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This crazy thing they call life. My wild ride started on Friday June 4, 1999. I was born at 12:11pm in Winfield, Kansas. I weighed 6 pounds and 12 ounces and measured 19 inches long.Shortly after being born I was about 15 months old, my mom and dad started having some problems. One night during bluegrass, Bluegrass is a week long event in Winfield for different types of music. she got off work early came home, to find that me and my dad were nowhere to be found. She called him many times and he didn’t answer. She called my grandparents asked if they had seen or heard anything, they all searched for hours. My mom started checking his friends and found his truck at his buddy’s camper. She went inside and found me laying on the couch with no clothes on and nothing to prevent from falling and hurting myself. She walked into the back bedroom and found him passed out with someone else. My mom then grabbed me and all of my stuff. She moved all of our stuff out of the trailer and back into my grandparents. For two years my mom tried to get him to spend time with me. She finally gave up and moved on.She met Rick. After a while of being together they had my little brother Austin and shortly got married after.They quickly ended and went their separate ways. They fought over custody of my brother for the longest time. Rick took the sneaky way and enrolled Austin in school in Newkirk so he couldn’t live with my mom.
2 years later she meet up with an older classmate, they began talking and she would go visit him in Virginia. They had a very short engagement. My mom, brother and I ended up moving to Virginia. They had a small wedding just us kids and them. They soon had my other little brother Cody.In 2012 the day after Christmas I tore my ACL walking throughthe living room. March of 2013 I got it repaired. A few short months later my mom told me that we were moving back to Kansas because she couldn’t handle being away from my grandparents anymore. She wasn’t happy. July of 2013 we packed the minivan full of our stuff and moved back to Kansas. We live right next door to my grandparents in their old house.

I soon started my first year of highschool, I was beyond nervous. Brand new school, didn’t know anyone, only a few people I had meet during the summers that I came to visit. I meant so many great people and made some new friends. My sophomore year I got this horrible back pain, I dealt with it for 3 months before the doctors even did anything to figure out what was wrong with me. I had a 7mm kidney stone stuck in my utter.They went in and scooped it out. Now I sit with 8 kidney stones, 4 in each kidney.My junior year the doctors found a cyst/bubble looking thing behind my uterus. They drained it the day before halloween I spent my halloween in bed sick from the medicine. March of my junior, I had more knee surgery to take the screw out from my ACL repair because it has caused an infection and lots of irritation.

Now I am a senior in highschool with only 1 health problem of low blood pressure which causes me to get light headed and dizzy. I am on the path to graduate in May of 2017. After I graduate I plan on going to Cowley community college to start physical therapy training and then continuing my learning at another school not sure which one yet.

After school for physical therapy I plan on opening my own office. I choose to become a physical therapist because after hurting my knee I was alway at one and I’m very interested in the muscles and the way they work. I plan on saving up to take care of my mom after everything she has done for me. I’ll have a nice big house away from everyone so I can enjoy the environment and peace an quiet. After having myphysical therapy office open for a while I want to get a teacup yorkie and name her Gordy I’ve always wanted one and there just the cutest things. She will go everywhere with me, I believe that she will be good for my patients and will help bring a smile to their faces.

Hopefully in the future I’ll meet someone that I can settle down with and start a life with. Maybe I’ve already met them, but who really knows.My wedding would be perfect to me. It will be In a field where the guest sit on hay bales covered with quilts and the color of the wedding will be Coral and Turquoise. My mom and hopefully my grandpa will still be here to walk me down the aisle. My teacup yorkie will be the ring barrier. The groom and groomsmen will wear nice new jeans and clean boots.The groom will have a turquoise button up shirt with a jacket to wear over it if it is chilly out, the groomsmen will have coral button shirts on and jackets. The bridesmaids will have nice flowy coral sundress/summer type dresses and boots to match. My dress will be a sweetheart neckline and simple type dress with a turquoise belt and i’ll wear boots under it. The reception will be in a barn will latern lights and the tables will be of to the sides but still enough to room to sit comfortably. There will be a pizza buffet and cotton candy and much more to choose from. The music will cover all different types.
After the wedding I’ll buy a truck with all the money we saved since i’m crafty. The truck will be a pearl white chevy silverado with the lifts, bow tie, running boards and the tailgate handle being pink. The inside will be leather with heated and air conditioned seats. After being married for a few years and saving up and enjoying life together. We’ll decide to have kids. I would want a boy first that way he would protect his baby sister.Like my little brothers do for me. I want my boys to play sports and enjoy the outdoors, my girls will get the choice to play sports to be in dance or plays.I want to die happy with my family and be at peace. Here to hoping my wild ride is a memorable one, hopefully goes the way I want it too.

Define multiculturalism

Define multiculturalism.

1. Share your thoughts on Emerson’s belief that “character is higher than intellect”. Do you agree or disagree? Why/Why not? 2. Define multiculturalism. 3. Do you believe it confers minority cultures with special group rights and privileges? 4. Share examples of multiculturalism in our society as well as those around the world.

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