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My view of the American dream is having a nice home in the country with a loving family and, of course, a nice truck and lots of toys. I’ve gone by that view for most of my teenage life believing that’s how things will end up for me. I also believed that you have to work hard and achieve many goals to get those sorts of things in a life. My thrive for power sports started when I was sitting in my parents laps going slowly around the back yard on the snowmobiles. When I was 7, my parents bought me a little 50cc dirt bike for my birthday. I’ve been riding motorcycles ever since, racing 3 seasons of motocross at Gravity Park USA in Chilton, Wisconsin, and finishing 4th place in points out of around 50 competitors for all three seasons. During that time, I found a few good sponsors who really helped me achieve the wins and also help fund trips around Wisconsin and sometimes out of state to race in my free time.

It wasn’t to long after I started riding motorcycles that I figured out they also had to be maintained and repaired frequently; along with making them faster. All of my free time then consisted of cleaning and maintaining all my bikes. I’d read the owners manual and then take apart random parts of the bike just to see how they worked and study there operation. It wasn’t long until I started doing motor work on them and at age 12, I successfully rebuilt the 4-stoke motor on little Honda I had at the time. I was amazed after rebuilding the motor and noticing how much more power it had that I felt a need for more power.

On the other hand bikes weren’t all that I was interested in. I loved loud trucks with big block motors and pretty much every car that would do a nice burnout. My dad always had nice Chevy trucks while I was a kid. That led me to the purchase of my first Chevy truck last year. When I got it, it had a lot of problems. I went through that truck from bumper to bumper and fixed everything that could be fixed. But when I got to the motor I had a real problem. Let’s just say it blew more smoke then a strait piped and super chipped diesel truck. Except that it was oil the motor was burning and not diesel fuel. I originally thought about just rebuilding it like I had done to all my bikes in the past but then found just buying a new motor would be the better option.

After dedicating my whole spring brake to pulling the old motor out by myself, it was time to start building the new one. I started off by installing a new high performance cam in it and then finished it off by installing an Edelbrock Supercharger on a new high compression crate motor. After carefully timing and tuning the motor it was time to fire it up. It started almost instantly and I was very relieved to know that I had accomplished something big. The sound of the exhaust rolling out of the dual strait pipes gave me the inspiration to keep going on the motor and keep pulling every single horsepower out of it that I can. Putting the motor in was not only quite a challenge but a great amount of experience for me.

In order to achieve the American Dream, you must have a well paying job and have a good time while doing it. With the inspiration that the rebuilding of my motor gave me, I decided that I would like to use my talents and experience with motors towards my career. I am hoping to master the arts of the Power-sports industry and the Diesel Engineering industry with the help of the courses offered at your Institute. I hope you take my application into consideration and Thank You for your time.

Technology has never been a more important force of change within capitalism’.

Technology has never been a more important force of change within capitalism’..

Description Question: ‘Technology has never been a more important force of change within capitalism’. Evaluate and discuss. Refer to additional materials for guidelines. Refer to power-point for topic information

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