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Choose one character from Rebel Without a Cause. Write an essay describing the character’s personality and motivations. You may

Choose one character from Rebel Without a Cause. Write an essay describing the character’s personality and motivations. You may wish to discuss the character’s actions, appearance, and costume, along with statements by and about the character. Illustrate your essay with specific examples and quotes from the film. Your essay should be organized around a clear thesis and topic sentences; it should focus on your own understanding of the character. You don’t need to do any research other than watching the film. Essay length should be 500 words or more.
Rasmussen College Confidence Intervals for Population Mean Worksheet.

Deliverable 3 – Confidence IntervalsCompetencyGiven a real-life application, develop a confidence interval for a population parameter and its interpretation.InstructionsScenario (information repeated for deliverable 01, 03, and 04)A major client of your company is interested in the salary distributions of jobs in the state of Minnesota that range from $30,000 to $200,000 per year. As a Business Analyst, your boss asks you to research and analyze the salary distributions. You are given a spreadsheet that contains the following information:A listing of the jobs by titleThe salary (in dollars) for each jobYou have previously explained some of the basic statistics to your client already, and he really liked your work. Now he wants you to analyze the confidence intervals.Background information on the DataThe data set in the spreadsheet consists of 364 records that you will be analyzing from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data set contains a listing of several jobs titles with yearly salaries ranging from approximately $30,000 to $200,000 for the state of Minnesota.What to SubmitYour boss wants you to submit the spreadsheet with the completed calculations, answers, and analysis.
Rasmussen College Confidence Intervals for Population Mean Worksheet

CUNY Hostos Community College Beauty Perceptions and Reality Summary.

For this assignment ,read the introduction and one additional chapter ,perhaps and area or topic that speaks to you .Watch the youtube videos presented on ,”The Bronx” demonstrate that you read all assigned materials ,in your summary discuss the perceptions of the Bronx .Specifically from the Gonzalez article what surprised you about the History of the Bronx ,and why ?please elaborate cite your source .additionally ,discuss perceptions and representations of the Bronx in the media ,cite your source for this information in your essay .it should be a well written essay answering both questions with reference to research materials
CUNY Hostos Community College Beauty Perceptions and Reality Summary

Finish 3 exersices.

EXERCISE 37 Single-Element Parallel Series—Part I
Now it’s time for you to apply the lesson. Once you’ve tried simple parallelism, you’ll
start to see opportunities to add parallelism to your writing during revision.
Write five sentences that contain verb series (at least one with a surprise in the
final verb).
Write five sentences that contain noun series (at least one in the subject position
and one in the object position)EXERCISE 38 Single-Element Parallel Series—Part II
Now it’s time to attempt all three of the series types we’ve just studied.
a) Write three sentences that contain adjective series.
b) Write three sentences that contain adverb series.
c) Write three sentences that contain preposition series.
d) Write three sentences that combine two of these series. EXERCISE 39 Multiple-Element Parallel Series
Complexity returns in these four series. The bonus for you as a writer is that they will
help ensure that readers will f nd your sentences easy to follow.
a) Write three sentences containing adjective-noun series.
b) Write three sentences containing subject-verb series.
c) Write three sentences containing subject-verb-object series.
d) Write three sentences containing verb-preposition-object file page183-198
Finish 3 exersices

The Literacy Principal: Leading, Supporting and Assessing Report (Assessment)

Given the descriptors for the Four Cueing Systems; describe how each is taught and promoted in your classroom Four cueing systems are vital components for the understanding of grammar and structure of the sentences (Booth and Rowsell 54). These aspects have to be promoted in the classrooms by using different methods to ensure the delivery of the primary concepts to the learners. In this case, the Balanced Literacy approach is a basis to deliver the aspect of four cueing systems to the learners, and it is used in the classroom (Booth and Rowsell 54). For instance, I tend to help children read a complicated text out load to understand the syntax, pronunciation, morphemes, and find a correlation between written and spoken languages. Discuss why it is important to consider theory in instruction The role of theories in the instruction cannot be underestimated, as they tend to define the key focuses of the teaching process while paying attention to the various tactics. The sociolinguistic theory is the most appealing to me, as it underlines the importance of interactions in the learning process (Copland, Sarangi and Candlin 185). Behaviorism should be regarded as of equal essentiality, as it emphasizes the changes in the behavior of the students as a definer of learning (Mastrian et al. 77). Despite the dissimilar nature of both theories, their scientific conceptualization reflects the aspects, which can be implemented to enhance learning procedures. Describe the type of informal assessment you do of your students’ reading and writing Different types of informal assessments for reading and writing of the students tend to exist due to the necessity to monitor the progress among the participants of the lectures. In this case, I have to state that the assessments should be conducted one-on-one to ensure the delivery of the required information to the student related to his/her writing and readings skills (Gardner and Gardner 247). In this case, the initial objective will be to measure the progress and determine the compliance of the results with the teaching expectations (Gardner and Gardner 247). Consequently, I would prefer using observations and a checklist to monitor the flow discussion and cover all topics, which require the assessment to provide a profound evaluation of the skills of the students (Gardner and Gardner 247). In this case, the analysis of the observations correlates with the behaviorism theory, as this activity is aimed at monitoring changes in behavior, and it will assist in understanding whether the approach is effective. Meanwhile, a simultaneous application of the checklists will ensure the coverage of the selected topic and provide an easy-to-understand system of knowledge, which is organized in a logical matter. Discuss three ways that you would promote phonemic awareness in your classroom Meanwhile, phonemic awareness is highly important in the learning process, and several ways of promotion have to be introduced to ensure the delivery of the required knowledge. One of the ways is to pay attention to the rhyming, as the students will be able to find similarities in words and sounds (Steele 16). Another potential activity is listening to various noises, which can be heard around, as this approach will contribute to the understanding the gradation between sounds. The last activity should focus on syllables as this approach will have a positive influence on the understanding the structure of the words (Steele 31). How might you choose to teach phonics in your classroom? Furthermore, a sufficient and well-developed approach to teaching phonics has to be introduced to the classroom, as, otherwise, the students will not be able to correlate the written words with their pronunciation. One of the specific approaches could be Teach Your Monster How to Read, as it is presented in a friendly and joyful manner while focusing on the recognition of graphemes, letters, and a combination of letters into sentences (Drabble par.1). An integration of interactivity, an easy-to-use interface, and a colorful representation of the activities will enhance the learning process while cultivating an interest in learning. Vocabulary instruction is of the utmost importance. In what ways do you promote or teach breadth and depth of vocabulary? In turn, the role of vocabulary instruction cannot be underestimated since it contributes to the formation of the word base among children for sufficient communication. In other words, it is one of the essential elements of successful reading, as it forms the language base and increases the overall frequency of the recognition of the words in the text (Booth and Rowsell 54). Meanwhile, both direct and indirect teaching of vocabulary has to be applied simultaneously to assure the understanding of learning and increase the effectiveness and achievement of the learning outcomes (Sedita 2). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In turn, it could be said that the process has to be filled with joy and a friendly atmosphere to encourage the memorization of the concepts and create a perception that reading and writing are not only vital activities for the living but also interesting. In this case, the wide reading can be used as one of the methods to expand the vocabulary basis, as it will determine the application and usage of the words within context (Sedita 2). In the setting of this activity, the learners are encouraged to read complicated (for their level) texts and try to understand the meaning of the words based on the proposed sentences. How do you supplement your reading and writing instruction so that basal readers or textbooks are not at the core of your instruction? It might be tricky and complicated to deliver the instruction to the new students, which began acquitted with the program outcomes. Nonetheless, following a well-designed tactic will have a beneficial impact on the understanding of the provided instruction and teaching style. As for me, I would suggest that the supplemental headings have to be interesting and easy to comprehend, as the students have to be able to highly interested in the learning process and actively participate in the interactions. As for the overall approach and genres, the short stories will be used, as it allows adding variability to the classes while expanding vocabulary in different spheres. Meanwhile, I will suggest using fairytales or short stories with several characters and a well-developed plot, as this matter will assure the comprehension of the words in the context, development of vocabulary, and interest in the classes. One of the examples could be the story about the dog, and how he traveled and made many friends. Meanwhile, the themes such as mentioned above will cover the most important aspects of life and address the most important values including respect and friendship. Lastly, the readings will have questions after the text to ensure the understanding of the topic, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Describe the reading and writing program that you use on your campus In turn, it is critical to offer a sufficient description of the reading and writing program, which is implemented on my campus, as it will contribute to the understanding of what concepts are employed. It remains apparent that the program supports the four cueing systems, as, otherwise, it is impossible to improve the reading and writing of the students (Booth and Rowsell 54). In this case, the Balanced Literacy approach is applied, as it contains the essential components such as readings, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing (Booth and Rowsell 54). In this case, the time is equally distributed between the vital segments of the cueing system to ensure their simultaneous development. As for the differentiation and supplemental attributes of the program, various activities and text are used to increase its interactivity. For instance, the children are required to hear the noises and rhyme the words in a gamely manner (Steele 16). Meanwhile, Teach Your Monster How to Read will be used as an additional supplement to the program due to its ability to encourage children to learn how to read at the beginning (Drabble par.1). Subsequently, different stories will be used to advance the vocabulary of the children. Works Cited Booth, David, and Jennifer Rowsell. The Literacy Principal: Leading, Supporting, and Assessing Reading and Writing Initiatives. Portland: Stenhouse Publishers, 2007. Print. Coopland, Nikolas, Srikant Sarangi and Christopher Candlin. Sociolinguistics and Social Theory. New York: Routledge, 2014. Print. We will write a custom Assessment on The Literacy Principal: Leading, Supporting and Assessing specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Drabble, Emily. “How to Teach Phonics.” The Guardian. 2013. Web. Gardner, John, and John Gardner. Assessment and Learning. London: SAGE Publications Ltd., 2012, Print. Mastrian, Kathleen, Dee McGonigle, Wendy Mahan and Brett Bixler. Integrating Technology in Nursing Education: Tools for the Knowledge Era. Boston: John

Social Media Monitoring Essay (Critical Writing)

essay help online Table of Contents Introduction Benefits of social media monitoring Drawbacks of social media monitoring Conclusion Works Cited Introduction The emergence of the internet has significantly transformed the business environment. One of the ways through which this has occurred relates to the ease with which businesses can undertake marketing communication. Integration of effective marketing communication is one of the elements that contribute towards business success. There are various mediums of communication which organizations can integrate in an effort to attain a high competitive advantage. One these entails integrating emerging marketing communication channels such the internet. Businesses can easily undertake their marketing promotion through the internet. Integration of social media in their marketing communication has enhanced the ease with which businesses connect with their audiences. However, businesses can also experience marketing attacks through the social media. One of the ways in which marketing attacks may occur is through social networking. Currently, social media has made it possible for real time communication amongst total strangers to occur. Additionally, social networking has enabled individuals to add user-generated contents for example feedbacks, comments and ratings through their own page. This presents a number of challenges and opportunities to organizations. One of the major challenges relates to the fact that social media can break companies through the comments posted by various individuals. In order to prevent this, it is imperative for organizations to undertake social media monitoring. Schwerdtfeger (23) defines social media monitoring as basically a process which entails listening and actively being involved in a conversation through social media. This means that individuals are able to contribute their own insights and comments with regard to a particular issue being discussed. Social media monitoring provides organizations with an opportunity to address negative comments regarding the organization which might be posted on the social media. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Similarly, social media monitoring can enable organizations to appreciate positive comments. According to Porterfield, Khare and Vahl (561), social media monitoring is an important component of a firm’s marketing strategy. However, there are a number of drawbacks associated with social media monitoring. The objective of this memo is to analyze the benefits that organizations can achieve by integrating the concept of social media monitoring in their operation. The memo also evaluates the drawbacks associated with social media monitoring. Benefits of social media monitoring There are numerous benefits that organizations can achieve by undertaking social media monitoring. One of these relates to the fact that it provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding on what social media users are saying regarding the organization and its products. Additionally, social media monitoring also provides individual entrepreneurs and organizations with an opportunity to participate in a discussion regarding a particular issue associated with their businesses. The resultant effect is that business management teams are able understand the community views regarding their firms’ operation. Conversations on particular issues undertaken through various social mediums such as Twitter, Blogs, Wikis, You Tube, news sites and Facebook can be a great source of business intelligence. This arises from the fact that one can be able to follow conversations on the various social mediums. For example, if one posts a negative comment regarding the business or its products, it is possible to respond quickly and fix it before the business’ image is negatively affected. Additionally, social media monitoring also enables businesses to correct any misinformation on a particular issue which may be posted against the business. Undertaking social media monitoring can be an effective strategy that organizations can incorporate when dealing with certain crisis that might negatively affect the organizations (Sellnow, Ulmer

Black Mirror Episode Nosedive Argumentative & American Horror Story Essay

Black Mirror Episode Nosedive Argumentative & American Horror Story Essay.

Note that for your essay (6 pages), you need to use reading and screening material you have already been assigned in class (at least two class materials). The essay topic is a self-selected topic, which can be anything related to the readings and shows. You come up with your own essay questions. Make sure you take notes and brainstorm while reading and watching. Think about what are you interested in? What would you be excited to research?The material are Black mirror episode Nosedive; American horror story, My Roanoke nightmare final episode This is a argumentative essay on a self selected research topic on the course reading and screening material
Black Mirror Episode Nosedive Argumentative & American Horror Story Essay

What is the magnitude of the velocity at time t = 15.0 s?

What is the magnitude of the velocity at time t = 15.0 s?.

4. A projectile is fired at time t = 0.0 s from point 0 at the edge of a cliff, with initial velocity components of Vox = 30 m/s and V oy = 100 m/s The projectile rises, and then falls into the sea at point P. The time of flight of the projectile is 25 s. Assume air resistance is negligible.…What is the magnitude of the velocity at time t = 15.0 s?
What is the magnitude of the velocity at time t = 15.0 s?