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China and Socialism

Many historical opportunities and forces contributed to this outcome. In no more than 800 words, discuss one force that led to China’s experiment with socialism.use the materials I gave

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Evaluate at least one ethical issue for one career.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Evaluate at least one ethical issue for one career..

The body of your paper should include: A brief explanation of your choice of careers. The body should tell why you weighted the criteria as you did for each career. The weights are based on your opinion. Then the paper should explain any high or low ratings you gave any of the careers based on your research. Discuss how the careers compared to each other with respect to the criteria. Support these ratings (scores) you assign with details from your research (not your opinion).

It is not necessary to explain each score in great detail, but you should help your reader understand how you arrived at your scores by presenting specific facts about the career based on research. Also comment on what you discovered. Did you get the results you were expecting? Why or why not? Include the two Excel elements, your evaluation matrix chart and table, into your Word document in appropriate places (APA requires each figure be at the top of the page). Identify at least emerging technology in one of you careers. Explain the benefits and limitations of the emerging technology on decision-making and problem solving for the career. Details should be supported by your research. Evaluate at least one ethical issue for one career. Relate this issue to the identified emerging technologies (above) if possible. In your evaluation discuss how an individual in that career should deal with the ethical issue(s). Support your opinion by citing facts learned in your research. The Reference page. You should already have this created using the Word Reference feature. You should also use the Word Reference feature to make your internal citations. DO NOT submit the annotated bibliography. You should submit a Works Cited page (APA style).

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Digital Inquiry

China and Socialism Digital Inquiry.

Analyze texts in accordance to their persuasiveness. By identifying what draws our attention to multimedia texts, we have come to understand that the very essence of argument extends beyond the confines of traditional media — and certainly far beyond the limitations of oration that Aristotle originally envisioned. Arguments exist everywhere: in print advertisements, in newspaper articles, in Youtube videos, and even in Facebook and Twitter content. We have acknowledged during unit two that this choice of medium also matters. The use of images, visuals, and sound in arguments greatly affects its persuasiveness — in ways both positive and negative. We simply cannot analyze a text on the basis of its use of rhetorical devices: we must consider the use of medium too, and we must ask ourselves if the medium being used is most effective for the text’s intended purpose. In unit three, we have also ascertained the need to additionally consider a text’s social context. It’s not enough to just analyze a text in accordance to the rhetorical strategies popularized by Aristotle, Rogers, and Toulmin: we must also analyze a text in accordance to what happens after the audience is persuaded. We don’t just read or watch material and simply consume it for ourselves; we like, we comment on, and we share information that we find persuasive. In this recognition, we must also recognize the need to look at texts not in the sealed vacuum of a rhetorical analysis but instead in the continuum of a context analysis. It is the inclusion of analyzing both medium and context that defines the essay. The goal of this essay, therefore, is quite a bit different from the rhetorical analysis. You are writing this essay not to analyze a text’s use of rhetorical devices but instead its cultural significance or social impact. The emphasis is not on what makes a text persuasive but instead what happens after the audience is persuaded. However, as the title alludes, the interest of this paper is to analyze digital or electronic media exclusively: YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook content, video games, etc. focus your efforts trying to find “non-traditional” spaces of argumentation, which might require a good deal of research. Do reach out if you need assistance on this. But once you’ve found your text, start your process by asking yourself four main questions: What medium was used to distribute the text? What medium or distribution method was utilized to publish the text? What potential advantages or disadvantages are afforded to that particular platform? (It’s a good idea to reflect a bit on the media specific analysis here.) Who is the text’s intended audience? Who published the text says a lot about its intended audience and its goals. A news op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or Washington Post can differ quite significantly in tone, structure, and purpose — even if covering the same topic or subject matter. Sometimes this might be harder to identify (and that’s partially the challenge of this essay assignment), but by utilizing some of the strategies we’ve reviewed over the course of the semester — as well as performing a little bit of research — it can definitely be done. What is that intended audience likely to believe regarding the specific topic or subject matter? By identifying who the text is being primarily distributed to, we can think about what ideas the text is very likely going to promote, oppose, or in some way respond to. Be imaginative. Consider age groups, demographics, and political orientations. Anything that you can think of that is relevant to the subject matter is on the table to be included. Does the text in any way seek to change the perspective of their intended audience? Does the text in any way seek to reinforce or oppose those preexisting views? Think about more than just the author’s main idea or thesis statement here. Consider what cultural codes are embedded in the text, and reflect on some of the more figurative or connotative layers of the text that aren’t immediately obvious. What are the broader ramifications of agreeing to the author’s argument? What stereotypes, beliefs, or codes are being agreed to along with the author’s thesis statement? No matter what approach you take with your essay, just remember that the goal is NOT to evaluate a text in accordance to its persuasiveness but instead its cultural significance. As such, your essay should unfold over three primary stages:

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