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Class Structure of the United States writing an essay help Writing homework help

This paper looks at the distribution of wealth between the rich and poor in the United States.

This paper pays special attention to the division of wealth among the different segments of the population in the United States. The author presents data to support his supposition that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The middle class, according to this author, has suffered the greatest losses over the last generation. Some of the topics discussed in this paper include how corporate greed has impacted on the distribution of wealth, what has caused the rate of poverty in America to grow at an unparalleled rate and how the tax structure affects the huge gap between ‘haves and have-nots’. The author offers some suggestions to the problem and points out what economic changes need to be made in order to correct this growing problem.
“America today houses more rich people than ever before and the gap between the rich and poor is rising. But is it fair to resent the rich because of this? In the United States, advancement is supposedly based on merit and everyone has an equal opportunity. (Reiman) Bill Gates is so far up on the financial ladder because he seized opportunities and used his brains to get ahead. Michael Jordon developed an extraordinary skill that enabled him to make millions playing sports. These are the cases that the rich might want to showcase. But the fact remains that in the United States, opportunities are not genuinely equal. Governments need to work harder to improve public education and ensure that it is open to all. However, researchers believe that even if the government did provide equal opportunities for everyone, the inequality of power would still maintain the inequality of wealth distribution. Power is often abused to raise prices and exclude competitors. This abuse of power gave rise to antitrust laws in America, as governments sought to restrain monopolies and cartels.”

The Battle of Chancellorsville in the Civil War

The Battle of Chancellorsville in the Civil War.

This is the writing prompt: For the second writing assignment, I would like you to choose one of three important moments in 19th century United States history to learn more about. Those events? Choose to write about either the Battle of Chapultepec (the climactic battle of the Mexican-American War); OR the Battle of Chancellorsville in the Civil War; OR the Vicksburg Campaign (focusing on the events of March 1863 through the July 4th surrender). Regardless of topic, you must address each of the following in your paper: The background of the event (how did the United States get to the point it did when each battle took place). (For Chapultepec and Chancellorsville, don’t go back more than a month prior to the battle to provide the bulk of the information). This includes telling me why you think the battle/campaign occurred (what was the goal of the battle/campaign?). There should be some decent detail in this background section of the paper.The major moments in the battle/campaign itself, from first to last. Best approaching this chronologically, I don’t need to know all the moments of the battle/campaign, but I do need to know about the major ones (a brief reading of the story you choose should reveal to you which moments are important ones that should be discussed in your paper). What happened, and what impact did they have on the battle/campaign itself.Finally, you should be describing how the battle concluded, and what the conclusion of the battle meant to the parties involved. You should also describe why it was an important event in U.S. history. This is the most important part of the paper as you analyze what transpired and try to give me an understanding of not only why things went the way they did, but also why the battle/campaign is an important one in U.S. history.

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