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CMSC 350 Project 1

CMSC 350 Project 1.

CMSC 350 Project 1The first programming project involves writing a program that evaluates infix expressions ofunsigned integers using two stacks. The program should consist of three classes. The main classshould create a GUI that allows the user input an infix expression and displays the result. TheGUI should look as follows:The GUI must be generated by code that you write. You may not use a drag-and-drop GUIgenerator.The second class should contain the code to perform the infix expression evaluation. Thepseudocode for performing that evaluation is shown below:tokenize the string containing the expressionwhile there are more tokensget the next tokenif it is an operandpush it onto the operand stackelse if it is a left parenthesispush it onto the operator stackelse if it is a right parenthesiswhile top of the operator stack not a left parenthesispop two operands and an operatorperform the calculationpush the result onto the operand stackelse if it is an operatorwhile the operator stack is not empty andthe operator at the top of the stack has higheror the same precedence than the current operatorpop two operands and perform the calculationpush the result onto the operand stackpush the current operator on the operators stackwhile the operator stack is not emptypop two operands and an operatorperform the calculationpush the result onto the operand stackthe final result is a the top of the operand stack2Be sure to add any additional methods needed to eliminate any duplication of code.Your program is only expected to perform correctly on syntactically correct infix expressionsthat contain integer operands and the four arithmetic operators + – * /. It should not,however, require spaces between tokens. The usual precedence rules apply. The divisionperformed should be integer division. A check should be made for division by zero. Should theexpression contain division by zero, a checked exception DivideByZero should be thrown bythe method that performs the evaluation and caught in the main class, where a JOptionPanewindow should be displayed containing an error message.You are to submit two files.1. The first is a .zip file that contains all the source code for the project, which includesany code that was provided. The .zip file should contain only source code and nothingelse, which means only the .java files. If you elect to use a package the .java filesshould be in a folder whose name is the package name.2. The second is a Word document (PDF or RTF is also acceptable) that contains thedocumentation for the project, which should include the following:a. A UML class diagram that includes all classes you wrote. Do not includepredefined classes. You need only include the class name for each individualclass, not the variables or methodsb. A test plan that includes test cases that you have created indicating what aspectsof the program each one is testingc. A short paragraph on lessons learned from the project
CMSC 350 Project 1

Grossmont College Homelessness in the United States Research Paper.

Paper 4 is a research paper, as I’m sure you’ve done before. It will be 8-10 pages, and will require a minimum of 8 sources. You will present an argument, within the context of the current discussion about that topic, and you will defend your argument to the best of your ability. You will be graded on grammatical correctness and persuasive ability. As toward the topic, choose something that you are personally interested in. Do not choose gay marriage, gun-control, immigration, Trump, marijuana usage, the legal drinking age, the legal driving age, fracking, global warming, or any other hackneyed topic I’ve read a hundred times and you don’t really care about. Choose something that’s personal to you, and I’ll enjoy reading it.
Grossmont College Homelessness in the United States Research Paper

HMD 320 University of Nevada Las Vegas Aramark Inclusion & Diversity Essay.

In response to the growing diversity in the workforce around the world, many companies have instituted specific policies and programs to enhance recruitment, inclusion, promotion, and retention of employees who are different from the privileged echelons of society. Please review the companies listed here which have been recognized by DiversityInc as the top 50 organizations for diversity. Select a company of interest to you from this list. Review their web site pages relevant to diversity and discuss what you have discovered. What content do you feel resonates with you and is a convincing portrayal of the company’s workplace inclusiveness? What could be done better by this firm to portray its commitment to diversity?Margins: One inch top, bottom, left and rightFont: Times New RomanFont size: 12 pointLeft Aligned TextLine spacing: 1Spacing Before Paragraph: 0 pointSpacing After Paragraph: 0 pointFile Format: docxDouble space between paragraphsFour paragraph minimumWord Count: 500 minimumSpecial notes on essay formatting:Do not use word processing software that uses the East Asian PRC Language Pack for essays for this class as line spacing will be incorrect for essay assignments.Do not assume that Google Docs or smartphone software will create the .docx format required for essay assignments in this class. It is your responsibility to ensure that your essay is uploaded in the .docx format.To double space paragraphs – hit the enter key twice at the end of each paragraphNo citations or quotations are accepted in essays; use your own words and rephrase any content from published literature
HMD 320 University of Nevada Las Vegas Aramark Inclusion & Diversity Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Splitting the Goals into Objectives Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Like any other sphere, politics does have its complicacies that need immediate resolution. However, sometimes the right actions cannot be carried out, because they presuppose a number of conditions fulfilled. Thus, one of the problems that is on the agenda of the contemporary politics, the need to make countries integrate into a unity that will help the world economics maintain relatively high level. Splitting the Goals into Objectives Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to achieve the great goals at once – to complete the global project, the mankind will need considerable amount of time. Thus, it is necessary to split the existing goals into smaller steps that the humanity will have to make on the way to the progress. Therefore, considering the first goal introduced, one could possibly suggest that it can be subdivided into certain stages. To achieve the cooperation between the government agencies, the states could possibly start with the following points: find the common points of contact, i.e. the need to help the eastern countries suffering from maritime disasters; create the system that could keep the states aware of the situation concerning the state of the East countries suffering maritime disasters; draw a plan that could define each country’s level of involvement into the East countries’ state of affairs. Speaking of the way to improve the communication between the world states, one could possibly suggest the following objectives: improve the technical means to maintain the constant contact between the countries; appoint the people responsible for leading and protocoling the conversation with the other states; draw the plan according to which the discussions of the eastern problems are going to be held in. Speaking of the next concern of the West, the improvement of the integrated reactions, one could possibly take the following as the objectives to strive for: revising the existing plans according to the various maritime agencies; adjusting the maritime plans to the current situation in the East; create the general maritime plan that could embrace the agencies of all countries and provide the course of actions for each of them. However, it must be kept in mind that the “natural and cultural marine resource management” (Xiang 26) of the Eastern countries is not to be forgotten either. There is no doubt that, to assist the Asian countries that are suffering from the maritime disasters, the countries of the West will have to join their forces to provide certain preventive planning and operations. To undertake the necessary preventive measures, the states will have to incorporate the following objectives: Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More enhancing the Eastern security institutions; improve the existing technologies that help to forecast the on-coming disasters (Oros 61); provide people with the shelters for them to escape to in case of emergency. Among the reasons for concern, there is also the state of the equipment and technology – according to the latest reports, the technologies utilized at present cannot forecast the threatening changes in the environment. Therefore, another goal is to create the equipment that could meet the demands. To achieve this goal, the states will have to face the following challenges: enhance the science engineering projects; fundraise for the development of the new means of protection from maritime disasters; transport the equipment to the Eastern countries suffering from the maritime disasters. Conclusion Although the problem concerning the maritime disasters in the East is essential, the harm brought to the countries still can be compensated. Joining their efforts, the Western countries will be able to help the East. One of the greatest concerns of the XXI century, the nature cataclysms can be prevented. Works Cited Oros, Andrew Lee and Yuki Tatsumi. Global Security Watch Japan. Santa-Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2010. Print. Xiang, Jianhai. Marine Science

design a datapath with ISA Properties

design a datapath with ISA Properties.

Given the following ISA description and the listing of instruction encodings and RTNs, draw the datapath, describe the control signals and complete the control table. For your datapath, you can use Logisim to implement the circuit or use a vector graphics/schematic drawing tool (e.g. LibreOffice Draw, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint). If you prefer, you can simply draw on paper and scan (or take a high-quality, well-lit photo). But, please make sure the lines are clearly visible, and the connections are as straight and short as possible. It is usually a good idea to use the first draft to get an idea about how to properly place everything and make a second drawing from scratch.
design a datapath with ISA Properties

evaluating the effectiveness of Malcolm’s X leadership style both the good and bad using 4-5 of the topics listed below. One of the topics has to be diversity.

order essay cheap evaluating the effectiveness of Malcolm’s X leadership style both the good and bad using 4-5 of the topics listed below. One of the topics has to be diversity..

Each student will write a leadership
paper. We do not want a biography of his or her life. Rather, this should be an analysis of the leader
effectiveness both the good and bad using what you found based on your own research
of that individual’s behavior.The leader I have is Malcolm X. For this paper you will Evaluate the effectiveness of Malcolm’s leadership style both the good and bad using 4-5 topics listed below you get to pick the topics that I listed.*Mandatory* One of the topics has to be how Malcolm used and handled diversity and how it impacted his leadership style both the good and bad. Make sure to write about Malcoms use and view of diversity when he was in the Nation of Islam and when he left the Nation, because they are polar opposites. My professor broke diversity into two subcategories. they are. 1.Handing equality/equity and 2. business reasons. To make it easier I think its better to focus on how Malcolm handled equality and equity. and how it made him a better or worse leader.The TOPIC LIST is listed below please select 3-4(including diversity as a topic already) of these topics to evaluate how it effected Malcolm X’s leadership style both the good and bad. 1. Autocratic2. Democratic3. Laisser-Faire4. Emotional Intelligence5. verbal and non-verbal Communication6. Situational Leadership7. behavioral Leadership8. Handling crisis9. Trust10. traits11. Motivation12. Influence13. Followership14. Engagement15. Power16. Transformational17. Transactional18. Charismatic19. Courage20. Ethical issuesplease remember the professor does not want an autobiography of Malcolm X. So please keep the introduction to who Malcolm is to 2-3 paragraphs.for this paper you need to find 4-5 sources to support your paper.the paper has to be 5-6 full pages. you can have the 6th page or the 7th page as your work cited. but the paper itself needs to be 5 full pages or 6 full pages nothing more.
evaluating the effectiveness of Malcolm’s X leadership style both the good and bad using 4-5 of the topics listed below. One of the topics has to be diversity.

University of California San Diego TED Talk on Cultural Borders and Identity Essay

University of California San Diego TED Talk on Cultural Borders and Identity Essay.

For our unit on cultural borders, I wanted to switch up the format for our essay. For this project, the format of our essays will be a TED Talk script.Directions: Please review the directions below for this essay, and then answer the two questions at the end of the assignment. Here are the list of sources we have covered for this unit that you should consider using for this project. Heads up, for the project, you will have to choose three of them to help shape your Talk. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | “The Danger of a Single Story” (2009, TED)Manuel Muñoz | “Leave Your Name at the Border” (The New York Times) Omar Sakr | “My First & Second Language” (Meanjin) Jose Antonio Vargas | “Defining American” (2017, YouTube)Elif Shafak | “The Revolutionary Power of Diverse Thought” (TED)John McWhorter | “Txting is Killing Language…JK!!” (TED)Katelynn Duggins | “To Code Switch or Not to Code Switch? That is the Question.” (TEDx) Lera Boroditsky | “How Language Shapes the Way We Think” (TED)Matt Thompson | “Five Reasons Why People Code-Switch” (NPR)PBS | Sweetheart DancersPBS: Say It Loud | “Should We Keep Eating Soul Food?”Mireya S. Vela | “Privilege” Alfonzo Cuaron | Roma (2018, Netflix) Step Two: Answer the following questions. Do you have any questions for me about the prompt? Do you have any anxiety or confusion over completing this writing task to the best of your ability?
University of California San Diego TED Talk on Cultural Borders and Identity Essay

Review of The Modern Firm Organizational Design for Performance and growth

Review of The Modern Firm Organizational Design for Performance and growth. In modern firms, performance is influenced by knowledge. Ability to create and execute organizational processes that can adopt and change is also a key factor in performance. Performance that is knowledge driven depends on ability to retain, create, apply and transfer knowledge. Wastage, misappropriation and underutilization of knowledge leads to poor performance. Appropriation of knowledge resource by management and teams is important if output is to be delivered. Stiff competition and ever-changing business environment presents owners of business and management teams with unique and dynamic challenges in an ever changing global market. With these challenges in mind, John Roberts in his book “The Modern Firm: Organizational Design for Performance and Growth” attempts to give prescription which if well applied will deliver results for firms. New organizational designs are being experimented on and used by businesses around the World. These designs help businesses to change their routines, processes, corporate culture, and their formal architecture. The aim is to improve growth prospects and performance. This has resulted in change in allocation of responsibility and decision making, redrafting of organization charts, renewing of motivation and reward systems, consideration of outsourced services, redrawing of information systems, seeking of alternative norms, values and shared beliefs. According to John Roberts, among these changes, predictable and necessary relationships that encourage growth and performance exist. He argues that successful organizations establish regular predictable pattern around external environment, competitive strategies and organizational designs in a holistic way. Further, the book informs that modern business firms develop strong analytical frameworks to interrogate interrelations that exist between competitive strategies, business environment and organizational designs (Giacomo, 2005). Written in a simple language devoid of technicality, the book is structured around vivid evidence derived from past successful models and draws its strength from examples such as Nokia and BP .According to the book, Firm’s external context is its environment. How to tell people to move from one place to another is referred to as the strategy while organizational design is about configuring how to deal with routines, people, structure and culture in the firm. The book gives a summary of prominent organizational designs of the early 20th century. It also explores design innovations that have emerged since then. (e.g., outsourcing activities previously treated as core ones) John tells the story of two corporations and their strategic choices as they tried to set themselves apart from stiff competition. The story is meant to illustrate a point that readers need to appreciate from these corporations. Chapter two of the book is 40 pages in size. In this chapter, the book explores understanding of “strategic choice and organizational designs that are, in principle immensely complex”. Three “key” concepts are expounded in this chapter. He refers to “Complementarity” as reinforcing mutual effects on progress or performance if change in one variable leads to change in another variable. He draws a vivid example where improved quality of a product or service on offer attracts a higher price without distorting the demand for the product or the service. Chapter three of the book is centered on reasons why firms exist. John Roberts argues that firms “exists to coordinate and motivate people’s economic activity”. He gives more explanation and reasons behind certain economic activities being done via firms rather than market exchange. He observes that if replication of happenings in the market is done in the firm to enhance efficiency, huge centralization within the firm would result and dumbfound “even the ideologies of the old soviet union”. Observing that motivation is hard to come by in modern firms, he asserts that “externalities.” That is, “when a person’s actions affect others “welfare” especially that of the person and the firm “does not have an incentive to recognize this impact in decision-making” and therefore does not “account for all the costs and benefits in selecting actions.” He cites an example of a worker who denies his/her employer benefits of his service because he or she is underpaid. Here, he contradicts himself .Indeed a worker recognizes clearly the consequences of his actions and plans for it. To give him credit, he tackles the topic on motivation in a way that when going through it, one feels as if he is studying a well known subject only that this time through completely new mind and eyes. He offers insight on objectives firms wish to achieve when they organize themselves to raise their performance on innovation as well as on growth. Noting that the two “can be compatible” as long as viability of firm’s initial business still exists. He ends the book by noting “developing a winning strategy and an effective organization” is not easy. It is a daunting task that should be done “holistically,” and encompasses leadership and management. I disagree with his conclusion because he underscores the role of management performing the work of “specifying reporting relationships,” “putting together budgeting processes,”. He treats management like a position instead of a process. He fails by far to at least recognize and give due credit to arguments that have been advanced for the “end of management”(John, 2008). For people searching for greater knowledge and understanding of the modern firms, Robert writing style is catchy and engaging. He makes accessibility to new ideas easy to all. Especially so to the leaders in businesses and scholars of management. The concepts and ideas contained in the book are great and practical. They can be used widely to address many issues that modern firms are experiencing (Lewis, 2002). He champions a holistic approach to organizational design making it to compare with the thinking currently gaining currency in the corporate world. Availing his ideas in systematic fashion makes the book even more interesting and timely. It also integrates reasoning in economics with a rich grasp of how business firms operate .Sociologists, economists, and practicing managers who gain access to this book will learn a lot from penetrating insights contained in the book especially in the area of organizations. A readable and practical discussion devoid of mathematical notations makes the book interesting to read. In modern times, talent management, technology use and integration, transparency, rising costs, environmental sustainability, convergence and globalization are issues facing modern business firms. According to Gobillot in his latest book, Leadership; reinventing leadership for the age of mass collaboration, he identifies four main patterns that are conspiring to make management of firms tricky. Multigenerational and multicultural demographic, expertise, attention of workers by organization, death of positional power and hierarchy, intellectual, social and informational capital (Christopher, 2011).These are elements that management must contend with daily. Unwritten and written rules, philosophy, policies of organization or managers are to finally get a way into performance and attitudes of every person in an organization. It is critical to appreciate that when dealing with people, behavior that is rewarded is what they give. A culture that indirectly or directly rewards certain types of behavior and attitudes signals acceptability or rejection of such behavior or attitudes (Marcelo, 2006). To change behavior, evaluation of systems and processes presently in place is essential. Clarity and consistent communication of organization direction to employees is important. Timely communication of information, decision making process that guarantee results, feedback mechanisms that allow employees to know their performance are key management elements that modern managers must deal with on continuous basis as they discharge the responsibilities. John Robert book will offer tremendous help to such managers. It is also important when somebody is reading the book, he or she should be open minded to configure how the book can help bearing in mind the issues that modern corporate organizations are facing(Steve,2005). Such major issues are accelerating and relentless change, few specifically experienced employees, consumer choice that is ever changing, employees rising stress levels, inconsistent ethical standards, expanding impact on use of technology, employees age groups that are distinct and greater cultural diversity(Gregory,2010). These issues are impacting on roles of supervisors, managers, executives and owners of business are changing at a terrific speed. Review of The Modern Firm Organizational Design for Performance and growth

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