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Choose 2 graduate programs that will prepare you for the job you would like to do. Please complete numbers

Choose 2 graduate programs that will prepare you for the job you would like to do. Please complete numbers 1-20 for each graduate program you chose to research. Your responses must be typed and uploaded to the appropriate drop box on D2L (graduate project 1 and graduate project 2) NLT 11:59 PM on Tuesday April 26th. Each graduate program should be done separately. Each project is worth a total possible 200 points, with each number (1-20) worth a possible 10 points each. Points are awarded for: providing the requested information in full; information is presented in a manner that is reflective of a 4000-level college course; appropriate grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. are used; an appropriate level of understanding of concepts is communicated in the presentation of information. Please put your responses in a numbered format per the information required below.

Basic Information:
Location, enrollment (include undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate), housing (on and off campus), cost to attend (tuition, housing and any other fees you can identify).

Describe your program of interest in detail.
List any classes that interest you and why. Identify any classes you feel you might struggle with or might not be prepared for and why.
Choose two specific classes and provide detailed information about each class.

Identify what the student/faculty ratio is for both undergraduate and your graduate program. Is there a difference? If so, what do you think about this?

Research the faculty in the graduate program you are interested in. List some of their credentials and what they mean. What are their specific areas of interest? List 3 things about the faculty that interests you. List anything about the faculty that concerns you or you have questions about. How would you get the answers to your questions?

Is the degree you are interested in a terminal degree? List the specific degree.

Upon completion of the program what jobs are you qualified to perform?

Will you need more schooling and/or supervised work experience for the job you want? If so describe.

Will you need some type of licensure for the specific job you want? If so, choose a state you are interested in residing in and describe what license is required and what the requirements are for getting the license and maintaining the license.

What is the success rate of graduates from the program you are interested in? (Schools describe this in a variety of ways. Read through the website of the specific program you are interested in to find this information).

Is tuition assistance and/or any other funding available? What are the requirements and process for applying for funding?

Describe what the campus culture is like and how you think you will like it.

What would you want to do and see on a in person visit to the school?

What is the acceptance rate? Do you think you will meet the admissions requirements upon graduation from APSU? If not, what do you need to do?

What are the school’s accreditations? What is the accreditation of your specific program? Will this accreditation have any impact on the job you want to do and any licensure you may need? If so, in what way(s)?

Describe what full time and part time attendance would look like. When are classes offered? Are classes in person, online, or hybrid? What are your thoughts about this? How long will it take you to complete your degree if you attend full time? Part time?

Review the school website and your program of interest website. What are your thoughts about the school and the program after doing so?

Research the application process for your program. List the requirements and time line. Identify any issues or concerns you have related to this. Identify and list any costs associated with the application process.

Does your program require research? If so describe. Does your program require a culminating thesis project? An oral defense? Describe the requirements.

Research the average salary for the job you want and compare this to the cost of attendance for your program. Describe/discuss your findings.

Identify specific needs you might have related to quality of life (childcare, housing, employment, support system, etc.). Describe/discuss how these may or may not be met at each school and/or the surrounding community.