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Chemical Weathering Prevalence and Effects Essay

Types of Rocks While chemical weathering is not common in the mid-latitude regions, some rocks are affected adversely by this weathering due to their chemical composition and the prevailing climatic conditions. The climate of mid-latitudes is characterized by humid conditions prevailing within the humid subtropical, Marine West coast, Humid Continental, and the Sub Arctic among other climatic zones. They are characterized by average temperatures that support chemical processes. The combination of humid conditions and average temperatures purport the corrosion of rocks containing iron elements by the formation of iron oxide that weakens the rocks. These rocks containing iron compounds include hematite, goethite and magnetite rocks (James, 1966). Effects The prevalence of chemical weathering in relation to iron compounds has profound effects to the corrosion of artificial structures made of iron such as fences, gates, and iron sheets among others. This leads to gradual destruction of the structures that demands frequent replacement and utilization of extra capital directed to other sectors of the economy. In addition, it has forced people to adopt the use of other structures that are more expensive than iron structures. Control Measures Control of iron rusting has been triggered adversely to curb the verdict. For example, some structures are painted with artificial paints. The artificial paints prevent the contact between structures and humidity in order to prevent rusting. The most recent technology aims at using alloys preventing the formation of Iron Oxides that cause corrosion. These two methods have been applied widely showing excellent performance. Module 7 D2 Differences of Rivers Unlike rivers without deltas, rivers with deltas undergo intensive erosion on the upstream to provide sediments for deposition at the mouth. In addition, these rivers tend to flood at the upstream due to blockage of water especially during the rainy seasons. Impacts of Deltas In the USA, deltas act as residences to people who are homeless where they obtain minerals and fertile soils for cultivation. This implies that deltas are purporting the social and economic autonomy of USA’s population. Module 7D3 Glacial and Sea Ice Although there are various occurrences that impact on glacial and sea ice, the most significant occurrence is the natural melting of the ice. This occurs due to global warming and the increment of climatic temperatures which leads to the rising of sea levels. Global warming has been triggered by human activities that cause the emission of carbon gases which depletes the ozone layer and purports the green house effect. The human activities that contribute to the emission of carbon gases include the excessive use of motor vehicles, decomposition of waste materials, and burning coal among others. Human Impacts The rise of sea levels leads to the displacement of people from the coastal region due to the movement of water into the land. This displacement results to migration which forces people to live in slums. On the other hand, melting of sea ice can reduce the number of accidents caused by icebergs due to reduction of ice in the water. In addition, the melting of glacial ice can expose land that might be used for agricultural cultivation. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Module 8 D2 Sand Transportation Transportation of sand from the sea to the land causes the formation of features such as sand dunes. As a result, some people have changed their transportation routes to avoid the dunes while others have planted vegetation on the dunes to prevent destruction. These actions aim at protecting the wildlife that is found within the sand dunes. On the other hand, the preservation of the sand dunes attract tourist leading to financial income to the areas. Hurricanes and Government Responses Hurricanes have resulted to adverse negative consequences to the coastal areas. Once the hurricanes blow across the sea, they develop sea waves on the surface of the water leading to movement of water into the land. This movement is referred to as tsunami. It has been known for causing destruction of property, human death, and evacuation of people among other negative consequences (Langley
Alliant International University Applied Development Science Research.

Read Goode, J. (2006). Research identities: Reflections of a contract researcher. Sociological Research Online, 11(2), 1-10.Read Jensen, P.S., Hoagwood, K., & Trickett, E.J. (1999). Ivory towers or earthen trenches? Community collaborations to foster real-world research. Applied Development Science, 3(4), 206-212.answer these question in 1 page What aspects of the weekly readings stood out to you when it comes to the topic of research in the real world?What aspects of the weekly readings connected most with you and your personal/professional life?How have you used research (conducted by others) in your professional or personal life?In what particular areas are you most prone to consider the research that has been done?In what particular areas do you tend to ignore the research that has been done?
Alliant International University Applied Development Science Research

King Abdulaziz University Common Mistakes in Survey Questions Discussion

King Abdulaziz University Common Mistakes in Survey Questions Discussion.

Question designers need to avoid specific wording problems. For example, they should avoid leading questions or double-barreled questions. What do you think about it? Elaborate with sample questions and the possible answers. (Refer Chapter-11/ Module-7,9)Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (which require supporting citations), along with two scholarly peer-reviewed references in support of your answer.Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced. Post your initial response early and check back often to continue the discussion. Be sure to respond to your peers’ posts as well.Answer all questions posted by your fellow students as well as your professor. These post replies need to be substantial and constructive in nature. They should add to the content of the post and evaluate/analyze that post’s answer.
King Abdulaziz University Common Mistakes in Survey Questions Discussion

Family Nurse Practitioners’ Opportunities in California Essay

i need help writing an essay Nowadays, California is believed to be a state with a high demand for Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) and many job opportunities. Big cities, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, are places where FNPs receive the highest salaries. Moreover, California intends to open new jobs in the near future, which will lead to an increase of employment in this field. Due to new policies and strategies, California is predicted to have about 10% of FNP jobs in the United States. Thus, California may be called one of the most promising places for FNPs with specific benefits regarding the demand for specialists. Furthermore, the authorities’ plans on creating new places on job markets increase not only the employment rate of FNPs in this state but also the employment of the whole country. However, California does not only have one of the highest rates of demand for FNP specialists, but it is also a rather beneficial region because of high salaries. The FNPs’ labor in California is considered to be the most highly-paid in America. The surveys conducted in 2011 demonstrate that the average salary of the specialist ranges from 100 000 to 124 000 dollars. Despite the fact that benefit packages depend on different aspects and vary among employers, there are some most expected benefits for FNPs. For example, after applying for the position, each FNP specialist receives retirement, dental, and medical benefits, and they can also rely on vacation, vision, and life opportunities, which are provided by local employers. Therefore, California gives FNP specialists necessary healthcare, education, and career opportunities, which raises the life quality of these specialists in general. There are many challenges that need to be overcome by FNP specialists due to a variety of patients and unique character traits. In order to build contacts with patients, which is extremely important for a specialist in medical care, FNP needs to have excellent communicative skills and empathy. In addition, most of FNPs have to work with complicated situations so these specialists need vital skills such as rationality, patience, self-organization, and be ready to endure much stress. Sometimes, stress levels can be rather high, and in this case, it is crucial not only to tolerate it but also to remain humane and never show their irritation with some patients’ behavior. Since patients can have diverse ethnicities, races, and cultural backgrounds, it is essential to be aware of some particular features in different ethnic groups of patients, which could help to avoid offense or misunderstanding. Considering various challenges in the profession of FNP, one can find the job very challenging, strenuous, and not the type of work which everyone can do. Although the work of FNP is rewarded with a high salary, it requires many qualifications, efforts, education, and courses in order to become a successful specialist in this field. However, I believe that in spite of its difficulties, the career of FNP is an excellent choice because it provides an opportunity to help people. Despite the fact that there are no promotion opportunities in this field, and some FNPs can gain more responsibilities from their supervision physicians, there are still opportunities to open a practice and build clientele. By gaining essential education and gaining work experience, I hope that in the future, I will be able to create my own practice and follow the recent technological advancements to provide high-quality service.

ENG 102 CTC Improving Resource Management & Increasing Power Utilization Replies

ENG 102 CTC Improving Resource Management & Increasing Power Utilization Replies.

Responses to peers should include evaluative comments that help them continue developing their thesis statement and outline. Answer all of the following questions in each response:Does the thesis statement present a narrowed topic? What is the narrowed topic?Does the thesis statement present an opinion/position on the topic? What is the author’s position?Is the position arguable? What would an opposing or contrasting thesis statement be?What suggestions do you have for your peer to continue refining his or her thesis statement?What suggestions do you have for continuing to develop the content or ideas? For example, what do you think should be added either as a main point or as a sub-point?What suggestions do you have for organizing the ideas more logically? For example, what would be another method your peer should consider for organizing the ideas? Why?What clarifying questions do you have regarding a main point in the preliminary outline? For example, you could ask for more information about a main point if its relationship to the rest of the outline is unclear.
ENG 102 CTC Improving Resource Management & Increasing Power Utilization Replies

Miami Dade College Becker Muscular Dystrophy Presentation

Miami Dade College Becker Muscular Dystrophy Presentation.

I’m working on a nursing presentation and need a sample draft to help me learn.

PowerPoint Presentation Content
Students must post one interesting case that he/she has seen in the clinical setting via my case is Becker Muscular Dystrophy in a young man. 
The case should be posted in the SOAP format, with references for the patient diagnosis, differential diagnoses (there should be at least 3), and the treatment plan. Notes will be graded as “pass/fail”. In order to receive grade points for SOAP notes, the notes must be approved by the deadlines specified on the course assignments page. The student will lose the opportunity for points on any SOAP notes not approved by the specified deadlines. The posting does not have to be written in APA format but
should be written with correct spelling and grammar in a PowerPoint presentation. References should be in APA format. The
selected references should reflect current evidence – dated within the past 5 years.
Clinical Case Grading Criteria: The SOAP note will be submitted through Blackboard. The focus of the presentation must reflect the
Chief Complain and pertinent history-10% of total result
Pertinent exam and Diagnosis-10% of total result
Working diagnosis and supporting criteria 5% of total result
Management plan 5% total result
Epidemiological data-cited from literature-10% of the total result
The evidence-based rationale for treatment (literature-based)-10% of the total result
Analysis of self-care and family issues related to diagnosis and treatment plan-20% of the total result
Evaluation parameters to be used (or were used) to determine outcomes-10% of the total result
Identify major lessons learned and how they may affect your future practice as a nurse practicioner -20% of the total result. learning objectives of the course and drawn from the current clinical setting of the student practice site.
Miami Dade College Becker Muscular Dystrophy Presentation

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