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An opinion paper on the pros and cons of collaborative writing.

This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages to writing a paper collaboratively over writing individually. Issues examined include motivation, skills, teamwork and life skills preparation.
“The first major benefit of working collaboratively is that it increases motivation for the task. When a group of people are relying on each other, each individual is motivated to do their best. Even without being actively encouraged by the other team members, each individual tends to feel a sense of responsibility. This encourages everyone to take the project seriously. In contrast, when working individually, lesser effort may be settled for.
Secondly, working collaboratively allows individuals to use their own unique skills. Some individuals are better at research, others at writing and others at organizing. A team of collaborators are able to utilize each other’s skills so that each person works on what they are best at. The overall result is that the paper is of better quality, each individual has developed their own unique skills, and each person feels more confident about their input. This also prevents an individual’s one weakness from affecting the overall result, as other group members can compensate for the weakness.”

Technology Management Discussion Questions

Please answer the following 2 questions in a few short paragraphs. Each answer should be about half a page.
Q1 .Why did Steve Jobs choose the “digital hub” strategy for Apple? Please use the case info to demonstrate Jobs’ thought process leading to the “digital hub” strategy. For example, what were the key logical steps in his mind that might lead to this strategy? You may also connect it to his experience before he chose this strategy.
This question is based on the Apple case (attached)

Q2. Use an example to illustrate the importance of network externality for the emergence of dominant design..
1. Please don’t use these companies (MS, Intel, Apple, IBM, Numenta, Spotify)
2. You can use Week 6 lecture slides as reference to answer this question (attached). You can’t use any examples mentioned in the file though.