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Civil rights and affirmative action

Read each of them.  Then choose which of the three plaintiffs you think has the better case–Anthony, Luke or Todd and Mike–and why.  Feel free to cite from John Jude Moran’s text book Employment Law and from the court cases he cites in the book–and from another academic source you may have read or run across.  Just make sure that you attribute the sources of your information. Cases attached.

Critical Literature Review Assessment Task

Critical Literature Review Assessment Task.

This assessment task helps you to develop critical thinking skills in analysing and evaluating two peer reviewed publications. The literature review will help you understand and apply the appropriate project management planning method and techniques to develop the scope of your e-Border project. To do that, you need to understand that software project scope planning requires a project manager to distinguish between product and project scope definitions and apply these concepts to:

• Firstly, define the functions and features that characterise the eBorder project’s systemproduct in perspectives of digital services; • Secondly, construct a requirement matrix, to understand how the product’s functions and features can be delivered as discrete key WBS milestone deliverables • Thirdly, identify all the work and their underlying task decomposition structures that will deliver all the identified WBS milestones, when integrated, will represent the finished system product.

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Discussion Responses

Civil rights and affirmative action *There are 8 responses. Reade each response and Write a 75-100 word response for each.
Discussion 1 responses
a.) Jayne
Explain the link between well-performing financial markets and economic growth.
The link between well-performing financial markets and economic growth is best explained by defining the function of a financial market. A financial market is designed (Mishki, 2019) to provide money to people who lack sufficient funds from people with no immediate need for their excess. Therefore, a well-performing market acts as a supply chain to financial intermediaries to use bonds and saving from others to loan to people needing additional funds to make large purchases. Pg. 4
Name one channel through which financial markets might affect economic growth and poverty.
One channel through which the financial market might affect economic growth and poverty is (Mishkin, 2019) when the market’s performance constantly fluctuates, affecting the price of shares and the amount of people’s wealth, which lessens their desire to spend. In addition, high stock prices produce an increased amount of funds used to buy equipment and manufacturing facilities. pg. 4
Mishkin, F. (2019). The economics of money, banking, and financial markets (5th ed.). Pearson. ISBN: 978-0134734200
b.) Eric
When discussing economic growth, one can genuinely say that supply and demand are the main functions of the economy. Nevertheless, a smooth operating financial market can contribute to the health and efficiency of the economy. The financial markets help direct the flow of investments and savings in the economy to ameliorate capital accumulation and production of goods and services (Musmeci, Aste,

Principles for Emergency Management

Principles for Emergency Management.

 The 10 principles of emergency management (described on pages 263–266 of the Canton course text) set the groundwork for a coordinated, multilevel, and collaborative environment for response and recovery. In essence, the principles provide guidance for coordinating response and recovery efforts. Although response and recovery needs differ between various emergency events, the principles serve as a standard framework from which emergency managers coordinate response activities. Emergency managers are adept at ensuring all 10 principles are enforced during response and recovery efforts; however, some argue that certain principles are more essential than others for coordinating an effective response. For this Discussion, review the media and Learning Resources for this week. Review the 10 principles of emergency management. Reflect on how these principles are integrated into the functions of Emergency Operation Centers and multiagency coordination systems. Then select three principles of the 10 that you think are most important for carrying out response and recovery operations and why. By Day 4 Post a brief description of the three principles you selected. Then explain why you believe these three principles are the most important for carrying out response and recovery operations.

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