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Character Analysis: Scout Scout is brave and curious; upon the story she finds ways to keep on going and to not give up. Although throughout the story she is hurt and offended, she was most conflicted at school. For the first time Scout went to school, she faced the real world. She found how the real world acts and works. So later on she becomes more curious and decides to find answers to all of her questions. The first day of school, Scout finds the hardship of the real world. First, her teacher doesn’t like her. Then, her peers find ut her dad is a negro-lover because he defends a Negro in a court case.

Scout is annoyed and tries to solve the problem with violence. Although she is a girl, she stands up for her family name and is being brave and strong. During the first day of school, the teacher gets aggravated at Scout for knowing how to read on the first day of school, especially when she wants to teach and not have any bad habits catching on. So now Scout is always bored, waiting for the class to slowly catch up. Scout plays a major role in the book so far. She takes everyone through the few beginning years f her life. She as a little girl is very curious.

As she steps into the real world, she notices the struggles she will go through and as she goes on, few people encourage her. Atticus, Jem, Dill, and Calpurnia care for Scout the most. They take care of her everyday; even Boo Radley cares about Scout. Scout and Jem are like a pair and they go on some crazy adventures from trying to talk to Boo to rolling in a tire down the street. Even making a snowman to try to make it look like a neighbor. Throughout the story she stands up for Atticus; sometimes she uses her fist to get out her frustration r she calmly walks away and thinks about what Atticus would say.

Atticus is all about being moral; Scout has learned many lessons from Atticus, especially not using her fists to let out anger. Atticus has been a great role model for Scout; Scout throughout the story holds back to violence because she feels Atticus doesn’t think violence is the way to solve her problems. Calpurnia helps support the importance of Scout; Calpurnia taught Scout how to write and that has made Scout ahead in class. Scout is a curious girl; all throughout the book she asks so many questions because she Just ants to know.

The effect of Poverty on Health Care

The effect of Poverty on Health Care.

Careful revision and proofreading are essential to effective graduate-level, academic writing. Writers who spend time reviewing, revising, and proofreading their work are more likely to produce better quality work. There are many resources and technology-based tools readily available to assist you in revising and improving your writing. Utilize online resources that provide feedback on your writing, or request feedback from instructors and peers on your writing. For this assignment, compose a rough draft of your essay (the final version is due in Topic 4). The topic of my essay is “The effect of Poverty on Health Care”. After composing your draft, you may explore the following online resources that can provide feedback on your writing. (Note: The online tools may only offer a free trial or be free up to certain word limit). Grammarly: Readable: Hemingway App: Pro Writing Aid: Analyze My Writing: Once you have explored the resources, either schedule an appointment to discuss your rough draft with a tutor at the Learning Lounge or submit your draft (or a portion that does not exceed the word limit for a free trial) to one of the tools listed above. You may also select a similar tool of your choosing with instructor approval. Then prepare a 250-500 word evaluation of the results. Address the following: Did you meet with a tutor or did you use one of the online tools? What did you learn about your writing from the feedback? What pattern of errors did you notice? Discuss at least two tips you learned that you can use to improve your writing in the future. If you received feedback from a tutor, did you find it valuable? Why or why not? If you used one of the online tools, discuss its pros and cons. Consider the cost, and if you would recommend paying for the service for the duration of your studies. Submit your rough draft along with your evaluation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. YOU NEED TO WRITE A ROUGH DRAfT OF MY ESSAY ABOUT THE EFFECT OF POVERTY ON HEALTH CARE, THEN YOU NEED TO WRITTE AN EVALUATION OF THE RESULTS of your written essay rough draft IN 250-500 WORDS FOLLOWING ALL THE REQUIREMENTS MENTIONED

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