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Chocolate Showpiece Concep

Design your own chocolate showpiece concept Include a detailed drawing of your concept to scale with measurements. The drawing should be approximately 8″x11″ in size List the colours used and where the colours are applied List shapes in order to create each element List the techniques that would be applied – aim to use at least 4 techniques. List the tools required for the techniques applied. Refer to the Reference: Showpiece Tools. Include 1-2 paragraphs on what chocolatier(s) inspired your showpiece concept Include references to information and images  The reference of the showpiece tools info is in the attachment that I upload.  Requirements: 700   |   .doc file
South Dakota State University Blockchain Technology Paper.

Blockchain is an IT that has the potential to revolutionize many business processes and many organizations are already integrating blockchain technology into their business strategies. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and/or interpret a technological innovation (blockchain) through the lens of relevant course content (business-IT strategy). To learn more and prepare for the assignment, the following materials are provided:McKeen & Smith, Chapter 2 – Developing IT Strategy for Business Value: McKeen Smith Chapter 2 Developing IT Strategy.pdf What is Blockchain (6:26) – How can they be used? (7:07) – Blockchain Matters More Than You Think (5:55) – will submit a maximum 2-page strategy analysis paper addressing these prompts:Think of a traditional business, e.g. Walmart, and create a strategy for how it might use blockchain to gain competitive advantage. Give a brief description of the organization’s current business model if it is not a well-known organization. Describe your strategy in terms of one of the 5 types of initiatives from pp. 22-23 in the McKeen & Smith chapter. Explain exactly what competitive advantage is expected. Discuss what types of success measure the organization should use to evaluate the strategy.Guidelines:2 pages maximumSingle spacedMargins – 1 inchFont – no larger than 12 ptReferences (if used) – APA styleA grading rurbric for this assignment is available here:
South Dakota State University Blockchain Technology Paper

Vahala Sexual and Asexual Reproduction? Worksheet

Vahala Sexual and Asexual Reproduction? Worksheet.

Ch. 27 ReproductionCh. 9 InheritancePlease put your answers in RED or another colorReproduction:Define Asexual reproduction:Define Sexual reproduction:What are the gametes for males and females?Define Hermaphroditism:What are the two types of fertilization, and which type of fertilization do human exhibit? Human ReproductionUsing the following image, label:Ovaries, oviducts, uterus, vagina, cervix

Using the following image, label:Testes, epididymis, seminal vesicle, prostate gland, bulbourethral glandFormation of gametes:Where does spermatogenesis occur?How many sperm cells are produced each meiosis division?Where does oogenesis occur?How many egg cells are produced each meiosis division?Inheritance:1. Complete a cross between a parent with genotype BB and a parent with genotype Bb
a) Genotypes of potential offspring:b) If B is for black hair, b is for blonde hair, and B is incompletely dominant, what are the phenotypes of the potential offspring?2. Your maternal grandfather is color blind (an X chromosome linked disorder). Your mother nor father is not color blind, but your brother is. Complete a Punnett Square to find the likelihood of the offspring being color blind.a) Genotypes of possible offspring:b) What percentage of male offspring would be color blind? Percentage of female offspring?3. Complete a dihybrid cross for parents’ genotypes GgHh x GgHhRemember that you must pair up the alleles of the gametes first!
a) How many offspring will have a dominant phenotype if both G and H show complete dominance?
b) How many offspring will have a completely recessive genotype?
Vahala Sexual and Asexual Reproduction? Worksheet

Complications of Choosing a Globalized Language Essay (Book Review)

python assignment help Language is more than just a set of grammar rules or vocabulary. It influences worldview and frame of mind. Nevertheless, as the world has witnessed the trend toward globalization and the assimilation of cultures, there have been significant shifts in language development, some of which have been inclined to the establishment of global languages. For this reason, it is paramount to decide whether the way people think, caused by the peculiarities of their mother tongues, influences the ability to communicate globally. Language is a cultural phenomenon that influences the way people see the world. That is why it has a robust impact on communication. For example, Boroditsky assumes that perceptions of time, space, progression, colors, and objects from the foundation of both communication and thinking. Because people use different linguistic constructions to describe the same things and situations, these differences affect our ability to communicate with those who speak other languages. These cross-linguistic variances prompt different language speakers to stress different aspects of the same phenomena, leading to communication gaps and difficulties in learning new languages as speakers use mother-tongue patterns to express opinions in other languages. Nevertheless, there is a solution to this problem of ineffective communication. According to Boroditsky, mastering the most significant grammar quirks and cultural aspects of language enhances one’s ability to communicate and to learn new languages. These whims usually include gender constructions or verbal interference tasks. This statement comes down to the recognition of cross-linguistic differences and the realization that they affect worldview. When a language learner can grasp these important concepts, it becomes easier to understand those speaking other languages, thus improving linguistic and interpersonal communication skills. Still, even though linguistic differences are the power of language, they also cause some challenges. One major problem is the current-day language imperialism, meaning the promotion of the English language as the global one, accompanied by the propagation of British or American culture. Traves claims that today, the world is witnessing the emergence of a new “global” English language that incorporates the linguistic differences of numerous languages and enhances the process of partial assimilation. Although it is powerful, the cultural side of communication could remain unchanged, as individuality is encouraged instead of taking steps to eliminate it. The fact that people around the world are creating a new global culture in which everyone is free to choose the scope of linguistic change and involvement alters global worldview and communication. In the end, there is no need to fear that the English language will turn into a global one because this process is irreversible. Instead, emphasis should be made on self-identification and partial assimilation, which would undermine the power of language and prevent the undesirable elimination of cultural individuality while still improving communication. The central idea is to master cultural specificities and grow culturally sensitive but preserve originality. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More

Option #1: Leadership Philosophy Paper

Option #1: Leadership Philosophy Paper.

For this Portfolio Project, write your own philosophy of leadership. Be sure to draw from your knowledge of your leadership and communication skills. Include responses to the following prompts as part of your essay:My personal philosophy of leadership is…The purpose of my leadership is to…The best leaders can be described as…For me to be an authentic leader, I need to…Note: Feel free to use first person language in this assignment.Remember, you must support your thinking/opinions and prior knowledge with references; all facts must be supported; in-text references used throughout the assignment must be included in an APA-formatted reference list. Include five to seven references cited in the assignment. Include at least two peer-reviewed articles as reference sources. Review the grading rubric, which can be accessed through the Module 3 folder.Your paper should be eight to ten pages long and adhere to CSU-Global Writing and APA Guidelines.Reach out to your instructor if you have questions about the assignment.
Option #1: Leadership Philosophy Paper

Principles and Practice of Information Security Research Paper

Security threats in computer networks Computer security is an issue that has grown to be of gross concern in the present years. Individuals and companies have suffered major losses as a result of the vice. Many people have spent quite a lot of money on the same though at times information insecurity has gone on to rise. This paper aims at identifying threats posed by viruses and security tools which can be used to protect computer data from inadvertent usage and for maintenance of confidentiality within persons and organizations. At first the paper will focus on the security issue in general as guidance to the rest of the paper. There are very many security threats that exist in any particular system in the organization. Some of the most serious threats include intrusion by hackers, terrorists, spies, corporate raiders, professional criminals, military forces and vandals, and viruses. Due to the way the current generation has become technology savvy, there are various tools that the attackers have specialized in perfecting their trade. Some of the most common methods are using user commands to gain entry into computer systems, using special scripts and/or programs, making use of autonomous agents, toolkits, data taps and distributed tools. The attackers then pose various vulnerabilities to the system which includes implementation, design and configuration vulnerability. In order to make sure that their efforts are fruitful, they either infiltrate into the computer systems using unauthorized use where a person uses data or information which is otherwise supposed to be limited to him and unauthorized access to some systems. After various series of processes, the person or persons can be able to access files stored in the computer or other information which may be in transit like data, objects and invocations. This paper will be specific in its focus and will clearly go through virus attacks with a special concern on poison Ivy. Poison Ivy is a computer virus that started showing up in the year 2006. When it attacks the computer, it makes firefox.exe to appear in the task manager without the consent of the user. According to experts, the factor that leads to this behavior is a malicious Trojan which is based on Poison Ivy. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is tools which has been used for bypassing a firewall and remotely administer a system. When the tool is in the system, it tends to create up a server kind of a file on the system it is occupying. It alerts a maker of the Trojan of the presence of the system when it is online. When this happens, the maker is given the rights to access, monitor and completely control the system which has been infected. Among the critical information which can be made available to the user is system passwords and usernames, banking information, credit information, and private data which might have been accessed on screen either through typing or just viewing for the instance that the system was infected. The settings for this ‘server’ entail it to infiltrate itself into the browser’s memory of the system which is being targeted. After this, it runs as a duplicate process of the browser thus being able to bypass firewalls installed in the system and router protection. On securing itself safely any other actions go ahead unnoticed (MozillaZine, 2009). This mode of sophistication has been the reason that the virus has been able to go undetected by many antivirus software and also other detectors. In the recent past, the virus has been detected by some common antivirus like nod32, avira, bit defender and others. The worst case about this utility is the way that it is undergoing constant development and also the fact that it has been able to be developed by the hackers without being noticed. The virus has been said to be spread through emails and also in most instances through online games which mainly attacks through the cheats (Mozillazine, 2009). Some of the symptoms that are evident when a computer has been infected with the virus are automatic loading of fire fox as the default browser ones the systems loads the OS. In the task manager, there are two instances of the web browser though one is open. After closure of the browser, it still persists in the processes. At times, the browser becomes so slow or at times alerts that a certain un-requested port is being accessed, and at times some uncontrolled movement of the mouse which falls in when the hacker has control over the mouse. The virus has quite a lot of impacts to the system. Some of the files get renamed, executed and even deleted. At times the hacker can download files from the system or upload files to the system without notice. The hacker has the capability of viewing and editing the windows registry. He has such powers in the system such that it is possible to view and consequently kill or suspend processes that are currently running in the system. The person gets permission to view and control services in that he can start or stop them. It is possible to view the installed devices and also to disable them. Programs which have been installed in the system can be viewed and uninstalled. We will write a custom Research Paper on Principles and Practice of Information Security specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Looking at the above possibilities not forgetting the ability to record voice or web footage, it is very dangerous to have the system exposed to this virus. Financially, it is a killer virus. Once the person has been able to access saved passwords and password hashes, the person can simply get the banking information for online bankers and be able to directly interfere with the banking system to such an extent as exhausting someone’s accounts. Access of someone passwords can lead to various other security breaches which can cost companies a lot of money. It is possible to get into the deep secrets of a company and sell the information to enemies or malicious traders who may want to sell back the information or pose the company a risk of exposing it. People can be able to interfere with bankroll details posing more financial drains. From this information on the presence and the capability of the risks that can be posed by poison ivy, it is necessary for all IT personnel to be aware of the dangers that can occur due to some of these risks. The main thing that should be taken into consideration is the way technology is being used as a tool against others. Poison ivy does not just get into the computer through sheer luck or guess work, but it is a tool that has professionally been made to achieve some objectives (MozillaZine, 2009). With this in mind, the management of all companies irrespective of how big or how large need to equip the IT department with constant updates and refresher courses so that they can march with the incoming technologists who are proving to be more equipped with the latest in the books. The question of security should bypass physical security at the door but also should incorporate IT security as a whole. Threat classification for the threat being averted Human made threat → intentional fault → interaction fault → deliberate Data is insecure in a variety of ways which range from storage, transmission and even when in custody of the right people. When the right person has the right information, attackers can easily get it through social engineering processes which makes the companies vulnerable to all kinds of threats. This means that the management should always seek to block all the vulnerabilities so as to minimize the attacks. Apart from sealing the vulnerabilities, which might not be enough, measures should be employed through which data is protected in all means whether during storage or transmission (Dawson and Wong, 2007). In conclusion, security in all areas of IT is under threat and it is upon the relevant authority to be cautious enough of the possible attackers. This paper has focused on security as an issue and deeply looked at the poison ivy virus, what it does and the dangers it poses to users of the internet and intranets. It has winded up with some of the lessons that the people in charge of security should learn as they undergo the duty of securing all the systems (Volonino and Robinson, 2004). References Dawson, E. and Wong, D. (2007). Information security practice and experience: third international conference. New York: Springer. MozillaZine (2009). Firefox.exe always open. Retrieved from: Not sure if you can write a paper on Principles and Practice of Information Security by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Volonino, L and Robinson, S (2004). Principles and practice of information security: protecting computers from hackers and lawyers. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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