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I am an only child with a bother and a sister. They are my first cousins, but they might as well be siblings. Kevin and Lily are older than I am, so it was natural that I followed them in lots of activities. When they pulled my dog’s ears, I pulled them too. When they soaked each other with the garden hose, I did it too. We would play Manhunt with all the kids in the neighborhood; since I was the youngest I was always “it.” When I complained, they told me, “You have to pay your dues.” When I was seven I followed them to camp and now ten years later I am so happy that I followed them in that, those dues have been worth paying.

I went to camp because my cousins were going. At first I admit I did cling, and they did their best to make sure I was not homesick. However, by the end of my first week I had made camp my own. I made tons of new friends and swam and played lacrosse, things I had not done much of at home. At camp I was not Lily and Kevin’s baby cousin I was Daisy.

The summer before ninth grade I got a letter in the mail from the director of the camp, inviting me to come back as a member of the Junior Counselor Corp. The Corp is a four-year training program that includes choosing a major and requires endless teaching hours. I chose lifeguarding. During those three years I taught kids how to swim and better their skills in sports. At the end of three years I was a lifeguard and a skilled sports instructor.

This past summer I realized that camp would be coming to an end, and like Kevin and Lily I was going to have to move on. Part of me was sad, but part of my wanted to make it count. I was assigned to live with twelve twelve-year old girls. One girl was very upset, she missed her parents, her dog, and on top of that she was terrified of swimming. One night I took her aside and told her “this is an amazing opportunity” and “how else are you going to be able to spend summer on Cape Cod?’ I told her that if she stayed upset she would never have the opportunity to be happy, and that smiling was the best cure for homesickness, that she needed to give it a try. The next day I worked with her on her swimming. By the end of the day, she gave me a big smile, and I knew she was a happier girl. At the end of the summer, when she got the “Most Improved” medal for swimming, I saw her face light up like the sun. She had tried her hardest all summer, and it paid off. That was not the only award in my cabin. The directors awarded me with the Service Cup, the most prestigious award my camp has to offer. It was given to me for the hard work and effort I put in over the past ten years.

Camp was where I have been the happiest, and it honestly made me who I am today. The friends I have made I know will last a lifetime. It was there that I learned to be a leader and found what I was really capable of. I plan on putting my trophy in my dorm room as a constant reminder of what that world meant to me, and as a reminder that in my new world, I intend on following my own advice and always give myself an opportunity to be happy.

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Group Assignment #2: The group is required to develop a descriptive narrative around the intervention that is assigned to each group. The interventions in Chapter 14 are: human process-based, technostructural, sociotechnical, and organizational transformation.  Your tools: Graded Outline, Textbook, Research and the EXAMPLE: Case Study: The Simonini Company(located in Canvas)  Your task: Create a descriptive narrative( Do not write in 1st person) to include the following information: 1. Overview: Describe to the reader an issue/problem that is familiar to your group in which your group’s intervention approach can be most effective. For example, it could be an issue concerning health, safety, or dealing with job performance. (1-2 paragraphs). Possible 5 points. 2. Discuss the Situation: What is the current situation?)(Why is it a problem?) (1-2 paragraphs). Possible 10 points. 3. Discuss the Intervention: Identify the intervention. Provide background knowledge /research about the intervention. Identify specific roles of the following as it relates to your issue/problem: Refer to pages 485-487. (4- 5 paragraphs). Possible 30 points. a) change manager b) change agent c) individuals within the system that is being changed 4. Discuss the Action Plan: (Minimum of 3 paragraphs). Possible 30 points. a) What is the goal? b) What is the ideal situation? Refer to pages 489-490. c) Why do organizations use the approach? 5. Format: Possible 5 points. Must use APA format. Times New Roman 12-point font. Must have a Title Page with a Running head and a Reference page. Due: Monday, November 18th by 11:59 p.m. *Please include the group number and all group members’ names on the Title page. *All group members should submit the same (exact document).

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