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Children’s Lit

Your story could be completely original; it could be a revision of an old fairy tale. It can be a picture book, or a young adult story, but regardless of target age group, it must adhere to the conventions of that genre.  Think carefully about your book – what do you want children to see, know, or understand?You can use electronic resources to create a virtual book, or you can create an actual book. There are free websites that contain software you can use and websites with instructions for constructing a hard-copy book. See, as well as Picture Book Maker at Also, iTunes offers Puppet Pals and Toontastic. There are a variety of other options to explore, as well.Note: Resources such as may require payment to download a PDF version of your completed book, but it is possible to share a link to your book for free. This can be accomplished by putting the respective link into a Word document, then uploading the Word document to this assignment submission.There is no length requirement for this assignment, but the book should be thoughtful and well-developed.  Create a story for older children, there will be more writing and less images, and a suggested length is around 5 pages.Creating the BookThe book itself should include three components:A Preface – Think of this as a place to state your intentions and your motivations. First, explain your choice of genre and how your story fits or challenges the conventions of that genre. What conventions did you follow, what did you reject, and why? Second, write about your intentions, what you would like to share with children, and why. What do you want them to know, see, or understand? Then, state how you think you conveyed these ideas. Explain your characters, your symbols, and your images. This is to assist you in being very deliberate about your message and how you convey it. You might write a draft of the preface before you write the story (just to focus your efforts), but it should be finished after the story. This will allow you to explain the characters (what qualities you want them to have), their actions (what you want them to learn, do, experience or understand), your images (realistic, fantasy, use of color, etc.), and any symbols you’ve used in the story. Remember to explain the images carefully. This preface is worth a fair amount, 50 of the total points, which allows you to compensate if you don’t feel particularly effective in writing the story or creating/choosing the images.The Images – You can use images from other sources (credit them in the preface), or you can create your own. The most important aspect of the images is not how good they are (I’m not grading on your artistic talents), but how they support your story. This should be explained clearly in your preface.

Mathematics and numeracy

Mathematics and numeracy.


This assignment task requires you to create a video presentation in the form of a narrated PowerPoint. The video will demonstrate an activity for use in an early childhood setting based around play. Furthermore, it will showcase your understanding of the nature and development of maths and numeracy in children. This assignment assesses the following unit learning outcomes: —- Recognise and develop opportunities for numeracy and mathematics related experiences in play, and everyday experiences in early childhood settings (birth to eight years of age). —–Describe the nature and development of mathematical thinking and numeracy processes in children. ——Describe how the relevant National and/or State or Territory curriculum for maths encourages understanding in mathematics and numeracy for children.

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Police Chiefs

Children’s Lit Police Chiefs.

 This is an analytical and descriptive essay, but you need to think more about the analysis side. Find scholarly literature such as court cases or examples in which the literature studies police chiefs. Talk about the background of police chiefs and what their role is in the police department. Also talk about some of the most common issues police chiefs face and ways that these problems can be solved or avoided in the future. More importantly, what are police chiefs doing now that they did differently in the past and how can we improve on what they are doing now to have even better police chiefs in the future. (For the sources only use scholarly articles).

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hi please help me

Jonny is planning his schedule for the weekend. One of his friends has invited him to a two-day camping trip to Catalina. Another friend has offered an invitation to binge watch the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy (extended edition) on Saturday. His cousin has invited him to a weekend beer tasting festival. Lastly, his uncle has invited him to a weekend of Dungeons and Dragons.
Why might Jonny not be able to participate in everything this weekend? Is there a concept (or concepts) in Economics which best describe Jonny’s situation? If so, please list this concept(s) and describe completely.
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Morgan Metaphor’s

Please argue for one of Morgan’s metaphors. Why would an organization under this metaphor be a good organization to work for? I am expecting a persuasive, well explained argument AS WELL AS an example organization that you believe falls under such metaphor, and why.
I also ask you to please argue for one of the metaphors that you perceive as negative. Why would an organization under this metaphor be a bad organization to work for? I am expecting a persuasive, well explained argument AS WELL AS an example organization that you believe falls under such metaphor, and why.
What Morgan’s Metaphor do you see your organization fall within? And why?

Fuctions and Roles of a Case manger

Fuctions and Roles of a Case manger.

You are a treatment program supervisor at a 400-bed minimum security male correctional facility. You currently have only 2 case managers to handle all 400 offenders, many of whom are preparing for release in the coming months. Each time an offender is released, another offender is immediately transferred into that open bunk. The majority of the offenders in your facility are incarcerated on substance-related charges (possession with intent to distribute, robbery, felony DUI, etc.).

Prepare a research paper of 10–12 pages to present to administration to request the addition of 2–3 case managers. Discuss the concepts and theories of case management systems and case management responsibilities and service delivery to persuade administration to approve hiring 2–3 additional case managers.

Make sure your paper addresses the following:

What are some of the issues that you and your case managers are experiencing with the current caseloads?
How would you divide up your caseload—by housing unit, offense type, length of time left in sentence, treatment needs, etc.? Why would you use this approach?
How would you convince administration that the additional case managers are necessary, even with budgetary issues? What roles and responsibilities would be most important to administration?
Within your paper, create a brief job description that identifies the essential skills and qualifications necessary for case managers today.
What are the daily tasks that case managers are expected to perform?
What are the additional or ancillary tasks that case managers might be expected to perform?
Additionally, develop 7–10 interview questions that you would pose to applicants to find the most qualified applicant.
Consider the knowledge and skill base as well as working environment and potential ethical issues that need to be addressed.
What responses would make the candidate an appropriate choice for your facility?
Utilize a minimum of 4–6 references.

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Exegetical #1 : Luke 7:36-50 (NOAB)

Exegetical #1 : Luke 7:36-50 (NOAB).

 Exegetical Assignment #1: Assigned biblical passage: Luke 7:36-50. Read your assigned passage closely using the literary methodology of narrative criticism. Review the “Narrative Criticism” article by Mark Allan PowellPreview the document to help you study the passage using narrative criticism. Based on your readings, complete the following document: Literary Elements ChartPreview the document (download attachment). Fill in as many of the literary elements you can find. You might leave some categories blank; this is not a concern as not every text will include every literary element. Fill in as many as you can find. The goal here is to bombard the text with any and all questions you can think of. Everything depends on how intently you read. In short, the better your questions, the better your research, and by extension, the better your final exegetical paper will be. NOTE: It is imperative that you do not use commentaries at this point. They will only serve to short-circuit your exegesis and rob you of the joy of discovery. If you let them do the thinking for you, you have not actually performed exegesis. Instead, you have provided a catalog of what others have said.

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Globalization and Feminist Activism

Globalization and Feminist Activism.

 Globalization and Feminist Activism by Mary E. Hawkesworth. Rowman& Littlefield, 20 Review of chapter4 Please talk with me first then start with it. Example: Us vs. Them 1.Growing fears in the Western world Created a powerful divide that takes many forms 2.Few believe globalization is making the world better 6% in U.S., 4% in Germany and Britain, and 3% in France Global elites ignore vulnerabilities of globalization 3.Who are the winners and losers? Related to the changing environments Economic Insecurity 1.Middle class is shrinking in U.S. Bottom 50% incomes static, top 0.001% up 636% 2.TNC’s compete in a race for efficiency Automation, Tax Shelters 3.Automation to make many jobs obsolete Large percentage left behind are out of luck 4.Massive U.S. military budget edges other countries to cyberspace

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