Chapter 1 discusses the history or rise of irony (liberal political satire) and outrage (conservative political talk/opinion programs) while

Chapter 1 discusses the history or rise of irony (liberal political satire) and outrage (conservative political talk/opinion programs) while Chapter 2 details the history of how changes in media technology, media policies, and political polarization contributed to a new wave of irony and outrage.

For this post, I would like you to pick one of the historical moments or changes media technology, media policies, and political polarization that you think is most strongly responsible for the rise of irony and outrage as separate media preferences for liberals versus conservatives, respectively. Yes, all these moments and changes were important, but after doing the readings, I want you to make an argument for why one might be particularly important compared to the others. You may want to do a little more digging (find additional sources) to support your argument.[supanova_question]

The Regulation of ICO / CryptoCurrency Market

The Regulation of ICO / CryptoCurrency Market.

The Regulation of ICO / CryptoCurrency Market Write an analytical article that covers the following: (1) Describe this market. (2) Why this market needs regulation (regulatory objectives)? (3) How is this market regulated in practice? (The regulatory framework, Attitudes & practices in different countries)? (4) Who are the regulator (role of market participants)? (5) Your own analysis on the future of ICO/CryptoCurrency Market Regulation. Pay attention to the citation form, use both in-text citation and references(APA form)

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NARAL pro choice America

Chapter 1 discusses the history or rise of irony (liberal political satire) and outrage (conservative political talk/opinion programs) while NARAL pro choice America.

 A campaign for a cause in one of team members home country, whose aim it was to produce a change in the law and/or rules of the country, and in which the involvement of, and the opinions of, bloggers/twitters/influencers was crucial. Write a description of the process, with role of bloggers/twitters/influencers clearly explained. The format for the assignment is: A. 5 A4 pages (All double-spaced, font 12, Arial). AND B. a 5 minutes slides supported presentation (the last lesson, Lesson 10). The Assignments will be graded according to the following criteria: * Accuracy 40 %. * Logic of the explanation 40% * Clarity of the explanation 20 % On United States, NARAL pro choice America (Abortion rights)

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Becoming Human – First Steps

Becoming Human – First Steps.

Becoming Human – First Steps 

Please download assignment file to review instructions and rubric for this assignment. Expectations associated with the grade for this paper are listed directly in the Grading Rubric on the 3rd page of the instructions. Please do not include the questions in your paper … simply number the responses. Do not use video quotes … write in your own words. All papers will be reviewed – once submitted – by a software called UniCheck for plagiarism. If you receive a HIGH plagiarism score … you may receive a “0” on the assignment. Complete your writing assignments using Microsoft Office Word (.doc or .docx) or you can save in Rich Text Format (.rtf). Do not submit a PDF. If you have any questions about completing the assignment, please list them on the course FAQ discussion board. Youtube link

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Family and illness

Family and illness.

 The general outline of your paper should be as follows (Note: APA headings can be very helpful in this paper): Introduction/Rationale (1 page): Set up your given topic, as well as answer the question of why we should care. Make sure that you have a clear thesis statement, as well as a preview of the rest of the paper. Overview of Themes (3-4 pages): Out of your 10 sources, you should have 2-4 MAIN findings on your topic. Note that each theme should find support from multiple sources, so if you are only citing one article in a given theme. Directions for Future Research (1 page): Based on your knowledge of the literature, discuss 2-3 main points about where scholars need to examine this topic in the future. That might mean that one of your main points looks at practical applications, while another looks at a large gap in the research. This section is more based on your opinion, but your arguments need to be supported by the literature you previously reviewed. Conclusion (1/2 page): Briefly summarize and conclude the goal of the paper. Note: Paper needs to be in APA format, meaning an APA title page and a References page at the end. You do not need a formal abstract for the paper. Go to Purdue OWL for help with APA formatting.

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Zoot Suits related to pachuco subculture

Zoot Suits related to pachuco subculture.

 Use a 11 pt. font and 1” margins all around the page.INCLUDE FOUR LIBRARY SOURCES.Appropriately cite or reference all material ,write a paper about zoot suits and how it is related to pachuco subculture according to, 1) History/background of the subculture 2) Subculture’s focus of resistance and coinciding ethos 3) Subculture’s overall use of fashion and style within resistance 4) How the item that you have chosen reflects subculture’s focus of resistance and its ethos.

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Community relations

Community relations.

Description Community relation- what is corporal social responsibility and how can it be a driving force in your public relation strategy? this is my assignment and you also have to make a presentation on this topic and please focus on predentation

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Strategic Purchasing & Supplier Management

Strategic Purchasing & Supplier Management.

Select no more than three from the following topics and draw on the academic literature (i.e. concepts, theories, frameworks) and case study evidence from no more than two organisations to critically evaluate the important factors which underpin effective source decision making in purchasing and supply chain management.


Topics include:

·         Supply chain orientation

·         Sustainability

·         Agile

·         Lean

·         Collaboration

·         Cross cultural relationships and trust



Present your findings using the suggested report structure:

  • Title Page
  • Executive Summary
  • Contents Page
  • Introduction
  • Findings (Literature Review and Case Findings)
  • Discussion/ Analysis
  • Recommendations/Conclusions
  • Appendix
  • References




Ateş, et al., 2015. An exploratory analysis of supply base structure: the relationship between purchase category strategies and supply base structure. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management. 21 (3), pp. 204–215.


Ateş, et al., 2018. The impact of purchasing strategy-structure (mis) fit on purchasing cost and innovation performance. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management24(1), pp.68-82.


Baier, et al., 2008. Strategic alignment and purchasing efficacy: an exploratory analysis of their impact on financial performance. Journal of Supply Chain Management. 44 (4), pp. 36–52.

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What role do you play in the perpetuation (continuation) of this materialistic culture? That is, how do you contribute to this social phenomenon? Use your sociological imagination and theories to analyze your experience.

What role do you play in the perpetuation (continuation) of this materialistic culture? That is, how do you contribute to this social phenomenon? Use your sociological imagination and theories to analyze your experience..

Individuals and families alike pack their vehicles with warm sweaters, food, sleeping bags, lawn chairs, among other essentials. Anticipation and smiles cover their faces as they embark on their journey. As they arrive at their destination, they are confronted with long lines of many people, there for the same objective, to get the best “Black Friday” deals they can. The busiest shopping day of the year not only comes with great discounts, but an array of injuries, incidents and even death. Many individuals convince themselves that cutting their Thanksgiving dinner short, spending hours or even days waiting in line, and dealing with the frenzy and madness that ensues is worth saving a few bucks. Most of this bargain shopping is done without the slightest reflection on where these items come from, who’s making them and at what cost. The film The True Cost explores the profound impact of the fast fashion industry on our social and ecological world. It investigates our insatiable materialistic desire for affordable goods that is often at the cost of the blood and sweat of exploited garment workers and the wrecked earth that many call home. It’s about the suffering that workers all around the world are forced to endure just to keep the price of the clothing on our backs low, while keeping the pockets of a small amount of individuals and corporations fat with money. 

Instructions: In 3 pages minimum (please do not exceed 5 pages), answer the following questions in an essay format using APA format. Your paper must include a title page, body (with in-text citations) and reference/works cited page.  You must include at least 3 outside resources, other than your book (scholarly article, book, newspaper, etc.) and some specific examples/moments from the film to highlight your answers and support your arguments.  I DO NOT want you to summarize the film! The main purpose of this assignment is for you to apply sociological concepts/ideologies/theory in critically analyzing the film’s content using your sociological imagination and personal insight. Your paper will be graded on the following:

·         Proper formatting and grammar/sentence structure (12 point font, Times New Roman, and 1 inch margins, double spacing should all be used).

·         The proper application of sociological concepts, ideas and theory along with specific examples/moments from the film to highlight arguments.

·         Answering all the questions in an insightful/analytical manner properly applying the sociological imagination.


Please make sure to include theories and sociological concepts that we have discussed in class (and those covered in your book) to analyze the reality of this film and the idea of fashion. Include at least 2 theorists’/theories.

1.       What struck you the most about this film? What impact did it have on your understanding of importance of material culture is in our world?


2.       How important is fashion to you and why?

a.       What role do you play in the perpetuation (continuation) of this materialistic culture? That is, how do you contribute to this social phenomenon? Use your sociological imagination and theories to analyze your experience.


3.       Some critics have argued that this film provides accurate reflection of the materialistic cultural value systems present in U.S. (Western) societies. Do you agree or disagree with this assertion?

a.       What role do the media have on supporting materialism and its proliferation?


4.       “There are a lot worse things they could be doing”, an all-too-familiar justification for the horrific conditions garment workers must endure to merely scrape by and maintain life is echoed throughout the film.

a.       Do you agree or disagree with this sentiment? Why or why not?

b.       As a society, how can we address this issue?


5.       The staggering environmental consequences of the fashion industry are highlighted throughout the film.

a.       What approaches do you feel may lessen the burden on our depleting natural resources, landfills and agro-chemical dependency? Or are we too far gone?

b.       As an individual, what role can you play in changing this part of our culture?

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