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Collective Bargaining in Illinois Report

The article is about various state boards found in Illinois, whereby the board members and the directors are seen doing very little and on the other hand, receiving a great pay. There is an example given in the article about the meeting that was held in March 17 2011 by the educational labor relations committee. The writer of the article gives readers a clear picture of that meeting that started at 10 am and ended at 11.16 am (ISB). The board discussed few topics like the labor disputes facing various districts, the reports were read to all the members, and probably came up with the date for the next meeting. In total, the meeting covered duration of 76 hours and each participant got approximately $7800 as the pay. In addition to such payment per meeting, these board members are also paid monthly salaries, which are accompanied by state pensions. The writer of the article says that most of the board members rotate in the top government organizations, and some are members in more than one board (ISB). The board members who are politically connected get the best payments for the least time used in several meetings per year. Some top governors have seen the fact of these board members receiving much money for few hours, but they received much opposition from the majority group (ISB). Some officials did not like the idea of reducing the pay for the board members for the few hours they sit for meetings. The worst part of the idea was that most of the board members are permanently employed in other sectors either public or private sectors. As an international student and as a reader the issue of these board members receiving such big amount is controversial. Economically, this act can greatly result to unequal distribution of resources in the country (ISB). If some officials are members of more than one board, they end up getting a lot of money. There are some people who wok hard for the full month, and the salary they receive is not worth their efforts. The people who contribute much to the economy by working long hours end up receiving less amount of money. There should be equal distribution of resources in the country to boost the low earners. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, when these board members meet they discuss crucial and very sensitive matters in their meetings. Incase they mess up with such matters; they may end up paying costly for their mistakes (ISB). In connection to how sensitive their matters of discussions they are, the better their pay should be. There are activities that can be done in minutes and they are worth much money. Most of the board meetings discuss important matters that would earn the whole nation a lot of money, and this qualifies the board members to be paid an equal amount. In the nation, such serious issues of payments should be catered for to make all the citizens enjoy their fruits of their labor accordingly. Earning much money for some individuals while others are earning very little may widen the gap between the rich and the poor hence dragging the economy behind. Works Cited Illinois State Boards (ISB): Little work, great pay. 2011. Web.

An Environmental History of Opium Poppy in Afghanistan Article Questions

An Environmental History of Opium Poppy in Afghanistan Article Questions.

Step 1: Read the article, “Flower of War: An Environmental History of Opium Poppy in Afghanistan” byChristian Parenti (2015). Step 2: Answer the following questions. 1. Summarize (in your own words) the connections between water insecurity, food insecurity, social instability, political instability, economic instability and climate change with respect agriculture production in Afghanistan. Write a 250 – 300 word summary. Use at least 5 specific examples from the article. (15m) i. Use proper intext citations from the article including page numbers ii. Avoid using direct quotes since this is a summary in your own words 2. In what ways could decriminalizing poppy production be an effective management strategy for Afghanistan? Answer in the context of Wicked Problem (use the definition and criteria of wicked problems to answer the question) (5m) 3. Think about your personal connection to what you have read in the article. Answer the following question: Who am I in relation to this? (5m) Step 3: Ensure proper formatting before you submit (2m) This is a list of expectations for formatting, general appearance, grammar, spelling, etc of the submission • Use a word processing application (please don’t hand write answers – except for graphs) • Legible – scanned properly, neat • All answers must clearly indicate which question they are answering o ie) Q4: answer • Legible sentence structure, spelling, grammar. If a word is spelled incorrectly, it could indicate a different meaning or be misunderstood. Please proofread all your work. • Consistent formatting. Use one font for all answers. Generally, font size 11-12 is the best for electronic submissions. • Ensure everything is labelled and submitted as one pdf document when possible. • No coverpages • In general, if the marker can’t read, find or understand your submission, it won’t be graded. • Submit as a pdf.
An Environmental History of Opium Poppy in Afghanistan Article Questions

business scenarios

java assignment help business scenarios.

Please read this attachment and each part need to be donePart one Please refer to the attached documents Go Furniture
Financial Forecast, Financials for go furniture to complete Part oneWrite the Financial Plan
for your organization (a minimum of 500 words). Create the accompanying
spreadsheet(s) and address the following in your plan:1.Using Excel, create a three-year pro forma income statement for
your organization (or product/service). Review the resources in the topic
materials for additional information.2.Calculate your financial break-even point: BEP= Fixed Costs/
(unit price – variable unit costs).3.Identify possible sources for investment capital if required
(friends, family, banks, USSBA, etc.).4.Explain how you will use financial information to help you craft
your business strategy.5.Identify the key financial ratios you will use to measure the
performance of your organization to determine success.Prepare this assignment
according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the
Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.Part 2Complete the whole assignment Scenario: Your organization’s CEO is concerned that
members of the strategic planning committee are not familiar with current
economic thought and principles. The CEO has assigned you the task of
developing a report to introduce some of these thoughts and principles. Develop a 1,050-word report to the members of the
strategic planning committee explaining the following information:
How economists are both
scientists and policymakers and what process society uses to allocate its
scarce resources.
Using the circular flow model,
explain the flow of money and goods in an economy.
How does the economy coordinate
society’s independent economic actors.
A country’s gross domestic
product (GDP) and how it is defined and calculated.
How the consumer price index
(CPI) is constructed and why it is an imperfect measurement of the cost of
Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.
business scenarios

ISM 3011 St Petersburg College Online Conferencing and Online Business Discussion

ISM 3011 St Petersburg College Online Conferencing and Online Business Discussion.

After reading Chapters 13, 14, and 15, choose ONE topic covered in the chapters that you’d like to explore. 1. Name your topic in your post title and in the first sentence, explain why/what about the topic you would like to know more (i.e…I always wondered how amazon always knows what I’m likely to buy, I always wonder how what I type on the computer gets converted into text, I always wonder how airlines keep track of their passenger lists, I always wonder how…etc.). 2. Research the topic to find the answer(s) to your question(s).3. In 400 or more words, write down the answer to your own question. Make sure you explain HOW the technology works and why it’s important.4. Include links to at least three references (videos, articles, books, etc.). APA format.
ISM 3011 St Petersburg College Online Conferencing and Online Business Discussion

Zoo Park’s Redundancy Management and Legal Issues Case Study

Introduction In this unit, I have learned several issues relating to human resource management (HRM). When addressing matters concerning the workforce, business companies should follow the laid-down rules and guidelines governing the employer-employee relationship. It is also clear to me that employees, just like employers, have their rights and the abuse of these rights would result in lawsuits. The presence of trade unions today has helped employees in fighting for their rights. I feel that the trade unions play a great role in uniting workers, thus increasing their bargaining power. A union can also negotiate with the employer on behalf of the workers. I am convinced that the likelihood of an employee getting fair treatment from the employer will depend on the knowledge they have concerning their rights. Today, economic crises have equally affected employees and employers. I have learned that such moves as making employees redundant, as well as dismissing them, are necessitated by economic crises, which force businesses to cut down on their expenses in an attempt to remain profitable. The remuneration of workers is often seen as one of the major expenses incurred by businesses. It is one of the major reasons why businesses resort to such practices as making workers redundant. As I had stated earlier, employees can challenge the legality of such practices by employers through labor tribunals, as well as in a court of law. In this paper, I seek to analyze the Zoo Park case study. First, I will advise the management on how to handle redundancies. Here, I have categorically highlighted issues relating to the recognition of a trade union as a bargaining party. Secondly, I have identified problems likely to arise as a result of changing working hours and made recommendations on how to best address the issue. Lastly, I have advised the management of the best ways to address the situation leading to the accident in the zoo park’s restaurant. Managing Redundancies Zoo Park’s management team is faced with the challenge of making some of the employees redundant after deciding to concentrate on the monkey section of the zoo. As a result, the park wishes to close the reptile and the aviary section to expand the monkey section. The decision will, however, see the workers in the reptile and the bird sections rendered redundant. The move is opposed by representatives of the ZZZ trade union, who argue that the selection process should be carried out among all zookeepers. The development led to bitter disagreements between the employees working in the monkey section and those in the aviary and the reptile section. The situation saw employees working in the monkey section pull out of the ZZZ trade union to deal with the Zoo park management individually. The zookeepers are claiming that they are better experienced in dealing with monkeys and that their counterparts are incapable of handling the primates, hence they (the zoo keepers) should retain their jobs. In a ruling made in the DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd v Doolan (2011) case, the court cited incapability to work as a possible reason to have an employee rendered redundant. According to The Collective Redundancies and Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (1995), the management should craft a plan to smoothly roll out the redundancy program to the employees, causing minimal disputes and legal battles. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Based on the Acas code of practice’s disciplinary and grievance procedures, I argue that the management at the park should first of all give a written statement of the issue to every employee. The written statement of issue will serve as evidence that the employees were adequately notified by the management of the decision to make them redundant. The second step in implementing the redundancy program is holding consultations about the matter. The management should hold both collective and individual consultations with the employees before the redundancy program is rolled out. According to the Employment Rights Act (1996), Zoo Park should clearly state the reasons for the redundancy program to the workers. The method of selection should also be clearly stated during the consultation period. Moreover, the job groups affected should be stated. I also feel that the zoo park should show evidence of having put in place adequate measures to avoid redundancies and, thus, having used redundancy as a measure of last resort. In this case, I feel that since all the employees are zookeepers, they should all be issued with notices and undergo the selection process to avoid claims of unfair dismissal by those working in the bird and reptile sections. The management can either choose to engage in collective or individual consultations in this case. According to the Employment Rights Act (1996), when the number of workers likely to face redundancy is above 20, a 30 days collective consultation period is required. In my opinion, the redundancy program is likely to affect 22 employees. According to The Collective Redundancies and the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (Amendment) Regulations (1999), individual consultation is of great essence in the process. The view is supported by Tyler