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Change/innovation of Facebook Problem Solution Essay

Table of Contents Introduction to Change/innovation of Facebook Change/innovation strategies Conclusion References Introduction to Change/innovation of Facebook Facebook should devise new strategies to meet the changing demands among the clients. Innovation is a fundamental process because it enhances profitability within online corporations. Over the years, the company has been relying solely on revenues from basic advertisements and campaigns that promote different organizational processes. This signifies that the Facebook is popular among populations that do not contribute to its financial growth. Furthermore, the corporations’ administrators have limited revenue because majority of their clients lack resources (Baloun, 2007). The company can reinstate its position in the market through invention and innovation. These changes will aid the company capitalize on profitability. Consequently, it is necessary to highlight the changes that will increase the profitability of facebook. Change/innovation strategies Facebook should introduce new features that will enable the site to maximize profitability (Vander, 2008). It is important for the company to rebrand to tap on the unexploited potential of the market. For instance, the organization should ensure that Facebook’s “time-line” meets the needs of users without compromising their privacy. This is critical for the success of the company. Additionally, facebook should introduce fees to people who intend to use the social networking site in streaming videos online. The administrators of facebook should capitalize on technological innovations such as streaming music online. This can be a source of revenue for the site. The administrators should introduce features that will allow customers to customize their sites on facebook (Carter
Principles of Marketing 301. I’m studying and need help with a Marketing question to help me learn.

What I Learned
Please write me a paper about what you learned in class. But I DON’T want you to write about ANY of the topics, concepts or ideas that are about course content. I am interested in a paper that tells me what you learned but which I can’t see by reading your graded work. After all, we are all black boxes to each other! LOL
Here’s the deal: I believe that learning in very complex. And I believe that it is individual. It involves things that are easily seen and demonstrated, as well as things that are not so easily seen. I’m interested in the learning that I cannot see. I am most interested in your insights into yourself.
So let me suggest what the learning I can’t see may center around:

Something about yourself that you learned during our course
Something about the kinds of learning situations that you find difficult or that you find easy
Something about a challenge that you faced this semester that you learned how to deal with
Something about my style of teaching and the way education can be/should be conducted
Something about the values I, as teacher, are trying to communicate and represent
(((Something about the overall value of your education at Dominican))))))
Something about how you interrelate learning from other classes to form new ideas and new possibilities
Something about how you relate what we’ve done in this class to your life outside of class (be that job wise or personal wise)

Any of these – or things that I haven’t even listed – would be fine. DO NOT try to write something related to every bullet point above. Pick the situation(s) that are most meaningful and reveal something about your learning that I cannot see.
This activity may require some thinking. And, of course, being honest in critically important as well.
Principles of Marketing 301

SHAWCROFT Case Criminal Responsibility of Persons with Mental Illness Paper

SHAWCROFT Case Criminal Responsibility of Persons with Mental Illness Paper.

Critical Thinking ExercisesThere are 4 critical thinking exercises (CTEs). The student needs to only complete 3 of the 4 CTEs. Which 3 CTEs the student selects is their choice, but only 3 will be graded. There is no extra credit for doing the 4th CTE. The critical thinking exercises are named by week, i.e. for week 2 the file would be named CTE2. The exercises can be found in the weekly assignments. Each exercise will consist of a thought provoking question, problem, or mini-case study outlining a problem. Students will study the question or problem and offer their analysis and/or recommended solutions per posted instructions. The primary reference for the essays will be your assigned textbooks. If you use specific information attributed to other researchers cited in the Bartol or Simpson textbooks, identify the author in the essay. At the end of your essay list your references to include your textbooks (if used). A full bibliography is not required….just author, title/publication, and copyright date, e.g. Bartol and Bartol, 10th ed., Criminal Behavior: A Psychosocial Approach, 2014. Do not use the Internet as your primary references. Not using your textbooks will result in a reduced grade on your CTE. If you use an Internet source be sure to cite in the essay and list in your references. Points will be deducted for excessive use of Internet sources. This essay is to be your original analysis and recommendations. Do not use excessive quotes (should be less than 10% of the CTE) since it limits the amount of critical analysis provided by the student. will be utilized to verify originality of the essay. Each response will be typewritten using a size 12 New Roman Times font or a size 11 Courier New font and be 2 pages in length (double-spaced with no spaces between paragraphs) with the student’s name and abbreviated exercise name and week the exercise is due in the upper left-hand corner of the first page, i.e. John Smart CTE 2. These guidelines must be followed in order to maintain uniformity in CTEs submitted to this instructor. Files will be named using the protocol found in the Assignments section of this syllabus. All exercises will be submitted to the instructor through the drop box located on the Assignments Page for that week. ****After reading the assigned readings, write and submit a 2-3 page essay in response to the following task: You have been hired as a consultant in the Shawcroft case (See Attached Shawcroft Case Study). Your task is to determine if this case warrants a defense of insanity under the M’Naghten Rule, which is used by the State of Minnesota. The Mnnesota test for insanity, a codification of M’Naghten Rule, reads: 611.026 CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY OF PERSONS WITH A MENTAL ILLNESS OR COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT (Links to an external site.)No person having a mental illness or cognitive impairment so as to be incapable of understanding the proceedings or making a defense shall be tried, sentenced, or punished for any crime; but the person shall not be excused from criminal liability except upon proof that at the time of committing the alleged criminal act the person was laboring under such a defect of reason, from one of these causes1 as not to know the nature of the act, or that it was wrong.1 Causes refer to insanity or cognitive impairment.Using the guidelines of the Minnesota insanity law does Shawcroft have a defense of insanity? The burden of proof for proving insanity is on the defendant. Why or why not? If not, would Shawcroft have a defense of insanity under any of the other insanity rules discussed in the Bartols’ textbook? Why or why not? (45 Points)SHAWCROFT CASE updated 26apr18.pdfPrepare your essay in either Word Format or Rich Text File Format and submit it via the Assignment drop box using the file naming protocol listed in the course syllabus.
SHAWCROFT Case Criminal Responsibility of Persons with Mental Illness Paper

HLS 3303 Merits and Demerits of The Usa Patriot Act Presentation

custom essay HLS 3303 Merits and Demerits of The Usa Patriot Act Presentation.

I’m working on a criminal justice presentation and need a sample draft to help me study.

You are a mid-ranking member of a large city’s police department. Since the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act, you have become a bit of an expert on the act and have served as a point person for your precinct when police activities related to the act are necessary. A local university will be holding a debate on the merits of the PATRIOT Act and has asked you to attend to debate the positive merits of the act and evaluate its effectiveness as it relates to preparedness for terrorism response operations.You are one of three members of a panel speaking in favor of the act. You will be debating with another panel of three who will be debating against the act, in favor of its repeal. What arguments in favor of the act will you make? What do you feel will be your strongest arguments, and which do you think will be more difficult to defend?Now, put yourself on the other panel and consider why you might argue against the act and in favor of its repeal. What arguments would you make against the act? Which one of your arguments against the act might be the most difficult to defend?Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation to highlight your key points. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced using APA formatting; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.
HLS 3303 Merits and Demerits of The Usa Patriot Act Presentation

Mississippi College Statistical Power of A Study Discussion

Mississippi College Statistical Power of A Study Discussion.

In the online class, participation is graded as a part of discussion. In addition to your own post (which is due by Thursday midnight of each week), you should respond to the posts of a peer each week. To be substantive, your reply should add more information to the discussion, bring a helpful resource to the discussion forum, or question the response on the merit of your own research. Posts should be at least 250 words and each reply should be at least 150 words. In order to receive full credit you’ll need to reference the content of the discussion to your field of study (ex: nursing). Think about how the concept would apply to your field, how you would encounter the concept in your field, and how you would interact/experience the concept in your field of study.Instructions:Visit the following website: (Links to an external site.)Researchers may seem to be more often concerned with small sample sizes and tests that, as a result, lack power, yet having a very large sample can create its own set of problems. Speculate these issues by pointing out the relationships between sample size and power when the magnitude of effect is held constant. What other implications can you gain from the information?Please post your initial response by 23:59 CST Thursday the Week, and comment on the post of a classmate by 23:59 CST Sunday.Submission Instructions:Writing should be in APA format (Times New Roman size 12 font). Proofread for grammatical accuracy. Late posts will be deducted points. Late replies will not be counted. Forums will close at 23:59 CST Sunday of each week. Type your response into the forum, avoid uploading a Word document with your post. Grading Rubric Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.AdvancedEmergingUnsatisfactoryPost:Addresses question210Integrates information from readings and/or experiences1.50Conveys understanding of key idea1.50Relates key idea to professional field of study1.50Appropriate length and style1.50Logical organizations, conventional, and citations1.50Response post:Addresses/considers peer’s writing1.50Reply connects, extends, or applies question to colleagues’ idea1.50Appropriate length and style1.50
Mississippi College Statistical Power of A Study Discussion

HRMD 650 Harvard WK2 Pros and Cons of External and Internal Practitioners

HRMD 650 Harvard WK2 Pros and Cons of External and Internal Practitioners.

HRMD 610 Week 2 Use UMGC’s online library database or search the internet to find an employment law case concerning an alleged Title VII violation that was decided within the last 5 yrs. In one or two paragraphs, explain the main components of the case and state applicable federal, state, or local employment law. Then, discuss whether you agree or disagree with the final ruling in the case. In your discussion, be sure to include the implications of the case for both the organization and the employee(s) in question.HRMD 650 Week 2 What are the pros and cons of external and internal practitioners? Is the team approach a viable alternative? Explain. If you were recommending change in your organization, which would you recommend?
HRMD 650 Harvard WK2 Pros and Cons of External and Internal Practitioners