some traditional water supply options, the desalination system also has some of it’s own environmental benefits. From the above analysis we find that a desalination system has it’s own advantages no matter in economic and environmental aspects. But it is undeniable that this technology still has some drawbacks in both aspects. Firstly, the desalination process has a by-product called brine, What is “a kind of water that contents double salt of seawater and also contains membrane cleaning chemicals and other chemicals used for scale and corrosion control”(qtd .Tsiourtis, 2001). If we can not treat the brine well, it will cause serious pollution. Then there are some chemicals will be used in the desalination process. It also will cause some pollution. After that, noise pollution is another problem, the noise produced by these machines will trouble people. Furthermore, comparing with other water supply options, desalination still a little expensive than these traditional ones in normal situations, many countries can afford this technology as the option to solve their water shortage problems. Overall, desalination is already becoming a very important water supply option, especially in these energy-rich, dry and lack of freshwater resource areas, such as these Middle East countries. This technology give human beings an new option to solve water shortage problem. Although, this technology still have some problems but because of its own advantages and the trend of desalination technology development, we can believe that desalination will have a bright future. This technology will play an more important role in future. Word count: 1294

Strategic Analysis of Virgin Atlantics Customer Relationship Management

Strategic Analysis of Virgin Atlantics Customer Relationship Management. The topic of customer relationship management (CRM) as a field in strategic management is an area that I have always wanted to explore. Considering the intensity of the competitiveness and dynamism of the global business environment, only the most visionary businesses will be able to meet their profit objectives and survive. Moreover, those who are able to appreciate the customer-focused approach to management will also recognise that information technology or IT has a significant role in producing the ever-loyal consumer who will contribute significantly to purchases, hence, profits. Implementing CRM in businesses is a growing strategy not only to encourage customer loyalty but to retain them as well. The business has to be able to have the ability to attract new customers, make those customers happy, and keep them happy. Ultimately, the goal of investing in customer relations is to spike up profits and enhance overall financial performance. I want to be able to understand how exactly CRM works within a company and how cost-effective the strategy really is. CRM implementation is only relevant if the strategy is profitable. I want to be able to use my analytical skills and knowledge in management theory to measure profitability using CRM as a business strategy. This means having to account for the lifetime value of each customer and accounting for revenue and expenditures associated with each customer over time. Since my focus is on IT, a particular attraction for me in proposing this dissertation is exploring the IT side of CRM. From a professional perspective, understanding how the development of sound IT infrastructure can boost CRM is crucial to my line of work. For a year now, I have been Assistant Manager for IT for the Nigerian Communication Satellite Ltd. or NIGCOMSAT which is a telecommunications company that pioneered the use of a geostationary communication satellite in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. As the first-ever African satellite company, it is relied upon to provide a variety of services and applications to satisfy the growing technology needs of the African region. The NIGCOMSAT-1 provides telecommunications, internet and multimedia services, direct broadcast satellite services, and telepresence technology which in turn, make possible tele-education (distance learning) and telemedicine. Not unlike many communications firms, NIGCOMSAT needs to improve its overall market competitiveness and heighten its responsiveness to changing market conditions and to achieve global competitiveness. The satellite’s much-publicised orbit failure in 2008 has created significant customer loyalty concerns. For the NIGCOMSAT to improve its market competitiveness, CRM is yet an unexplored strategy, but one that has fueled the growth of many successful global companies. I want to delve more deeply into this topic. One particular company is Virgin Atlantic Airlines (VAA), designated many times over as Europe’s No. 1 airline. VAA is all about the customer-focused experience – going the extra mile to service customers such as having a VAA employee fetch you from the hotel to the airport, to depositing your luggage at the conveyor belt, until being handed your boarding pass by a VAA associate. One of the other customer-centred services which the airline has pioneered is the entertainment system for first-class passengers, a strategy already emulated by many global airline companies. Of particular interest to me is how VAA’s IT infrastructure has been configured to meet end-user expectations. Encouraging as well as retaining customers for a global airline company requires not only the addition of services, freebies, or programs such as the frequent-flyer programme (FFP), it must require the smooth functioning of all operations – from the data centres, to the airport operations, and the airline’s contact centres from around the globe. Ensuring that these operations function smoothly to guarantee customer satisfaction requires an efficient IT infrastructure. Customers now are more Internet- and tech-savvy and demand companies to respond to queries and serve them in promptest time possible. IT operations of airline companies have to accommodate the fast-paced world of its customer pool. With the advent of global outsourcing, I would like to analyze how VAA’s CRM strategy is able to guarantee that all of the company’s business-critical applications such as the booking system, cargo, airport kiosks, engineering, crew management, frequent flier loyalty programme, and company website are all synched and management to provide the satisfaction for the customer. If there is one significant thing that practice has taught me, is that management is the key driver to company success. After a brief stint in the Access Bank of Nigeria, I ventured into the telecommunications industry starting out as administrative staff for Nigeria Telecommunications (NITEL) in 2005 before I eventually landed a position in NIGCOMSAT. I learned firsthand how the proverbial “the customer is always right” is a rule in running companies. Bad service leads to customer complaints and eventually, bad publicity that does nothing but hurt the company and the company’s bottom line. The orbit failure incident in 2008 proved detrimental to NIGCOMSAT. The telecommunications industry serves to deliver applications and services in the most efficient and prompt manner – signal disruptions, applications inavailability, and service failures – are problems that could be avoided with efficient IT management. My experience has shown me how IT allows greater monitoring and visibility of performance and information on all related services and business-critical applications. In pursuing this proposed dissertation topic, I am mindful of what analytical skills and knowledge are required of me. I feel confident, given the management theories and models that I have studied in the MSc in Information Technology for Management program thus far, and the accumulated experience I have had in my profession, that I will be able to carry out this proposed independent research. I have had adequate theoretical and technical preparation for this task. I have had Webmaster Basics Training in 2008 and Evolution Series PD55 Training from Paradise Datacom Ltd. in the same year. I believe in the capacity of information technology to address business problems, and I want to apply management concepts and theoretical models to this proposed research endeavor. After completing this research and this graduate degree, I expect to emerge an expert in IT management and gain mastery over how technology affects a business – its behavior, function, structure, and management. Earning an MSc in IT management degree would be helpful in facilitating my career as a future technology leader in Nigeria. The business landscape has been forever changed by the increasingly globalised and interconnected world. Nigeria and the African region present several opportunities for the maximisation of IT management and CRM strategies to improve overall market effectiveness. This proposed dissertation will be a valuable addition that goal. Strategic Analysis of Virgin Atlantics Customer Relationship Management

Substance Abause

Substance Abause. Paper details Chapter 12 assignment: Dietary Supplements video (4 min) Watch the CBS This Morning video “FDA Raises Concerns About Potentially Harmful Dietary Supplements” below. Then post your opinion on dietary supplements–some issues to consider may include: Are they helpful? Are they safe? Do you know anyone who has benefitted from supplements or vitamins? If so, what was the benefit? Would you be more likely to take vitamins and supplements if they were approved by the FDA? After posting your opinion, you must then respond to at least one classmate’s post. Your initial post must be at least 100 words It is important to reference some information presented in the video as part of your response, in order to verify that you’ve viewed the information. Remember to be respectful–we don’t all have to agree.Substance Abause