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College of the Canyons Hearing & Language Discussion

College of the Canyons Hearing & Language Discussion.

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Hearing(1) What are the two major components of sound waves (list & define)? How do we perceive them?(2) What structures reside within the outer ear, middle ear, & inner ear and what do each of them do?(3) What are the auditory receptors called? Where are they located? How do they work? (4) To what area of the thalamus does auditory information go? (You may need to look in the posted lecture notes to find this.)(5) Where is the auditory cortex located and how are its cells organized?(6) Describe the place theory and frequency theory of hearing.Language:(1) What is Broca’s aphasia and what are its major symptoms?(2) What is Wernicke’s aphasia and what are its major symptoms?(3) What is alexia? What is agraphia? Damage to what area of the brain seems to contribute to these disorders?(4) What are the symptoms dyslexia? What are some of the proposed causes of dyslexia? Include in your answer the heritability of dyslexia as well as brain development in people with dyslexia.
College of the Canyons Hearing & Language Discussion

Victorian Institute of Technology Privacy Issues for Social Media Users Paper.

INSTRUCTIONSStudents will need to consider a research problem in Information Technology or Information Systems. The problem could arise from many different fields, for example, medical, business, science, engineering, hospitality, banking etc … The selection of the research problem will need to take place early, in session 1 or 2 as the first deliverable is in session 3. This is necessary given the nature of the subject. All the remaining work throughout the semester will stem from the basic research problem. The idea is that this Unit of Study will mimic the research process and provide you with the understanding and tools to undertake future research. In the first session, we will extensively discuss finding research problems and from there formulating research questions. This then gives us the foundation for proceeding with the remainder of the unit.DeliverablesBelow is a brief explanation of each of the deliverables including submission guidelines and deadlines, though the deadlines have already been given in the Table 1 above.Research Question and Abstract ( 10 Marks Due session 3)The research question lies at the heart of your research project. After considering a research problem (whatever the field of study) from there you will develop the research question. We will discuss formulating research questions in session one and two, but within the research problem the research question focuses specifically on one aspect of the problem that you will undertake as part of the research programme. There are many ways to present the research question, and these will be discussed during the sessions.Along with the presentation of the Research question, you will also provide an abstract. An abstract at this stage is a carefully written single paragraph which succinctly describes the background and research problem that is being investigated by the researcher. The general approach can also be outlined here. The format of the abstract will be discussed in the first two session
Victorian Institute of Technology Privacy Issues for Social Media Users Paper

Grand Canyon University Leading Cause of Mortality and Morbidity Presentation.

The Global Burden of Disease study is conducted by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and published in the Lancet journal. It captures and analyzes data on many major causes of mortality and morbidity from almost every country. The study allows researchers and practices to compare countries and also help individual countries prioritize major health issues and risk factors with available resources. Review the background of the study by exploring the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation website as well as the various GBD reports found in the Lancet journal. Create a PowerPoint presentation (five to seven slides, not including your title or references slide) that addresses one of the top five causes of mortality and morbidity from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD). Select the health issue based on a specific country of interest and include the following in your presentation: PLEASE YOU FOOT NOTE WITH REFERENCES.Evidence and statistics supporting it as a major health issue, such as the Disability Adjusted Life Years or other measures of mortality and morbidity. Indicate which country you selected.Four major risk factors related to the health issue.Potential gaps or limitations in the data.Three social or economic opportunities to control or reduce the prevalence of this issue (reference the connection to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals).Points of interest regarding this leading cause of mortality and morbidity related to the country you selected.Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style.While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
Grand Canyon University Leading Cause of Mortality and Morbidity Presentation

ENGL 1301 Lonestar College US Bureau of Labor and Statistics Essay

ENGL 1301 Lonestar College US Bureau of Labor and Statistics Essay.

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Directions: Watch the video, and read Chapter 9 “Critical Thinking” and then complete the “Writing” portion of “Thinking and Writing About the Chapter” (this is found at the end of the chapter). The instructions ask you to write an essay; however, read one of the articles and write a brief critical response. A critical response explains whether you agree or disagree with the author and why. Review the following power point to help format your response.
ENGL 1301 Lonestar College US Bureau of Labor and Statistics Essay

Apple Corporation’s Organizational Culture Research Paper

online dissertation writing Table of Contents Introduction Organizational Structure and Control Organizational Culture at Apple Inc Leadership Human Nature and Motivation Decision Making and Strategy Formulation Employees’ Goals and Objectives Conclusion References Introduction Apple Inc is an American corporation that produces electronics, software, and many other online solutions. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded this company in 1976 as a small company specializing in software products. This company has experienced massive growth over the years to become one of the leading electronic companies in the global market. Its dedicated team of managers, strategists, and employees saw its brand ranked the best in the world in the year 2010 and 2011. The sales volume at this firm has been very impressive, especially because of its unique capacity to bring new innovative products to the market. The management of this firm has been keen on tapping special skills of its employees to the advantage of the entire firm. In this study, the researcher seeks to analyze the structure, culture, leadership, human nature, decision-making, and employees’ goals and objectives. Organizational Structure and Control According to Lüsted (2012), organizational structure defines the manner in which an organization is governed. At Apple Inc, the organizational structure is designed into three levels of top management unit. The figure below helps in defining the organizational structure at Apple Inc. Figure 1: Apple’s Organizational Structure. Source (O’Grady, 2009) At the top management level of this firm is the board of directors who are responsible for all the strategic decision making processes. The chairperson and all other board members except three officers hold non-executive positions in this board. This means that other than their role as the board members, they do not hold any other executive position in this firm. However, they play an important role in policy formulation and approving major decisions that may have serious impacts on the firm. The other three board members who hold executive positions are the chief executive officer, chief operating officer, and the chief financial officers. These board members have specific executive roles to play besides sitting in the board as directors. The chief executive officer is the executive head of the firm that heads the firm in its quest to achieve strategic objectives. Below these top executives are the departmental heads. They include the head of marketing department, head of the logistics unit, head of production department, head of the insurance unit, and the chief accountant. These departmental heads work very closely with the three top executives to ensure that the policies of the organization are implemented as per the desires of the shareholders of the company. Under the departmental heads are operational managers who are responsible for specific tasks within various departments in the organization. As mentioned before, Apple Inc is a multinational corporation that has successfully penetrated the global market. In order to ensure that its operations at the global market run smoothly, the top management has created regional heads under the office of the chief operating officer. These regional heads are located in various continental headquarters of this firm in Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Africa. They work under the directives of the head of marketing department, but are answerable to the chief operating officer. These regional heads are responsible for the appointment and supervision of all the activities of representatives of Apple Inc in various countries under their jurisdiction. The junior most officers at this firm are the employees in various departments who do not hold any managerial positions at the firm. Organizational Culture at Apple Inc Organizational culture is one of the most important aspects of organization that the management of Apple Inc has been keen on defining. According to Lüsted (2012), employees form a very important aspect of a given firm. Sometimes it may be challenging to find a way of making them reason from the same perspective, especially for a firm that is operating in a global market such as Apple Inc. Organizational culture helps in defining the behavioral pattern of all the stakeholders within the firm. Every employee is able to determine what he or she should do and what should be avoided when handling various tasks within an organization. This way, the management unit is able to predict the possible cause of action that a given stakeholder will take when addressing various duties. At Apple Inc, organizational culture is deeply rooted in the firm’s values and beliefs. One of the most important values of this customer is to maintain integrity in all its operations. This value has been instilled in all the stakeholders that it has become a cultural practice in this firm. Maintaining the integrity at this firm does not only involve avoiding bribery but also any other negative practices that are meant to give the firm undue advantage in the market over others. In its value statement, Apple commits to deliver high quality products that meet the needs of customers in a unique manner. This value statement has defined the behavioral pattern of the employees not only at the production centers, but also in the entire production chain. According to Bach (2007), Steve Jobs created a belief among the employees of this firm that they can be perfectionists if they gave it a serious thought. This belief has had serious impacts on the behavioral pattern of the employees, especially those in the production unit. They are always keen on using their skills to develop unique products that they know will meet the demands of the diversified clients. It is out of this concerted effort of the employees that has made Apple Inc be classified as the most innovative firm in the world for three consecutive years (Lüsted, 2012). Cultural tolerance has been an important practice at this firm. Apple Inc employs people from varied cultural backgrounds. In most of the cases, these employees find themselves working within the same setting, making it necessary for them to integrate in order to achieve a common goal. The management has been keen on championing programs that are meant to enhance cultural tolerance and integration at the workplace. These values have worked closely to create a unique culture at this firm where employees work without any close supervision, and diversity is looked at as strength, not a source of rift within the firm. These forces have played a major role in enhancing the position of this firm as one of the top electronic companies in the global market. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Leadership According to Lüsted (2012), leadership is one of the most important factors that define the success of a firm in any given organization. Apple achieved its success because of the leadership skills exhibited by its top management unit, specifically Steve Jobs. According to Gillam (2012), it is almost impossible to talk about Apple Inc without talking about the leadership qualities of Steve Jobs. It is important to analyze history of this firm briefly in order to understand the role of leadership. When this firm was established in 1976, Steve Jobs and his co-founders embarked on a serious program to expand the production capacity of Apple Inc. Although the three agreed to share the top management role, it was apparent that Steve Jobs was in control of the firm at this early stage. His management skills enabled the firm to expand rapidly. After a few years, it grew into a large company that had to be run by a board of directors. In 1985, a new chief executive was brought in to help in taking this firm to the next level. Mr. John Sculley was hired as the chief executive because of his wealth of knowledge in this industry. However, his management strategies created confrontations between the new chief executive and Steve Jobs. At this time, Jobs was the head of production unit. The differences between these two executives became irreconcilable, and when the board of directors came in to address the issue, Jobs was demoted from his post as the head of operations of this firm. These developments forced Jobs to resign from this firm, opting to run his own firm. The era that followed the departure of Steve Jobs was very disastrous for this firm. The leadership under Mr. John Sculley failed to provide a lasting solution to some of the problems that the firm was facing in its expansion program. Mr. Sculley failed to come up with an effective strategy of integrating all the stakeholders and addressing their interests in the best manner possible. He did not stay at the head of this firm for long before he was replaced. Apple Inc realized the real success in the market after the return of Steve Jobs as the chief executive officer in 2007. As Zylla-Woellner (2013) notes, Jobs was a visionary leader. Under his tenure at this firm, Apple had a flexible leadership structure that was keen to be the driver of change. The management encouraged the employees to be innovative in all their areas of work in order to improve their efficiency and productivity. Tim Cook, who replaced Steve Jobs at the helm of this firm, inherited this leadership structure. Human Nature and Motivation Understanding human nature and motivation is one of the best ways through which a firm can achieve success in the market. According to Lüsted (2012), Apple Inc is one of the best employers in the United States because of its employee management strategies. In order to achieve success through employees, a firm needs a system that would allow it to maintain their levels of motivation in order to boost their performance. Having a team of motivated employees eliminate the need for constant supervision because workers will be self-driven towards achieving an overall success for their employer. Apple uses two main strategies to motivate its employees. The first strategy is the material benefits that employees earn based on their performance on a yearly basis. According to Zylla-Woellner (2013), Apple is running programs where every year, employees with exceptional performance are selected from various departments are then given financial rewards for their effort. The program has been a motivating factor to the employees because they know that their effort will always be noticed. The firm also uses other non-monetary strategies to maintain the employees’ motivation. Before his retirement as the chief executive officer of Apple Inc, Jobs introduced a system where employees are promoted based on their performance. Other than academic qualifications, an individual’s performance in the market played a major role in his or her career development at the firm. The firm has also been using an integrated communication system to enhance free flow of information from the employees to the management and back. This has created an environment where issues affecting individual employees are addressed as soon as they occur. It has played a major role in boosting the morale of the employees. Decision Making and Strategy Formulation Decision making process remains one of the most vital management processes in any organization. Like many other organizations, Apple Inc has been using new technologies such as Decision Support System (DSS) to guide the management when making important decisions (Lashinsky, 2012). However, Tim Cook introduced a new system of making decisions that is based on the views of all the stakeholders, especially the employees of the organization. In this system, every sub-department is expected to make decisions that will enhance their operational activities. The decision each sub-department comes up with must be based on the views of individual employees within that unit. The head of sub-department will then draw a report explaining some of the best alternatives to solving a given problem. The report from all the sub-department will be submitted to the head of that department will sit with his panel in order to evaluate the options that each sub-department has given. The head of the department will then compile a report, explaining why a given approach of solving problem was chosen among the alternatives provided. This report will then be presented to the top management unit that will then be expected to make decisions based on the facts presented before them. Strategy formulation at this firm is always based on the systematic approach that has been defined above when making decisions. The management has always emphasized on the importance of using the information from the junior employees when formulating its strategies. These junior employees are always on the ground, and therefore, they understand the reality in the field. This makes it necessary to involve them in the strategy formulation process in order to come up with practical approaches of addressing different tasks at this firm. We will write a custom Research Paper on Apple Corporation’s Organizational Culture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Employees’ Goals and Objectives It is vital for the management to understand the employees’ goals and objectives in order to find a way of aligning them with the objectives of the organization. The management of Apple Inc has not performed well in this area of management. Although the firm has effective systems that are meant to enhance employee motivation in the firm, there is yet to be a strategy used by this firm to define the employees’ goals and objectives. This means that Apple is yet to find the best strategy of aligning these personal goals to the overall goals of the firm Conclusion Apple Inc is one of the most successful firms in the current global society. The success of this firm can be attributed to its effective management structure and a team of dedicated employees. Steve Jobs played a major role in enabling the firm to attain its current glorious position in the electronic market. References Bach, B. (2007). Implications of enabling technologies for Apple Inc: Cybermarketing

Quantity Surveying Estimating Methods Impact

In view of the fact that the profession was being introduced in the country, Quantity Surveyors are construction professionals which being patronized under the Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia and its Board of Quantity Surveyor Malaysia. Advices are given by Quantity Surveyors on aspects of financial and contractual administration (ISM, 2004). ISM (2004) define, the Quantity Surveyor as the experts of capable in cost and management of construction projects and also need to price the Bills of Quantities, negotiating and agreeing schedule of rates. According to Andrew Doyle and Will Hughes (1997), the Quantity Surveying profession is constantly scrutinised, with regular demands for higher accuracy estimating. Besides, Mohammad Barzandeh (2009) defines estimating as the process of calculated guessing by looking into the future costs of a construction project before start work. It happens before construction has started. The Quantity Surveyor is responsible for these estimates which serve to make sure that construction project will have a successful financial outcome. Phuwadol Samphaongoen (2009) states construction cost estimating as a cumbersome process. An accurate estimate takes a long time for the Estimator to complete it. Contractor’s Estimator has to prepare cost estimates quite often for new projects. According to Skitmore, et al (1990), the aim of construction price estimating is to provide an estimate of the market price for the construction contracts. In the other hand, Holm et al (2005) defines cost estimating as the process of analysing a specific scope of work which predicting the cost of performing the work. Cost estimating also involves collecting, analysing and summarising all available data related to a construction project. Hira N. Ahuja

TIF Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Patients Medical Tests Health Screen Case Study

TIF Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Patients Medical Tests Health Screen Case Study.

Description: There is a case study attached with these numbers that refer to the results of the patient’s medical tests* health screen* in addition to a summary of his lifestyle, diet, physical activity, family history, etc. Therefore, some questions are attached to this case, including assessing the patient’s metabolic state, for example. Another question includes the necessity of comparing the results of the patient’s examinations health screen results with the standard tables in order to know whether the patient’s condition is normal or above normal … etc. Therefore, a PDF file is attached to you that may help in analyzing the results of the patient’s medical examinations* health screen results *. As this file contains many standard tables that may help in the comparison process
TIF Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Patients Medical Tests Health Screen Case Study