Change in work for your organization

Please don’t bid without reading instructions.PurposeThe nature of work is changing over time. Some industries experience changes faster than others but all tend to evolve over time. The pandemic in 2020 escalated the pace of change for many companies across industries.  This assignment asks you to explore changes in the nature of work in your own organization. QuestionIs your current organization dealing with the changing nature of work?1.    If yes, describe two changes and explain how your organization is dealing with it.2.    If not, identify two changes that you think should be made and explain how the organization can support those changes.[supanova_question]

Who will move that brand new, big screen TV?

Who will move that brand new, big screen TV?.

Think of how many risks come into play when you decide to conduct a simple project, such as painting your living room. The following are some examples of risks: •What type of paint will you use (and can you afford high-quality paint)? •Who will move that brand new, big screen TV? •Who is going to paint? •Do you have the time, money, and resources? •Have you ever considered any of this, or do you simply cover up as much things as you can and start painting?

Risks exist regardless of whether people acknowledge it or not. Depending on the complexity of the project, the number and type of risk multiplies. Everyone has their own solution to each risk, but when working with a group within an organization, fragmentation such as this becomes counterproductive and a major risk in the end. Group Portion As a group, you are to describe a project that all of you will participate in, and include the following: •Define the goal of the project •List the project’s duration •Explain who are the stakeholders (those who participate) •Review benefits by the project implementation •Explain your need for resources

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