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He taught them how to build dwellings and introduced laws to govern daily life. Problems started when his wife, Chia the moon goddess, kept leading people astray, encouraging them to break the laws. The couple fought, and Chia used magic powers to make the rivers flood the home the people had built. Bochica led the people who survived the floods to the top of a mountain. To make sure that Chia would not cause any more trouble, he sent her away to be exiled in the night sky forever. Barranquilla and other coastal towns celebrate a yearly Carnival.

Celebrants wear colorful costumes and masks, and play flutes and African drums. Read more: Colombians – Introduction, Location, Language, Folklore, Religion, Major holidays, Rites of passage, Relationships, Living conditions http://www. everyculture. com/wc/Brazil-to-Congo-Republic-of/Colombians. html#b#ixzz1gLqcnvuc Colombia is a country with a rich cultural history. Anyone who travels to Colombia will find that out for themselves, but on this special day we at the Colombia Travel Blog want to share with you a different side of Colombian culture; the dark side… The spooky side.

From black dogs to seductive women (lord knows how scary they can be) to a drunk-bashing horse-rider and much more, make sure you’re sitting comfortably because here are our top 5 scariest characters in Colombian mythology: 5. El Perro Negro ( The black dog) Beware of the dog Travel bloggers beware! El Perro Negro (The Black Dog) is a gigantic dog that shoots fire from his mouth and eyes and lurks in the otherwise tranquil Antioquia nights in search of lost travellers. Are you planning on walking the streets of Medellin at night, thinking to yourself that the only risk is indeed wanting to stay?

Well think again. That chilling howl that pierces the night; the sound of a heavy chain being dragged slowly along; those thudding footsteps that mimic your heart as it beats faster and faster… run for your life. It could be The Black Dog – a tortured, demonic soul reincarnated chasing you to take you to a hotter, but considerably less pleasant, place that lies far, far beneath Medellin. 4. Madre Monte Madre Monte When rains terrorise the land, there’s only one woman that can be responsible: Madre Monte.

Creating a customer care call center

Creating a customer care call center.

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