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Posted on the door to my room is the phrase, “I think, therefore I am”. Descartes explains that human’s exist because they can intuitively understand the truth that they exist. Broadened, the phrase represents other facets of philosophical thought. Thought produces great works of art, literature, music, mathematics, and science. It is thought that moves the human race forward. Still, perhaps thought is not enough. Emotions are a large part of the process of learning. Perhaps the phrase should instead be, “I feel, therefore I am”. In any case, we do not usually follow a logical thought process to know that we exist; Instead we have an intuitive understanding of our existence. In order to truly learn something, emotional attachment and reaction must be involved. For this reason, one must be completely immersed in an atmosphere that fosters creative growth.
Skidmore’s motto states, “Creative Thought Matters”, a mantra that argues creativity is important. To be creative, one has to genuinely feel and understand whatever one’s interests are. The moment I stepped onto the Skidmore campus I felt an atmosphere permeated with knowledge and knew I wanted to be a student there. To succeed, I need an atmosphere that fosters creativity instead of trampling on it like some more traditional institutions. As a musician I was first drawn to the Zankel Music Center and the Helen Filene Ladd Concert Hall. I was especially struck by the fact that the practice rooms had windows. To be able to look out onto the campus while practicing or composing was especially enticing to me because I like to feel as though I can be inspired by the nature around me. I was also interested in the First Year Experience. Each Seminar seemed incredibly interesting and I wished I could take all of them! The synthesis of an intellectual atmosphere and numerous opportunities offers me what I need to succeed as a “thinker” and a “feeler” and will prepare me to go out into my world a capable and mature person.

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare.


Follow this outline below and the attached document. The attached document can be used as reference. The information should follow close to the document but in different wording. Please include the attached reference that are within the example document. Please make reference in Animal Science Journal format!!! Literature Review 2.

1 What is Animal Welfare?

Biological school of thought (physical health and basic function) Five Freedoms David Fraser (three circles) Mellor and Green paper – domains and quality of life OIE – can include Broom and coping where you see fit 2.2 Animal Welfare at Production 1.3 Animal welfare at slaughter 1st paragraph can talk about there being focus on all different components of raising animals when thinking about animal welfare challenges but slaughter welfare is an important component – maybe add Temple’s quote (quality of life and a painless death) Talk about slaughter animal welfare Federal regulations NAMI guidelines 2.3 Animal Behavior 2.3.1 Types of animal behavior

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