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Cinema Review

Cinema Review.

1. Select a film of your own choosing. Before your view the film, you must find, read, and cite AT LEAST ONE research source beyond your textbook about the film (try google scholar) If
you cannot find a single research source or independent review of the
film to use as a reference with citations, then you must select another
film. In other words, the film must be one that has been written about.
Your selection can be a full length feature film or a documentary. It
must be at least 30 minutes in length. Be sure to watch the film
immediately before writing this essay. Do not rely on your memory of a
film you have previously seen. If you do, it will be obvious because
this review requires close examination of the technical aspects of film.2. After finding and reading a research source for integration in your essay (and carefully viewing the film), write a discussion using the following instructions:In the FIRST paragraph (at least 150 words):What is the title of your selected film?Who is the director and what year was it released?Is it considered a “classic”?Identify any technical features of the film.What is the genre of the film (e.g. western, romantic comedy, film noir, documentary, etc.)?In the SECOND paragraph (at least 150 words):Summarize the main plot and/or conflict in the film. Be sure to identify the main character(s) here.Using the themes and concepts noted in Section 9.7 in your textbook (in the section A Word on Critical Viewing), identify at least three of these themes and explain how they apply to your selected film.Indicate any “social issue,” if any, that is addressed in the film.Identify at least one “camera technique” or “use of sound” in the film, and explain how it affects the viewer.In the THIRD paragraph (at least 150 words):Evaluate its “craft.” Is this a
good example of this type of art? Is it well presented? What are its
points of value? Does it have a message? Did we learn something from the
characters and/or theme of this film? In what ways did the film
resemble literature, theater, or art? What types of reviews did this film receive based on your research of other reviews or scholarly commentaries?In the end, what type of aesthetic experience did you have? Was it mostly an Apollonian or Dionysian experience?Would you recommend this work of art to others? If so (or not), why?
Cinema Review

Table of Contents Operations Production process Purchasing and delivery Service promise Location General operations plan Regulatory, licenses, insurance and legal issues Operating cycle Works Cited Operations Bella Amore will ensure that it delivers and sustains unique experience to its target customers. The firm’s management team will ensure that efficient operational activities are observed in all operations. The management team believes that this approach will enhance the firm’s competitive edge. The management team opines that the incorporation of coordinated operational practices will promote the company’s efficiency with reference to time and cost. However, in its pursuit of competitive edge, Bella Amore will focus on diverse operational activities as illustrated herein. Production process Bella Amore’s mission entails offering high quality organic cosmetic products to customers. The firm’s production process will ensure that the divergent tastes and preferences amongst the target customers are satisfied with reference to the cosmetic products. For example, the firm will utilize diverse natural ingredients especially extracts from plants in producing different creams, moisturizers, and skin pigmentation products. Thus, the firm will undertake extensive research on different fruits, herbs, and plants that can be used in the production of different cosmetics. The Aloe Vera is one of the core plants that will be used in the production process. During the production process, Bella Amore will focus on sustaining the value of the extracted materials. Subsequently, the firm’s production department will ensure that the extracts from different organic materials such as plants are not subjected to intense heat. On the contrary, temperature will be regulated professionally. Moreover, the production department will ensure that the right amount of water is used in a bid to avoid the risk of diluting the extracted juices. This approach will play a fundamental role in preserving the intended value of the final product, hence delivering value to the target customer. By ensuring a high level of expertise during the production process, the firm will be in a position to address the health conscious needs amongst the target customers. Purchasing and delivery In an effort to promote the competitiveness of its organic cosmetic products, Bella Amore will source the necessary raw materials from different suppliers around the world. This approach will enable the firm to achieve its product diversification goal. Moreover, sourcing from different suppliers will give Bella Amore an edge with reference to producing organic products that address the target customers’ cultural factors in their purchase decision-making process. The firm will ensure that suppliers are selected based on their ability to supply high-quality raw materials. Bella Amore will focus on attaining a high level of operational efficiency in its production process. This goal will be attained by establishing and sustaining a strong positive relationship with the suppliers. In addition to the above aspects, Bella Amore will adopt a competitive approach in selecting suppliers. One of the variables that the firm will consider entails the lead-time. The firm will assess the suppliers’ capacity to deliver raw materials within the set time limit. Service promise In its operation, Bella Amore will ensure that its employees are passionate about changing the target customers’ lives. Thus, the management team will make sure that all its employees are customer-focused. However, the extent to which the firm attains this goal will be subject to its commitment in developing a high level of customer orientation. Consequently, Bella Amore will ensure that its employees adhere to the organization’s customer service promise. The customer service promise will comprise a number of elements. First, the firm will undertake extensive customer service training on all employees especially the front-line workers who interact directly with customers. The training will be aimed at ensuring a high level of courtesy and honesty during the service delivery process. Secondly, the firm will ensure that it meets and exceeds the customers’ expectations. This goal will be achieved by appreciating the prevailing diversity amongst its target customers. For example, the firm’s employees will ensure that customers are served equitably irrespective of their demographic variations. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thirdly, the firm will ensure a high level of accessibility, which will be achieved by adopting an ‘around-the-clock’ approach in serving customers. Bella Amore will be committed to giving excellent services to customers throughout the year. In a bid to achieve this goal, the firm will maintain consistent contact with its customers through different technologies. The firm will develop a mobile phone application that customers can use in communicating with the customer service department. The mobile application will not be solely used for interaction purposes. On the contrary, it will give customers an opportunity to pay for the firm’s products. However, Bella Amore will ensure that a high level of security is maintained in the process of making financial transactions through the mobile application. This aspect will contribute significantly towards the improvement of the level of trust amongst customers, which will be attained by entrenching confidentiality of personal information. In addition to the above aspects, Bella Amore will maintain contact with its customers through other communication platforms such as email. By adopting different channels of communication, the firm will offer convenience to customers in interacting with the firm on different issues such as enquiries, complaints, and complements on its products. This aspect will play a fundamental role in ensuring that customers feel appreciated. Location Bella Amore will establish stores in all the major cities in the US. The firm will ensure that the stores are located strategically in the different cities. Consequently, customers will access the firm’s organic cosmetic products conveniently. In an effort to establish and sustain a strong customer loyalty, Bella Amore will maintain an effective store ambience. Hosseini and Jayashree emphasize that the store’s environment is a significant component in the consumers’ purchase decision-making process (65). The firm will ensure that the store’s layout is designed effectively. Thus, services of different interior designers will be sought. The designers will ensure that the stores’ internal outlook is attractive to different customers. The firm’s management team will ensure that the stores are spacious in order to carry different cosmetic products. Creating adequate space will provide customers with an opportunity to shop conveniently by creating ease in the search process for different product categories from the shelves. Different colors will be used in painting the stores’ interiors. Bouzaabia asserts that the integration of warm colors and music tempo stimulates the customers towards making a purchase decision (159). Moreover, the firm will ensure that the cosmetic products are presented effectively in order to arouse purchase intention amongst its customers. The store will be fitted with different facilities such as display shelves. The display shelves will be purchased from well-established manufacturers of cosmetic display shelves. However, Bella Amore will ensure that the cosmetic display shelves are customized to meet the firm’s cosmetic display needs. The cosmetic display shelves will be of different colors in order to appeal to the customers’ emotions. We will write a custom Essay on Bella Amore’s Entrepreneur Operation Plan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Bella Amore recognizes the existence of intense competition in the US organic cosmetic products’ market segment as a major threat to its effectiveness in developing a high competitive advantage. Despite this aspect, the firm is committed to developing a high level of customer loyalty. In a bid to achieve this goal, Bella Amore will undertake continuous improvement on its stores (Kaltcheva and Weitz 110). First, the firm will make changes to the stores’ interior designs. Bella Amore will change the display shelves and the stores interior wall painting periodically in order to reflect on the changing customer needs. Furthermore, constant change on the interior design will enable Bella Amore to communicate the premium quality of its organic cosmetic products. General operations plan Bella Amore’s stores will operate on a 24-hour basis in order to provide its target customers with flexibility in their shopping process. The decision to adopt a 24-hour operation system is informed by the realization of the fact that most of its target customers are generally busy, hence a limited amount of time to visit retail stores. However, the firm expects the trading hours between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm to be the most profitable. In a bid to improve its efficiency in reaching the high-end customers, Bella Amore will adopt e-commerce technologies. Thus, the firm will provide customers with an opportunity to purchase its organic cosmetic products online. During the initial stages, Bella Amore will provide free shipping to customers located in the US. The firm intends to offer the free shipping service to other customers located in different regions around the world in the future. The firm recognizes the existence of cybercrime as a major threat that might limit the application of the online shopping platform. Nevertheless, Bella Amore will put in place a number of administrative measures. Through its IT department, Bella Amore will implement effective security measures within its information systems infrastructure. The cyber security applications will be updated continuously in order to enhance the firm’s capacity to deal with the emerging cyber threats. The firm projects to improve the level of confidence on its online shopping platforms amongst customers by implementing administrative measures on cyber security. This move will augment the usage of the firm’s online shopping platforms. Achieving financial sustainability is one of the primary aspects that the firm intends to pursue in the course of its operation. Bella Amore intends to entrench an effective internal governance system. One of the issues that the firm’s management team will focus on entails minimizing the likelihood of internal fraud. The firm will implement efficient accounting systems such as an internal financial management system, which will be implemented in the firm’s computer systems. Another internal control measure that Bella Amore will consider involves incorporating the concept of internal auditing. The management team expects that these control measures will entrench financial prudence and accountability. Bella Amore will ensure that the production of organic cosmetic products is seamless. Thus, effective inventory management measures will be incorporated. First, the firm will ensure that the necessary raw materials such as fruits and herbs in addition to other materials are readily available within the firm’s warehouse. However, the firm will ensure that only the warehouse carries the necessary inventory in a bid to minimize the cost of carrying inventory. Imeokparia corroborate that a successfully “implemented inventory control program takes into account such things as purchasing goods that commensurate with the market demand, seasonal variations, changing usage patterns, and monitoring for pilferage” (24). In its inventory management, Bella Amore will ensure that the volume of inventory held is sufficient to sustain the company’s operations. In spite of integrating the prevailing technologies, Bella Amore’s management team recognizes that the contribution of the technology and operational strategies will depend on the expertise of its human capital. Therefore, the firm will source highly qualified employees who will be charged with the responsibility of overseeing the company’s daily operations. Human capital will be sourced from the local and international labor markets in order to exploit the competitive edge associated with workforce diversity. For example, the firm will be in a position to understand the cosmetic needs of divergent customer groups. Some of the firm’s core staff will include toxicologists, environmental scientists, chemists, and biologists. These employees will ensure that the firm adheres to the requisite safety measures in its production process. Regulatory, licenses, insurance and legal issues Bella Amore will seek operational licenses from both the state and federal agencies in the US. One of the bodies from which the organization will seek operational license is the Food and Drug Administration [FDA]. Furthermore, the firm will comply with the laws outlined in the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act [FD

Diversity Techniques

Diversity Techniques. I’m studying for my Sociology class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

In the course text, Fifty Strategies for Communicating and Working with Diverse Families, the end of each chapter includes a section titled “What Teachers Can Do.” The journal activities throughout this course will allow you to reflect upon and note strategies for family-centered care and education. From this week’s reading (Section 3), identify at least two techniques you can use to honor and work with diversity in the childcare or academic setting. Describe how you will use each technique in the child-care or classroom setting. Lastly, identify how you feel the technique helps to develop an understanding and appreciation for cultural differences.
WHAT TEACHERS CAN DO • The first step in working toward consensus around an area of conflict is to suspend judgment and try to understand the other person’s perspective. Barbara Rogoff (2003) writes: “We must separate understanding of patterns from judgments of their value. If judgments of value are necessary, as they often are, they will thereby be much better informed if they are suspended long enough to gain some understanding of the patterns involved in one’s own familiar ways as well as in the sometimes surprising ways of other communities” (p. 14). (See Strategies 15 and 17 about patterns.) • To suspend judgment, take the advice of Rumi, a 13th century poet from what is now Afganistan, who wrote: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there lies a field. I will meet you there.” If you go out to that field with a parent to talk about your views, you may be able to see a reality that is bigger than both of you. • Appreciate the energy of paired truths, and remember that according to Parker Palmer (1997), only adhering to one of them is like breathing in without breathing out. Instead of trying to solve the problem right away, go out to Rumi’s field, which changes the arena in which you can have a dialogue and gives you a chance to engage in holistic thinking. • Seek an optimal response to the situation, and at the same time, increase the depth and strength of the relationship. This approach makes it easier to figure out what to do about your differences in this situation with this child and family in this classroom or program. In his foreword to Crucial Conversations, Steven Covey (2012) uses the term synergy to label third space. He says it is imperative that we nourish our relationships and develop tools, skills, and enhanced capacity to find new and better solutions to our problems. These newer, better solutions will not represent “my way” or “your way”—they will represent “our way.” • Recognize that to reach a third-space or synergistic solution you need to: • Believe it possible • Accept that there are multiple realities and paired truths • Change from arguing and persuading to dialoguing • Practice dialoguing instead of arguing, because according to Steven Covey genuine dialogue “transforms people and relationships … and creates an entirely new level of bonding producing what Buddhism calls ‘the middle way’—not a compromise between two opposites on a straight-line continuum, but a higher middle way, like the apex of a triangle” (p. xii). • Recognize that, though finding a solution to the conflict is the ultimate goal, you may not reach that point, in which case you have to practice conflict management because you can’t reach conflict resolution. Perhaps the best you can do is agree to disagree. Once, in a workshop, the issue of differences in ideas about toilet training came up. I said, “You don’t have to do what the parent wants. It’s hard in a center, and I’m just telling you to be respectful of the difference.” As I finished the sentence, a hand shot up from the audience. A participant was obviously very eager to speak. She stood up and said, “Here’s what happened to me. A mother brought her one-year-old daughter to the center for the first time, and she told me that she was already toilet trained. I didn’t believe her, but instead of responding negatively, I asked her to show me what she did. She showed me and it worked! The baby was trained and didn’t need to wear diapers. It didn’t take any more time and energy than changing diapers would have.” What surprised me about this story was that the participant, though willing to try something new, really didn’t have faith that it would work. She was wrong. It did work. This story illustrates a win-win solution. The caregiver kept on with what she believed in for the other children, but was also able to satisfy the mother. In other words, the caregiver expanded her ideas about what was possible and didn’t give up anything.
Diversity Techniques


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The belief in the day of judgement and heaven and hell:

Group of answer choices
Came to the religion later
Was original to the Jewish belief system
Was stated in Pentateuch

Monotheism can be found:

Group of answer choices
Mainly in Abrahamic religions
In native religions
In all religions
None of the above

“Post exilic period” means the period when:

Group of answer choices
Jews returned from captivity in Babylon
Christ came back to Bethlehem
Prophet Muhammad came back to Mecca
None of the above

Jesus was baptized by:

Group of answer choices
None of the above

Pacifism is:

Group of answer choices
The a main theme of Christianity
is common to all Abrahamic religions
Is meant to pacify the enemies of the faith
None of the above

Saint Paul was:

Group of answer choices
A prosecutor of Jesus, who converted to Christianity
Brother of Jesus who took over the mission
A centurion who fought Romans
A Jewish prophet

Eucharist in Christianity is:

Group of answer choices
Same as Seder in Judaism
Is original to Christianity
Is the memorial to pogroms
An act of contrition

This is the most original concept in Islam:

Group of answer choices
That the Koran is the third and final revelation of God
The day of judgement
None of the above

It is fair to say that all religions share the following elements:

Group of answer choices
Gods – spirits – various supernatural forces
God worship and animal sacrifice
Worship of elements of nature
None of the above

Buddha’s enlightenment meant:

Group of answer choices
To understand the meaning of life
To understand the meaning of the Sutras
To figure out the essence of sacrifices
None of the above


Ideology and Terrorism: Rights from Wrongs? Essay

In the chapter “Ideology and Terrorism: Rights from Wrongs?” Synthis Combs tries to examine the causes of terrorism and their transformation throughout time. Thence, the author strives to point out the ever-lasting motives as well as those triggers that have recently appeared. A particular emphasis is put on the problem of justification. Otherwise stated, Combs tries to determine whether violence provoked by other violence can be justified from a moral standpoint. First and foremost, Combs points out that the character of modern terrorism is different from that existing a few centuries ago, even though their cause is similar. Hence, the main distinguishing trait of the new terrorism is that it is targeted at the guilty parties but applied to innocent groups. Combs reminds that violence would be initially applied to the cause of the problems, whether it was the government or external aggressors (36). At the current point, it is applied to citizens – those people who are not considered to be guilty even in the terrorists’ opinion. Therefore, terrorist philosophy has changed significantly. Today, it is not the state that is the victim but a “third party whose injury or death is intended to hurt or frighten” the targeted politicians (Combs 37). To illustrate the changes that the concept of terrorism has undergone, Combs compares it to the anarchist violence in Russia and the USA, showing, in such a manner, that the latter would not target a third party as a victim. Therefore, the author believes that the so-called “revolution violence” has gradually transformed into what is now called “terrorism” (Combs 39). As soon as the transformation has completed, terrorism became inadmissible from the legislative perspective. Otherwise stated, revolution violence could be explained and partially justified by the people’s will to fight for their rights. Also, as it has been already mentioned above, it was targeted directly at the state. Terrorism, in its turn, cannot be justified as it involves third parties – innocent civil people. Speculating upon violence, Combs points out that it is intolerable notwithstanding the motives and causes. In the meantime, the author agrees that it is sometimes hard to distinguish between acceptable and intolerable violence. Hence, Combs provides the example of Nazi Germany that was proclaimed to be the universal evil. Combs notes that bombing the Germans led to the numerous deaths of innocent citizens, even though its motives were justified (41). Another critical problem elucidated in the chapter is the right of nations for self-determination. Thus, the author admits the necessity for such a right, pointing out, meanwhile, that its realization signifies inevitable violence. Combs refers to the example of the conflict between Palestine and Israel to show the ambiguity of this problem (42). A significant part of Combs’s speculations is devoted to the so-called “religious terrorism.” First and foremost, the author points out that this phenomenon appeared a long time ago. Thus, it would be wrong to regard it as a modern tendency. Combs provides the example of the first Christians who would also be rather radical while establishing their faith (44). In the meantime, the author admits that the process of globalization has become a strong trigger for religious terrorists’, or “zealots,” activity. Hence, the motive, to preserve the faith traditions the way they were initially established, is relatively new. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Moreover, the process of globalization has simplified the process of engaging people in terrorist activity significantly. Thus, social networks and other channels make it easier for terrorists to communicate their ideas to society. Modern people know more about the lives of others, so they are more exposed to experience anger and jealousy on the grounds of injustice. These feelings are skillfully used by terrorist organizations. Finally, the author points out that even though the causes of terrorism are always similar, the motives and methods of different terrorist groups can vary. Hence, for instance, religious fanatics seek to advance the ideas of Supreme Being through suicide bombers. Neo-Nazis get involved in armed conflicts with the government, preserving the relevant ideas. The author also mentions separatists that employ violent methods to communicate their requirements to the government. Finally, Combs distinguishes the so-called “issue-oriented” terror (48). This type of violence is commonly targeted at particular social groups, whereas the methods used might vary significantly. Thus, for example, the author refers to the example of a terrorist group that bombed the hospital that provided abortion services. Combs, likewise, suggest considering such types of terrorists as “pathological” and “counterterror” (50). The former carries out terror for the sake of joy, while the latter does it to take over the control. In the meantime, both result in the deaths of innocent people. In conclusion, Combs points out that modern terrorism has acquired new forms and adopted new motives. The author puts a particular emphasis on the fact that this violence is inadmissible notwithstanding the reasons underpinning it. Meanwhile, Combs notes that understanding the motives is likely to simplify the fight (50). Works Cited Combs, Cynthia. Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century, Raleigh: Routledge, 2015. Print.

A Case Study Of Anita Brown Nursing Essay

During the last 15 years there has been a substantial rise in the number of newly diagnosed patients with acute kidney injury especially whilst an inpatient Yaklin, 2011. This is despite every effort to prevent AKI in clinical practice (Venkataraman, 2008). Anita Brown is one such patient, having been diagnosed with AKI following routine surgery. AKI occurring after surgery is associated with a significant increase in patient morbidity and mortality (Chertow, Levy, Hammermeister, Grover, Daley, 1998; Praught

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