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Coal Ash I Regulations and Alternatives I Jonathan Hostettler I Coal Combustion Residuals, often referred to as coal ash, are currently consider exempt wastes under an amendment to RCRA, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. They are residues from the combustion of coal in power plants and captured by pollution control technologies, like scrubbers. Potential environmen concerns from coal ash pertain to pollution from impoundment and landfills leac into ground water and structural failures of impoundments, like that which occur at the Tennessee Valley Authoritys plant in Kingston, Tennessee.

The need for national management criteria was emphasized by the December 2008 spill of CC from a surface impoundment near Kingston, TN. The tragic spill flooded more tha 300 acres of land with CCRs and flowed into the Emory and Clinch rivers. EPA is proposing to regulate for the first time coal ash to address the risks from the disp of the wastes generated by electric utilities and independent power producers. E is considering two possible options for the management of coal ash for public comment. Both options fall under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act RCRA). Under the first proposal, EPA would list these residuals as special wastes subject to regulation under subtitle C of RCRA, when destined for disposal in land or surface impoundments. Under the second proposal, EPA would regulate coal a under subtitle

BT group uk telecom opening in kuwait

BT group uk telecom opening in kuwait.

you must write a report on a Uk BT group (telecoms) company thinking of expanding into a country in which it does not already exist choose (Kuwait) the report should contain an analysis of the the company’s current situation and opportunities,threats related to expansion (SWOT analysts) and a country industry report, analyzing the business environment (PEST analysis) references needed no plagiarism please and page number font arial or new times roman i’ll send send how the paper is marked you can use graph chart data to support

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