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Child malnutrition

) and prepare a 4-5 page written analysis that will address existing challenges to the human service professional, and identify methods to address and work with those challenges.  This does not include title and reference pages.

Economics Question

E–x-a-m Time: now till 14 January 2022, 4pm (Sydney time)
Duration: no time duration as long as you don’t submit it will continue to be available
Question structure: The examination will consist of 5-10 questions. The questions will be comparable to those covered in class; therefore, the best form of revision will be to work through lecture and tutorial questions, exercises and problems.
Topic covered: Similar to that screenshot attached

Performative utterance

Child malnutrition Performative utterance.

In this first section of the course, we are introduced to Austin’s notion of “performative utterance,” a particular class of what have been called “speech acts”—actions that one performs via an act of speaking. Austin introduces “explicit performatives” in part because he suggests that, although they have the form of a simple declarative sentence (albeit in the 1st person singular present indicative) they do not act like other declaratives. It is not clear, for example, that they “describe” situations; instead they seem to perform actions. Austin’s insight was intended to call philosophers’ attention to the different things that utterances can do other than, for example, to denote true or false states of affairs. For anthropologists, the striking point is how language and action are inextricably bound together, and not only via explicit performatives (like “I hereby declare you man and wife” or “I promise to come to your party”) but also in a much wider range of utterance forms and circumstances. From your own direct experience—either as a participant or an observer of social situations—choose a category of “action” that is typically, if not exclusively, achieved via speech. You need not limit yourself to Austin’s formulaic “explicit performatives” (which have the form “I [hereby] XXXX” where XXXX is a “performative verb” like ‘promise’). Your own choice of speech act can encompass a wider and more flexible set of possible spoken forms (for example, not only “I apologize” but “excuse me” as instances of an action we might call “an apology”). Describe the sorts of situations that give rise to such actions, and the range of linguistic forms you have observed as functioning to achieve them. When and how are the speech acts you choose to describe successful in achieving the desired action? How can they fail? (These last questions relate to Austin’s notion of “felicity.”) Present the examples from your empirical research with respect to both the social conditions which make the actions possible and appropriate, and the linguistic forms that occur within them. Please make appropriate references to course readings. [Target size: 1500-2000 words (roughly 6-8 double spaced pages), excluding bibliography;

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The Six Pillars of Law Enforcement and Communities Strategies

The Six Pillars of Law Enforcement and Communities Strategies.

 Directions In 2015, a Presidential Task Force was assembled to discuss strategies for improving the relationship between law enforcement and communities. The panel included representatives from a diverse field of citizens, law enforcement, and governmental and research communities. The strategies developed by this task force were focused on six pillars of focus. Those six pillars were: 1. Building Trust and Legitimacy 2. Policy and Oversight 3. Technology and Social Media 4. Community Policing and Crime Prevention 5. Training and Education 6. Officer Wellness and Safety After reviewing these recommendations and strategies, which are found in The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing: Implementation Guide and The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing: One-Year Progress Report, discuss the strategies and processes recommended (and in some cases implemented) as they apply to the three organizational systems discussed during Week 1.

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Management Question

Your Personal Brand- 1ST Individual Paper
Read the sections in Chapter Three of the book titled “How to Develop Your Personal Brand” and “How to Create Your Personal Brand.” Then, select any company in any industry (business, sports, entertainment, etc.). Explain the company’s brand: A. What is right about the company (explain 1-2 positives about the firm) and then explain how these 1-2 positive attributes relates to your personal brand; B. What is wrong with the company (explain 1-2 problems with the company) and how these 1-2 negatives relate to your personal brand; C. Explain how HR professionals should fix the company’s problems and also explain what you will do to improve those same problems within yourself.
It is fine if the company is one where you work or have worked. But, there must be publicly available information about the company. Articles about the topic should be from well-respected publications (e.g. Time; Wall Street Journal; Yahoo! News; The Huffington Post;; etc.). The paper should address the following issues:
Who is the company, what does it do? What did you learn from this assignment?
Explain what is right about the company and yourself. Do they make great products? Are they good at recruiting/hiring? Why? How? Does the company pay well and/or have good benefits? Do workers and managers have input into the company’s decisions? Do people get promoted fairly? Do they offer good training? How so? These are just examples, you can use other positives about the company, too. Relate those positives to yourself. Are you good at getting people to hire you/hang out with you? Are you fair to others? Do you always turn in work on time? Do you make good products/websites or anything? Are you good at statistics? Give details explaining why and how you are good at these things.
Explain what is wrong with the company? Do they treat some employees better than others? Do they have many legitimate lawsuits against them (what kind of lawsuits, why?) Do they mismanage their finances? How so? Do their workers make bad products? Why? How? Do you go to work late a lot? Do you do things that cause you to get fired or not be promoted? Do you not study enough for exams and fail classes? Do many people have legitimate grievances against you? Do you spend too much money? Give details explaining why and how these are things that you need to improve.
Who does these company issues affect and how? (e.g. managers, companies, society, government, staff employees, etc.) How do your problems affect you? (e.g. in school, at work, getting a new job, relationships, etc.?)
How should the firm address these problems? How can HR professionals help address these issues? What role can they play and what are the likely outcomes of their involvement? What will you do to solve your problems? What is the plan and what is the likely outcome of the plan?
You must use at least 4 different sources of information regarding this issue. The first page of each source (e.g. magazine, journal article, newspaper, or website) MUST BE COPIED AND PASTED to the back of the report or YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT FOR THE REPORT. Copy and paste the entire first page of each of your four (4) sources to the back of your report. You must include a bibliography page at the end of the report, as well.
The paper must be 4-5 pages long, NOT including the cover page, double-spaced, typed in 12 pt font. Post the paper as an MSWord attachment ONLY in the designated forum.
If you paper is less than 4 complete pages of content, you will lose points.

Yalom Theory

Yalom Theory.

choose one of the ultimate concerns Yalom identified and write about it. How are you addressing the concern you’ve chosen? How are some of the ways you’ve avoided or defended against it?

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Economics,Read the essay, “I, Pencil” by Leonard E. and prepare a page and a half summary of the article and your opinion.

Economics,Read the essay, “I, Pencil” by Leonard E. and prepare a page and a half summary of the article and your opinion.. 

Read the essay, “I, Pencil” by Leonard E. and prepare a page and a half summary of the article and your opinion.

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Wireless and Mobile Security Plan.

Wireless and Mobile Security Plan..

Context: Our networks are becoming more vulnerable because of wireless and mobile computing. Ubiquitous devices can and do pose a significant vulnerability. In this activity, you are to think outside the box and determine how to best defend against these threats. Scenario – You are an Information Security engineer for a midsized company. The company would like to offer direct sales of its “WigIT” app to its consumers on the World Wide Web. Your manager has asked you to prepare an informational paper for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on wireless and mobile risk management. 1- What risks do you envision and how will you mitigate them? 2- Take into account the value of the asset(s) and data as well as the threats and vulnerabilities. 3- Prioritize these risks from greatest threat to least threat and include this analysis as an appendix to your paper. 4- Diagram your network and include that diagram as an appendix to your paper.

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Evaluate e commerce websites

Evaluate e commerce websites.

Visit e-commerce websites evaluate the effectiveness of the site according to 8 basic functionalities listed: functionality;pages are working and loading fast Informational; customers can easily discover more about the products Ease of use: easy to navigate Redundant navigation; alternative navigation to same product Multi browser functionality : works on popular browsers Simple graphics ; Graphics are not distracting Legible text ; ovoid backgrounds that Annoy readers. Evaluate three websites then choose one of them that you feel it does an excellent job in all the aspects of effectiveness. The two other websites go through them briefly and do the deep and detailed explanation and reporting on the excellent website For the two websites you can simply make a table of comparison but for the accident website you can make a table and a rich text content for the two websites you can simply make a table of comparison but for the accident website you can make a table and a rich text content We should also include captures and screenshots only for the excellent website

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Nursing Audit

Nursing Audit.


1. Introduce your audit topic and explain the relationship between your chosen audit topic and patient safety using the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards (2015) as a starting point. Identify which specific standard and sub-standard(s) your chosen audit topic relates to and then discuss how this can impact patient safety. You should look beyond the Standards for your evidence.

2. Construct a concise summary of the evidence for best practice related to the audit topic (this may be done using a table format). Evidence based research includes peer-reviewed journal articles, best practice sheets and systematic review. This needs to be specific to your chosen audit topic. For example, if you have chosen medication charts the best practice should relate to the completion of medication charts, and not medication safety in general.

3. Present a summary of the results of your audit in table form. This should include results for each patient and each audit topic as well as an overall benchmark result. You should include a statement of how your benchmark compares with the recommended benchmark.

4. Compare and contrast your audit results with the best practice evidence. No new evidence should appear in this section – all best practice should have been identified previously. In this section you are discussing whether your results show that the practice in this clinical area is based on best practice. You should identify strengths and areas for improvement and the results overall.

5. Critique your own practice related to the audit topic based upon the evidence for best practice to answer the following question “Is the care I provide holistic and evidence based?” This should be a discussion specific to the audit topic and using the best practice evidence summarised as per point 3 above.


6. Clearly identify and discuss at least one professional issue you have identified. This can be from your audit results, your self-assessment or your experience conducting the audit. Please use evidence in your discussion of the importance of this professional issue to the chosen audit topic and patient safety.

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