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Chicano Discrimination in Higher Education Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction Background Discussion Conclusion Reference Introduction While discrimination always seemed to be natural in any form of a group from family to ethnicity, implications are almost always experienced in a very negative manner where minorities or the lesser groups feel helpless about their situation. The limitation provided by economic status as well adds up to the challenge experienced by many colored races and minorities in predominantly white institutions. This paper shall strive to present racism and discrimination among Chicanos at university levels of which while higher understanding and knowledge are expected, degrading individual acts are still perceived. It will, however, argue to make this a challenge for colored and minorities to strive harder setting aside a reality that could be daunting. Background The U.S. Census Bureau as reported by the U.S. Department of Commerce (2000) noted the radical change of the United States in terms of its racial or ethnic demographics referred to as the “diversification of America” or even the “browning of America.” Likewise, Casas and Vasquez (1996) acknowledged the increased significance of racial or ethnic minorities as “a demographic force” in the United States. It is expected that by the year 2010, 46%of the nation’s school-age youth will be students of color (Banks
ACU Analyzing What Makes a Report Report Purpose Audience & Design Essay.

The assignment:Using Google, find two sample reportsThe reports can be any type you want, but the two should be different types. Use what you learned about different types of reports in the reading to help you figure out what type you’re looking at.For each report you choose, write a brief analysis of the followingPurpose: What is the report doing? What’s the goal?Audience: Who was the report written for? What aspects of the report suggest who the audience is?Design: Describe the format (structure, headings, figures, etc.). Describe the organization/structure of the report–list all the sections included in the report and a brief summary (one sentence) of each section.After analyzing each report, write a short paragraph comparing the two reports. What similarities and differences do you see.
ACU Analyzing What Makes a Report Report Purpose Audience & Design Essay

Information Security Profile for Air Force Reserve Command Report

Table of Contents Introduction Controls and specified standards Conclusion References Introduction The United States Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) incorporates operations, technological adjustments in war fighting and develops Airmen. This body deters nuclear operations, command and control, offers combat support, and ensures superiority on cyberspace. Since it offers services to third parties, the public, it has outlined some controls to make sure that its set standards are not overstepped (U.S Air Force Reserve Snapshot, 2012). Therefore, AFRC aims at long-term and high value services to the entire concerned partners and clients. For example, in managing its information system, the body ensures that there are well explained and coordinated procedures of handling the whole information. These may include channels of communication and modalities that the information must follow to the required destination, the precautions that must be taken when handling such information, and the parties that can get access to information. These rules assist AFRC in upholding democratic processes in the entire society; hence, ensuring accountability and transparency among societal leaders. Notably, information confidentiality is an essential factor in determining the modalities, channels and delivery systems (U.S Air Force Reserve Snapshot, 2012). Again, the number and kind of people who are authorized to handle such information and fundamental elements that are determined in information processing. On the other front, the drastic and steady change in technology has forced the AFRC to apply controls, which could help to minimize illegal access to some information by third parties. Worst still, some third parties can un-authentically gain access to these pieces of information and even go ahead to block the messages from further access. This information vulnerability makes it a necessity to set up controls that can help guard the reports (Freedom of Information Act, n.d.). For instance, illegal access to information in a website do not require forceful intrusion and the hacker must not be close the owners to break into their infrastructural system. Since AFRC is a national organization, it needs to ensure that its plans and operations are secretly guarded to avert information leakage to the wrong parties. Controls and specified standards The specialized force only under exemptions allows some individuals to gain access to information that is not meant for the public. This control helps to maintain the secrets that are contained in the messages, as there are properly-guided procedures under which a person can view some information (Freedom of Information Act, n.d.). Only verified people can access these pieces of information with prior knowledge of the specialized force. From this perspective, AFRC is attempting to practice information authenticity. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Moreover, this control shows that although AFRC established a website on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), there are procedures that one has to follow in order to gain access to information. Evidently, an individual’s information freedom is controlled. The control helps the Reserve Command to maintain their set standard on information accessibility by third parties. Additionally, there is a control on information accessibility by any person. This occurs when one of the outlined nine exemptions prohibits information disclosure to the public. The protection to federal agency records is also guarded by the special law enforcement record exclusions (Freedom of Information Act, n.d.). Precisely, one of the three laws upholds the inaccessibility of such information. A control of this nature guarantees information privacy. For example, one cannot gain access to such information that should not be disclosed to the public even though one has a right to seek judicial address from the court of law. As a result, there is control on information accessibility; it ensures adherence to standards by preventing an unauthenticated access to information. However, not all information is kept off the public’s access, as they become informed on the fundamental functions of democratically elected leaders; therefore, being able to hold them accountable of any misconduct. At the same time, it encourages leadership transparency by minimizing unethical practices like corruption and nepotism. Moreover, there is a control that AFRC applies to records held by individuals, courts, and local government bodies. It holds that the citizens must request for information access in the records that the above listed bodies hold. Remarkably, individual states have their own managerial laws that guide their operations (Military Introduction, n.d.). Therefore, people have to consult their respective states in order to access these pieces of information. At AFRC, FOIA only guards federal agencies; therefore, there is no authenticity in accessing other records from institutions like the courts. Another control that this organization monitors, that is the fees for processing FOIA. The requesters’ are divided into three categories. These three groups pay different fees in order to access the same information. The categories are in terms of intended use of the information or message. For instance, commercial use, educational use, and media use. Information for commercial use, for example, pays reproduction, search, and review fee. On the other hand, information for scientific studies, which are non-commercial levies only reproduction fees and are given the first 100 printable pages at no cost. We will write a custom Report on Information Security Profile for Air Force Reserve Command specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Occasionally, a fee waiver can be in force that is, pieces of information that their disclosure are deemed to significantly help the public undergo through this process. Public’s access to information empowers them to understand the roles of different government agencies (The Presence of Commercial/External Links, n.d.). Notably, the requester must not use such information for commercial purposes. A deep scrutiny is done to validate the intended use of these pieces of information. These notwithstanding, AFRC ensure information security through provision of mailbox details and website where people can send their FOIA requests. Obviously, this technique ensures information security as no third parties are incorporated in the whole inquiry process. Alternatively, if one needs information for personal use, he/she must prove beyond doubt to the AFRC that he/she is the only person requesting for such information. Specifically, the person must prove his/her identity during requisition. Notably, requesters who have close affiliation to Air force are prohibited from using government materials and equipment like office mail and telephones channels during FOIA requisition. This approach maintains high standard of security for the information available. People are also not required to release their e-mails like organizational and personal e-mails (The Presence of Commercial/External Links, n.d.). This step helps to protect internal information, as it could violate the agency’s regulations. If the information is released through e-mail, it would create unwarranted loopholes that would allow for unauthorized access to certain information hence privacy violation. On situations where one uses his/her personal postal address or e-mail to communicate to AFRC, the details could only be used to communicate back to the person. According to The Presence of Commercial/External Links (n.d.), the information the client has sent can only be shared with a relevant agency dealing in the same line. This control ensures public confidence and loyalty in this organization. Outstandingly, a person is not required to give other personal details like social security numbers during communication. Therefore, the control also protects violation of personal privacy thus maintaining the standards that the organization has set to follow. Furthermore, AFRC has established a computer system that collects statistical data. During this process, the software in the computer can detect any unauthorized access to a given website (The Presence of Commercial/External Links, n.d.). Internet hackers can alter, damage, or erase all information in a website. Not sure if you can write a paper on Information Security Profile for Air Force Reserve Command by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Evidently, the organization has put in place a modern technological application that assists in mitigating illegal activities that could tamper with information and violates an individual’s privacy. Simultaneously, this control helps in assessing pieces of information that are mostly read and those that are least read; this also helps in management of sites. Conclusion Conclusively, the controls put forward by AFRC, surely, help in ensuring high standards in service delivery and development of trust among its stakeholders. In addition, the organization has clearly prohibited against accessing private sites, altering information, uploading information, and denying other people services. These acts are punishable in court. For example, unauthorized access of password-protected data leads to imprisonment for a term of not more than twenty years or subjection of a fine under the title (Military Introduction, n.d.). Notably, these charges are levied if the victim’s access to the information was for personal financial gain and the act furthered criminal or tortious acts, such as causing physical injuries to any person. Therefore, such controls ought to be fully implemented so that the integrity of the Air force command remains higher than any other organization. References Freedom of Information Act. (n.d.). Air Force Reserve Command. Retrieved from Military Introduction. (n.d.). Global Security. Retrieved from The Presence of Commercial/External Links. (n.d.). Air Force Reserve Command. Retrieved from U.S Air Force Reserve Snapshot. (2012). Air Force Reserve Command. Retrieved from

Utica College Atria and Ventricular Regularity Discussion

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To attempt to earn the most points for your original
post, answer all parts of the question clearly and comprehensively.
You should be able to provide a substantive answer in 350-500 words.
Original posts should demonstrate critical thinking and express original
information, thoughts, ideas, perspectives, etc. Support the content in your
answer using at least 2 sources. Sources should be current
(i.e., published within the last 5 years) and professional. Examples
of professional sources includes the textbook, and health-related journals,
government agencies, professional organizations, and other research-based
organizations. Information from sources should be paraphrased (i.e. restated
using your own words) and acknowledged accurately using APA-style citations and
a reference list. Direct quotes are not permitted.
Utica College Atria and Ventricular Regularity Discussion

BBA 3301 CSU Structuring Capital via Banking Relationships Identity Armstrong Case

BBA 3301 CSU Structuring Capital via Banking Relationships Identity Armstrong Case.

Final Research PaperThroughout this course, you have been working on your research paper on a company you have chosen. For this assignment, you will consolidate the parts of the assignment you wrote in Units II, V, and VI. In addition, you will add a new section that comprises content you have learned in this unit.First, combine Parts I-III of your paper. Be sure to make any changes necessary based on feedback you have received. Make sure that you include an introduction and transitions so that these three parts read as one cohesive document.Then, you will need to examine your firm’s working capital management. Look at the firm’s annual report and answer the following questions:What is the firm’s cash position? Does the firm reflect positive cash balances for the last three years?What methods does the firm use to ensure and maintain positive cash flows?What methods of short-term financing does the firm use?Conclude your paper with a final recommendation about whether or not this company would be a good investment for potential investors. Your finished paper must be a minimum of seven pages long, and you must use at least five sources (most of which were likely used in other units). At least one source must come from the CSU Online Library. Any information from those sources must be cited and referenced in APA format and you should format your paper in accordance to APA guidelines.
BBA 3301 CSU Structuring Capital via Banking Relationships Identity Armstrong Case

Earlly childhood education /child,family,school,community

Earlly childhood education /child,family,school,community.

This assignment requires that you interview a family with a with a young child and develop a profile of the family.To prepare for this interview:Select a family with a child between the ages of birth and eight. This family can be a friend, relative ( outside your immediate family), neighbor, or a a family in your early childhood classroom program. Try to select a family as different as possible from your own.Review and print the interview Questions from the”Family Profile Form” Arrange a time to interview the family. Your interview is likely to last approximately one hour.During the Interview:Be sure to let the family know that you are completing this interview as part of an assignment for your ECE 11 Child, Family, and Community course, and that the purpose of this assignment is to support your mastery of course materials. Let parents share anything about their family and culture that they feel is pertinent even if it is not specifically mentioned in the interview questions.After the Interview, prepare your Family Profile• Using the interview questions as a guide, describe the family.• Select one of the theories (bio-ecological, sociocultural, or family systems) presented in your textbook.How would you use this theory to explain the family’s functioning at the present time? Provide examples of how the theory you selected helps you understand this family overall. Be sure to integrate course materials into your response.What risk factors or strengths do you feel the family has? Be sure to consider familysupport and resiliency.Turn in the completed profile form and your accompanying narrative addressing theabove items by the due date Family Profile Form Family Members Names (please use first names only): Ages of children: Interview Questions What kinds of cultural practices are important to your family? What is your family’s ethnicity? Race? What languages are spoken in your home? What kind of pressures are you facing in the current economic climate? (Please use this question if there is more than one child in the family).How do the siblings get along?Describe your transition to parenting. What do you see as your family strengths? What kinds of things support you in your role as a parent? For example, extended family, childcare arrangements, and friendships? What do you find most stressful about being a parent?
Earlly childhood education /child,family,school,community

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