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Chicano Music in American-Mexican Culture Essay

Chicano Music in American-Mexican Culture Essay. A great number of Chicano musicians have used their traditional Mexican heritage as a source of inspiration. For instance, they have always mixed traditional acoustic sounds with modern vibes in order to produce quality songs. This approach has encouraged the musicians to produce meaningful songs that can promote their culture. Some great musicians such as Jeffrey Pierce used their cultural heritage to produce the best Chicano songs. Their songs highlighted the experiences and hopes of many Latinos in the country. Selena “produced powerful songs in Tejano genre” (Castro 38). Many Latino musicians have used different aspects of their cultural heritage in order to become successful. For example, Lalo Guerrero transformed the history and nature of Chicano music. His “achievements in music made him the father of Chicano music” (Castro 39). Guerrero began his career at a very tender age. In the 1930s, the artist decided to write numerous songs using various Mexican genres. Some of these genres included swing and big band. Many Latino artists embraced such genres during the period. The artist “also expanded his unique repertoire thus producing new songs in different Mexican genres” (Castro 62). The practice made Lalo Guerrero one of the most successful Chicano musicians. Some Chicano artists and bands produced various rock songs during the 1940s. Such songs borrowed powerful themes and genres from the Latino culture. For instance, some famous artists “such as Ritchie Valens and Joan Baez used their Chicano experiences to produce powerful protest songs” (Castro 66). Such songs encouraged more individuals to understand the issues and challenges affecting this racial group. Chicano rock music was also common during the 1960s. This kind of music reshaped the experiences of many Latino artists and musicians. Some musicians such as “Carlos Santana and Los Lobos produced their favorite songs in different Chicano genres” (Castro 54). According to Castro (72), “a great number of Chicano artists embraced different Mexican rhythms in order to become successful”. Such musicians eventually embraced more mainstream music such as blues, country, pop, and rock. This practice encouraged more musicians to produce new music genres that supported the Latino culture. Some musicians tend to embrace the Chicano culture later in their careers. A good example of such artists is Linda Ronstadt. The musician began her career by producing pop and rock music. She also “produced more opera and country music” (Castro 57). The musician eventually transitioned into her Latino musical roots. This move made it easier for the musician to produce various songs in different Mexican genres. Such “songs are known as mariachi music” (Castro 83). It is agreeable that many Latino musicians have gained their inspirations from this traditional musical heritage. This fact is agreeable because many Latino musicians cannot succeed without connecting with their people. The decision to use such traditional heritages makes it easier for them to explore the plight of their people. The approach also encourages them to entertain more Latinos. Their Latino cultural heritage also gives them the best ideas and genres. Such ideas have made it easier for musicians to achieve their career goals (Castro 73). The artists also get something meaningful from their cultural Latino heritage. This approach has made most of these Chicano musicians successful in their careers. Such artists have also worked hard to represent their socio-cultural values. This strategy makes such songs meaningful and significant in mainstream society. Works Cited Castro, Rafaela. Chicano Folklore: A Guide to the Folktales, Traditions, Rituals and Religious Practices. New York: Oxford University Press, 2000. Print. Chicano Music in American-Mexican Culture Essay
The Prussian philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a profound influence on the thinkers and philosopher of the early 19th century. Hegel had complex and abstract ideas about various issues in philosophy, which were open to different interpretations. As a young intellectual in Berlin, Marx was initially a Kantian like his father, and was opposed to the ideas of Hegel which were more in fashion in that period. After a brief period of resistance to Hegelian ideas, Marx became a member of a coterie of young radicals who have been variously called the ‘Left Hegelians’ or ‘Young Hegelians’ (Seigal 1973). Hegel had espoused the theory that history was progressive in nature. According to Hegel’s belief human society had gone through different stages of progress for the purpose of reaching its final and most advanced stage. Hegel held to the nationalistic belief that this highest stage in mankind’s development was represented by the Prussian state of his time (Ruhle 2005). After Hegel’s death, his followers split into two main groups; the ‘Young’ and the ‘Old’ Hegelians. The ‘Old Hegelians’ accepted Hegel’s controversial assertion that the Prussian state embodied the culmination of all human progress, they also accepted the idea that Hegel’s philosophy was in continuity with Christian theology (McLellan 1980). The ‘Young Hegelians’ on the other hand, while agreeing with much of Hegel’s ideas and his philosophical methodology, rejected the belief that human history had progressed to its apogee in the 19th century Prussia. According to the Young Hegelians there was still a long way to go before mankind could reach its peak; they also were of the view that Christianity was essentially incompatible with Hegel’s philosophy (Bernstein 1971). The Young Hegelians agreed that rational philosophy was superior to religion in understanding history. Some Hegelians, such as Strauss had a more charitable view of religion in this matter. Strauss believed that Christianity still contained elements of value to a philosopher. He believed that once Christianity had been stripped of its dogmatic and ritualistic elements, philosophy could be used to reveal hidden essential truths about the nature of being. Most Young Hegelians were opposed to this idea and held that religion contained no objective truths and the central element of religion lay in human emotions (McLellan 1980). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Central to the Young Hegelian’s beliefs was the idea that religion was one of the biggest factors that prevented human civilization from progressing. Many of the Young Hegelians were atheists from a Jewish background and possessed a visceral aversion to Christianity and the Christian civilization, which they inherited from their ethno-religious background as well as contempt for their own religious traditions. Many of the writings of the Young Hegelians focused on the refutation of religion and need to replace religion with philosophy as the moral criterion for the society and means for understanding history (Carlebach 1978). Among the Young Hegelians, there were many different ideas about how to go about replacing Christianity, the dominant religion of Europe, with philosophy. Bruno Bauer, one of Marx’s teachers, presented the view that Jesus was not a historical person and they story of his life was a fabricated myth. Other Young Hegelians were more subtle in their refutations of Christianity, Feuerbach expressed the idea that Christianity was merely the result of various aspects of a human psyche, for example humans fear death and Christianity teaches the existence of an eternal soul and bodily resurrection that serves to reassure its followers that they will not die (Ruhle 2005). Many of the Young Hegelians held on to Hegel’s belief that a human’s knowledge is limited by their subjective experiences and their perception of reality is created by their minds. In accordance with this view they believed that the liberation of the human self from religious doctrines would bring in an era of progress (Bernstein 1971). Marx’s break with the Young Hegelians occurred around 1844. In his Theses on Feuerbach, Marx charged that Feuerbach had not completely broken free from the idea that it is the mind which creates the environment. Marx asserted that the social order was the product of the relationship between the different social and environmental forces and religion and other ideologies were merely the product of human practices and not their cause (Ruhle 2005). Marx maintained that true change could only come after human practices were changed. According to Marx, Hegelian philosophers separate thinking from activity, according to his view once philosophy is removed from practical action, it no longer represents anything real. Marx says: “Philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it” (McLellan 1980). According to Marx there was no real difference between the Young and the Old Hegelians as both of them accepted that ideas proceeded actions. We will write a custom Essay on Marx and the Young Hegelians specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Old Hegelians believed that ideas and beliefs constituted reality itself, i.e. it is a fiction to speak of objective reality as separate from ideological thinking, and the Young Hegelians on the other hand believed that ideas formed constraints and limits upon progress in the real world. Marx says that human ideas neither form the reality and nor can they constitute real limits on reality, since ideas themselves are products of the reality, a change in the reality can however bring about changes in ideas (Marx 1973). The Young Hegelians also sought to bring social change in the society. They believed that they could bring about social change by effecting a change in thinking. They saw religion as the crucial ideology which prevented social change from occurring and concentrated their energies into removing religion from society (Ruhle 2005). In contrast to the Young Hegelians Marx believed that religious or political ideologies were created by the ruling classes in order to safeguard their rule. He believed that the chief purpose of these ideologies is to portray the interests of the ruling class as the common interest of the whole society (Ruhle 2005). According to Marx, the ruling class does not possess the power to perpetuate this fiction forever on their own strength, for the perpetuation of this fiction the economic forces which give rise to the ruling class must be maintained effectively. Marx believed that the key to social change depended upon changing the underlying unjust economic order of the society (Marx and Engels 1970). Marx believed that once the unjust economic order was replaced by a just system, the religious and political ideologies that came about as a result of the unjust order would be destroyed as well. In the preface to his work, ‘The German Ideology’, he mocked those who attempted social change through attacks on religion, saying: “Once upon a time a valiant fellow had the idea that men were drowned in water only because they were possessed with the idea of gravity. If they were to knock this notion out of their heads, say by stating it to be a superstition, a religious concept, they would be sublimely proof against any danger from water. His whole life long he fought against the illusion of gravity, of whose harmful results all statistics brought him new and manifold evidence. This valiant fellow was the type of the new revolutionary philosophers in Germany (Marx

The Basics Of Designing A Network Information Technology Essay

Objective of this lab is to demonstrate the basics of designing a network, taking into consideration the users, services and locations of the hosts. Overview: The major purpose is designing a network and optimizing it to have a maximized network performance, taking into consideration the cost constraint and the required services to be offered to different types of users. Periodical network optimization should be done throughout the whole life of network to get maximum network performance as well as to monitor the utilization of network resources. In this lab we will design a network for a company having four departments which includes Engineering, E-Commerce, Research and Sales. We will utilize a LAN model that allows simulating multiple clients and servers in one simulation object. This will reduce the amount of configuration work as well as amount of memory required to execute the simulation. After completing this laboratory we will be able to study how different design affects the performance of the network. Implementation: Scenario 1 (Simple Network): We will design a campus network We will following objects in the network: Application Config: It will be used in configuration of profiles for users. Profile Config: It will describe profile for users. Subnet We will configure subnets as Engineering, Research, E-Commerce and Sales. Each node has a 10BaseT LAN and Ethernet_16Switch connected by 10BaseT link. We will create 4 profiles with respect to the nodes which are Engineer, Researcher, E- Commerce Customer and Sales Person. The main server subnet has one Ethernet_16switch and three Ethernet_servers connected by 10BaseT link. These servers are web server, file server and database server. Web server supports the services like Web Browsing (Light HTTP1.1), Web Browsing(Heavy HTTP1.1), E-mail (Light) and Telnet Session (Light) File Server supports the services like File Transfer (Light) and File Print (Light). Database Server provides the service of Database Access (Light). 100BaseT link is used to connect all the four subnets with the server subnet. Thus there will be a connection between profile switch as a node A and server switch as node B. The final network will look like Figure 1. Figure 1: Network Design Statistics: We used Page Response Time from the HTTP protocol for the testing the networks performance. Simulation: Duration for simulation will be set to 30 minutes. Duplicate Scenario (Busy Network): In this scenario we will set the Background Utilization between the 2 servers to 99% instead of 0%. Result: After simulating the both scenarios we will get result for Page Response Time as shown in Figure 2. Figure 2: Graph for Page Response Time for both scenarios. It can be seen from the Figure 2 that Page Response Time for busy network is always higher than the simple network. It also being noticed that in the beginning page response time increases for both the networks but after some time they will be in stable state. Analysis: It can be seen that page response time for busy network is higher than the simple network. This is because we set the Background Utilization to 99% in Busy Network. Thus as the CPU Utilization increases the page response time decreases. Expectation: As we have set the Background utilization to 99% in the Busy network, we are expecting higher page response time in this scenario. Result of the laboratory is identical to our expectation. Questions / Answers: Analyze the result we obtained regarding HTTP page response time. Collect four other statistics of your choice and rerun the simulation of the Simple and the Busy network scenarios. Get the graphs that compare the collected statistics. Comment on these results. Page Response time: Page response time is higher in Busy network than simple network. This higher page response time is because of background utilization is 99%. Figure 2: Graph comparing Page Response Time for both scenarios. Object Response Time: It can be seen in Figure 3 that Object Response Time is very less for Simple network in compare to Busy network. Less response time means that access of the object in the network is higher. Figure 3: Graph comparing Object Response Time for both scenarios. Upload Response Time: It can be seen in Figure 4 that Upload Response Time for Simple network is constant throughout the simulation while for the Busy network it will vary. As network is busy it takes more time uploading in FTP connection for Busy Network while in Simple network uploading time is less. Figure 4: Graph comparing Upload Response Time for both scenarios. Download Response Time: Downloading a file in a busy network is high compare to simple network. It can be also seen from Figure 5 that downloading time for simple network is constant while for busy network it is varying with time. Figure 5: Graph comparing Download Response Time for both scenarios. Ethernet Delay: It can be seen in Figure 6 that delay for busy network is higher than simple networks. This proves that delay is directly proportional to the background utilization. Figure 6: Graph comparing Ethernet Delay for both scenarios. In the BusyNetwork scenario, study the utilization% of the CPUs in the servers. CPU Utilization: Web Server: CPU utilization increases in the early state and then become constant for the remaining period of time. Figure 7: CPU Utilization for Web Server in BusyNetwork . File Server: CPU utilization goes high as we access the File Server but letter it will decreases exponentially. Figure 8: CPU Utilization for File Server in BusyNetwork. Database Server: CPU utilization will go high as database server is accessed and it will remain almost constant with very less fluctuation for remaining time span. Figure 9: CPU Utilization for Databse Server in BusyNetwork. Create a new scenario as a duplicate of the BusyNetwork scenario. Name the new scenario Q3_OneServer. Replace the three servers with only one server that supports all required services. Study the utilization% of that server’s CPU. Compare this utilization with the three CPU utilization you obtained in the previous question. One Server: Combining all the server in one server doesn’t make much difference in CPU utilization. CPU utilization for BusyNetwork and Q3_OneServer is very similar. The utilization of one server is very much similar to the utilization for databse server and web server. It is not matching with the File server utilization as one server is serving all three purposes it is not decreasing unlike in File server. Figure 10: CPU Utilization for Server in OneServer Network. Create a new scenario as a duplicate of the BusyNetwork scenario. Name the new scenario Q4_FasterNetwork. In the Q4_FasterNetwork scenario, replace all 100baseT link with 10Gbps Ethernet links and replace all 10BaseT links with 100BaseT links. Study how increasing the bandwidth of the link affects the performance of the network in the new scenario (e.g. compare the HTTP page response time in the new scenario with that of the BusyNetwork). In this new scenario we are increasing the speed of the link which will directly increase the speed of network. Faster network have less response time as data rate is high compare to BusyNetwork. Figure 11 shows that pager response time is less for FasterNetwork is less in compare to BusyNetwork because of the high data rate. Figure 11: Graph for page response time of Busy and Faster Network Conclusion: Through this laboratory we learned to design a network, taking consideration of the users, services and locations of the hosts. It has also demonstrated the effect of devices on CPU utilization.

Where should the reworded thesis or controlling idea appear? conjunction c

term paper help Where should the reworded thesis or controlling idea appear? conjunction c.

Where should the reworded thesis or controlling idea appear?conjunctionconstructionconclusionconjugation
Where should the reworded thesis or controlling idea appear? conjunction c

Market Failure: A Critical Analysis Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Understanding Market Failure Causes of Market Failure Government’s Intervention Strategies Conclusion Reference List Introduction The collapse of the global financial system in 2008 and the subsequent recession through 2009 defied the reputation of the free market economy in the public imagination and discourse in a way that it had not been defied since the Great Depression. The intellectual consensus after this particular recession was that free-market economies are not only unstable and exploitive (Boettke 2010), but contribute to market failure, thus the need for government’s intervention on a multiplicity of fronts to neutralize these objectionable characteristics (Devlin 2010). Academics and economic commentators are still critically analyzing what could have gone wrong to occasion such an unprecedented financial crisis on the global front, but one of the possible reasons that continue to elicit increased attention is market failure (Dorn 2010). The present paper aims to shed more light into the concept of market failure, its causes, and the various interventions that government can adopt to correct this undesirable market outcome. Understanding Market Failure In precise terms, market failure is “…an economic term that encompasses a situation where, in any given market, the quantity of a product demanded by consumers does not equate to the quantity supplied by suppliers” (Investopedia 2012, para. 1). This scenario is thought to arise due to the absence of certain economically ideal factors, which not only prevent the achievement of market equilibrium but also occasion negative ramifications on the economy due to fact that optimal allocation of resources is not realized (Investopedia 2012; Wetherly

I have 2 questions for my management class. Please find the attached file

I have 2 questions for my management class. Please find the attached file.

CH11You were just hired as a new manager at ACME corp. During your interview process, organizational representatives explained that there had been drastic changes in the company in the last year because of their need to become more competitive in the industry. Because of this, employees feel that the company does not value their input and seem disengaged and distant. One of the first tasks that you are given as a manager is to develop a plan to motivate employees. Based on what you learned about motivation in class, explain What would you do to motivate your employees?Why would these actions enhance their motivation and engagement with the organization?CH10Explain how you can use the ideas from LMX theory and Transformational theory to develop a leadership training program to enhance the success and effectiveness of leaders in an organization. Explain why the aspects that you choose can help managers become better leaders within the organization.
I have 2 questions for my management class. Please find the attached file

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