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CJ 232 San Jose State University Growth Correctional System in the USA Discussion

CJ 232 San Jose State University Growth Correctional System in the USA Discussion.

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Please read The Below FirstI’m looking for someone who does not use Chegg or Course Hero or any online cites to provide your answers. The professor checks these other sites as well. If you do this to provide your answers and don’t use your own, let me know immediately so I can choose someone else to assist me. I have been notified that an assignment was linked to Chegg or Course Heroetc.Someone that uses their own words, so nothing can be found on the internet.Someone who does not Plagiarize others work from online websites.I have word documents attached with the instructions.Then let me know. undefinedThank you.Subjects are:Criminal JusticeThis is the book that is used:American Corrections in BriefISBN-13: 9781305633735Reference:Clear, T. R. (2016). American Corrections in Brief. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from…Your answers will be original?The professor or anyone will not be able find these answers on any online website?Please answer:1. Read all the instructions and let me know if you have any questions about what must be done.2. Your answers will be all original?3. Do you guarantee that all your work is original and none of what you write can or will be found on any online site?Therefore, I try to provide a longer time for the work to be completed.
CJ 232 San Jose State University Growth Correctional System in the USA Discussion

Probability Statement for Health Services Organization Excel Task.

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You are the healthcare administration leader for a health services organization and are interested in achieving a standard, whereby 90% of all patients are screened within the initial 15 minutes of arriving for a family practice appointment. In a random sample of 30 patients, you find that 25 were screened within 15 minutes. The probability that this event (or one more extreme) would occur, might be modeled as a binomial with the following probability statement: P(X≤25 | N=30, p=0.9)To solve, you use =binom.dist(25, 30, 0.9, TRUE) in Excel and find that you would expect 25 or fewer screenings in 30 trials when the success rate should be 0.9 about 17.5% of the time.Post an example of how one of the distributions presented might be used in your health services organization or one with which you are familiar. Then, generate a representative probability statement based on the scenario and solve using fictitious data. Be specific in your probability statement.
Probability Statement for Health Services Organization Excel Task

Kaplan University Communicate the Impact of Human Expression on The Workplace.

Communicate the impact of human expression on the workplace. It is imperative that the reports prepared by accountants have accurate and complete information. If management or cost accountants are unethical in their business practices, the impact of this will ripple across many types of stakeholders. We as accountants need to understand the implications of unethical behavior as well as the benefits to society of following ethical guidelines. What does manipulation of data express about the culture and values of the workplace or the employee? How may this influence the company culture? Based on the Chapter 7 Reading, analyze the impact of unethical standard setting behaviors. If management is unethical in its business practices and manipulates financial data in determining cost standards, how will this impact the workplace environment and communication standards? What are the consequences for the company and who are the stakeholders that are impacted because of management’s unethical behavior? How would unethical standard setting practices impact both internal users (employees) and external users (for example, suppliers)? (Ethics; writing) (Include a Word document consisting of 2–3 double-spaced pages for this writing Assignment) Assignment Checklist: ●Examine (Bloom’s 4) how corporate unethical standard setting practices impact the corporate culture and internal and external users. . ●Analyze the consequences for the company and the stakeholders impacted by management’s unethical behavior. ●Demonstrate exemplary ability to communicate the impact of human expression on the workplace environment. ●Explanation of perspective from the following views such as stockholder, employees and suppliers. ●Explanation of interpretation of human expression in the workplace. ●Explain how manipulation of data affects the culture and values of the workplace or the employee? Explain how this influences the company culture. Directions for Submitting your Assignment.
Kaplan University Communicate the Impact of Human Expression on The Workplace

History: the First Nations in Canada Essay

The class readings present some critical aspects of the First Nations in Canada. These are various aboriginal groups living in British Columbia and Ontario. In the book First Nations in the Twenty-First Century, the reader observes the continued developments and repercussions of cultural infiltration and colonialism in the country. Throughout the period, the First Nations people encountered intergenerational trauma, thus affecting their abilities and developments. This outstanding fact helps the reader examine the nature of life and experience of the First Nations in Canada. What comes out is that the people had a complex and unpredictable relationship with the other groups in the country, such as the Inuit (Frideres 37). However, such relationships and interactions have constantly evolved over the past century. The other interesting fact about the First Nations is that they have a unique historical past. The people were reserved based on their cultural practices and ideas. As well, it is interesting to realize how the First Nations passed across their ideas and historical events through narrations and oral traditions (Frideres 59). Most of these oral traditions are important because they describe most of the significant events and happenings during the period. The people also have a written history. This written history began in the last years of the 15th century after the arrival of the first Europeans. Such facts and developments are, therefore, necessary because they have made it easier for me to understand much about the historical past and experiences of the aboriginal peoples of Canada. I have also learned much about people’s traditions. For example, the “Seven Sacred Directions” presents numerous aspects and ideas about the First Nations. For instance, the Medicine Wheel has four unique directions. Such directions present many things, such as the importance of balance in our universe and the reason we should understand ourselves much better. Such teachings are necessary because they paint a true picture of the First Nations and their past. As well, the reader gets a lot of knowledge about people’s beliefs, traditional practices, and experiences from the 15th century. Such teachings made it easier for every person to respect life. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More People also interacted well with each other in society. From such readings, I have clearly understood how the First Nations managed to establish their traditions and practices despite the external influences from the other ethnic groups and colonialists (Frideres 103). I find most of these teachings and information useful. As a student, I have learned much about the experiences of the First Nations peoples in the history of Canada. These individuals encountered various challenges on their reserves but still managed to retain their cultural ideas and traditions (Frideres 74). They even tried to establish their federal responsibilities to survive. They encountered various economic upheavals and bureaucracies in society. Much recently, there have been various legislations and court decisions aimed at reshaping the relationship between the group and the rest of the citizens. These readings have presented numerous insights about the experiences of the aboriginals, especially after the first Europeans came into the country. That being the case, I would recommend these class materials because they offer useful facts and information about the interesting history of the First Nations. Works Cited Frideres, James. First Nations in the Twenty-First Century. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011. Print.

James Holmes

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James HolmesJames Holmes was recently found guilty of murder for his shooting spree at a movie theater in Aurora, CO. Research this case and determine why he was not considered mentally unfit for trial. Learning ObjectivesLearning Objectives:1. Describe the bases and sources of American criminal law.2. Discuss how substantive criminal law defines a crime and the legal responsibility of the accused.3. Describe how procedural criminal law defines the rights of the accused and the process for dealing with a case.4. Analyze the United States Supreme Court’s role in interpreting the criminal justice amendments to the Constitution.Please reformat and resubmit. James Holmes was arrested on July 20, 2012, after he started shooting at people that were watching a movie at a theater in Aurora, Colorado. The incident on this day resulted in the death of 12 people and various forms of injuries to 70 others. Although he pleaded not guilty to the 24 counts of first-degree murder because he claimed to be mentally ill, he was sentenced to life in prison without the option of parole. Also, the failure of the jury to reach a unanimous decision for the death penalty was a major disappointment for the prosecutors, families of the dead victims, and the survivors. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the underlying reason why the accused was sentenced for the crime despite the claim by his legal team that he was mentallyunfit for trial. According to Stone (2015), the Mr. Holmes belonged to the category of mass murderers that do not belong to the classification of the individual with mental disorders. While his condition might seem like that to people, he suffered from the psychopathic personality that is a condition that is classified in the DSM-V. Secondly, his plea for mental insanity was thrown out by the jury because his actions before and after the incident were premeditated and consistent with the behavior of a psychopath. He planned the shooting incident several days before as evident through his conversation with his former girlfriend, the attires he wore on the day after buying a ticket and leaving the rear exit door open.
James Holmes

UC Application of Contemporary Management Approaches in Supply Chains Discussion

UC Application of Contemporary Management Approaches in Supply Chains Discussion.

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Arguably the heart of any business is it’s supply chain, a major business function. Review the following video’s then discuss effective and efficient supply chains, and how they might have been affect by COVID-19.1. The Future of Delivery in Our New On-demand Economy.Next review this video from youTube:To help you in writing your post review these 2 articles which talk about the bullwhip effect. Do you understand it? a 2-4 paragraph reflection on what you learned from the videos as well as the supplied documents.Complete your main post no later than Friday of week 9. Read and respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts. Please use APA throughout. Review posting/discussion requirements.
UC Application of Contemporary Management Approaches in Supply Chains Discussion

Socialization Process and Its Main Factors Essay

Table of Contents Family School Peers Mass Media Conclusion References Who Am I? It can be difficult to understand who you really are in terms of some psychological terms. However, in terms of social roles, it can be quite easy to describe a person. Karp, Yoels, Vann, and Borer (2016) state that people can be considered in terms of such dimensions as the family, education, culture, ethnicity, membership in various subgroups, and so forth. For example, I am an adult who has certain responsibilities and roles. It is possible to start with the description of family roles. I am a daughter and a sister. At present, I am a college student, which makes me a part of several groups. Apart from being a member of the student community, I am a part of a movement aimed at improving our society. I am also an athlete, so I also pertain to the world of sport. Of course, I am a friend who also has various responsibilities such as supporting my friend, helping her whenever she needs my aid, going out and the like. I am also a female, which makes me face many challenges and enjoy numerous opportunities. Finally, I am a part of the so-called middle class, which means that I have access to numerous resources such as high-quality medical services, education, good food and dwelling, and so forth. Another way to view an individual is to analyze this person’s status. In my family, I am the only person to study at a higher educational establishment. My sister is still at school. Therefore, I have a status of a highly educated person who knows the ropes in the academic world. Although there is some exaggeration in this statement and we make fun of this in my family, I still enjoy a certain status. I am a loyal friend, smart and reliable, which makes my friends respect me. Hence, my friendship status is quite high. I am a high-achiever (at least, I am trying to do my best to study well) so I also have quite a high status among my peer students and teachers who know that I am diligent and intelligent. I also have a high rank in our little feminist society. As for my socioeconomic status, it is high as I know many people who do not have the things I possess and have limited opportunities as well. All in all, I can note that my social position is favorable and enables me to become a successful member of the American society. I perform various roles and have quite high statuses. Some of these responsibilities and ranks could be regarded as inherited, so-to-speak, as my parents ensured a certain basis for my present achievements. However, I also achieved a lot in the course of my socialization due to my characteristic features. Family As has been mentioned above, many factors affect the process of people’s socialization. I believe family, school, peers, and mass media have been the most influential agents that have shaped my development. I was raised with the focus on strong moral principles and family values, so the family is the major social unit, as I see it. According to the functionalist approach, all systems seek harmony and can be self-regulated (Craib, 2015). I believe my family is an illustration of this paradigm. We try to help each other and listen or rather hear each other. My moral development is largely defined by my family experiences. Of course, there are instances of conflict, but I would not apply the Marxist view to these situations. There can be some rivalry, at least, there was when my sister and I were little girls, but we still understand that we should always collaborate and find solutions. This kind of family environment made me a person who tries to find compromise and make the world a better place. I think that the entire society can transform and become almost ideal as my family is a perfect system. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More School At the same time, I understand that the society is far from being a harmonized system. My school life can be described as a period of certain re-socialization. I developed a slightly different view concerning the environment. School is one of the illustrations revealing some peculiarities of the contemporary world, which is good as new generations have a chance to understand what their adult life will be. School (as well as adult life, career life and so forth) can be best analyzed in terms of the Marxist framework. People struggle for resources that can be quite scarce (Ritzer

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