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Cicular Economy

5 spacing) on a topic of her/his choice, inherent to any aspect related to the Circular Economy. While students are free to choose the angle of research, a topic proposal, fully referenced and comprehensive of the preliminary research needs to be submitted. Only upon approval, the final paper can be researched.The part you are focusing on is the topic proposal, fully referenced and comprehensive of the preliminary research. Upon approval, I can place the order for the big paper.

Mexican american art

Mexican american art.

 Description, reflect on three philosophical attitudes, ideas, or concepts expressed by the Aztecs that reveal the depth of thought and spirituality of the Nahuas. Then, examine how these attitudes, ideas, or concepts relate to Mexican-American/Chicano/a experiences and cultural values (If you would like to make connections to other ethnic group or other tribe or reservation it is fine). Ollin Teotl yollotl Ometeotl Tlamatini Nahualli Flower and Song Face and Heart Topan Mictlan Tlactipac Calmecac Telpochcalli The foundation of the universe The concept of truth The concept of duality The concept the Universe The concept of Education The concept of self control and disciline Instructions for two Page Papers:

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“Investment and Exit”

Cicular Economy “Investment and Exit”.

Please write a “THENEXTPHASE” on an Imaginary company called Sharp365. I’ll provide our business plan and business canvas model that help you to understand the company. My part concentrates on “Investment and Exit” I also will provide the part of reading. There are six different points in “Investment and Exit”; each of the points needs at least three main points.

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Direct strategy analytical report using memo format.

Direct strategy analytical report using memo format..

1. Use online sources and the library’s databases to find a minimum of three credible, sources published within the past ten years to gather information for your report. Credible sources include relevant national news media, trade journals and magazines, etc. 2. Write a full two-page (plus reference list), direct strategy analytical memo report for Mr. Patel. After your introduction, logically organize the body of the report to identify and discuss each of your trends or innovations. Conclude your report by summarizing your research, highlighting the most relevant information for your reader, and justifying your recommended action. 3. Revise your drafts to ensure your message follows the instructions given here, in your COMM class, and on the checklist.

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Enterprise News Story

Enterprise News Story.

Enterprise News Story 

The enterprise news story is a type of specialized story not based on breaking news or press conferences. These stories focus more on the underlying factors that shape those events. Enterprise news stories are driven by keen observation and investigation to reach the root of the existing issues. This Final Project requires you to write one enterprise news story that will be adapted for both print publication and broadcast media. You will choose a story around one of the specialized journalism genres covered in the course: sports journalism, entertainment journalism, business journalism, government journalism, environmental journalism, or cultural journalism. You must choose a real-world publication in your local community for writing the print story and a real-world program in your local community for which the broadcast story will appear. Although you will not submit your story to the media outlets, the Final Project will require that you understand the organizations as well as the audiences that you are writing to and creating the broadcast script for. You are required to use at least five sources of information for each story. Topics and Issues To spark your critical thinking about your writing topic, you should access print publications as well as broadcast programs about the genre of specialized journalism covered in this course that interests you most. In addition to your local media outlets, you should also read and view national publications and broadcasts to broaden your scope of knowledge about trending issues in your genre. The Ashford University Library has the following newspaper databases that may also be helpful: Newspaper Source Plus, ProQuest Newsstand, and Canadian Newsstand (ProQuest). Sources of Information Gathering information from credible sources is a very important aspect of journalism. For this reason, you must provide several credible and verifiable sources. To assist you in completing the research required for this assignment, view this video Ashford University Library Quick ‘n’ Dirty (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and this web page Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You must use the following types of information sources for this Final Project: At least one face-to-face or phone interview with a person who can lend credible information for your story. You must interview a local person in your community. At least one phone or email interview with a person whose viewpoint opposes the first interviewee. Two statistical or factual pieces of information about the topic or issue. Writing the Print News Story For the print news story, you must Adhere to the Week Five Magazine Feature Template and AP style. Write about a topic that is current, controversial, and of human interest that relates to the specialized genre selected (i.e., sports, entertainment, business, government, environmental, or cultural). Develop the story for a real-world print publication tailored to a specific audience. Incorporate facts, visual elements, and pull quotes to enhance the story. Differentiate between various facts and opinions on the topic. Provide proper attribution for all sources of information included in the story (e.g., facts, statistics, images, videos, and opinions). The print story must

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Business Question

Answer these two questions which are 20 marks each
1. Explain the two types of legal formation that applies to your chosen organisation and the likely reasons why it chose this approach. (600 words)
2.Analyse the expectations of your chosen organisation’s stakeholders and the impact of these on an organisation’s choice of legal formation. (600 words)
the organisation to write about is called Prestige Holdings Limited.

Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast 2 stories, one must be the Lottery from Shirley Jackson, and the other story can be chosen by you. •You must use a minimum of 3 OUTSIDE sources. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE STORIES YOU PICK. In total, you will have a minimum of 5 sources. The following are unacceptable outside sources •eNotes, Shmoop, Litcharts, Owlcation, SparkNotes, CliffNotes,, GradeSaver, ProfEssays, APlusTopper, Weebly, CourseHero, StoryBoardThat, Ostatic, or Gradesfixer. •Your final draft must be 8 pages (1 title page, 6 ESSAY PAGES, 1 well Works Cited page). •You must follow MLA format or APA format. (One inch margins around the page, size 12 font, Times New Roman font, double spaced, and a correct Works Cited/Bibliography page.)

Using the data you’ve mentioned above, identify the most likely pathological process occurring with Claire. 5. Discuss four priority nursing actions you will perform while caring for Claire at this time. 6. Identify what information from Claire’s health h

Using the data you’ve mentioned above, identify the most likely pathological process occurring with Claire. 5. Discuss four priority nursing actions you will perform while caring for Claire at this time. 6. Identify what information from Claire’s health h.

Using the data you’ve mentioned above, identify the most likely pathological process occurring with Claire. 5. Discuss four priority nursing actions you will perform while caring for Claire at this time. 6. Identify what information from Claire’s health history that puts her at risk for developing a serious infection? The physician requests that a second intravenous (IV)catheter be started on Clair to administer medications. When you enter Claire’s room later in the shift to start the IV, Claire starts to cry and kick and you are not able to even look for a vein as she will not keep still. 7. Discuss the legalities of restraining a 3 year old child to complete medically necessary treatment. 8. Identify the type of restraint that would be most appropriate for Claire. 9. Identify what you would need prior to restraining Claire.

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Digital Marketing Strategies Articles

Part 1 ( 2 pages length)
31 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns You Can Swipe
You will find a list of 30 brands that have done exceptionally well with digital marketing strategies. Many of those brands have done so successfully in various ways so the list offers different aspects of DM (digital marketing) strategies.
Your assignment is to pick ONE (1) brand from that list, and follow the guideline below:
Name of brand
Brief summary of the brand’s successful DM strategy(ies)
What you take away from “The Lesson” part of the brand that you chose
The final, and most important, part of the assignment is for you to design a digital marketing strategy using the material you read from the brand you chose, and apply it to one (1) brand that is known to be struggling (some brands can be found CLICKING THIS ARTICLE HERE (Great American Companies in Serious Danger of Disappearing Forever) ). You may research any brand of your choice that has been struggling to compete.
Follow these guidelines:
Name of struggling brand
Brief summary of their status
point out any declines you may find (i.e sales/revenues, etc., do the research to find data)
Implementation the digital marketing strategy proposal that you found from the successful brand that would be applied to the struggling brand and explain how and why it should work.
Part 2 ( 1 page length FULL ANSWERS)
Click on the following link:…
Read the case study authored by Neil Patel. Answer the following questions in your assignment:
1) What is email segmentation and how should it be used?
2) Explain the effectiveness of behavior segmentation.
3) What are the advantages to sending SMS texts?
4) How are benefit-driven subject lines effective for email open rates?
5) Which method in the article did you find to be most effective for open rates and why?