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College of St Joseph Correct use of the Measures of Central Tendency Responses

College of St Joseph Correct use of the Measures of Central Tendency Responses.

1. write what do you think about their writing. don’t use he/she. judge like you are giving them advice’s. Source:…RankPlayerClubNationalityStat1.Patrick Bamford (Links to an external site.)Leeds United (Links to an external site.) England342.Bruno Fernandes (Links to an external site.)Manchester United (Links to an external site.) Portugal322.Mohamed Salah (Links to an external site.)Liverpool (Links to an external site.) Egypt324.Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Links to an external site.)Everton (Links to an external site.) England315.Ollie Watkins (Links to an external site.)Aston Villa (Links to an external site.) England296.Harry Kane (Links to an external site.)Tottenham Hotspur (Links to an external site.) England287.Sadio Mané (Links to an external site.)Liverpool (Links to an external site.) Senegal268.Marcus Rashford (Links to an external site.)Manchester United (Links to an external site.) England258.Son Heung-Min (Links to an external site.)Tottenham Hotspur (Links to an external site.) South Korea2510.Jamie Vardy (Links to an external site.)Leicester City (Links to an external site.) England23Hello Professor and class,I am a soccer fan, not that I keep up with all the latest but I do enjoy it at times especially the big matches. The English Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in the world. I was curious about the number of attempts at goal that top players in the league made. These are statistics from the 2019/2020 season with the number of attempts made ranking top ten players with the most attempts at goal in the league.The mean34+32+32+31+29+28+26+25+25+23 = 285285/10 = 28.5The median34 32 32 31 29 28 26 25 25 23 = 28.5The mode23 25 25 26 28 29 31 32 32 34The data is bimodal. It has two modes, 25 and 32The data set in this case is compact in the sense that it has no outliers. Most of the values are relatively close to each other and the data is not skewed. Therefore, the mean and the mode would be the best to represent the “center” of this data the best but I would go with the mean because it includes all the values in the data set. The mode is not suitable because there are two modes, and these modes are on the lower and upper edges of the data set.2. All Violent Crimes Victim demographics 2019…Residence Home263,971Highway/Alley/Street/Sidewalk101,020Parking Garage/Lot34,618Unknown16,197Convenience Store15,588Restaurant10,309Hotel/Motel10,055Department/Discount Store9,500Gas Station8,615Bar/Nightclub6,971Park/Playground6,109School Elementary/Secondary5,426I chose this data set because true crime has always been something really fascinating to me and I was interested in seeing the statistics of locations showing where more violent crimes were committed compared to other locations. This was data reported by NIBRS (National Incident-Based Reporting System) for the year 2019.1.The mean:263,971+ 101,020+ 34,618+ 16,197+ 15,588+ 10,309+ 10,055+ 9,500+ 8615+ 6971+ 6109+ 5426= 488,379 488,379/12= 40,698.25Median:263,971, 101,020, 34,618, 16,197, 15,588, 10,309, 10,055+, 9,500, 8615, 6971, 6109, 5426This set of data had two middle numbers because there are an even amount of numbers in the data set (12), I took the total of the two middle numbers and divided by 2. 10309+10055= 20364/2 to get the median.The median of this set of numbers is: 10,182The mode:This set of data has no mode because there is no number that occurs more frequently than others.Which measure of central tendency do you feel represents the “center” of this data the best? Please justify this using mathematical terms and justifications.I feel that the best way to represent the central tendency for this set of data is by using the mean. Using the mean as a center for the date means that all total value of all numbers are included, and if there was a change in the data the mean would change with it. I don’t feel that the median would be best because the numbers are not relatively close.3. 2018-19 KHSAA Dance Final Results | Kentucky High School Athletic Association (Links to an external site.)I choose to use a dance competition because a I am proud dance mom and we are off for competition this coming weekend so I thought it would be interesting to look at dance scores. Dance Competition Small JazzTeam Name Final Score RankEastern 91.1801Sacred Heart89.9302Raceland89.3303Prestonsburg86.0304Magoffin County75.7505Frederick Douglass75.6506Ryle75.6007McCracken County74.8808Butler74.4509Oldham County74.30010Franklin-Simpson74.20011Wayne County73.83012Union County73.05013Atherton70.40014Russell County67.75015West Jessamine67.500161. Mean: 77.1142. Median: 74.6653. Mode: no mode4. Which measure of central tendency do you feel represents the “center” of this data the best? Please justify this using mathematical terms and justifications.The best measure for this data would be the mean or the median. All of these scores are very close some down to the tenth of a point. Due to there not being a mode for this data I would say it is not reasonable to use that measure.
College of St Joseph Correct use of the Measures of Central Tendency Responses

Total Quality Management. I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

Quality Tools
One quality tool, beneficial to process development, is the flowchart. Consider several aspects of flowcharts as they relate to processes. Also consider how this utilization of flowcharts would further help professionals within the environment of business.
Please answer the following:

How do flowcharts promote understanding of a process? How would this be useful to a business professional during their daily work efforts?
How does flowchart standard symbology promote documentation of a process? How would this be useful to a business professional during their daily work efforts?
How do flowcharts promote streamlining of a process? How would this be useful to a business professional during their daily work efforts?

Make sure you are supporting your answers fully and that your source research is identified with citations and references.
Total Quality Management

reading and come up with questions. I’m working on a Sociology exercise and need support.

read the article and come up with 5 questions and answer. Don’t use simple quote as an answer. no yes/no question. No true/false question. reference the page number after the answer
What is the evidence of the inequality of colored and white people during the Drug War?
Teens of 12 to 17 who are white are more than a third more likely to have sold drugs than African American teens (99). White students use cocaine 7 times higher than blacks, heroine 7 times higher than them and 8 times more on crack (112-113).
reading and come up with questions

Abstract Portfolio management is the application of systematic management to the investment of the project and activities of information technology. The portfolio management plays a vital role in a successful project for any organization. This paper focuses on making strategic choices which involve risk management and decision-making in portfolio management. The paper shows that when appropriate strategies are applied, the organization can mitigate the risk and increase profitability. To deliver successful projects, we need an organization to make the right decision which involves less risk. By implementing decision-making tools, we can prepare the organization for upcoming challenges, opportunities, and overcome those obstacles by minimizing the risk involved. According to our research, we can conclude that portfolio management outweighs the project management outcomes. Keywords Decision making, IT risk management, Portfolio management, Systematic project management Introduction Portfolio management is the art and science of decision making about investment policy, balancing the performance risk and reward. Additionally, portfolio management is the selection, prioritization, and controlling the projects of organizations with strategy. In V J,

Applying Theory To Practice Problem Nursing Essay

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp This paper focuses on use of Betty Neuman systems Model in practice using a case study. The model focuses to finding a solution for a patient is none compliance with his care at home after being discharged. This case is a case that involves a patent who is discharged from hospital after treatment for a cognitive heart failure. The patient none compliance involves the continuing with the habit of smoking. This habit results chest pains which are because of the smoking habits. This model is selected for the practice to reflect the congruency that exists between the practitioner’s values and the assumptions of the model. The Neuman model perceived clients as being in a state of dynamic equilibrium with the environment. The environment is also considered a perceptual field that surrounds each person. Neumann has focused on the stress factors and the reaction of each person to the condition that bring about the stress. She brought forth the conviction that stress factors comprise the environment. The further argued that the disequilibrium in the body system that is caused the stress as a tension. This tension act as the stimuli, which has the potential of causing the illness to the individual that, is suffering from the stress. The environment is subdivided into two components that include the internal and external factor. The internal factors comprises of the forces that occur within an individual or intrapersonal stress factor. In our case, the example is smoking which the patient is involved in after being discharged. The external environment consists of interpersonal stress factors that result from interaction with other individuals. This is in terms of changes in the roles that can bring about stress to an individual. The physiological issues in patient perspective involve things like the ability to see, hear, and have mobility. There other things like the ability to breath, sleeping, feeling, eating, speaking, and the vital signs. This variable focuses on the physiological well being of the patient. By ensuring, that all this things are in appropriate in the patient the health can be guaranteed the way for them. The psychological variables involve the non-verbal behavior, attitudes, coping pattern, and response to stress. These things focus on the psychological status of the patient. Therefore, by ensuring that the patient psychological status is appropriate one can be able to facilitate the things that ensure the well-being of the patient is considered. There are various expectations in this variable that are recognized through evaluation of the patient’s behaviors and the way the patient handle stress. The social variable reflects much on the individual’s values and culture. This is by exploring the social and cultural functions of the individual. This can be mainly approached in terms of the way this functionality influences the life of the individual. There are certain cultural believes that affect the life of a given individual negatively in terms of undergoing the medication. This is by getting involved in things that affect their well-being after the discharge form hospital. The other dimension is the developmental variable, which focuses on the process of life in an individual. This is in terms of the factors that are related to the present situation and they have an influence on the situation. The developmental dimensions in the human life make them to move from one stage in life to the other as time goes by. Therefore, the main objective of this variable is to determine how this change of development is affecting the particular patient in the problem. The other variable, which is considered significant in the life of a patient, is the spiritual variable. This focuses on the aspect of spirituality on a continuum from entire awareness of an individual. The patient may also be in a condition of denial to a consciously developed high level of spiritual understanding. There is a lot of usefulness to understand the spiritual well being of the patient since it can also contribute to the provision of quality health care services that will be beneficial to them. There is a way that a client perceives a stressor. In our case, the patient is concern about the fact that he had experienced the chest pain. This problem interfered with the way he undertook his daily activities before he was hospitalized. The patient can even find it hard to do all he wanted to do. This experience with a health problem is difficult to describe how he is planning to deal with other situation. His expectations are to carry on with his daily routine after being discharged from the hospital and recovering. It would be definitely be a source of stress if he does not manage to accomplish what he intend to after the experience with the illness. There is also a way in which a nurse perceives the stressors which is different from the perspective of the patient. The perception is through assessment of the patient by the nurse concerning the problem he is experiencing. According to the nurse perspective, the patient is not able to alter the way of living after the hospitalization. This becomes the reason why the patient is still suffering from the chest pains. It is evident that is the patient is continuing with the initial habit of smoking he is still bound to continue experiencing the pains in the chest. This is despite the fact that the individual have never coped with the same problem in the past. Therefore, the nurse perceives the stressor as being the behaviors that the patient gets involved in after the discharge from the hospital. There are short-term goals that the nurses focus on achieving in order for them to ensure that the patient has received quality health care. One of these goals is for the patient to stop suffering from this chest pains. The other goal is to make the patient to learn to live in a way that will facilitate his recovery. The next goal is to facilitate the increase of the tolerance of the patient to his daily activity. There are also some long-term goals that the nurses are focused on achieving in terms of treating the patient. These long-term goals entail the creation of an optimal degree of harmony and balanced between his external and internal environment. This is in terms seizing smoking habit, attaining the deal weight and development of a lifestyle which commensurate with a satisfying and fulfilling retirement. The nurses are also bound to prevent the invasion of stressors by providing the resources that strengthen the patients system and coping with positive functioning. This is though motivating the patient and using stress as a positive intervention strategy. The nurses can also engage in mobilizing the patient’s internal and external resources focusing on the achieving stability. They can also seek to maintain the stability through educating and reorienting the patient’s system as required. Conclusively, this model is considered to provide a reliable guide of different levels of nursing education. The models have managed to incorporate all the significant variables that enable the patient to improve in their conditions. The model lastly focuses on the way the patient can be encouraged to be involved in a good lifestyle. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp

University of California San Diego Chinese Impact on Japanese Buddhist Art Paper

essay writer free University of California San Diego Chinese Impact on Japanese Buddhist Art Paper.

I’m working on a art & design writing question and need a reference to help me understand better.

2-3 pages, typed, double spaced), due November 17Please describe the Chinese impact on Japanese Buddhist art and architecture during the period from the Asuka through the Nara eras. Please include specific examples to support your argument.Please don’t forget to use proper citation if you cite the words, or summarize the ideas of other writers.Format of References:Book:Varley, Paul. Japanese Culture. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 4th edition, 2000Book Chapters:Kikuchi, Yuka, “Questionable Translatability–the Contested Notion of ‘Japaneseness’ in the Craft and Craft Design of the Japanese Empire.” In Design Frontiers: Territories, Concepts, Technologies, Priscila Farias and Paul Atkinson eds., Mexico: Editorial Designio, 468–71, 2012.Journal Article:Kikuchi, Yuko. “Hybridity and the Oriental Orientalism of Mingei Theory,” Journal of Design History 10, no. 4 (1997): 343–54.Online Source:Harry Sinyang Fang and Lawrence Jeffrey, Rehabilitation: A Life’s Work (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2002): pp. 9-10, of Citations:MLA (in-text citation): (Varley, 68) or (Varley, 2000, 85)Chicago Style (footnotes or endnotes):Varley, Japanese Culture, 164Hung, “The Origins of Chinese Painting (Paleolithic Period to Tang Dynasty),” 75
University of California San Diego Chinese Impact on Japanese Buddhist Art Paper

Three common types of argumentation are Classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin. You should choose which type to use depending on Essay

Three common types of argumentation are Classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin. You should choose which type to use depending on your argument, the opinions of your audience, and the relationship between your argument and your audience. You’ve likely used a Classical argument before, especially in English 111, but you may also be familiar with Toulmin and Rogerian arguments (by format, if not by name). In this class, you will write a Solution Essay and will need to use one of these three argumentation, or rhetorical, styles. After reviewing this week’s reading on rhetorical analysis, which style do you think would make the most compelling argument and why? In your Initial Post, answer my question with sound reasons based on your reading in an academic paragraph (with clear introduction, supporting details, and conclusion) of approximately 12 sentences.

University of Phoenix Strategic Plan for HR to Handle Illegal Hiring Analysis

University of Phoenix Strategic Plan for HR to Handle Illegal Hiring Analysis.

Write an analysis of the incident, “Illegal Hiring.” Include the following in preparing your response:Identify what role HR should play as a strategic business partner in addressing this incident.Summarize what you would have done in response to learning about the facts in this incident.Discuss what factors in this incident might influence a company to make less-than-ethical decisions.Summarize a brief policy that would help an organization like the one in “Illegal Hiring” make sound and legal hiring decisions within the framework of the law and support a culture of diversity and inclusion.Here is the incident:The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) prohibits U.S. companies from bribing foreign officials; yet, the number of violations each year is staggering. Some violations center on the use of unethical HR practices. For example, the banking industry has been investigated for its internship and full-time employment hiring practices. The Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (BNY Mellon) gave internships to family members of foreign government officials. The bank’s leadership intended to maintain or increase business with a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund. Internship programs are legal and BNY Mellon has a legitimate internship program, but these internships were awarded outside the accepted procedures and criteria used in its program. The U.S. SEC issued a cease-and-desist order, stating that “Delivering them [internships] ‘was seen by certain relevant [bank] employees as a way to influence the officials’ decisions.”129 This is the first cease-and-desist order of which internship hiring was the subject. Phillip Bezanson, a Bracewell & Giuliani Law LLP (firm) partner stated that “the concept of ‘anything of value’ under the FCPA can be ‘really abstract.’. . .”130 In the end, the bank agreed to pay a $5 million penalty, give up $8.3 million, and pay $1.5 million in interest.131
University of Phoenix Strategic Plan for HR to Handle Illegal Hiring Analysis