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College of Eastern Utah Biochemistry of Swimming Paper

College of Eastern Utah Biochemistry of Swimming Paper.

In a nutshell the focus of the paper should be around biochemical processes, chemical reactions, mechanisms of enzymes that may be involved in the particular process that you’re writing about. If you are writing about swimming you may choose to focus on one tissue or organ such as the muscle or the heart for the lungs and describe how that organ or tissue adapts or changes during the process of swimming. Again focus on mechanistic details of what enzymes in biochemical reactions or processes may be in world as the organism say human is swimming. Below is the file with the outline about what should be included in the paper.
College of Eastern Utah Biochemistry of Swimming Paper

Human Services in the Criminal Justice System Trends Evaluation.

Write a 1,400-1,750-word paper in which you evaluate past, present, and future trends in the interface between human services and the criminal justice system and criminal justice connections with surrounding society. In your paper include the following:Identify recent (within the last 10 years) and contemporary issues affecting human services provided within criminal justice system.Identify at least two therapeutic trends that may affect future human services as provided within the criminal justice system.Explain how these two issues and trends affect society.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.No plagiarism, include a title page with headers and numbers on each page, titles, reference page, in text citations,follow instructions above make sure every topic is included in assignment
Human Services in the Criminal Justice System Trends Evaluation

Everyone has a favorite color. When it comes to color preference, there are as many opinions as there are hue variations. Whether it is the clothes we wear, the car we drive, or the food we eat, we are all attached to certain colors and take our choices seriously. In our consumer culture of aggressive advertising and savvy salesmanship, product color schemes are presented in an endless array that companies hope will be forever associated with their merchandise. Color terms are used in popular culture to describe a variety of emotional states and moods. If you are sad, you are feeling blue, if you are yellow, you are a coward, and if you covet your neighbor’s new lawnmower, you are green with envy. Despite the unavoidable impact of color on our lives and our everyday visual environment, the question remains exactly how and to what extent color perception influences our mood. The focus of this paper is to discuss notable studies from the body of work on color perception and emotional state, its history, empirical results, and the difficulties and limitations of research in this area. Psychologists have a long-standing interest in color. With a wide variety of approaches and diverse angles of examination, researchers have established a sizeable body of work on the subject. Exploration of color-mood associations, color meaning, color preference, and color-personality relations are but a few of the topics covered in the literature. Researchers have also used an assortment of methods and measurements in color experiments. Wexner (1954) conducted one of the earliest color-mood studies published in a psychological journal. In this study, ninety-four participants were instructed to choose a mood descriptive adjective from a presented list to best describe a series of eight colors randomly displayed on a gray cardboard background at the front of a classroom. Results of the Wexner study showed a significant association between certain colors and moods. Participants indicated a strong relationship between red and exciting/stimulating, blue and secure/comfortable, orange and distressed/disturbing/upset, and black and despondent/dejected and powerful (1954). Murray and Deabler (1957) replicated the study done by Wexner (1954) except for two differences; eight sheets of art paper were placed on one piece of cardboard due to room constraints, and the colors red and blue were imperceptibly lighter in comparison to the shades in Wexner’s experiment (Murray
During this session, we looked at several topics on Strategic IT planning and strategy We examined researchers, models, and issues in the area, and as you get closer to starting your own dissertation, you will need to choose a topic in your first dissertation class, so it is essential to start preparing.  This week, let us take a look at some topics to consider, and by the end of the week, we could have several ideas for dissertation topics. Here are some pointers that will help critically evaluate some viable topics. • Is the topic attainable for a first-time dissertation student? • Is the problem rooted in the literature? • Is the research empirical, i.e., is there a survey, is there an interview guide, has the data been analyzed via some statistical tool? • Is there a theoretical model or framework discussed? Go to the Dissertation Database, and locate an interesting topic on IT strategy, or examine a model presented this term.  Discuss the topic, the problem the model has been used in the research, and any present findings. Do not read the entire dissertation, as the abstract and chapter one introduction should give a clear understanding of the research.

Assistive Technology for Communication & Enabling Technology Presentation

Assistive Technology for Communication & Enabling Technology Presentation.

I’m working on a english presentation and need guidance to help me study.

Learning ObjectivesStudents will explain one major course concept. Students will apply their knowledge of major course concepts to a particular subcategory/area of personal interest.Students will create an engaging, educational, and professional presentation.Assignment DescriptionYou will demonstrate your mastery of one disability concept by explaining it in a way that could be understood by anyone from a non-disability studies audience, such as your grandma. The presentation you create should tell a story and be entertaining, and engaging, but also clearly communicate the concept in a manner that is complete, and accurate.This presentation allows you to develop your creative skills using the different FREE campus resources available to all SDSU Students (Adobe Creative Cloud (Links to an external site.) and or Microsoft Office (Links to an external site.)) or other creative apps or websites you are familiar with. You can create a website, PowerPoint, video, blog, flyer, poster, social media post, etc., to demonstrate your mastery of one disability concept. You might want to choose a topic that you can use in your work, educational, personal, and/or community life. Or just pick a topic that resonated with you during the course. Some examples may include but are not limited to: Ableism in education Travel accessibilityAssistive technology for communicationSex, disability, and online datingDisability access & employment opportunities in your career fieldIntersectional disability history & More… Planning Your PresentationReflect on what you know about the disability concept you will be communicating in the presentation and decide on the important information you should include in your presentation:Definition: Write down a clear definition for/description of the concept you will communicate. Main Points: List the key points you think are important for people to know or understand about the topic. It is ok if there are some things you are unsure of. Be sure to write these points down too as you will learn more about them in the next step. Applications: Think about how the concept you have selected plays a role in everyday life. Come up with a few ideas that illustrate the concept in action or shows how this idea has been demonstrated in society. Reflection: Identity what aspects of the concept are not clear to you or where you might have gaps in your knowledge based on what you have identified in the three points above.Research the concept to make sure that you fill any of the gaps that you identified above and have a clear understanding of what the disability concept is to be communicated in the presentation. Presentation RequirementsMake sure that you consider how examples may have been used to explain the concept in your class notes, power points, and/or Top Hat e-textbook, and other relevant sources. Your presentation must include the following: An accurate definition/description of the concept.Address 3 key points about the subject that you want to communicate to your audienceProvide 1-2 examples that illustrate your points.Be creative and engaging for your target audience.Tell your audience why YOU personally feel that this is an important concept for people in the community/ workplace/ family, etc. to know about.Provide references and resources.How To Create Your Presentation You can make a webpage, social media post, infographic, PowerPoint, 1-minute video clip, poster, song, etc. The opportunities are endless. We recommend utilizing the free tools available to ALL SDSU students using the Adobe Creative Cloud. Which can be accessed and downloaded here (Links to an external site.) using your SDSU RedID. The Adobe Creative Cloud includes the following: Adobe Spark **Recommended for this assignment**Adobe Premier Adobe PhotoshopAdobe After EffectsAdobe Illustrator & More… For anyone new to creating content in a digital format we recommend using Adobe Spark for this assignment. Adobe Spark is a great introductory creative platform that is easy to use as there are different templates to use. With Adobe Spark you can make professional web pages, social media posts, videos, and other professional digital content in just a matter of minutes. . Adobe Spark is available on your favorite desktop browser and as an app for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). There are three main ways you can use Adobe Spark: Spark Page – allows you to create a simple, professional web page within a matter of minutes. Templates and fonts allow you to create a dynamic website to input your content and images with the clicks of a few buttons. Watch this video to learn how. (Links to an external site.) (1 min video)How-To Guide: Guidance For Using Adobe Spark Page (Links to an external site.) Spark Post- allows you to use templates to create social media graphics and images to get your point across. Watch this video to learn how: (Links to an external site.)(1 min video)How-To Guide: Guidance For Using Adobe Spark Post (Links to an external site.) Spark Video- turns your story or concepts into captivating narrated videos. It’s quick and easy to use. Watch this video to learn how: (Links to an external site.)
Assistive Technology for Communication & Enabling Technology Presentation

University of Arizona Draft Training Proposal & Presentation

essay help online free University of Arizona Draft Training Proposal & Presentation.

To Plan, Design, Deliver, and Evaluate an Original Training Program
Assess the Draft Training Proposal and peer feedback you received in Week Two, and finalize the topic and objectives for your training program. In a 20- to 25-slide PowerPoint presentation, not including the title and references slides: (I will provide feedback as soon as I receive it from above(part 1)

Conduct a needs assessment for your proposed training program. This should include both a person and a task analysis.
Develop SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) training objectives based on the needs assessment and any assumptions you may need to make.
Create an original, detailed training proposal. This should include: 

A title and description of the program.
A discussion of training methods to be used, and a rationale (justification) for using them, based on training theory.
Proposed instructors and the reason for using them.
A tentative training outline.
A tentative list and description of training materials needed.

Develop a plan for evaluation of training effectiveness including both short-term and long-term evaluation where appropriate.

Hi Melisa, a great topic, especially since most associates have transitioned somewhat to working from home. Many associates at home for over a year and going from one department and supporting a completely different field. It’s essential for the company to integrate the training and development around associates’ well being and how they transition and sustain work-life balance even at home. What can the XYZ company implement to have an ongoing and effective continuous education about associates’ well-being?
“On the other hand, when large organizations have enough employees to make in-house development cost-effective, one efficient way to develop and deliver training is through corporate universities” (Morgan,2020). What resources can the company use to train associates with necessary skills, and how can associates continue to develop those skills on the go? For example, is there a Mobile app available for learning on the go? How do we merge existing knowledge with the new associates coming on board to ensure consistency across the department or line of business?
” Investment in training and development, coaching, and (internal) promotion opportunities based on an internal labor market and providing job security would be indicators” (Festing, 2012), which means, how can organization continue to coach effectively and allow room for growth while working remotely? Wishing the best of luck!!
Youssef-Morgan, C. M., & Stark. E. (2020). Strategic human resource management: Concepts, controversies, and evidence-based applications. Media Update. (Links to an external site.) 
University of Arizona Draft Training Proposal & Presentation

Explain the development of using slaves for labor in the colonies, history homework help

Explain the development of using slaves for labor in the colonies, history homework help.

Labor in colonial America was scarce. Write a paper explaining the development of using slaves for labor in the colonies. Below are some of the items you may include:The development of using slaves for laborChanges, problems, and issues with slave laborUnintended consequences of using slave labor.Directions:Your paper should be TWO pages long, in addition to the required References page.Format your paper according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.Your paper should include at least four paragraphs with an introduction, a body with at least three fully developed paragraphs, and a conclusion. It should contain a fully developed and supported thesis statement. Include a minimum of two academic sources (journal articles, books, etc.) other than the textbook for the course.
Explain the development of using slaves for labor in the colonies, history homework help

Discussion Chemistry

Discussion Chemistry. I’m trying to learn for my Chemistry class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

There are many current and evolving technologies that use chemistry-based principles and applications to diagnose disease and dysfunction. Clinical chemistry encompasses a number of tests that measure concentrations and activities of substances in human biological samples to monitor and diagnose disease. The concepts of mixtures, concentrations, and diffusion can be applied in clinical chemistry.

In your initial post:

Research a specific clinical chemistry test used in health care. Identify the name of the test, the specific biological sample required for the test, and the substances being measured or analyzed with this test.
Provide a 250 word description of the test you selected, utilizing chemistry terminology and concepts learned in this and previous lessons to explain the properties of the biological sample used (i.e., mixture, solution, concentration, etc.); the components or matter being measured or analyzed (i.e., molecules, ions, gases, etc.); units of measurements employed in the analysis; and details of any special measurement techniques used.
Describe how the results are interpreted. Identify two specific medical conditions that might lead to a high or low test result, including comparison to the normal ranges or levels. Discuss the impact upon a specific body system (i.e, cardiovascular, renal, etc.)

Respond to a minimum of two classmates, addressing their application of chemistry concepts. Identify any alternative tests that might be used in the diagnosis of the medical conditions they discussed. In addition to providing constructive feedback to your peers, your posts should include responses to any questions asked, as well as replies.

Discussion Chemistry