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Chapter 16 Case Study Bernard is a nursing student who is participating in a community nursing rotation in which

Chapter 16 Case Study
Bernard is a nursing student who is participating in a community nursing rotation in which he determines the health needs of an Ashkenazi Jewish community. Bernard learns about Tay-Sachs disease in his medical–surgical course and becomes interested in this disease and the populations it affects.
Bernard arranges with the community leaders to hold ophthalmological screenings for all children in the community. The diagnostic sign of Tay-Sachs disease is the presence of a cherry-red spot on the eye’s macula, and the disease is most prevalent in the Ashkenazi Jewish population as the result of a genetic mutation. Bernard and the community leaders determine that the screening can lead to early detection and treatment of the fatal disease.
1. Bernard uses the community–locality development model to work with the community leaders. The community empowerment model is characterized as follows: (Select all that apply.)
A. A democratic decision-making process is used.
B. The model encourages self-help.
C. Voluntary cooperation from members is sought.
D. Leadership within the group is developed.
E. The model cures diseases and conditions.
F. The model fosters co-dependence.

2. What steps will Bernard take to plan the community screening program? Discuss.

3. Bernard needs to validate the screening data he has compiled with the community. How will Bernard validate the screening data? Discuss.
Book is Transcultural Nursing Assessment and Intervention By Giger, J

Does Money and Lifestyle Equal Social Class?

Does Money and Lifestyle Equal Social Class?.


Please make an essay regarding all four of the following points and separating each one.

Social Class: Does Money and Lifestyle Equal Social Class? Consider the following case: A wealthy international drug trafficker and his family live in a well-to-do upper class neighborhood—for example in Coral Gables. Write a short essay (300 words or more) in which you explain whether you believe that this family should be considered to be an elite upper class family even though the source of the family’s income is from illegal drug trafficking activities. Hate Crimes. Investigate the occurrence of hate crimes based on race or ethnicity in the United States by visiting FBI at and/or ProPublica Write a short essay (300 words or more) on which you discuss what you have learned on this topic and how as a society we could address the underlying causes of such crimes. U.S. Immigration Patterns. Whenever the U.S has a need for a large number of people with a certain set of skills such as doctors, nurses, engineers, computer technicians, or even laborers, Congress adjusts its immigration policy. The possibility for a good life in America draws many skilled and professional people to this country , which creates a shortage of these talents in the foreign nation. This is particularly true in the health care and engineering fields in the 21st century. For information on how this migration affects those that come and those left behind read the 2013 UN Report at option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=85&Itemid=226. Write a short essay (300 words or more) in which you discuss the pros and cons of this pattern for our country and for the foreign country. 3/25/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/5 World Hunger. The Hunger Project is a private initiative aiming to eliminate world hunger. Go to The Hunger Project website ( and answer these questions: How does the approach of The Hunger Project differ from conventional development planning? Click on one of the three regions where THP has projects (South Asia, Africa, or Latin America) and select one program that interests you. Write a short essay (300 words or more) in which you describe this project briefly and explain (in terms of what you have learned in the global stratification chapter) what impact you think the program will have and why you think it will (or won’t) work. 

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“Why Do We Obsess Over What’s “Relatable”?

Chapter 16 Case Study Bernard is a nursing student who is participating in a community nursing rotation in which “Why Do We Obsess Over What’s “Relatable”?.

Description Please spend at least 60 minutes reading and responding to the following passage from Jeremy D Larson’s “Why Do We Obsess Over What’s “Relatable”?” with respect to the questions below. Your essay should be thoughtful and should engage directly with the passage. Make sure you are as specific as possible with how you are reading the passage, and use quotations. Larson writes, “The familiar has been funneled into our eyes so constantly for the last few years that even it has been rendered alien.” What is “the familiar”, and how is it possible for it to be “alien” ?

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