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Just like the Christian Worldview, scientific methods help us explain what is happening around us in our world. This idea usually works in relation to asking questions and followed by observing, performing experiments, and reporting. Scientific methods are techniques associated with phenomena’s in exploring new ideas and knowledge. The steps in the scientific method consists of observation and description of a phenomena or a phenomena group, doing background research related to the subject, constructing a hypotheses, testing the hypotheses by doing an experiment, analyzing data and drawing a conclusion, and communicating results.The scientific method always begins with a question related to what is being studied.

How, when where, why, which, and what are usually common words in scientific method use. In order for the scientific method to answer the question it must be about something that you can measure, and should be in a numerical value. The background research aspect is important in determining the topic of concern or interest. This step should be thoroughly investigated so that the findings can be easily proven with the help of the research.Next, is predicting a hypotheses or possible answer to the problem or the question based off of the information gathered. The experiment stage follows in developing a procedure to the methods presented. A detailed material’s list should be included and the outcome should be measurable.

Next, should be the collection and the analysis of the results. Confirmation of the results should take place by retesting and should include tables, graphs and photographs. Finally a concluding statement should be added that accepts or rejects the hypotheses. Question #2Pitman (2003), suggests that the strength of scientific method is found not so much in its ability to detect truth, but in its ability to detect error. It is also important to note that no scientific experiment ever leads to knowing the absolute truth of a theory. In principle, there could always be a new experiment which could falsify it. This method also has the ability in ruling out the hypotheses that are wrong indefinitely.

The scientific method is an extremely powerful learning tool in that it detects error and so narrows the possibilities where truth may be found.If truth exists in any field of thought or learning, the scientific method can be used as a guide to help one approach this truth. The nature of scientific method lends itself to an acceptance of continual change in knowledge. Scientific knowledge concerns the shared realm of objective truth where demonstrable evidence can be displayed and communicated to other people, leading to a public assessment of whether observed facts fit the prediction of some theory. If the world does not remain the same at all times then there is no possible truth that can be detected.This goes the same for scientific methods in that if the material being tested is changing often, then there is no way we can discover any truth about anything. The steps in the scientific methods have a clear way of coming close to the truth no matter what the material maybe.

These methods are a concise plan in discovering the truth by plugging in the information needed with the abilities of observing, researching, testing, analyzing, and concluding. Question #3 Other ways in seeking truth and knowledge can be obtained in the Holy Bible.As you the Bible you will grow in the knowledge of God through your own personal adventures that you have with Him in your own daily walk, doing along with learning from others. The belief is that God wants us to understand what is going on by knowing what He is doing and why He is doing it. The Bible tells us ask and then you will receive, seek and then you will find, and knock and then the door will open. All three of these conditions that you have to do you will have to initiate yourself.In doing the initiation process, one will find the knowledge that is needed as people seek after it.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. ” (Proverbs 1:7) “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. ” (Proverbs 9:10) These two versus of fear of the Lord is the beginning of being able to receive knowledge and wisdom from God. Basically, God says that if you do not have a fear of Him then He will not release His knowledge to you.The Bible also tells us that all knowledge and wisdom comes directly from God and that He actually wants to release this knowledge to us. Question #4 According to Maslow (1975) we must remember that knowledge of one’s own deep nature is also simultaneously knowledge of human nature in general. Human nature is every time we fall in love, fight with our spouse, get upset about something, or having emotions in church we are, in part, behaving as humans with our unique evolved nature which is human nature.

Our thoughts , feelings and behavior are shared, to a large extent; by all men or women, despite large cultural differences. Depending, on the individual, human nature will positively or negatively influence the way a person goes about seeking knowledge and truth. A person’s human nature can be influenced by their environment, how they were raised, and the people who they surround themselves with. When we are able to incorporate all of these perspectives of human nature, then, we are able to seek knowledge and truth based on our life experiences and our backgrounds.

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Technology and Global Market Assessment.

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