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These questions are meant to serve as guide to help you pick out the most important information. Answer these questions to the best of your ability. Billeted lists are acceptable as long as they consist of more than a few words. These concepts should be well thought out. Chapter 3 “Introduction” “Global Competition and the Expansion of England’s Empire” “Origins of American Slavery’ “Colonies in Crisis”- Choose only one sub-topic “The Growth of Colonial America” “Social Classes in the Colonies”- Choose only one sub-topic 1.How did the mercantilism system work? Explain how the “mother country” benefited from having colonies.

A. The government was in charge Of all economic activity the way to promote power. They establish special boundaries. All trades was controlled, so that more wealth entered the country from which he left. B. The roll of the colonies was to serve interest of mother country by producing marketable raw materials and import manufactured goods. Commerce was the base of the empire, not the extension of land.

2.How did the development of the English colonies differ from each other? In what ways were the other Empires affected by English expansion? How were the Native Americans affected? A. New York was traded after the English-Dutch battle, the natives was used as allied for battles against French army. B. Carolina was founded by decree, as a barrier for Spanish expansion, Carolina was the colony of the colony, again the natives was used as allies and the Carolina settles encouraged natives to fight against Florida natives.The settles in Carolina established their own rules and the rules were extreme, Slavery was coded and provides absolute power to proprietors. C.

Pennsylvania, the last English colony established by William Penn. The land was granted to Penn as pay of debt, England granted Pennsylvania and Delaware. Initially the land protected Quakers. Mr.. Penn trade other land now named New Jersey and the Quakers decide to do the land for farmers not large land owners like New York.All the territory was governed under Quaker principles, among them the equality for persons (including, women, blacks and Indians) Penn trade land with Indians and offered refuges, he was a pacifist and did not promote wars between groups.

D. Dutch empire lost New York and commerce; they should accept the English rule. Spanish empire was affected as well when the tattlers arrived to Carolina to stop the Spanish expansion, Carolina settlers promoted the war between tribes weakening the Spanish Empire.And we cannot forget the English empire who was beneficial of all colonies, they payee tributes and was support for a stronger English empire. 3. What changes were seen in the systems of labor in the English colonies during this period? What caused these changes to occur as rapidly as they did? What other areas of life were affected by these changes? A. With the Indian population wiped by health problems and wars between them and with white indentured servants unwilling to do the monotonous work in the sugar and Tobacco plantations, the colonies did massive importations of slaves from Africa.

Rapidly the Africans grow in numbers. At the beginning there was white and black servants and a law existed for them, however was not the same, for example the whites had a term for service and the blacks did not, then Virginia was the most extreme and rude with the laws for slaves, they establish the blacks never will be free and no one was born free, the sons were born from a slave remained as slaver for the owner. B. For 1 700 blacks constituted more than 10% of the population and 50 years later they were half.Virginia changed from a society with slaves to a slave society per the hard rules against blacks. 4. What made the colonies so diverse? How did the various populations interact with one another? How did this affect other areas of life? A.

The way that was each colony was formed contributed to the development of it, the small farmers in the north did not any comparison with the slavery in the south, and that was basically organized per the settlers, while in Pennsylvania they have equal rights for all, in Virginia they believed in supremacy of the race. . The migration took an important part on the diversification, English as the first, they promote the migration at the beginning and almost 90% of the population was from England, The German migrations helps to the diversification, the was persecuted because religion differences. C. The Indians were another groups in the colonies, some treated like slaves and in other places as a refugees, but part of the diversity. D. And the most important group the blacks, they came to America to work and many lost their right, they have an owner.

Chapter 4 “Slavery and Empire” “Slave Cultures and Slave Resistance” “An Empire of Freedom” “The Public Sphere”- Choose two sub-topics Imperial Rivalries”- Choose only one sub-topic “Battle for the Continent”- Choose one sub-topic and read the “Colonial Identities” sub-topic 5. How was the slavery System developed and perpetuated in the British colonies? What purpose did it serve? A. The slavery was developed because that was a very good business for all the parts involved b.The slaves were used in plantations basically sugar, rice, and Tobacco. 6. How did the slaves develop their own culture independent of the colonists? What did they do to fight their enslavement? A. If 7.

How did England perceive itself? Why did the men in power seemingly Moore the injustice of slavery? A. Off 8. What made the colonists, despite all of their differences, become unified as the eve of the Revolutionary War approached? A. If Primary Sources Complaint of an Indentured Servant (1756) Pontiac, Two Speeches (1762 and 1 763) 9. How do the primary source readings fit in with these chapters? What do they teach you about the actual individuals who lived through this period? 10. What is the benefit of using and studying primary sources? How does this affect your understanding of the events of the past? Why is it necessary to read more than secondary sources?

Tech Communication Project

explore one of the categories of business communication genres: (1) genres related to your personal identity (e.g. resumes, cover letters, other job materials),Rather than produce these genres, the project examines how these genres work and why they are the way they are, using one of the following methods;
Historical Comparison: Find a 30 year-old example of your genre and compare it to a contemporary version. Select examples that let you say something interesting about the comparison.
Technology Network: Map out the infrastructure of relationships involved in the production and implementation of your genre, including the entities (processes, technologies, objects, people, and so on) that make up the network.
Interview a Practitioner: Contact someone who works in a field you’re interested in and who frequently engages with (writes or reads) your genre in a professional context. Interview them about their experiences and knowledge about your genre.
Case Study: Find an interesting real-world situation/event (more than just an interesting example) involving your genre, provide an overview and context, and explain the relevance and implications.
Propose an Innovation: Create a detailed proposal that would change how the genre functions and/or how it is used. The proposal should be targeted at a specific real-world “client” or audience.
The method you choose should be a central component of your project, but it is not an end unto itself. Your project should leverage the method you choose in service of a larger purpose that explores some interesting feature of the type of communication you’re writing about, and should make it clear what this all means and why it matters.
You can produce any type of document that allows you to meet your goals for the project—as long as it isn’t a generic assignment-style 12 point, double spaced document.