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Child Development

.  In chapter 2 Answer 3 Chapter Questions in 1-2 paragraphs each.  Also choose 15 Key Terms and define in your owns words providing a brief example for each.

Impact of 2017 tax law on year end tax planning in 2018 for small businesses.

Impact of 2017 tax law on year end tax planning in 2018 for small businesses..

Sections: Introduction: objective & organization of the text Section on tax planning: explain what year end tax planning is and how it relates to long term tax planning and tax planning for major events. Section on defining small business: a business run by a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, s corporation. Small business tax deduction What is year end tax planning for each of the types of small businesses above Summary & conclusion.

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Visitation Paper

Child Development Visitation Paper.

First, you must decide what type of theatrical production you want to attend: a dance production, a musical comedy or drama, an opera or a concert (classical)**. You can consult the “Living” (Mon. – Thurs. & Sat., Sun.) or the “Weekend” (Fri.) sections of the Miami Herald or Sun Sentinel. You can also find show listings in The New Times.Please make sure you pick a theatrical production either here in Miami or Palm Beach County-USA After you select the theatrical production you would like to write about I will give the questions you need to include on the paper so that this would be based on that questions. Papers need to be at least 600 words minimum and should follow the guidelines for all papers in the Written Assignments section of the syllabus. Your paper must be typed in a 10-12 point font, double-spaced with margins that are no more than 1 inch. Don’t forget to have a title. If you don’t have Microsoft Word, save your file as a .txt, .pdf, or .rtf file. Name your document with one word. For example, I might use sarah1.doc. Be concise; don’t clutter your paper with meaningless ‘filler’. Stay on task with the items you are asked to talk about. “Filler” will only lower your grade. Do not copy phrases or content from the printed program from your event, or from any source you use for research. Your own ideas and reflections are the only ones of any value for these assignments. Think about what you’ve read and link it with something you saw or heard, then turn it in to your own statement. Don’t try to write in a fancy manner. Polish up your natural writing and speaking style a bit, but keep it your own. Writing is a skill that takes practice. Use spell check and proofread.

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