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cmit 320 network security

cmit 320 network security.

Your task this week is to check the internet and the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) List for networked IoT or IoMT devices with publicly known problems identified in the past six months.  Select two devices related that might be relevant to the organization setting and review what is known about the vulnerabilities of these devices.For each device, include background information about the device, a description of the vulnerability, possible solutions that have been identified to fix the vulnerability, and your recommendation on whether the organization should avoid the product.
cmit 320 network security

Columbia College Political Socialization and Third parties Paper

Columbia College Political Socialization and Third parties Paper.

OverviewThe topic of our first paper project is political socialization. The purpose of this assignment is to help you further define your own political personality, and then to think about how you became the “political person” that you are in a typed paper of about 3 pages. Provide a citation for any sources on which you rely in APA format. For examples of how to cite works for your bibliography, check out the APA resources provided by the CC Library or OWL Purdue.DirectionsIn the first part of the paper try to identify and discuss your core political beliefs. You may already have a good idea of where you stand politically. There are also internet sites designed to help you place yourself ideologically. Some use a simple scale of liberal to conservative. Others are more complex.The first site is IDEALOG. This site is part of the web page for a textbook on American Government written by Janda, Berry and Goldman. On this site, you can take a self-test by answering a series of questions designed to help you identify your ideological perspective. You will have to read the introduction and tutorial before you complete the self-test. After completing the questions, the program will also tell you the ideological placement of the average person who has taken the survey on-line, as well as the American public.Next, try this Political Party Quiz from Pew Research Center designed to show you how your views fit with the political parties and the American public.Try these quizzes after you have thought about your political views. Report the results.Were they what you expected?Were the results of the quizzes similar?Do you agree with them? Why or why not?Do you think such quizzes are useful tools?Which one(s) do you think had the best design? Why?Why do you think you are the political person you are?In the second part of the paper, you will apply the general concepts of political socialization to your own life. Assess your own experiences with politics and compare them with the theoretical material in the readings.Where do you think your core beliefs about politics come from?Do the theories of political socialization discussed in the class notes or in the text seem to apply to you?Consider for example:What is your earliest political memory?Do you share your parents’ political opinions in whole or in part?What other influences were important in your own political socialization (school, friends, significant events, etc.)?How did any of these influences shape your development?If you’re already thinking that there are few or no issues that you care about, think about that as well. How would you explain why this is the case? 2.) Second question -Diffren paperAmerica has an interesting assortment of minor political parties. Use this Directory of U.S. Political Parties and select two Third Parties (NOT Democrats or Republicans) from the list that you would like to learn more about. Choose at least one of the “Big Three” Third Parties. Explore their sites and answer question. Do NOT copy and paste information directly from the website’s you visit. Summarize information in your own words. DirectionsFor each of the two parties you’ve chosen, answer all of the following questions:What is the name of party?How did the party get started?What is the basic philosophy of this party? What does it stand for?What are three current political issues of importance to this party? Give specific, well-developed examples.Does this party hold regular conventions?Did this party run a candidate for president in the most recent presidential election? Who was it?Is there a chapter of this party in your local community? If not, is there one for your state?Do you think that minor parties such as these have any influence in American politics? If so what is it?Would you consider voting for this party or joining it? Explain your reasoning?
Columbia College Political Socialization and Third parties Paper

Grossmont College Professionals and Astute Society Members Discussion

assignment writer Grossmont College Professionals and Astute Society Members Discussion.

I’m working on a english writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

“May the winder under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks. ” – Gandalf. This quote by Gandalf the Grey in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, reminds us that those who soar at great heights don’t get there alone. They have the strength and ability to reach great heights, but a little extra support from friends and allies helps them achieve their full potential. Who has been the wind under your wings? What “tools” did they help you find, or show you how to use? Is there someone who has encouraged you and helped you strive for the future that you want? Reflect on what they did and said that made a difference to you. Did you expect this kind of advice from this person?
Grossmont College Professionals and Astute Society Members Discussion

University of Texas Eli Lily Pharmaceutical Marketing Leadership Case Study

University of Texas Eli Lily Pharmaceutical Marketing Leadership Case Study.

Hello,I Uploaded the case that needs to be filled out However, You will only need to work from. I also uploaded an example of the case and more helpful instructions.How satisfied are we with the organization’s distribution leadership? (0-10) 2 Actions considered: There is not a lot of information regarding distribution in iv. Competition How comprehensive is our understanding of Who are competitors? (0-10) Competitor sales, share and financial strength? (0-10) Competitor goals? (0-10) Competitor SWOT? (0-10) Competitor likely responses to environmental change? (0-10) How satisfied are we with organization’s leadership versus competitors? (0-10) Actions considered: v. Key relationshipsHow satisfied are we with our:Supplier relations? (0-10) Marketing service providers? (0-10) How satisfied are we with public relations efforts with Media? (0-10) Government? (0-10) Interest groups? (0-10) Community? (0-10) How satisfied are we with the organization’s leadership in key relationships? (0-10) Actions considered: Why this is a good position:Eli Lilly proves that tailored pharmaceuticals ensures a product quality higher than those of it’s competitors. Each of it’s specific products are targeted towards a service that Value Leadership Framework: Transaction #1: A deal with Product or serviceCustomerCustomers’ Value OfferedMarketerMarketer’s Value OfferedTransaction #2: A deal with Product or serviceCustomerCustomers’ Value OfferedMarketerMarketer’s Value OfferedThis exchange changed the market by…
University of Texas Eli Lily Pharmaceutical Marketing Leadership Case Study

need 1&2 in different copies please min 400-500 words apa 2-3referenceseach with citations and apa

need 1&2 in different copies please min 400-500 words apa 2-3referenceseach with citations and apa. I don’t understand this Engineering question and need help to study.

1)For this written assignment, answer the questions below in a typed document. Outside sources should not be necessary, but if they are used, cite them using APA format.
1. What other strategic processes are closely tied to ERM?
2. What three kinds of risks are identified within the City of Edmonton?
3. What two criteria must be balanced in a successful ERM model?
4. Who is responsible for dealing with and mitigating risks?
5. To what body must the City’s strategic risks be reported?
As part of this assignment, there is also a discussion board. Participating in the discussion will help you test your understanding on concepts used for the assignment questions.

2)A percentage of your grade is based on your posts on the Discussion Boards. You must post at least three times. One post should be your response to the questions posed in the discussion board, should be a minimum of 300 words, and should be posted no later than Thursday to give peers an opportunity to reply. The other post should be a thoughtful response to another student’s post, and should be a minimum of 100 words. In addition to the questions below, feel free to talk about any personal experience, thoughts, or ideas that are related to the discussion.

Critical national infrastructure services need a defense in depth scheme that is developed with many considerations. Briefly explain at least two of them.

need 1&2 in different copies please min 400-500 words apa 2-3referenceseach with citations and apa

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