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Classification Essay It’s the first day of class and you don’t know where to sit. A classic worry for a new student, freshman or Just a student who doesn’t know where to sit. It’s simple, actually. Well, for some people.

See, the territorial behavior that inhibits the typical classroom goes as follows: if you’re an athlete you would usually sit in a group in the far right corner with all the other athletes of the school, if you happen to be in the “popular” clique at school that’s even easier, you would most likely sit in last two rows f the classroom, and for those who dare to claim to be a nerd and actually want to be seen learning, the first two rows are especially reserved for you.

Of course, this isn’t something that gets sent to you in the mail to remember like your class schedule. It’s more something that’s understood between adolescents of our time. I remember that not to long ago, when we were in elementary and kindergarten, the teacher would give us assigned seats. Then we were forced to get to know everyone. It’s not the same story anymore. As we grow up, we tend to obtain that sense of responsibility that not to sit next to the Billy who bites you. Instead, we’ll sit next to the Chris who will kiss you.

We also learn that where we sit says something about the way we will interact with other people. Therefore, explaining the reason why we go to a certain seat when we enter a room with no familiar faces in it. The athletes tend to be drawn into a corner of the room. Typically, the farthest one away from the teacher’s desk. This is most likely due to the fact that the discussion of ho’s going to be able to play corner back or the setter in that days game wouldn’t happen if they were situated anywhere else in the room.

Trust me, I know. Now, onto the intellectuals of the class. They lean to usually be one of the first kids in the classroom. With that in mind, why they don’t get the best seats in the room, is a mystery. Maybe, it’s because they think that their seats are the best seats in the house. Anyway, after the athletes are in their corner and the scholars are in their front row seats, there’s only one more social clique left. The all too familiar, populars.

Well, the populars, who mainly consist of girls who date seniors when their freshmen, decide to arrive at school, where they sit is as big a mystery as why the brains sit where they sit. Well, the fact of the matter is, is that the girls dont wake up in time to apply make-up, call their friends to see what theyre going to wear and to see what their daily horoscope is in that months issue of Seventeen and get to school on time. Trust me, I know. School is basically a requirement to life. That is the set mentality of many of todays youth.

Sadly, many of them drop out but that’s not all because what seat they sit in. Is it? Well, being classified into “cliques” in high school can be comprehended by this alone. So, in a way it does matter. Maybe not in the future but it definitely does make a difference. Why does it make such a difference as to where you sit in a classroom that you’ll spend only four years of your life in? Precisely because of the fact that you will spend those great tour years in that classroom. Live them to the tullest, and sit where you want. No one will bite you. Hopefully.

Need help redo for Rtypedatapath ( required need to know and used Vivado before) with solution given

I got the lab for Rtypedatapath attached bellow and I already got the solution for this Rtypedatapath attached bellow. please read the instruction from lab and guide me to do it again:
First guide draw block design , second help to to put these vhd, alu…. to vivado (step by step) include run simulation as same as the result. Third, explain clearly what we add on a new vhd which is different with vhd given (why we do it and how it connect these together)