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Childhood Obesity Problem Research Paper

Table of Contents Summary Rational Problem Statement Literature review Methodology Possible outcomes and Implications Reference Summary This paper is a research proposal comparing childhood obesity in United States of America and Saudi Arabia. The paper starts by defining the purpose statement of the research which is to establish on the rate of obesity between US and Saudi Arabia, the causes and how to overcome the disease. Then there is the description of the rationale followed by the literature review. The methodology that will be used in data collection is described and finally the expected outcome and their implications on the study and the children population at large. Rational The reason for doing this project is to establish the rate of Obesity amongst children in the US and Saudi Arabia. This has since become one of the growing problems that have affected the young people in terms of their lifestyle, health and general social behaviours. The research will evaluate on the causes of obesity and what should be done to prevent its effects on children. The rationale of this study is to assert on the fact that obese children have social problems. Studies of overweight and obesity in have not been done adequately especially in young people. Studies on the prevailing change occurring amongst overweight and obese children over time are also lacking, hence the need for the research. Problem Statement The purpose of the project is to do a survey on the prevalence of obesity and the intervention strategies of preventing the disease in children. Children will be considered a priority because, while 50% of the adults are overweight in many countries, it is difficult to control the problem once one is in adulthood stage. The question this research will answer is on how to deal with obesity in children and the necessary preventive measures. Literature review Obesity is a global problem due to the increase in junk food; luxury devises easy means of transport and stationery jobs. The world health organization predicts that there will be over 2.3 billion overweight adults by 2015 and more than 700 million of them will be obese. In developed countries childhood obesity has reached alarming levels (Dehghan, 2008). The trend of obesity has been discovered to cut across the whole population and affect people of all age and race. It has been found to have adverse effects on the health of children and is prevalent in developing countries as well as developed countries (Van, 1985). There are several other diseases associated with obesity which include paediatric hypertension and other chronic diseases. According to Al-Hazmi and Warsy (1999), the improvement in economic development has brought about change in eating habits of the Saudi Arabians. This has mostly affected the children with statistics showing that 27.5% of overweight children are boys and 28% are girls. This was an estimate conducted on children between age 6 and 19 in a survey back in 1996 (Al-Nuaim, Bamgboye, Al-Herbish, 1996; Abahussain, 1999). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Studies have further revealed that almost 25% of the children in the United States are above the normal weight. A good percentage of these children suffer from obesity which have had adverse effects on their social lifestyles. There are certain factors that contribute to this disorder most of which are environmental and cultural. The increase in number of obese children in the US can also be attributed to poor lifestyles leading to poor choice on food; high intake of sugary foodstuff is also one of the contributing factors. This eventually causes accumulation of fats within the body which sometimes leads to overweight (Abalkhail, 2002: Ghabrah,1997). The level of obesity in most countries including the US is in the increasing trend. The causes of the disease are almost similar in these countries due to some reasons. Research has revealed that most children in the US are exposed to the consumption of dairy products and carbonated drinks. This leads to accumulation of sugar and fats within the body which consequently causes obesity especially when they are not exposed to vigorous physical exercises. This is also reflected in the Saudi Arabia study which revealed the same results as lack of physical activities amongst the children. The children are not exposed to walking long distances since they mostly use family cars and at the same time spend a lot of time watching television, playing electronic games and using computers for longer duration (Abalkhail, 2002; Kuczmarski and Flegal, 2000). Methodology In this research, both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies will be applied. Several methods will be used in qualitative research to gather data; these include the use of case studies, personal experiences amongst the sampled children and their parents and interviews. Some data will be gathered through historical data and observation. These will help in exploring issues associated with obesity and answer some questions about the phenomenon. Main aim for qualitative research is to measure the degree of socialization amongst obese children and how to control obesity (Yin, 1994). Quantitative research will be used, where by analysis will be based on questionnaires, surveys and experiments. Stratified random sampling will be used, where children will be surveyed from different schools. Each educational level will be considered depending on the class of population on the selected region. The required number of children will then be collected from each region, after which one group from each level will be chosen at random until the required sample size is full. We will write a custom Research Paper on Childhood Obesity Problem specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Each sample will strictly consider children with either Saudi Arabia or United States origin (Chabra et al, 1997). The data will be collected through interview by nurses from medical institutions who will use structured questionnaires. The weight of the children and the height will be measured using tape measure, after which the body mass index will be calculated (Must, Dallal, Dietz, 1991). Data entry and analysis will be done using the SPSS, version 12. Possible outcomes and Implications The results are expected to reflect decrease in weight as age increases for both boys and girls. The height is not expected to change much, however the dominance of obesity was predicted to pose some negative experiences within the society. The implications of these results will be to reveal the recommended time when treatment for obesity should be administered. Childhood period seem to be the most preferred time since weight loss in adult stage sometimes seems difficult to administer. There are also numerous options available for children interventions as compared to adults’. The schools can be used as the primary base where a child’s lifestyle should be moulded, this may involve exposure to right kind of diet and vigorous physical exercises. Reduction of obesity in adults seems difficult since it is considered already established and this provides a good reason as to why obesity should be checked at an early stage of life (Abalkhail, 2002). Reference Abahussain, A., (1999). Nutritional status of adolescent girls in the eastern province Of Saudi Arabia. Nutrition and health, 13,171–7. Abalkhail, B., (2002).Overweight and obesity among Saudi Arabian children and Adolescents between 1994 and 2000. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, 8, 10-40 Al-Hazmi M., Warsy, S., (1999). Relationship between obesity, overweight and Plasma lipid in Saudis. Saudi medical journal, 20, 512–25. Al-Nuaim, R., Bamgboye, A., Al-Herbish A., (1996). The pattern of growth and Obesity in Saudi Arabian male schoolchildren. International journal of obesity and related metabolic disorders, 20, 1000–5. Not sure if you can write a paper on Childhood Obesity Problem by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Dehghan, M., Danesh, N.A.,
GEB 1011 Florida State College Jacksonville Malcolm Baldrige Program Discussion.

This case study, “Achieving customer and workforce engagement: the Malcolm Baldrige Program” provides you with the opportunity to synthesize and apply the concepts learned in this course to analyze real-world, award-winning organizations. The case study will improve your understanding and ability to think critically about the importance of strategy-driven performance, achieving customer and workforce engagement, and other Baldrige Program criteria.The Malcolm Baldrige ProgramAccording to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): “The Baldrige Program oversees the nation’s only Presidential award for performance excellence while offering a wide array of award-winning products and services, including the world-renowned Baldrige Excellence Framework. We invite you to learn about the Baldrige community dedicated to helping organizations improve” ( NIST (Links to an external site.), 2018).Baldrige helps organizations address a dynamic environment, focus on strategy-driven performance, achieve customer and workforce engagement, and improve governance and ethics, societal responsibilities, competitiveness, and long-term organizational sustainability. It offers you a comprehensive management approach that focuses on results in all areas, organizational and personal learning, and knowledge sharing.For this case study, you will need to:Review the following websites to learn more about the Baldrige Program.Research two award-winning organizations’ websites or their Profiles via the NIST website.WebsitesNational Institute of Standards and Technology | Baldrige Performance Excellent Program (Links to an external site.)Baldrige Foundation (Links to an external site.)Critical Thinking ConversationWhat is the Baldrige Program Framework for Excellence? Explain in your own words.What could be learned from the Malcolm Baldrige Award winners, especially as applicable for this Module’s learning outcomes, in terms of achieving customer and workforce engagement?Compare and contrast two Malcolm Baldrige Award winners from different industries. What are similarities? What are differences? What made them award-winning organizations?FormattingYour APA-formatted report must be at least 500 words with cited references and must include the following headings:Overview: Summarize the Baldrige Program and its positive impact on organizations, on the communities, the customers, and other key stakeholders.Critical Thinking conversation: Respond to the Critical Thinking Conversation.Debrief: Share your thoughts, opinions, and analysis based on your research.CITED REFEREENCES:
GEB 1011 Florida State College Jacksonville Malcolm Baldrige Program Discussion

A Summary Of Becoming Abigail English Literature Essay

Young Abigail is a Nigerian girl alternating short sections focusing on her past ant her present life. She is Abigail the daughter but there is the dominant Abigael, the mother who died giving birth to her. The death of Abigail’s mother plays a huge role in the entire novel. Abigail is portrayed as an affliction child, without a mother, striving to discover her future. She is an African girl, symbolising the corrosion of national and confined cultural distinctiveness into the end monumental continental identity of Africa. Abigail tries to personify and preserve herself in her mother’s figure and bequest. The father is chronic drunkard who foregoes his paternal obligations and responsibility. He has his daughter who constantly reminds him of his late wife. Abigail’s is characterized by misery and tragedies. Her childhood is pathetic and she spends most of it mourning her late mother in commemorative self-induced rituals. She mutters incarnations, cuts herself, tears and burns her mother’s photos, burns herself. She initially loses her virginity to one of her cousins, Edwin, at ten before her father sends her off to London with another cousin, Peter, in the name of marriage at fifteen. Peter is apparently believed to be a prominent business man in London and Abigail’s father believes that he is a well-bred man, good enough to take care of his daughter. Unknown to Abigail’s father, Peter is malevolent and dehumanizing. Fakes her documents and tries to turn her into a prostitute, but when she declines, he ties her up in handcuffs in a doghouse, violates her sexually, urinates on her and beats her as well. Peter’s debasement of Abigail portrays filth and hunger. Drinking from the plate of rancid water and having to bend over like a dog is disturbing. Abigail eventually manages to get out of Peter’s bondage by biting his penis and running away. By this time Abigail’s father is dead. He commits suicide by hanging himself from a hook but Abigail is not shocked by the news. Abigail gets involved in a steamy affair with Derek, a social worker who unfortunately happens to be married. She falls in love with him bit his wife finds him having sex with her in the kitchen table and sent to jail. At one point, Abigail relates Derek to her mother. She was not sure whether he was real or not, if what she felt for him really existed or it was merely her inventions. These experiences get too much for her to bear and opt to throw herself to the Thames. “Even this. This memory like all the others was a lie”. This refers to Abigail’s memories of her mother. Abigail recalls her mother’s burial ceremony so vividly as if she was there, yet in reality during her mother’s burial, she just a baby fondled in her aunt’s arms completely unaware of the world. This makes Abigail conclude that memories can be unreal and fictional. The end of the first chapter leaves us with the impression that Abigail looks exactly like her mother. She looked so much like that her mother that the author takes us through the mind of her father watching her mourning her mother’s death was like watching his dead wife grieve. She is likened to a younger version of her mother grieving her death in advance. The photo she is shown by her father tells it all.”He turned and looked at her and she saw it and recognized what it was. She looked so much like her mother that when he saw her suddenly, she knew he wanted her to be Abigail.” Although Abigail is now a grown-up, she misses her childhood, one that she never got to enjoy. The author takes us through her mind which juggles us from the present to her past and childhood. That’s when the author alternates the two titles, “Now and Then”. Abigail has had an experience with men that she remembers with so much regret. All the in her life had never been interested in knowing her true personality neither appreciate her beauty, not to mention how she was careful with her hair to make sure that she looked presentable. She was light-skinned. An inherent feature from her great-grandmother. The author likeness her to a foreign country when it comes to the men in her life. They never stayed. Abigail was a cartographer of dreams and ghosts. She is said to be more ghost than her mother. She likes landscape and marks and finds them interesting. Reading maps was her favorite thing. At one point, during her exile in London, she gets possessed with the memories of her mother, Chinese poetry, old maps and her childhood rituals, lies across an old crinkled map as if she was a corpse in a crime scene, transforming her body to the contours of countries and rivers. Each landmark taking on a deeper meaning. She decides to mark her body permanently with fire. She appreciates the permanence of fire. Burning herself and transforming her skin into a personal and collective map of trauma was a thing she wanted to do so much for the memory of her mother. She wanted to feel closely connected to her mother and make her memory concrete. She seeks out anecdotes about her mother, burns her body with thick flat noodles that burned into her skin by cashew sap. She also used needles and made ugly whip marks of cigarette tips. The burns and scars are extensions of her desire to become the living shadow and ghost of her mother’s memory. They tie her to her mother’s image and her motherland. Abigail’s grief process signifies the bitterness and sorrow in her. The author employs rituals as a process with potential to heal when faced with trauma and loss. She is in the end forced to choose between living in exile in England after her lose and trauma or returning to Nigeria. Nevertheless, everybody ends up dead, jailed or mutated. The entire novel is depressing and frustrating. Full of despair and hopelessness. Some people’s lives may turn out like Abigail’s but drawing lessons from the novel remains difficult.

University of Miami Employee Friendly Policies & Human Resources Discussion

cheap assignment writing service University of Miami Employee Friendly Policies & Human Resources Discussion.

350-word response that includes the following:Identify two keywords or phrases for each concept and provide insights.How and why do the words differ between the two columns?How would the suggestions in the TED Talk video change the way work is done?Human Resource Management in Public ServiceChapter 8, “Employee-Friendly Policies: Fashionable, Flexible, and Fickle” (pp. 297–348)Berman, E. M., Bowman, J. S., West, J., & Van Wart, M. R. (2020). Human Resource Management in Public Service [Powerpoint files & Study Questions via the Faculty Corner]Chapter 8, “Employee-Friendly Policies: Fashionable, Flexible, and Fickle”Berman, E. M., Bowman, J. S., West, J., & Van Wart, M. R. (2020). Video Jason Fried: Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work”Jason Fried has a radical theory of working: that the office isn’t a good place to do it. In his talk, he lays out the main problems (call them the M&Ms) and offers three suggestions to make work work.” TED-Ed (2013)View time:15:20 minutes
University of Miami Employee Friendly Policies & Human Resources Discussion

part 1: Share something you found interesting, curious, or unusual about the content (file attached) Part 2: After I receive

part 1: Share something you found interesting, curious, or unusual about the content (file attached) Part 2: After I receive. part 1: Share something you found interesting, curious, or unusual about the content (file attached) Part 2: After I receive what you shared, I will attach a file that has what other peers shared. make two responses Aim for about 150 words for your introduction and about 100 words (total) as responses to other students.part 1: Share something you found interesting, curious, or unusual about the content (file attached) Part 2: After I receive

Debates on Whether Dog is the Best Pet or not Essay

Debates on whether dog is the best pet or not are very common when it comes to choosing a pet. There are many pets that a person can keep, but dogs stand out from the rest. Dogs have been branded as the best friends of man for a very long time and this yet to change. The relationships between dogs and man have been improving over the years and this has made dogs to be the most preferable pets in the world. Dogs are known to reciprocate love by remaining loyal and the best companions. The people who are still reluctant to choose dogs as their pets simply lack adequate information on why dogs are the best pets to keep. This paper will explain why a dog is the best pet to keep compared to other pets. The first reason why one should choose a dog for a pet is its ability to do things for its owner. Dogs can do several tricks that other pets such as cats and birds can not do. Dogs are quick learners and can therefore be taught simple domestic tasks for fun. In terms of companionship, dogs are the best option because they have the energy to jog and run alongside their owners. Dogs are known to offer unconditional love to their owners and are always concerned about their safety. A good pet should give its owner some attention and no other pet does this better then a dog. Dogs learn their names in the shortest time possible and can always respond quickly when they are called by their names. Dog can be learned to play different games and are always available to play with its owner any time it is called upon. Recent studies have shown that dogs bring health benefits to their owners apart from offering companionship. A dog owner becomes fit by having regular walking sessions with his or her pet. Regular dog-walking sessions help dog owners reduce their cholesterol levels. Having a dog as a friend helps its owner forget about his or her worries by playing with it. A person who lives alone needs a dog for security and companionship. Psychologists believe that dogs can help bereaved people overcome their traumas in the shortest time possible compared to other pets. In addition, dogs often serve as guides for blind people. It is believed that dogs feel seismicity and can help their owners avoid being harmed by destruction in case of earthquake. The strong bond between a human being and a dog makes the owner feel calm when their pet is by the side. A dog can make its owner laugh after a very stressful day. A dog is always available to welcome its owner at home regardless of the mood of the day. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In conclusion, people with a problem of choosing a pet for themselves should consider having a dog as a pet because of the many benefits it brings to the owner compared to other pets. Dogs have special qualities that make them stand out from other pets when it comes to companionship and security. Other pets have limited abilities and can not match the versatility of a dog. Research has proven that dogs bring quite a number of health and social benefits to their owners compared to other pets. The reasons explained in this paper are enough proof that a dog is the best pet that one should consider keeping.