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collaborative learning comminity

collaborative learning comminity. I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.
The instructor assigned students to their CLC groups in Topic 2.
The most powerful force shaping the U.S. health care delivery system is managed care. As a health care professional, it is vital that you understand the managed care system, as it impacts all stakeholders. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of managed care.
Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation that includes detailed speaker notes with in-text citations for each slide. In your presentation, explain the following:

What a managed care organization (MCO) is and how MCOs have evolved. Provide an example.
MCO accrediting bodies and the types of care they oversee. Why is this accreditation important?
Types of managed care plans, such as HMOs and PPOs. What are the differences? Why are each important to the health care system?
The impact of MCOs on cost, access, and quality.
What an accountable care organization is and its relationship to MCOs. Provide an example.

A minimum of three references, in addition to your textbook, are required for this assignment.
The instructor will observe the participation within the CLC discussion forums, so all materials and communication should be exchanged in the CLC forum between team members. Individuals not participating may lose points at the end of the assignment.
You will work collaboratively with your groups toward the completion and submission of one presentation. After editing and reviewing, just one person in the group will submit the file.
While GCU style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using GCU documentation guidelines, which can be found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.
collaborative learning comminity

Multicultural India is setting up to pitch faith tourism by developing more religious tourist circuits to attract foreign Tourist. Religious Tourism can be defined as travel with this core motive involving experiencing religious forms, or the goods they induce, like art, culture, customs and architecture. Being just about the most ancient civilizations on the world, India has been around contact with almost all the major religions on the world, and regardless of being dominated by Hinduism in today’s context, religions like Islam, Buddhist and Christians also have influenced a sizeable area of the population, in addition to niche religions like Jewism ,Sikhism, Jainism, Vaishnavism that grew as a possible offshoot to this major religious of thought to footfalls and encourage greater domestic travelling that has seen double digit growth in recent years benefiting the local economy INTRODUCTION: Religious Tourism in India has exponential growth in the modern years. India is one of the most preferred destinations for Religious Tourism both overseas and domestic travellers. Tourism enables the International traveller to understand and experience India’s cultural diversity first hand. According to official estimates the Indian tourism industry has outperformed the global tourism industry in terms of growth in the volume of foreign tourists as well as in terms of revenue. The main reason for the growth in Religious tourism in India is the tremendous progress made by the Indian economy. Though it must be said that infrastructure is still a constraint. To sustain the current growth the government should invest in infrastructure like transport, accommodation, better roads, health and hygiene etc. To propel growth the industry has invested in new technology ,like art of security systems.India is really a unique country that has plenty to offer to the tourists. Rich culture, heritage and history of India alone attracts a lot of tourists to travel India each year. India is a big country with plenty of destinations to travel to the tourists. Each express of India offers its unique heritage, climate, Cuisine, language to the tourists traveling throughout India.Religious tourism has emerged to be a booming market in India, using the Delhi based National Council for Used Economic Research (NCAER) which signifies that of the 230 mil tourist trips undertaken in India, the largest proportion consist of religious pilgrimages. Performed by both farm and urban, that they out number sensitive getaways in Indians. As 25 million several people visited Tirupati, a temple town on the southern tip regarding India to hook a glimpse of any deity known while Lord Balaji. Tirupati’s annual directory pilgrims is above the total number of travellers visiting Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata come up with. In the northern state of Jammu in addition to Kashmir. 2 million enthusiasts trek uphill for 15 km to repay respects to women goddess called Vaishno Devi. LITERATURE REVIEW: Religious Tourism in India is the foundation of society and order of Religious culture, principles supports to policy, management and development objectives India each Pilgrimage is also a popular feature of Indian historic culture with a long history.. Indian religious tourism potentialities have been one of the important source for country development particularly due to the presence of many religious tourist places in India . Economic ,environment and social development of local resources. In india it reflects religious tourism and pilgrimage tourism offer opportunities for diversify revenues India keep strong foundation of ancient culture ,50 religious and 845 languages ,over 3 millions Gods ,Goddess and historical monuments MOST IMPORTANT PILGRIMAGE PLACES IN RELIGIOUS WISE AT INDIA: Hindu Pilgrimage Sikh Pilgrimage Buddhism Pilgrimage Jainism Pilgrimage Christian Pilgrimage Muslim Pilgrimage HINDU PILGRIMAGE Akshardham Akshardham could be the famous temple involving “Swaminarayan Sect” that’s the richest sect on the world. It can be a unique cultural complex internal Gandhinagar in storage of Lord Swaminrayan. Encouraged by H. D. Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Akshardham can be a miracle worked from the service and devotion of thousands of volunteers. It is usually an intricately carved, majestic monuments of 6000 a lot of pink sand rock awash with faith based stillness. The entire monument had been built without the application of steel. Besides a 7 feet gold leafed idol involving Lord Swaminarayan along with his holy artefacts, there are a few exhibitions on Native indian Culture with light and Sound shows, a multimedia demonstrate and an animatronic demonstrat Annavaram Annavaram is at a distance of 72 km’s from Rajahmundry, 124km fromVisakhapatnam along with 498 kms from Hyderabad and it’s a sacred pilgrim centre on a hill top known as Ratnagiri. The presiding deity at Annavaram is Veeravenkata Satyanarayana Swamy. It can be believed when Vrata is completed in the identify of Satyanarayana Swamy by means of devotees, their wishes are going to be fulfilled.One of the most extremely popular temples with Andhra Pradesh, an exclusive Yantra based in Tripad Vibhuti Narayan Upanishad is present here. The shrine is constructed in a couple storey, the lower 1 containing the Yantra along with upper one housing vigrahas from the Lord. Amarnath: Amarnath are standing on a high mountain road. How has been cool and wet. Parts of your muscles ache and your current breathing is laboured. You keep walking for this is the walk you possess chosen. And above the next rise, etched against the sky could be the abode of Shiva. Here the eternal ascetic, the Lord on the Dance, the Destroyer, whispered the key of immortality in to the ear of his consort. Here sages have fallen for you to ponder this cosmic, for you to meditate on this divine. Here millions of enthusiasts help make the means annually, walking regarding 15 nights or higher for a faith based experience while using deity. Darshan at Amarnath isn’t simple; but what faith based voyage actually has been? Terrorist assaults possess extra one more dimensions involving danger to an hard make your way. But nevertheless they’re going to that particular imposing pile, of which tranquil cave, of which lingam involving its polar environment. Even now they will are available, for the Adept calls. Ayodhya Ayodhya – among seven in the holy directory Hindu cities – where history and also legend merge faultlessly, where some occur to purify their souls although some plan hostile clashes.Ayodhya – which suggests ‘that which can’t be subdued by war’, in which the turbulence always subsides letting the city return to the original, peaceful holy avataar. Ayodhya – a small, calm city wherever sadhus mingle using pious pilgrims and also the occasional tourist, where even the sunset for the banks of your Sarayu river will work for the soul. Allahabad Allahabad such the sacred spot for you to Hindus. The mythical river of enlightenment, your Saraswati, is also considered to surface here. It really is believed that your purifying power of any sacred river is strengthened in a confluence. This provides sangam great soul-cleansing properties, and all Hindus anticipate to bathe here at least once in their life time, to wash absent their sins.All-around 7 km via Civil Lines, overlooked from the eastern ramparts from the Allahabad fort, wide flood plains and muddy banks protrude for the sacred sangam. At the point where the brown Ganga meets the greenish Yamuna, priests perch with small platforms to complete puja and guide the devout inside their ritual ablutions from the shallow waters. Beaches and ghats are littered with the shorn head of hair of pilgrims who visit offer pind (offerings) for his or her deceased parents.Boats to the sangam, used by means of pilgrims and tourists alike, can be rented with the ghat (steps ultimately causing water) immediately east from the fort, for your recommended government charge of Rs 12 each head.However, most pilgrims pay out around Rs 36 and you’ll be charged as much as Rs 150. Official prices for just a whole boat are usually between Rs 100 and Rs 120 yet can soar to more than Rs 250 while in peak seasons. Badrinath Cradled inside twin montain stages of nar and narayan is the holiest of the actual four main shrines, badrinath along the lift bank with the river alaknanda. With the backdrop, it is definitely an important destination about the sacred itinerary of any devout hindu. In the event the spot was carpeted using ‘badris ‘ or perhaps wild berries and as such was famous as ‘badri van wi .The revered shrine is alive with range legends from mythology. its sanctity is emphasised inside ancient scriptures as “there are many sacred spots of pilgrimage inside heavens, earth and the nether world, but there was none equal in order to badri, nor shall presently there be ” Story has it if the ganga was asked for to descend to earth to help the suffering the human race the earth was unable to withstand the drive of its nice. therefore the grand ganga was separated into twelve holy channesl. alanknanda was certainly one of lord vishnu or perhaps badrinath.The temple associated with shri badrinathji about the bank of the actual alaknanda river, goes to the alaknanda lake, dates back to the vedic times, based at an altitude associated with 3, 133 mts., the existing temple is shown to have been constructed by adi expert shankaracharya – a great 8th century is philosopher -saint, which also established a new math here. also known as vishal badri, badrinath is just about the panch badris. ARE MOST IMPORTANT HINDU RELIGIOUS TOURISM SPOTS Bageshwar Bhubneshwar Chidambaram Chitrakoot Dwarka Gangotri Haridwar Jagannath Dham Yatra Kanchipuram Kanyakumari Kedarnath Konark Madurai Mahabalipuram Mansarovar Yatra Mathura Omkareshwar Pushkar Puttaparthi Rameshwaram Shirdi Tirupati Vaishnodevi Varanasi Yamunotri SIKH PILGRIMAGE Anandpur Sahib Anandpur Sahib “Wahe Guru”, a manifestation praising your get good at of the market is around the mouth of each devotee that will relates to Anandpur Sahib. You may instantly feel the good sense associated with calmness that will pervades this ‘city associated with divine bliss’, one of many some seating associated with guru of the Sikh faith, wherever impressive pure-white gurudwaras beckon pilgrims by afar. Your gurudwara and also forts in this article get experienced some of the most substantial functions throughout Sikh strict record. Your Khalsa Panth had been founded in this article, any local authority or council associated with several smart guys that will governs Sikh strict affairs was initially established in this article, because had been your exercise associated with worshipping your Expert Granth Sahib. Anandpur Sahib may be the best destination for a acquire a great insight in to the essence associated with Sikhism that will governs the life span associated with tough, healthy Sardars by Bhatinda for you to Luton. In the celebrations associated with Holla Mohalla (March) and also Baisakhi (April) you’ll be able to enroll in the sea associated with supporters whom flock for you to Anandpur Sahib, switching that right into a carnival area overflowing with strict fervour, traditions, history and also gaiety. Anandpur Sahib is usually a small village 80 km by Chandigarh. The item lies in your Ropar district associated with north-east Punjab, around the national boundaries together with Himachal Pradesh. One part associated with Anandpur Sahib include the foothills of the towering Shivalik array, around the additional, your water Sutlej. Situated on the Ambala-Sirhind-Ropar-Nangal railroad path and also the Ambala-Nangal street, it is fortyfive km by Ropar and also 22 km by Nangal. Kesar Sahib Gurdwara sits in the middle associated with village and is any several second wander from your coach stand traveling. Concerning Kesar Sahib and also the coach stand sits market together with several chemists. ARE MOST IMPORTANT SIKH RELIGIOUS TOURISM SPOTS Fatehgarh Sahib Golden Temple Delhi Gurudwaras Hemkund Sahib Manikaran Patna Sahib Poanta Sahib Takht Sri Hazoor Sahib BUDDHIST PILGRIMAGE: Ajanta
CU Risk Management Plan for Information Technology Systems of CIA Paper.

Research risk management plans.
Create an outline for a basic risk management plan with anticipated section headings (as indicated in this numbered list). This plan will include a qualitative risk assessment, which is addressed later in the project.
Write an introduction to the plan by explaining its purpose and importance.
Define the scope and boundaries of the plan.
Research and summarize compliance laws and regulations that pertain to the organization. Keep track of sources you use for citation purposes.
Identify the key roles and responsibilities of individuals and departments within the organization as they pertain to risk management.
Develop a proposed schedule for the risk management planning process.
Create a draft risk management plan detailing the information above. Format the plan similar to a professional business report and cite any sources you used.

CU Risk Management Plan for Information Technology Systems of CIA Paper

2 Short Covid Assignments.

1) Please find a recent financial news article related to stocks and the COVID19 pandemic from any reputable source (WSJ, NYTimes, Bloomberg, Yahoo finance, CNN, etc).2) Create a slide after taking a screen shot of the article (showing the title, date, part of the main article, and image if there is any).3) Prepare a 4-5 minute talk on the news article, including the following: summary (who, when, where, what, how, why), reflection, connection to something that we learned in class.Recommended recording procedure: I recommend that you use Zoom to record both your ppt slides on the screen and yourself. To do so, follow this procedure:Install Zoom, if you have not already.Check where your files will be located by going to Preferences→Recording→Local Recording.Start a New Meeting on Zoom.Turn on your video and share your screen.Start recording.4) After posting your recording, leave either a text or video comment on another classmate’s news article.Of course I will record myself and answer to a classmate, but I need the writing so I can record myself :).Assignment 2:Article is attached.Summarize the article in 1-2 paragraph, focusing on what, how, and why for this research paper.3) Write your own thoughts and reflection in 1 paragraph,
2 Short Covid Assignments

Physics homework help

Physics homework help. Search the archive for a review of a movie you’ve seen. You can choose a movie you love or one that you hate, but you should select a movie you have seen so that you can compare your opinion with the reviewer’s point of view.,Search the archive for a review of a movie you’ve seen,Pre-Writing Exercise,To practice your argument-reading skills, this assignment uses a type of argumentative writing you are probably familiar with: movie reviews. Although you may have never thought of them as arguments, movie reviews (and every other type of review) make the same argumentative moves as any other kind of written argument. Most obviously, reviews:,Take a position on an issue (“This movie was amazing!” or ,“This movie sucked.,“), Support that position with argumentation and evidence (“The acting was pretty terrible, but the special effects make up for that.”),To get started with this assignment, visit the movie review archive at Roger Ebert’s website:,Search the archive for a review of a movie you’ve seen. You can choose a movie you love or one that you hate, but you should select a movie you have seen so that you can compare your opinion with the reviewer’s point of view. Once you find a suitable review, read it carefully, keeping in mind what you have learned so far about written arguments.,Once you’ve read the review closely, create a new Word document. At the top of the page, paste a link to the movie review you read. Then, answer the following questions:,What is the writer’s thesis? In other words, what position does the writer take about the quality of the movie?,Does the review include a clear thesis statement? If so, quote the full sentence. If not, explain whether you think the lack of a thesis statement helps or hurts the writer’s argument.,What specific pieces of evidence does the writer use to support the thesis? Summarize the evidence in a short paragraph., Does the writer anticipate objections and try to counter opposing arguments (review pages 109-11 in Rules for Writers)? If so, provide an example.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Physics homework help

Assessing The American Fast Food Industry Business Essay

help me with my homework Assessing The American Fast Food Industry Business Essay. The world has become a fast paced environment where people operate on tight schedules. This has reduced time to prepare home cooked meals and has made quick fast food meals very popular especially for adults who shuttle to and from work and the kids who see it as a treat. This trend has made it possible for the fast food industry to thrive. This very competitive industry has a large market made of all ages of the population. The restaurants now produce healthy innovative and nutritious food which surmounts the fears customers have about unhealthy diets. The industry has been highly successful in the United States and has gradually increased its reach to tap into the growing world market. This has made the fast food industry develop rapidly into an international industry. 1.2 INDUSTRY OVERVIEW A fast food restaurant is synonymous with quick and freshly prepared food which is convenient to the buyers. The most common meals served are: hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, chicken and pizza. The side dishes usually include: salads, fries, baked beans, baked potatoes, onion rings and a wide variety of desserts. Beverages like soft drinks, bottled water, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, milkshakes and juice are also offered alongside with the meals (Hovers, 2010). Fast food franchise chains such as Subway, Burger King, McDonaldHYPERLINK “”‘HYPERLINK “”s, Prêt-a-Manger and Pizza Hut cater to demands for seafood, lean meat, special diet meal components, and other considerable regional variations (Buzzle, 2010). 1.3 ORIGIN OF FIRMS IN THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY The origins of fast food restaurants in the USA which is also known as fast food capital of the world can probably be traced to a specific date – 7 July 1912 when a fast food restaurant was opened in New York City by HornAssessing The American Fast Food Industry Business Essay

Discussion question and peer reviews

Discussion question and peer reviews. I’m working on a Business question and need guidance to help me study.


You have now completed the charter for your office relocation project. The Project Sponsor wants to expand the scope of the project, but you are hesitant to do so per the constraints in place. One reason the sponsor is looking to expand the scope is because of a financial incentive for him. Discuss why increasing the scope of this project is not a good idea. If you must increase scope, what additional considerations (i.e., costs, timeline) must be given to accomplish this scope change?

Hello Class! Welcome to Week 3!!
It is evident altering the scope when the project is in progress is not a good idea. It is not a noble idea since project planning helps in determining the resources, time lines, and requirements for a project to be completed successfully. Scope changes cause adjustments to be made to the constraints of the project, considering the time, money and resources. Completing the project in timely manner due to the increase of project requirements. If there is a change in scope with no additional resources or funds this will jeopardize the successful completion of our project. Having the resources available for extended time may hinder the completion as well, there are other projects in the wings and these resources maybe having to move on to their next project, as soon as completion of this one is done. This would affect other projects down the line with resources and their time line. If we absolutely must increase the scope, which I highly don’t recommend, we need to discus resources that will be available and their time line, as well as what the cost would be. I would recommend keeping within the scope and push as hard as we can to get this completed on the time line, within the budget and with the resources we have currently.
Just my suggestions and thoughts on scope change.
Have a great week!

Hello All,
Scope refers to the detailed set of project deliverables or features. Such deliverables are extracted from the demands of a project. Increasing the scope of this project is not a good idea because of the restrictions on tight deadlines and project charter conditions in place. The scope of the project dictates what work the project needs to complete, and the resources are allocated to complete the work within the timeframe accordingly. The Project Manager must recognize that this project’s scope has been completed and that his proposal is removed from scope / project. If we had to increase scope, I would suggest discussing the costs and customer timelines. If it is manageable, ten we would go for it.

Discussion question and peer reviews

250 words writing essay -04

250 words writing essay -04.

Need to answer all these questions. a) Provide a short summary of one of our news articles from the last two weeks (2 points), andb) explore how that relates to at least one of our book chapters from the last two weeks, including an exploration of either how food is related to ideology/symbolism, or how food is related to aspects of power, or how food and medicine overlap (2 points). Make sure that your summary clearly demonstrates that you have read the news article in full and the book chapter in full.News articles FOR QUESTION A:…Book chapter reading: Ch. 30-32 (pg 273-299) attached in file.
250 words writing essay -04

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