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Click the following link for directions: Essay Directions1.  What conditions in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s help explain the

Click the following link for directions: Essay Directions1.  What conditions in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s help explain the rise of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP?  How did these conditions compare with those in Russia in the years before the Bolshevik revolution?2.  Compare Hitler to other dictators who rose to power during the interwar Years (Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, and Benito Mussolini).  What similarities were there, if any, in their personalities and political ideologies?3. How did Hitler satisfy the economic needs of the German people after becoming Chancellor and how did his actions in this regard help in his rise to total power? 4.  How do Marxism-Leninism, fascism, and Nazism compare with each other?  Is it possible that Germany could have experienced a Marxist-Leninist revolution instead of a fascist-style seizure of power?  Why did it not?

Culture of Safety in Health Care Organizations

Culture of Safety in Health Care Organizations.

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 1 page paper that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Discuss the following for this assignment: •What are the major safety initiatives or priorities in your workplace? •What safety issues are not being addressed? •As a leader, how can you create successful change in your department? •Support your decision with evidence using at least 2 current (within the last 7 years) peer-reviewed journals. (Currently work in Urgent care clinic in Chicago)

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Enterprise key management plan and policy

Click the following link for directions: Essay Directions1.  What conditions in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s help explain the Enterprise key management plan and policy.

This paper is compose of mainly two part which are an Enterprise key management plan which is supposed to be 9 pages and an Enterprise key management policy which is just 2 pages. note that you can chose any healthcare organization of you choose.

Enterprise Key Management Plan CST 620 [name] [date]

INTRODUCTION [Provide an introduction to the enterprise key management plan]

PURPOSE [Describe the purpose of the plan as it relates to implementing an enterprise key management system for SHC] KEY COMPONENTS [Integrate information from steps to describe and present overview of current state of enterprise key management for SHC Include the following:

• High-level, top-layer network view diagram of systems at SHC

• Review authentication

• Identify

o data at rest o data in use

o data in motion o where data is stored o how its accessed o areas where insecure handling may be a concern]

IMPLEMENTATION [Integrate information from steps to describe how one would implement key management system. Include information: • Research key management issues in exiting corporations. • ID gaps in ley management in existing corporations. • ID proposed risks to crypto systems as result of these gaps • Review crypto attacks • Propose solutions companies have used to address gaps • ID what is needed to implement solutions • ID challenges other companies have faced implementing key management system • Include proposed remedies to challenges • Create and submit summary table of information] 

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Human Rights Issues and Health

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How Do Human Rights Issues Have An Impact On Public Health?

Human rights concerns have a substantial impact on overall public health. Human rights violations have far-reaching implications for people’s health. Violations of this nature harm one’s physical, emotional, and social well-being (Ventura, et al., 2021). Poor working conditions, for example, are the outcome of disrespect for individual rights in the workplace, exposing individuals to occupational health risks. As a result, health is one of the internationally recognized human rights standards, and it is closely linked to other rights. It must be upheld with legal frameworks that encourage the elimination of prejudice, illness, marginalization, and poor political decisions.

Human rights are crucial in poverty reduction strategies because they have a wide range of implications for public health. Understanding the right to health is essential to learning all other human rights, such as food, shelter, participation, work, education, and information. People’s fundamental rights are relevant to public health issues, such as the prevention and treatment of health illnesses, and the concept of a healthy community is appealing (Wigand, Orzechowski, Nowak, Becker & Steger, 2021). Human rights advocacies, for example, could be used to effectively address health challenges such as HIV/AIDS and other human reproductive difficulties. These are critical in managing and promoting health issues, such as encouraging health in marginalized populations such as racial minorities, women, people with disabilities, the homeless and ethnic minorities.


Ventura, C. A. A., Austin, W., Carrara, B. S., & de Brito, E. S. (2021). Nursing care in mental health: Human rights and ethical issues. Nursing ethics, 28(4), 463-480.

Wigand, M. E., Orzechowski, M., Nowak, M., Becker, T., & Steger, F. (2021). Schizophrenia, human rights and access to health care: A systematic search and review of judgements by the European Court of Human Rights. International journal of social psychiatry, 67(2), 168-174.

Civil Engineering Question

please answer the uploaded pdf with the question with your own words following this instructions –>
Each page will have a header that includes student name, date, course number, assignment, and page number.
• All homework will be completed on fresh paper with clean edges (not ripped out of a notebook). Engineering paper is preferred when completing assignments by hand. • Assignments do not have borders around the pages or unnecessary cover pages. • Written sections have correct grammar and spelling. • Handwriting is legible • Each question is clearly labeled, with the given information, what you are required to answer, and the solution clearly marked

Cryosphere in Geography

Cryosphere in Geography.

 Description Write an editorial about the interaction of the cryosphere and the rest of the Earth System. Why is the cryosphere in high latitudes, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere more sensitive to warming than the rest of the globe? Why is this important to the rest of the world?

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Module 04 Content Competency Explain the complexity of organizational systems and their impact on health care

Leadership Module 04 ContentCompetencyExplain the complexity of organizational systems and their impact on health care delivery.ScenarioYou have been hired as a consultant for a large health care organization. In your role, you have been tasked with examining the current organizational structure at the micro, meso, and macro levels, including the impact on health care delivery.As you develop your plans, you will reflect how these roles individually and collectively influence the ability of the organization to deliver high quality client services.The roles and titles of people working in the three levels of systems may vary. A brief definition of each is offered to clarify the contributions of leaders at each level. Micro system: This is the point of contact with the client or customer. In the health care setting the micro level may be a specific unit. Roles of those in the micro system include all that come in contact with the client and the manager of the unit or department.
Meso system: This level reflects a collection of micro systems, such as a Surgical Services Department including multiple units. The meso level aims to group and coordinate similar micro system levels of service.
Macro system: This level is a larger scale of groups and departments typically more at the administration level.
InstructionsResearch a health care organization and include their mission statement, vision, or philosophy in your memo.
Describe how the organization’s mission, vision, and philosophy influence the expectations of leaders at the three system levels: micro, meso, and macro.
Describe how nursing leaders in each of these levels of the organization’s operations address health care delivery goals.
Describe nurse leaders at the micro, meso, and macro level of the organization including a discussion of how these three levels may integrate to improve outcomes.
Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.

Psychology Question

his assignment provides an opportunity to apply psychological theory in the exploration of a book or film. Choose a film or book of special interest. The book or film should have content that can be meaningfully explored through application of psychological theory and research. You may want to look at some of the later sections in the course that deal with emotion, motivation, personality, the development of the individual over the life span, health and stress, and psychological disorders and treatment, so that you have a more complete idea of different concepts that might apply.
This paragraph provides you with some example topics and guidelines to help you consider how to approach this task. First, you could pick a movie or book in which the main character suffers from a psychological disorder or is merely trying to cope with the everyday stress of life. In doing so, you could discuss defense mechanisms or refer to developmental stages in the person’s life that might have been important, or consider the effects of abuse, alcoholism and addiction, etc. Or you could approach the subject matter from different perspectives—psychoanalytical, biological, behavioral, cognitive, and/or sociocultural. Additionally, you could discuss the role emotion, memory, or motivation plays in the character’s development, or the importance of the environment, and influences such as racism and sexism. A sample paper is provided as well to guide you in content, formatting, organizing, and writing your paper. This is only a sample and you should not use any content from this sample directly in your paper.
This is a research-based paper, and the film or book provides only the backdrop for research on a psychological topic. You should use at least two psychological, peer-reviewed references (textbook can be used but does not count towards the peer-reviewed references required). The paper should be 1,200 to 1,500 words, about 5 double-spaced pages. The final paper portion of the assignment is worth 65 points and will be graded according to the attached rubric. This assignment will be reviewed by Turnitin and generate a similarity report upon submission to LEO. A new similarity report will be generated every time you upload the assignment until the due date. Please use this similarity report to improve your paper as plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. Please see my instructions on using Turnitin for additional information.
Note: No abstract is necessary for this paper.Please see the attched sample pdf. Thankyou.

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway 

Paper details This paper will be written in three parts. Part 1 is a single page opening discussing the focus of the study and what is driving your research. Part 2 is an annotated bibliography with 8 sources. These can relate to any aspect of the story but should be related to your main focus. Each annotation must be a page long and include a one paragraph, semi-detailed summary of the source, as well as another paragraph reflecting on the source. Part 3 is a 2 page reflection essay that brings all the research together and discusses what you’ve learned/discovered through the research.

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