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Chemistry Assignment

Chemistry Assignment. I’m stuck on a Chemistry question and need an explanation.

For each of the following queries, supply the missing information or perform the required operation. (1 pt each)

Two elements with similar chemical and physical properties from the following: C, S, As, and Si. _______________
1. Write chemical formulas for the compounds derived from the following pairs of ions: (5 pts)

(a) V3+ and PO4 3–
(b) Ti4+ and Cl–
(c) Mn4+ and PO33–
(d) Zn2+ and S2O32–
(e) Cr3+ and Se2–
Pethidine hydrochloride is available as a 2.5 % solution. What is the concentration of the drug in mg/mL and mcg/mL? Show your work and report your answer to two significant figures. (5 pts)
Pethidine hydrochloride is available as a 1:8000 dilution. What is its % concentration? What is its concentration in mg/mL? Show your work and report your answer to three significant figures. (5 pts)
The pressure gauge on an E cylinder containing O2 reads 975 psi. (a) What is the volume of O2 in the cylinder? (b) If O2 is dispensed from the cylinder at a rate of 0.500 L/min, how long will the O2 flow last? Assume that a full E cylinder contains 700 L at a total pressure of 2000 psi. Show your work and report your answer to three significant figures. (5 pts)

A patient is ordered to take 0.060 gram of Thioridazine orally. Thioridazine is available as a suspension containing 100 mg of Thioridazine per 5.0 mL of suspension. How many milliliters of the suspension should be administered to the patient? Show your work and report your answer to two significant figures. (5 pts)

Chemistry Assignment

The molecular geometry of Cl2 is:.

The molecular geometry of Cl2 is:BentLinearTrigonal PlanarTetrahedral
The molecular geometry of Cl2 is:

Academy for Jewish Religion Non Objective Is a Form of Art Discussion

Academy for Jewish Religion Non Objective Is a Form of Art Discussion.

Lecture 7 – Threaded Discussion 311 unread reply.11 reply.Visual Form and Content Lee KrasnerCornucopia 195891″ x 70″Richard DiebenkornOcean Park No. 79 197593″ x 81″Philadelphia Museum of ArtThe AssignmentI’d like you to compare and contrast two nonobjective works of art: Lee Krasner’s Cornucopia and Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park No. 79. The visual form of these two paintings is very different. Therefore, the meaning, message and feeling – the content – of each sculpture is different. It is your job to describe and interpret the content of each painting as you answer the following questions:Some argue that there is no subject in a nonobjective work of art, but I disagree. The subject may not be as easy to state as “landscape” or “still life”, but I think it can be done, even with nonobjective art. Perhaps we could say the subject was “color” or “color and shape” or “composition with lines”, and so on. What is more important than determining the subject, however, is determining the content of the artwork.Before you begin your response, read the two lecture sections about Lee Krasner and Richard Diebenkorn that precede this assignment. These sections will help you understand the development of each artist’s work.1. How does the visual form differ in these two artworks? Are the colors, lines and shapes that each artist has chosen to use different, or the same? Give specific examples from the artworks.2. What do you think the content is in each of these paintings? These are nonobjective paintings, so you don’t have to look for literal “things” in each piece. You may see suggestions of things, but don’t hurt yourself trying to make what you see into something recognizable. Relax. Your response will be more subjective. Think metaphorically. Remember that “artists often create a kind of visual poetry”. This is particularly true of nonobjective art. What kinds of feelings does each painting suggest to you? What kind of “personality” does each painting seem to have?Question 2 is the key to your success with this TD assignment. Don’t back off. Just dig in and figure out an interpretation based on what you see in the paintings, and what you have learned about the artists from the lecture. Don’t dodge around by telling me that you don’t know what the content is, or that there are many meanings – none of which you explain – or that there is a hidden message you don’t reveal. Just dig in! You can do this.3. How does the visual form of each artwork create its content? How do the choices each artist makes in the use of color, shape, line and composition create the feeling of each painting? Name the colors each artist uses and explain effect the colors have on you. Do the same for shape, line and composition.4. Imagine Krasner and Diebenkorn each working on their paintings. What do you imagine that process would look like? Do you imagine these two paintings were physically painted in the same way?5. What do the titles suggest to you, in connection with the look of the paintings themselves? The artists chose them, and they must have some connection with the content of the paintings. What does “Ocean Park No. 79” suggest? Have you read the preceding lecture section about Diebenkorn? This will help you understand the meaning of this title, and the content of Diebenkorn’s painting. What does “Cornucopia” mean? Look the word up in the dictionary, even if you think you know what it means. This should help with your understanding of the content of Krasner’s painting (keep thinking metaphorically).6. Given just these two choices, which painting do you prefer? Does your choice more closely match your own personality? Explain your choice.
Academy for Jewish Religion Non Objective Is a Form of Art Discussion

Annotated Bibliography Masters Program

assignment writer Annotated Bibliography Masters Program.

Hello,Here are the instructions for this assignment. Please keep in mind my variables are:Dependent variable- Independence & Problem SolvingIndependent Variable- Emotional intelligenceFor this assignment, you are expected to use the Sample Annotated Bibliography document as a template. You must accomplish the following tasks: APA_Sample_Annotated_Bibliography copy.pdf Select a minimum of 20 peer-reviewed or scholarly publications for ONE of the literature streams you intend to use in your literature review.A literature stream is dedicated to each specific variable in your specific analysis. For example, if you were to conduct a research study to determine the correlation between shoe size and IQ, one stream of literature would be about shoe size, and the other would be about IQ. These streams will have to be clearly defined in your Week 7 paper, so the better the literature selected for this assignment, the better off you will be when it comes time to write that paper.I have uploaded last weeks assignment, that would be good to check out first.
Annotated Bibliography Masters Program

MKTG 3553 International Marketing and Financial Projection Presentation

MKTG 3553 International Marketing and Financial Projection Presentation.

Your final submission as a team will be a summary presentation that makes a recommendation to your CEO for whether or not it is a good idea for the company to try to implement your marketing plan. Hit the high points of your marketing but really focus on the market viability, financial profitability, key risks, challenges and opportunities. Each team will only have 3-4 minutes to present. You should include detailed explanation of why you make that recommendation. It can be a definite “Yes”, a definite “No”, or a “Maybe” — meaning it has potential but requires more research.It should be a well reasoned argument that includes no more than 5 slides A summary of your financial projections: assumptions made for pricing and sales volume, 5 year projections and bottom line A description of your estimated target market with clearly articulated market segments and specific numbers for target market sizeThe details of you market entry strategy A summary of the critical risks, challenges, and opportunitiesKey elements of your marketing and advertising approach
MKTG 3553 International Marketing and Financial Projection Presentation

UC Riverside The Theory of Automata and Formal Languages Online Quiz

UC Riverside The Theory of Automata and Formal Languages Online Quiz.

The quiz will be on 6:30pm–8:00pm Nov 16 Mon(GMT-7).The quiz will test 8 questions about :basic concepts of finite automata and languagesdeterministic finite automaton, nondeterminismequivalence between DFA, NFA and e-NFAregular expressionequivalence between regular expression and FAalgebraic laws for regular expressionspumping lemma and applicationsproperties of regular languages minimization of automata and applicationsI will provide the textbook and 3 samples for the quiz.
UC Riverside The Theory of Automata and Formal Languages Online Quiz