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Circuit Solver/ final

Circuit Solver/ final.

I’m working on a mathlab test / quiz prep and need guidance to help me learn.

Guidelines and DeliverablesAs usual, create a script, include a comment at the top explaining the purpose of the script, your name, and the date it was created. The goal of this project is to estimate the daily energy production over a week of a typical residential solar panel, compare it to the energy usage of a home and determine how many solar panels are required to fulfill the energy needs of the residence.1. For the midterm project, your computeEnergy function took in as input the number of panels and computed the amount of energy produced in a typical day. The amount of energy produced by a panel depends on the time of day and can be modeled by the mathematical formula below, where t is an array of values from 1 to 24 hours.Update computeEnergy( ) to perform this task symbolically. Use the built in integral function, int( ) to find the kilo-Watt-hours produced in a day. Plot your integral function from 0 to 24 hours.2. From the midterm project, you wrote code to calculate how many panels would be required to fulfill the energy needs for a home. Suppose an inverter device is needed for each panel in the array and is connected in parallel to one power source. The video below shows how to use linear algebra in MATLAB to solve for the current in each branch containing an inverter. Write a function called findCurrents( ) that takes in as input the number of panels you computed in the midterm project and returns a vector of currents in each branch. Let the source voltage, Vs, be 100V and the value of each resistance be 1500 ohms.
Circuit Solver/ final

Coastal Carolina University Work Life Balance Questions.

Agree or Disagree with the Following StatementsMy manager or supervisor treats my work-life needs with sensitivity.It is usually easy for me to manage the demands of both work and home life.My career path at this company is limited because of the pressure of home life demands.My job at this company keeps me from maintaining the quality of life I want.My manager or supervisor is supportive when home life issues interfere with work.My manager or supervisor focuses on results, rather than the time I am at my desk.My manager or supervisor has a good understanding of flexible work hour practices.If I requested a flexible work arrangement, my manager or supervisor would support me.My manager or supervisor is often inflexible or insensitive about my personal needs.I believe my manager or supervisor treats me with respect.My manager or supervisor allows me informal flexibility as long as I get the job done.My manager or supervisor tends to treat us like children.My manager or supervisor seldom gives me praise or recognition for the work I do.My manager or supervisor seems to care about me as a person.I would recommend this company to others.The work I do is not all that important to this company’s success.If I could find another job with better pay, I would leave this organization.If I could find another job where I would be treated with respect, I would take it.If I could find another job where I could have more flexibility, I would take it.I am totally committed to this company.For a perfect score, you should answer “Disagree” to questions 3, 4, 9, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, and 19 and “Agree” to all the rest, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, and 20.To score, begin by giving yourself 20 points. Then deduct one point for every “wrong” response from the total score.Based on your results, describe the quality of the work-life environment in your company.What could be done to improve the work-life balance? Or is no improvement needed? Your post should be a minimum of 275 words in length
Coastal Carolina University Work Life Balance Questions

Case Study assignment, please answer the questions below in detail 3 to 4 pages. Research should be used to support your content throughout the paper.

Case Study assignment, please answer the questions below in detail 3 to 4 pages. Research should be used to support your content throughout the paper.. I’m studying for my Academic class and need an explanation.

Case Study assignment, please answer the questions below in detail 3 to 4 pages. Research should be used to support your content throughout the paper.
1. Why is it critical for an organization to have a DoS attack response plan well before it happens?
2. Use the four steps of the NIST computer security process to write a summary and analysis of each of the steps in a DDoS attack scenario.
a. Step 1 – Preparation: What steps would you take to prepare for this type of incident?
b. Step 2 – Detection and Analysis: Steps you would need to take in order to detect a potential DDoS incident and confirm if the incident is accurate
c. Step 3 – Containment Eradication and Recovery: What actions do you need to take to contain and recover from a DDoS incident
d. Step 4 – Post-Incident Activity – Describe the steps you would take post incident##########################################################################################Make sure to follow APA style. Please make sure your submission is 3- 4 pages in length and meet the minimum APA formatting guidelines:• 12-pt, Times New Roman font• Double-spaced• 1” margins on all sides• Please provide a title page including your Name, Course Number, Date of Submission, and Assignment name.• Paraphrasing of content – Demonstrate that you understand the case by summarizing the case in your own words. Direct quotes should be used minimally.• Reference Section (A separate page is recommended.) Please cite the source using APA formatting guidelines. If you need guidance or a refresher on this, please visit:… (link is external) Be sure to include at least three (3) reputable sources.• In-text citations – If you need additional guidance, please visit:… (link is external)
Case Study assignment, please answer the questions below in detail 3 to 4 pages. Research should be used to support your content throughout the paper.

Learners are required to maintain a reflective journal integerating leadership and inquiry into current practice.

assignment writer Learners are required to maintain a reflective journal integerating leadership and inquiry into current practice..

In your journal, reflect on the personal knowledge and skills gained in the this course and address a variable combination of the following: new practice approaches, intraprofessional collaboration, health care delivery and clinical systems, ethical considerations in health care, population health concerns, the role of technology in improving health care outcomes, health policy, leadership and economic models, and/or health disparities. Outline what you have discovered about your professional practice, personal strengths and weaknesses that surfaced, what additional resources and abilities could be introduced to a given situation to influence optimal outcomes, and finally how you met the competencies aligned to this course.
Learners are required to maintain a reflective journal integerating leadership and inquiry into current practice.

Reading an article and write about it?

Reading an article and write about it?.

Please read the following article:…and write a response in 1-2 pages (minimum of 300 words, maximum of 600 words, not including the exam question) using the 3-2-1 format described below:3: Find 3 concepts from within the article and relate them to 3 concepts within CHEM 210 we have discussed in class and cite 3 textbook references using the chapter and page number. 2: Find 2 concepts from within the article that you want to know more about (i.e. muddy points, have questions about, did not quite understand). 1: Write an exam question with the answer about 1 concept discussed from within the article. The exam question must be well thought out and appropriate to the subject matter.I upload file it has the notes about what we discussed in class
Reading an article and write about it?

SOCW 6090 Walden University Personality Disorders DSM 5 Diagnosis Essay

SOCW 6090 Walden University Personality Disorders DSM 5 Diagnosis Essay.

Discussion: Personality Disorders Personality disorders can arise through trauma,
and they often carry added stigma. In this Discussion, you analyze a
case study focused on a personality disorder while also reflecting on
how power, privilege, and stigma affect such diagnoses.To prepare: Review the case provided by
your instructor for this week’s Discussion (case of David attached) and consider your
differential diagnostic process for them. Be sure to consider any past
diagnoses and what influence those might have on their current diagnosis
and needs. Finally, return to the Week 1 resources on stigma and
reflect on stigma related to personality disorders.By Day 4Post a 300- to 500-word response in which you address the following:Provide the full DSM-5 diagnosis. Remember, a full diagnosis should
include the name of the disorder, ICD-10-CM code, specifiers, severity,
and the Z codes (other conditions that may need clinical attention).
Keep in mind a diagnosis covers the most recent 12 months.Explain the diagnosis by matching the symptoms identified in the case to the specific criteria for the diagnosis.Support your decision by identifying the symptoms which meet specific criteria for each diagnosis.Identify any close differentials and why they were eliminated.
Concisely support your decisions with the case materials and readings.Explain how diagnosing a client with a personality disorder may affect their treatment.Analyze how power and privilege may influence who is labeled with a
personality disorder and which types of personality disorders.Identify how trauma affects the case, either precipitating the
diagnosis and/or resulting from related symptoms or treatment of
diagnosis.Morrison, J. (2014). Diagnosis made easier (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Guilford Press.Chapter 16, “Diagnosing Personality and Relationship Problems” (pp. 251–270)

American Psychiatric Association. (2013n). Personality disorders. In Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: Author. doi:10.1176/appi.books.9780890425596.dsm18

Cicchetti, D. (2014). Illustrative developmental psychopathology perspectives on precursors and pathways to personality disorder: Commentary on the special issue. Journal of Personality Disorders, 28(1), 172–179. doi:10.1521/pedi.2014.28.1.172

Ferguson, A. (2016). Borderline personality disorder and access to services: A crucial social justice issue. Australian Social Work, 69(2), 206–214. doi:10.1080/0312407X.2015.1054296
Required Media
Laureate Education (Producer). (2018e). Psychopathology and diagnosis for social work practice podcast: Personality disorders [Audio podcast]. Baltimore, MD: Author.
Optional Resources

Howard, R., & Khalifa, N. (2016). Is emotional impulsiveness (urgency) a core feature of severe personality disorder? Personality and Individual Differences, 92, 29–32. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2015.12.017

Donatone, B. (2016). The Coraline effect: The misdiagnosis of personality disorders in college students who grew up with a personality disordered parent. Journal of College Student Psychotherapy, 30(3), 187–196. doi:10.1080/87568225.2016.1177432

SOCW 6090 Walden University Personality Disorders DSM 5 Diagnosis Essay

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