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-CJUS 530 Communications, SES, and Political Imperatives

-CJUS 530 Communications, SES, and Political Imperatives. Paper details post one thread of at least 350 words.For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 2 scholarly citations in APA format. Each reply must incorporate at least 1 scholarly citation(s) in APA format. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include scholarly or government resources (the textbook, the Bible, etc.). Topic: Communications, SES, and Political Imperatives One of the most interesting items in the communication realm of organization management is the informal grapevine. The informal grapevine has the capacity to undermine the official communication function of a criminal justice organization. Discuss what a grapevine is and the best methods to counteract it.-CJUS 530 Communications, SES, and Political Imperatives
The only thing I need is to fill out the spreadsheet. All the green parts from E5 to I18 and E22 to I22. In cells E22 to I22, you must enter the formula for the Sharpe ratio. Use cells C22 and D22 as guides. I have already finished the question from scenario 1-4 and scenario 5. Thank you. I also will upload all the informations.

Factors of Socioeconomic Status and Class in Professional Practice

Factors of Socioeconomic Status and Class in Professional Practice. I’m working on a Psychology exercise and need support.

An individual’s socioeconomic status and class can sometimes be identified by material objects, educational background, occupation, and access to resources; however, socioeconomic status and class, like other multicultural factors, are not always evident through visual cues. In fact, self-identification does not always match others’ perceptions. How might factors related to socioeconomic status and class impact your professional practice as a psychologist? How would these factors affect your ability to establish rapport with and develop a multicultural diagnosis for clients of different socioeconomic statuses or classes?
For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources. Consider factors related to socioeconomic status and class as they relate to establishing rapport with clients from the population you selected in Week 3. Then search the Walden Library for two articles not identified in the Learning Resources that further your understanding of socioeconomic status and class as they relate to the population you selected. Write an explanation of the factors related to socioeconomic status and class that you need to consider when establishing rapport with clients from the population you selected. Further, describe how race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality relate to socioeconomic status and class within that population.

Ballinger, L., & Wright, J. (2007). “Does class count?” Social class and counseling. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 7(3), 157–163. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
Brown, S. D., & Lent, R. W. (Eds.). (2008). Handbook of counseling psychology (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Chapter 10, “Social Class and Classism: Understanding the Psychological Impact of Poverty and Inequality” (pp. 159–175)

Lott, B. (2002). Cognitive and behavioral distancing from the poor. American Psychologist, 57(2), 100–110. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

Factors of Socioeconomic Status and Class in Professional Practice

Mahalia Jackson Eddie Harris Killah Priest & Nas Songs Questions Essays

essay helper free Mahalia Jackson Eddie Harris Killah Priest & Nas Songs Questions Essays.

In order to answer the questions on the assignments you will need to listen to the recordings and refer to other subjects and chapters that we have studied. Jot notes as the song plays.  When you write up your final draft please try to keep the answers short, succinct, and to the point.  Many of the questions ask you to draw your own conclusions based on your observations as you listen to the music. Base your answers on your own listening and critical thinking.
Many of you may have these songs. If not, you can find them on the internet. In many cases you will be unable to answer the questions if you only listen to the music once. You may have to listen several times and read information about the music and the artist.
Occasionally you will be able to find the answers (or at least some good hints!) in your research. In these cases, do not quote the text in your answer ONLY. You cannot get an “A” grade for quoting the text – your grade will be lowered for including extensive uncredited quotations, especially if your answer does not demonstrate your own understanding of the themes and the music. At a minimum you must restate the concepts in your own words, and pull quotes for support. Please reference the readings in your essay to substantiate your arguments. You may also pull from the videos and lyrics to weave them into your essay to support your claims.  
1. Listen to Mahalia Jackson’s version of “Trouble of the World,” Goodie Mob’s “Free”, and Outkast’s “You May Die”, Big KRIT’s “Live From the Underground” (Reprise)

To what genre does each song belong?
Identify the primary themes of each. For example, where is the notion of truth and justice? How are they formulated? In other words, through which Africanisms are these themes expressed?
How are they different and similar?
Can we place these songs in a historical context?  How so or not.

2. Listen to Eddie Harris’ “Compared to What” versus Outkast’s “DEEP”

To what genre does each song belong?
Identify the primary themes?
How do they deal with realness in their respective songs? Explain.
Can we find elements of balance, reciprocity, truth, harmony, justice, order, and righteousness in these songs? Explain and identify where.

3. Listen to Killah Priest’s “One Step” and Nas’ “One Mic.”

What are the primary themes of each song?
How are they different and similar?
What issue is dealt with in these songs? What relevance do these songs have to African American culture, history, and musical expression?

4. Listen to Nas’ “The World is Your’s” and Young Jeezy’s “Crazy World.”

What are the similar themes in each song?
When themes repeat, is there much variation in the repetitions????
When were the songs recorded? Although Nas’ version was genuinely revolutionary for its time, Jeezy’s treatment of the world is equally radical. What is the most striking difference between Jeezy’s version and Nas’? 

5. Listen to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Outkast’d “Liberation”

What are the main points of this song?
How is mental health – particularly the mental health of youth – narrated in these two songs?

6. Listen to Future’s “March Madness.” Compare it to his “Mask Off” and the flute sample used in “Mask Off”.

What are the primary themes in each song?
How are these themes described and articulated?
What issues are dealt with in each song?
What is the original song about that “Mask Off” pulls from? Can you draw any similarities in thematic purpose between the two?

Mahalia Jackson Eddie Harris Killah Priest & Nas Songs Questions Essays

Low Barriers to Entry Exploratory Essay

Table of Contents Introduction The audience and their concerns Problem statement Recommendations to the entry problem References Introduction Low barriers to entry determine the strategies that a business must adapt to penetrate a new market. Thus, this analytical treatise explores low barriers to entry for a new comer truck driver in the asset-based supply chain and logistics industry. The audience and their concerns Entry in a market with low barriers requires strategies that may make the new entrant excel in a market characterized by stiff competition and series of similar business activity. There are several similar players in the market that the new comer truck driver wants to enter and penetrate. Besides, truck drivers in the asset-based supply chain and logistics industry are correlated to negative perception by most clients who view them as a bunch of dishonest and unreliable transport service providers. Therefore, there is need to design an entry strategy that would ensure complete control of perception of the clients. Problem statement The asset-based supply chain and logistics industry for a new comer truck driver has the challenge of remaining a float amidst presence of very many other track drivers with fleets and an expansive customer niche. Thus, there is an immediate need for the new comer truck driver to adapt a branding strategy that will make this business enter into the market and penetrate the same to win the current clients. There is also need to establish a water tight business entry plan credentials that would combine natural strengths of the truck driver and his personality. Recommendations to the entry problem In order to achieve desired margins in sales and total revenues generated, a proper marketing plan should integrate entry strategy, comparative advantage, and market segmentation since in most cases, there is always a strong competitor or competitors that passing might prove challenging due to existence of consumer perceptions and household names (Janus, 2008). To increase credibility and maintain professionalism, the market entry plan should encompass processes and features that flawlessly facilitate healthy and lifetime relationships between the truck business and its clients. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Among the new development elements that can be incorporated to build trust include establishment of a strong distribution, fair retribution process, and passing accurate information to target audience to restore confidence within the new networks. Besides quality in service, delivery and customer satisfaction depend on the marketing segmentation. Therefore, customer retention is achievable through the creation of reliable and affordable marketing channel that is essential in monitoring matrix that maps out potential competitors and identifies weaknesses and strength of the clients. Moreover, the reporting criteria should reflect the success of marketing calendar and set targets generated from time to time (Longenecker et al. 2009). Essentially, success of brand and product management in a new market depends on a proper alignment of a functional idea into the creation of flexible, involuntary, and quantifiable measurement of perception among the target audience. Reflectively, this idea should have essential elements that can easily sway the mind, either positively or negatively. Therefore, the new comer truck driver should brand his truck business as the most competitive in terms of charges for service delivery and reliability (Bert, 2011). In conclusion, low barriers to entry market such as the asset-based supply chain and logistics industry demand rebranding of the truck business besides adapting the low cost price leader in order to win the current clients and develop loyalty among clients. Despite stiff competition from other track drivers, this industry offers series of opportunities for new entrants since the demand for truck services supersedes the current supply. References Bert, R. (2011). Marketing Channels: A Management View. Sydney: Thompson South- Western. We will write a custom Essay on Low Barriers to Entry specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Janus, P. (2008). Pro Performance Point Server 2007: Building Business Intelligence. New York: Press Intel. Longenecker, G. J., Petty, J.W., Palich E. L., and Moore, W.C. (2009). Small Business Management: Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures. Alabama: Cengage Learning.

Why do you want to be a physician

Why do you want to be a physician. Paper details To set the stage for my writer( a bit about me/ my story) 1 – my mom had a tumor and I almost lost her. Growing up in a 3rd world country, any medical condition is almost like a death sentence not alone tumor. It took 4 months before she was properly diagnosed due to lack of subspecialty doctor and advance medical equipments. The diagnosis was just one part of the equation. Upon diagnosis, the lack of surgeon and adequate medical facilities to do surgery brought a whole despair. Luckily, MSF ( medicine sans frontiers- volunteer medical staff from Europe) were doing a missionary mission and upon request, submitted my mom medical file to their neurologist surgeon in Europe who agreed to do the surgery. The other hurdle was the medical transport of mom to Europe for surgery. She was by then paralyzed, convulsions and hooked to an IV tube. It took another two weeks before she flew out. My exposure to that ignited the spark to do medicine. Mom surgery was a success and she went on to fully recovered from it. The tumor never came back and she has been tumor free for 11 years now. 2- However, that was not the only experience or the last that kept my passion to become a surgeon burning. After moving to the USA, my professional career took me into the US military. For the past eight years, I have been working as a medic under the wings of army medical providers. Early on in my military career, I was quickly put to test when one of the distracted soldier who was doing a vehicle maintenance forgot he still had his cigarette tucked between his lips and went underneath the vehicle to check on why the veh wasn’t starting. Unknowingly that it was due to a fuel leak, he ended up with a 2nd degree burn to his face and torso. As a medic on the scene, I knew it was just a matter of time before he completely loses his airway. Nervous and with my heart racing, I ran and grabbed my aid bag. I knew that if I was to buy him time until he is evacuated, I needed to perform a cric. Nothing in my training prepared me for the extra emotions that came with having a real lifesaving situation. During training, we were taught most emergency procedures and we practiced them hundred times but as a default thought, we knew our training patients always survived. This however, was real, someone’s life was literally hanging in balance and I couldn’t afford any mistake. News of the fire quickly went around the army fob and a fellow medic ran up to assist. Her presence boosted my confidence and I was able to perform the cric and intubate the soldier. After few minutes, I had more medical support and the Soldier was evacuated out to a higher echelon of care. He survived his burn and ended up being medically few years later. The smell and the sight of burn flesh still trigger those memories and keeps my passion to further my medical education with medical school. I am excited and thrilled at the thought of being able to increase my medical knowledge and save more life as a surgeon. Feel free to be creative and fill in… but this is the basically the bulk of what makes me want to pursuit medicine and become a physician/surgeonWhy do you want to be a physician

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