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Clinton Files Essay, Research Paper


On Sunday, January 21, 1996, harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, she and the

President had another sexual brush. Her clip of White House entry is

non reflected in records. She left at 3:56 p.m. The President moved from the

Residence to the Oval Office at 3:33 p.m. and remained there until 7:40


On that twenty-four hours, harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, she saw the President in a hallway

by an lift, and he invited her to the Oval Office. Harmonizing to Ms.


We had. . . had phone sex for the first clip the hebdomad prior, and I was experiencing

a small spot insecure about whether he had liked it or didn & # 8217 ; t like it. . . . I

didn & # 8217 ; tknow if this was kind of developing into some sort of a longer-term

relationship than what I thought it ab initio might hold been, that possibly he

had some regular girlfriend who was furloughed. . . .

Harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, she questioned the President about his involvement

in her.

& # 8220 ; I asked him why he doesn & # 8217 ; t inquire me any inquiries about myself, and. . . is

this merely about sex. . . or do you hold some involvement in seeking to acquire to cognize

me as a individual? & # 8221 ; The President laughed and said, harmonizing to Ms.

Lewinsky, that & # 8220 ; he cherishes the clip that he had with me. & # 8221 ; She considered

it & # 8220 ; a small spot uneven & # 8221 ; for him to talk of care foring their clip together & # 8220 ; when I

felt like he didn & # 8217 ; t truly even cognize me yet. & # 8221 ;

They continued speaking as they went to the hallway by the survey. Then, with


Lewinsky in mid-sentence, & # 8220 ; he merely started snoging me. & # 8221 ; He lifted her top and

touched her chests with his custodies and oral cavity. Harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky,

the President & # 8220 ; unzipped his bloomerss and kind of exposed himself, & # 8221 ; and she


unwritten sex.

At one point during the brush, person entered the Oval Office. In Ms.

Lewinsky & # 8217 ; s remembrance, & # 8220 ; The President zipped up existent rapidly and went out

and came back in. . . . I merely retrieve laughing because he had walked out

at that place and he was visibly aroused, and I merely thought it was funny. & # 8221 ;

A short clip subsequently, the President got word that his following assignment, a friend

from Arkansas, had arrived. He took Ms. Lewinsky out through the Oval

Office into Ms. Hernreich & # 8217 ; s office, where he kissed her adieu.


On Sunday, February 4, harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, she and the President

had their 6th sexual brush and their first lengthy and personal

conversation. The

President was in the Oval Office from 3:36 to 7:05 p.m. He had no telephone

calls in the Oval Office before 4:45 p.m. Records do non demo Ms.

Lewinsky & # 8217 ; s entry or issue.

Harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, the President telephoned her at her desk and


planned their rendezvous. At her suggestion, they bumped into each other

in the

hallway, & # 8220 ; because when it happened by chance, that seemed to work truly

good, & # 8220 ; so walked together to the country of the private survey.

There, harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, they kissed. She was have oning a long


that buttoned from the cervix to the mortise joints. & # 8220 ; And he unbuttoned my frock


he unhooked my bandeau, and kind of took the frock off my shoulders and. . .

moved the bandeau. . . . He was looking at me and touching me and stating me

how beautiful I was. & # 8221 ; He touched her chests with his custodies and his oral cavity,

and touched her genitalias, foremost through underwear and so straight. She

performed unwritten sex on him.

After their sexual brush, the President and Ms. Lewinsky sat and talked

in the Oval Office for about 45 proceedingss. Ms. Lewinsky thought the President

might be reacting to her suggestion during their old meeting about

& # 8220 ; seeking to acquire to cognize me. & # 8221 ; It was during that conversation on February 4,

harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, that their friendly relationship started to bloom.

& lt ;

When she prepared to go, harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, the President

& # 8220 ; kissed my arm and told me he & # 8217 ; d name me, and so I said, yeah, good, what & # 8217 ; s

my phone

figure? And so he recited both my place figure and my office figure off


top of his head. & # 8221 ; The President called her at her desk subsequently that afternoon


said he had enjoyed their clip together.


We went back over by the bathroom in the hallway, and we kissed. We were

caressing and he unbuttoned my frock and fondled my chests with my bandeau on,


so took them out of my bandeau and was snoging them and touching them with


custodies and with his oral cavity.

And so I think I was touching him in his venereal country through his bloomerss, and

I think I unbuttoned his shirt and was snoging his thorax. And so. . . I

wanted to execute unwritten sex on him. . . and so I did. And so. . . I think he

heard something, or he heard person in the office. So, we moved into the


And I continued to execute unwritten sex and so he pushed me off, sort of as


ever did before he came, and so I stood up and I said. . . I care about

you so much ; . . . I don & # 8217 ; t understand why you won & # 8217 ; t allow me. . . do you

semen ; it & # 8217 ; s of import to me ; I mean, it merely doesn & # 8217 ; t experience complete, it doesn & # 8217 ; T

seem right.

Ms. Lewinsky testified that she and the President hugged, and & # 8220 ; he said he

didn & # 8217 ; T

privation to acquire addicted to me, and he didn & # 8217 ; T want me to acquire addicted to him. & # 8221 ;


looked at each other for a minute. Then, stating that & # 8220 ; I don & # 8217 ; t want to

disappoint you, & # 8221 ; the President consented. For the first clip, she performed

unwritten sex

through completion.


Harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, their sexual brush began with a sudden


& # 8220 ; This was another one of those occasions when I was babbling on about

something, and he merely kissed me, sort of to close me up, I think. & # 8221 ; The


unfastened her blouse and touched her chests without taking her

bra. & # 8221 ; He went to travel set his manus down my bloomerss, and so I unzipped them

because it was easier. And I didn & # 8217 ; Ts have any panties on. And so he manually

stimulated me. & # 8221 ; Harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, & # 8220 ; I wanted him to touch my

genitalias with his genitalias, & # 8221 ; and he did so, lightly and without incursion.

Then Ms. Lewinsky performed unwritten sex on him, once more until he ejaculated.


I had set up in his dorsum office, I had brought an apple square and put a

taper and had put his birthday presents out. And after he came back in

and I sang happy birthday and he got his nowadayss, I asked him. . . if we

could portion a birthday buss in award of our birthdays, because mine had

been merely a few hebdomads earlier. So, he said that that was all right and we could

sort of crook the regulations that twenty-four hours. And so. . . we kissed.

Ms. Lewinsky touched the President & # 8217 ; s genitalias through his bloomerss and moved

to execute unwritten sex, but the President rebuffed her. In her remembrance: & # 8221 ; He

said, I & # 8217 ; m seeking non to make this and I & # 8217 ; m seeking to be good. . . .He got visibly

upset. And so. . . I hugged him and I told him I was sorry and non to be

upset. & # 8221 ; Later, in a bill of exchange note to & # 8220 ; Handsome, & # 8221 ; Ms. Lewinsky referred to this

visit: & # 8220 ; It was atrocious when I saw you for your birthday in August. You were so

distant that I missed you as I was keeping you in my arms. & # 8221 ;


In the hallway by the survey, the President and Ms. Lewinsky kissed. On this

juncture, harmonizing to Ms. Lewinsky, & # 8220 ; he focused on me reasonably entirely, & # 8221 ;

snoging her bare chests and caressing her genitalias. At one point, the

President inserted a cigar into Ms. Lewinsky & # 8217 ; s vagina, so put the cigar in

his oral cavity and said: & # 8220 ; It tastes good. & # 8221 ; After they were finished, Ms. Lewinsky

left the Oval Office and walked through the Rose Garden. & # 8221 ;

New Environments Experimental Observation Exercise

New Environments Experimental Observation Exercise.

Your task is to go by yourself (you may not take anyone with you) to a place you have not been before and observe what you see (and participate, if appropriate). The activity you observe needs to be an aviation activity or environment such as aircraft manufacturing, an airport, airline office, air traffic control (ATC), aircraft maintenance activity (FBO, maintenance repair overhaul (MRO), or component repair), crop dusting, military flying unit, or even a supplier of aircraft parts. Please note that these two conditions (doing something you have not done before and doing it by yourself) are important. Do not choose a setting where you would feel like an intruder into someone’s privacy. In some situations, you may need to get permission to observe the group. You may take notes during your experience, but do not do so in a way that may make those around you uncomfortable. Use your good judgment. Do not place yourself into a situation that is physically dangerous to you. Choose a setting that you truly want to learn about. After your field experience, you will write a 1-2 page report that includes: Date and address of where the experience took place. Length of time you were there. Brief description of the setting. Your reaction to the situation in terms of your behavior/feelings (express what your feelings/emotions are amongst the individuals). The reaction of the other individuals toward you (express what the other individuals might have felt to have you among them). Explain what this experience teaches you about being different from others in your environment. Explain how such an experience might influence your development if you were to live or work in such a setting for a major portion of your life. Relevance of theory and readings in any of the texts. Concluding comments.

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