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Target child Child observation details Date of observation: 28th December 2011 Time I saw good hand and eye co ordination when he was using his fine pincer grasp while he was drawing. He didn’t really have a preferred hand as he used both hands but mainly his right. He seemed to enjoy drawing which is brilliant for his fine motor skills. He completed the task of getting the pencils out of the case using his thumb, fore finger and middle finger. During my observation I didn’t see the child manipulating toys but this doesn’t mean that the child is unable to do so. As it was in the evening “TC” was easily distracted. His concentration levels were very low. “TC” showed no problem to run and walk and was very steady on his feet. This was observed when his Nan called him over to the kitchen.

Again this showed good control of body movement. This would be considered the norm for his age appropriate activity development. “TC” had no problem in using his palmer grasp as he was picking up the pencils with his fist and colouring that way, he would hold the pencil tight with his thumb. “TC” was able to perform a very delicate procedure with the eyes influencing the fingers. According to Piaget, Piaget suggests that a child learns because of things happening to them e. g. praise and learning from his own actions. According to Piaget children are active in their own development and use experiences to develop an understanding of the world. Recommendations

During my observation I noticed that “TC” was a bit lethargic but did very well even though if he had had a nap earlier that day he would have been more assertive. The role of the adult in promoting physical development is making sure the adult helps the child get enough sleep and rest. He had no interest in activities only the television until his Nan called him. I recommend that more activities are provided for “TC” like running, outdoor play and swimming to help develop his gross motor skills. Games such as playing with blocks, play- dough and sand could help develop fine motor skills. I would recommend that “TC” has more space to play as he was restricted to the kitchen table while his Nan was preparing and cooking the dinner.

Adults should provide a safe and hygienic environment for the child to play and I do not think that the kitchen was a safe place while the Nan was cooking. Personal learning I learned what the physical norm for a child is and how children develop differently. It is important you show an interest in what the child is doing and how much you must praise and encourage them. I learned that it is important that you correct a child when they are wrong but in a way that they won’t feel undermined. I learned its important you introduce various activities to the child to help them develop their fine and gross motor skills. I saw how “TC” got bored easily so its important to keep them interested and active.

I now know how important it is to be a good role model as children will imitate adults in everything they do no matter how young they are. I learned how important health and safety is especially with young children. I learned simple things like how to do a physical observation and how a checklists works. I now realise that young children need so much of an adult’s time and attention. I discovered Piaget was a good theorist for Physical development. Evaluation method In this observation I decided to do a checklist so I had it prepared before the observation took place. Before the observation I did quiet a bit of research on emotional development.

The Conflict of Interest Doctrine

The Conflict of Interest Doctrine.

Step 1 An attorney and paralegal are not allowed under the Professional Rules of Conduct to work with a client whose interests may be adverse to a past or future client. Keep this in mind as you complete steps 2 and 3. Step 2 Read the following scenario and asnwer the corresponding questions at the end of the case. Your answers should be professional, use legal terms and explain your reasoning clearly. Scenario: The Law Office of Janet Cody and Associates is handling a products liability case for the manufacturer of folding doors used in storage units and other commercial operations. The attorney’s paralegal takes a call from a client looking for representation to assist in the purchase of a business that manufactures hydraulics for folding doors. After checking the paralegal realizes that the business the prospcetive client wants to purchase is owned by the same person as the owner of the folding door manufacturer, in the products liability case the office is currently handling. Would it be a conlfict of interest for the office to accept this new case? Explain your reasoning. Is there any way in which the Law Office of Janet Cody and Associates could take on this new client that would not create a conflict of interest? What must the paralegal do with the information she has gathered?

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