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Classical Social Theory 3301 Critical reflection using a classical social theorist

Classical Social Theory 3301 Critical reflection using a classical social theorist. I’m studying and need help with a Sociology question to help me learn.

Critical reflection using a classical social theorist
The paper will be a critical analysis and application of one of the classical theorists. You will apply the perspective and concepts of ONE of the “fab four” – Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Simmel to a regional phenomenon or problem. Pick a current phenomenon or problem here in the community or region and describe and analyze the problem using their point of view. You will need to apply the overall perspective, the terminology and the concepts of the chosen theorist to the issue you picked.
In your paper you need to include:
1. A brief description of the person and their contribution to social theory (this does not equal a list of publications!).
2. A brief description of a local or regional social phenomenon or problem.
3. An explanation of the phenomenon or problem using the theorists’ terminology and concepts. What is happening and why? What are the causes and consequences of the observed phenomenon? (THIS IS THE WHERE YOU EARN THE BULK OF YOUR POINTS!)
4. ….and how the theorist would suggest to remedy the problem or phenomenon.
5. A critical reflection on where the theorist would fall short in explaining the phenomenon, e.g. where the theorist might be out-of-date, which new developments he did not account for, etc.
Examples of applying the theorists to a contemporary phenomenon or problem would be: how would Durkheim’s theory of suicide applied to the known high rates of suicide in Idaho, what would Marx say about fights over irrigation rights, what would Durkheim say about bullying in schools, what would Marx have to say about the high rate of domestic violence or the high unemployment rates in Southeast Idaho, what would Simmel say about the music scene or poetry scene in Pocatello, how would Weber judge the influence of Native American religion on the economic situation in Fort Hall, how would Weber analyze the role of the major in Pocatello?
I will post a list of additional current phenomena online.
The paper should be at most 6 pages long (I will not accept any paper longer than 6 pages – that excludes references!). The paper will count 40 points towards your final grade and will be graded according to the evaluation criteria listed below.All papers have to be type-written, spell-checked, and proofread. The fond should be 12, line-spacing 1.5. You are expected to use an appropriate format for citations and references
Evaluation Criteria
The total possible score for the paper is 40 points.

Completion of task according to the outline above. (10 points)
Knowledgeable use of concepts and information covered in class (10 points)
Concise and clear argumentation (10 points).
Format: Name and title on front page, spelling, grammar, proofreading, correct format of citations and references. (10 points)

An additional grading rubric that gives you more detailed information about receiving good grades on papers in general is posted on Moodle.
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Classical Social Theory 3301 Critical reflection using a classical social theorist

Social movements and public opinion on gender issues

Social movements are loosely formed groupings of individuals which are usually formed with the aim of campaigning for or against the implementation of a certain issue in the society. Social movements do not have standard sizes because some may be made up of few individuals while others may cover even the whole part of the world. The size of the movement generally depends on the issues that are being debated at the time of its formation. Such movements are generally governed by the spontaneous coming together of people guided by no rules of regulations but rather by the common cause that brings the together (Saunders

George Washington University Desny v Wilder Case Discussion

best assignment help George Washington University Desny v Wilder Case Discussion.

Assignment: Read Desny and then write a brief explanation of the case. Find two other cases where someone claimed their idea was stolen, one where they won and one where they lost. What was the key to the winners? The losers? On a policy level, write a brief paragraph or two on why we should or shouldn’t protect ideas. Read the non-disclosure agreement I’ve posted under content.1. Desny v. Wilder:…2. Is This the End of Desny v Wilder by Glen L. Kulik,:…3. Spinello vs. Ambli…
George Washington University Desny v Wilder Case Discussion

Perception of Employees towards Performance Appraisal

This chapter presents the definition of performance appraisal, executive level employees, objectives of this study, statement of problem, importance of this study, as well as contributions and limitations of the study. This study will be conducted to investigate the perception towards performance appraisal among executive level employees in Malaysia. 1.1 Performance appraisal Performance appraisal (PA) is an integral part of Human Resource Management activities; it is growing concern to all members of organizations including managers, employees, employees unions and even customers. Managers are interested in this subject because there are require making judgments and evaluating employees, while employees realized its importance as it will directly influence their pay and future career in the organization and employees unions believe that it will affect the welfare of their members. For customers, they are hoping to get maximum benefit from the appraisal of employees so that they get their money’s worth. So, the objective of human resource management is to improve the productive contribution to the organization in ways that are strategically, ethically and socially responsible. Furthermore, performance appraisal also is an integral part of performance management systems. It consists of a series of continuous processes, which include performance planning, performance coaching, and performance appraisal and rewarding performance. Together, these processes strive to improve employee and organizational performance. While the philosophy is that performance improvement should take place on a continuous basis I, it should be shared by managers and the employees whom they are responsible for and understand what is to be done in the future. According to Sisson 1991(as cited in Yusof 2009), performance appraisal is ‘the process whereby current performance in a job is observed and discussed for the purpose of adding to the level of performance.’ His definition is in line with that of Huczynki and Buchanan 1991(as cited in Yusof 2009), who suggested that there is a need for managers to discuss the work of all their employees. Based on the words observed and discussed is prove that performance appraisal should be on an open flow of communication between the management and its employees. When employees performance are observed and discussed it shows that the management is prepared to amend if there a fault made by employees. Beside this, performance appraisal not only provides opportunities for employee to learn from their mistake but it also an important source of information regarding employees’ performance. Thus, through discussion and observations there is no any excuse for employees to blame the organization for the poor performance. On the other hand, manager also cannot blame their employees if they do not achieve the required standard. However, Pearcee and Porter 1986, Erdogan, Kraimer and Liden 2001 (as cited in Narcisse and Harcourt 2008) defined employee performance rating serve as inputs to performance based feedback and administrative decision relating to promotion, training and salary increase. Establish organizational performance standard Organization should set a standard for performance measurement which in term of quality, time require to do a task, and output. The standard should be specific, measureable and achievable. To be effective, communication between both rater and rates are important which to raise aware, match and agree the standard. Determine method of performance appraisal The most suitable method to use to evaluate performance should be determined by organization because it is important factors that determine the success of the system. In the addition, the method used should be in line with organizational objectives and goals. Compare performance level against a predetermined standard Performance appraisal is the process aimed at comparing the performance of employees’ against a predetermined standard. The expected target should ability to achieve by employee. The standard for measuring performance should be easily to measurable and understandable. Besides that, management support is needed to make sure the standard set is in line with organizational objectives and the changes in business environment. Evaluate individual performance At the end, the evaluation of individual work performance should be free from bias and errors. Evaluation made should be based totally on work performance not on employees’ attributes and developmental programmes are needed to be implemented for poor performers. The most important goal of the performance appraisal is to improve performance in future. The purpose of performance appraisal must be clearly communicated both to manager and subordinates, so they will have clear direction to their job. (Encyclopedia of Business and Finance,2010). Gregory D.Rankin and Brian H.Kkainer (2007) defined that; the lack of specifically defined performance goals will undoubtedly undermine the effectiveness of the entire performance appraisal process. His definition is in line with that of Encyclopedia of Business and Finance (2010) who suggest that the failure to inform about the purpose or misleading information about the purpose may result in inaccurate and biased appraisal reports. 1.2 Executive Level Employee Executive level employee is any employee whose duties and responsibilities involve the management of the enterprise in which he or she is employed or of a customarily recognized department or subdivision thereof. Executive level employee customarily recognized and regularly directs to work of two or more other employees therein and has the authority to fire or hire others employees. As an executive level employee, he or she must customarily and regularly exercise discretion and independent judgment. It means that he has to make comparison and evaluation of possible courses of conduct and acting or making a decision after the various possibilities have been considered. The employee must have the authority or power to make an independent choice, free for immediate direction or supervision and with respect to matters of significance. According to employee law, an executive employee must also earn a monthly salary equivalent to no less than two times the state minimum wage for full-time employment. Full-time employment means 40 hours per week as defined in Labor Code Section 515(C). (Deskin law firm, 2009) Research Objectives The main variables or factors that will be discussed in details in this paper are the employee’s perception toward performance appraisal. Hence, the objective of this research is to examine the perception of executive level employees in Malaysia on performance appraisal currently implemented in their organizations. The research focuses on satisfaction of employees on performance appraisal currently used and evaluates the effectiveness of performance appraisal whether employees’ are receiving valid evaluations free from bias and assessment errors from their employer. The study was conducted with the executive level employees in Malaysia to determine whether the perception toward performance appraisal among executive level employees. Hence, the main purpose of this paper is to investigate level of effectiveness and whether employees are receiving fairness evaluations by using performance appraisal. There are the relevant research questions which are being focused. At the end of this study, these questions will be answered based on the findings. The two research questions are as follows: What are the factors that will influence job satisfaction? How job satisfaction will influence motivation, organizational commitment and turnover intention? There are two objectives in this research: To determine factors that will influence job satisfaction. To determine the relationship of job satisfaction toward motivation, organizational commitment and turnover intention. Problem Statement Performance appraisal in Malaysia remains a widespread and common practice by organizations in evaluating employees’ performance; subsequently, determine employees’ rewards, both monetary and non-monetary. Many organizations have implemented systems which are based on accepted practices and procedures only. However, lack of efficient ways to evaluate the effectiveness and fairness of performance appraisal within organization cause de-motivation of employees and might affect efficiency of manpower. Clearly, it is essential to have an effective performance appraisal than a technically sound rating format and well defined policies and procedures. This research is conducted to evaluate the attitudes and perceptions of performance appraisal by executive level employees in organization. There are two main problem statements as below: No commonly accepted method or efficient approach to evaluating the effectiveness or success of a performance appraisal. Identifying and organizing the most important variables in performance appraisal has proved to be a challenging task to an organization. Perception on effectiveness and fairness of performance appraisal of employees has not been emphasized by organization. Fairness is one of the key components in the ultimate success of performance appraisal system. Perception of unfairness might pull down employees’ motivation and efficiency; it may affect the ultimate success of such organizational systems. Research Hypothesis H1: There is a positive relationship between the levels of effectiveness of performance appraisal and employee’s job satisfaction. H2: There is a positive relationship between justice and fairness with employee’s satisfaction. H3: There is relationship between employee’s satisfaction with performance appraisal and employee’s motivation. H4: There is a relationship between employee’s satisfaction with performance appraisal and their commitment toward the organization. H5: There is a relationship between employee’s satisfaction with performance appraisal and turnover intention. Importance of study Performance appraisal will continue to be an issue of great concern for large number of companies to evaluate employees’ performance. Thus, it is crucial for managers and researches to better understand this construct. So, purpose of this research is to help organizations in Malaysia to evaluate their existing performance appraisal and identifying the executive level employee’s perception toward the appraisal. This study can help the organizations to know the strengths and weakness on performance appraisal and continue to be promoted the strength and corrected the weaknesses. Communication between manager and employee is necessary to make sure the performance appraisal is successful implemented. This study is intent to encourage manager by play an important role to communicate with their employees, and try to know the employees’ perception toward performance appraisal. Besides that, it also enables for the manager to develop a better performance appraisal in the future and reduce errors. In addition, this research will help manager to indentify employees’ potential and needs. By understand the employees’ perception of performance appraisal will help manager get wide knowledge and skill to enable them to determine employees’ potential for increase job responsibilities and their advancement in the organization. This study is important to indentify the level of job satisfaction which influences employees’ commitment to organization and help organization make planning efforts to increase employees’ job satisfaction and commitment. Contribution of study This study will examine the perception of executive level employee toward performance appraisal which is applied in their organization It also investigated the technique of evaluation of performance appraisal, the level of effectiveness, justice and fairness when appraisal and satisfaction of employees toward the performance appraisal evaluation. The result of the study provides a mirror to Malaysian organization to uses the most effective ways to evaluate performance appraisal and to create awareness of importance of performance appraisal toward job performance. Organization has to utilize performance appraisal as a tool by management in motivating employees, and subsequently increase better job performance and productivity. 1.8 Scope of study In this research, the scope is focused on executive level employees in Malaysia. The study is based on 200 respondents which from different organization. These respondents are all Malaysian which their organization have implemented performance appraisal to appraisal their performance. In the study, employee’s perceptions of performance appraisal will be investigated. Chapter 2 Literature Review 2.0 Introduction This chapter essentially presents a more detailed variation of all variables involved in the study. First of all, it outlines the definition of performance appraisal and the effectiveness, justice and fairness, job satisfaction, employee’s commitment and motivation and their turnover intention. Besides that this chapter also discusses the relationship between independent variable and dependent variable, which lead to the development of the hypotheses. 2.1 performance appraisal Latham and Wexley, 1994(as cited by Ab. Aziz Yusof, 2009, p6) refer to the performance appraisal as any personnel decision that affect the status of employees regarding their retention, termination, promotion, transfer, salary increase or decrease, or admission into training programs. This definition shows that performance appraisal is the key in controlling people within the organization. The definition by Latham and Wexley is in line with Fletcher and Williams, 1986 (as cited in Ab.Aziz Yusof, 2009, p6) as both of them claimed that performance appraisal is determined by the management and it is the central part of personnel management activity, linking it with almost every other aspect of human resource activity. In addition, Leap and Crino, 1993 (as cited in Ab.Azizi Yusof 2009, p7) defined performance appraisal “as a process of assessing the quantitative and qualitative aspects of an employee’s job performance”. However, according to Sisson, 1991 (as cited in Ab.Azizi Yusof 2009, p7), performance appraisal is “the process whereby current performance in a job is observed and discussed for the purpose of adding to the level of performance”. On the other hand, Harvey and Bowin, 1996 (as cited in Ab.Azizi Yusof 2009, p8) defined performance appraisal as the accomplishment of employees’ assigned duties and the outcome produced in a specified job function or activity during a specified time period while performing their jobs. Milkovich

Seton Hall University Business Contracts and Agreement Discussion

Seton Hall University Business Contracts and Agreement Discussion.

Fix the assignment with the feedback attached here is original question George Costanza has been offered a position as CEO of Kramerica, a large multinational electronics corporation. Costanza and the president of the Kramerica board, Cosmo Kramer, meet to discuss the terms of the agreement. They sketch out a compensation plan that includes a hefty salary and stock options worth several million dollars. In the spirit of cooperation, Kramer suggests that they use the same attorney to draw the agreement and agrees to have Kramerica pick up the tab. They set up a meeting with Elaine Benes, a well-respected local business attorney.In the initial meeting, Kramer tells Benes, “We have already outlined all the key factors in George’s contract and just need you to help us formalize the terms. Now I want you to consider yourself as acting for George and for Kramerica, but Kramerica will be solely responsible for your fees. So what do you say, can you help us move this thing forward?”Benes responds that she would be happy to help them out. She explains that she charges $185 an hour for her services and provides Kramer with a written fee agreement. The parties then discuss the specifics of their deal.Shortly, thereafter, she phones Costanza to clarify some of the terms. In particular, she wants to know how long the vesting period is supposed to be for the stock options. He says, “Well. To tell you the truth, we never really discussed that. Make it two years. The fact is, I have already committed to move to Sydney in two-and-a-half years when my daughter graduates from law school here. I plan to work for another company over there. Please don’t mention that to Cosmo. It could kill our deal.”Benes then calls Kramer and asks him what he thinks the vesting period is supposed to be. Kramer says, “I guess we forgot to spell that out in our prior discussions, but Kramerica’s standard vesting policy is 20 percent after three years, another 30 percent after five years, and then the balance after seven years. Just put that in.”After talking to Kramer, Benes decides, in fairness to both parties, to “split the difference.” She writes up the agreement and presents it to both parties to sign.Has Benes acted properly under the rules of professional conduct? Discuss.
Seton Hall University Business Contracts and Agreement Discussion

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