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“Is College Still Worth The Expense? ” College is very important to us because it is the stepping stone to achieve our goal in life. It helps us to improve our skills and learn more, and it helps us to maintain higher levels of social competence and academic levels. Education remains and important investment for the future. Having an advanced degree, ensures that we are well trained and highly skilled in our chosen fields, which is very important.

With advance knowledge and continued education we will be able to achieve our ambitions in life.With the cost of college rising, many have asked a central question: Is a college education worth the cost? The answer, when looking at the information gathered from a number of surveys, is definitely yes. The central factor that makes college–even at inflated prices–worth it is the ability of graduates to enter higher work “zones,” as defined by the U. S. government. The lower work zones pay the least and are filled primarily by non-college graduates. The highest zones provide the highest incomes and are filled primarily by college graduates.

As long as a students is able to borrow minimal funds ($20,000), college easily remains a worthwhile value. (Draeger, 2009) It is critical that low income students meet the need for higher education by turning to grants/loans. Many states are working on implementing initiatives to insure low-income students prepare for the real opportunity of college. The message from the financial aid community to the students is to graduate with as little debt as possible. It is important that students do not forgo their postsecondary education for fear of future debt burden (Draeger, 2009).College is still worth the price of student loan debt. Students should not fear the shadows of debt, but instead to consider their education will yield a higher income and will continue to grow for years into the future.

References Justin Draeger. “College Is Still Worth the Expense. ” At Issue: The Rising Cost of College. Ed. Ronald D. Lankford, Jr. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2009.

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Capstone Project Proposal

Capstone Project Proposal.

Capstone Project Proposal

Just a few possibilities for capstone projects are listed below. Students are expected to select projects congruent with academic and practice interests that can be reasonably completed within the time frame (15 week semester). I was thinking of doing my CAPSTONE over Developing, implementing and evaluating new patient educational materials.. I work at a Gastroenterology clinic with Crohn’s patients. However, I am not sure how to proceed with this if you could help with that.

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