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Change and the World Will Change for You”? compare and contrast essay help custom essays online

In our everyday life, we make decisions, decisions that may change the world we live in, if only slightly. However, each decision we make has an impact on our life and is therefore important. Each time we choose one thing over another, we draw from our previous knowledge to make the best choice we can. However, the ideas and thoughts that actually dictate how we make our choices are the morals that we base our life on. For some, these morals are simple and do not reflect what their life means to them, but for others, the morals that they live on are the foundation of their life.

For those who have strong morals, those morals may be complex and hard to understand to others; for this reason, it is common for characters in a book to be simple and their actions to be taken only at face value. However, a few books are able to grasp the underlying meaning of certain actions and words, but none I have yet seen present the morals of characters and define so clearly the feeling and emotions of people as Orson Scott Card has in his book, ENDERa€™S GAME.

He creates his characters in ways that not only reveal the meanings of their lives, but he creates a story so gracefully interlaced within the feeling and emotions of his characters that the plot itself revolves around themes, ideas, and morals, not the other way around. He creates worlds with people so real that you remember them as real people; people from whom you take ideas and use to create a better life for yourself and others.

Buddhism religion

Buddhism religion.

Buddhism religion Description Experience needs to be related to Buddhism 3. First section of paper details what you did and when. (#2,3,or 4 below). 4. Second section of the paper details what you learned in response to the chosen option. 5. Third section of the paper provides your personal reflection of the experience. Experiences/Interviews: General Guide Worth UP TO 30 points per experience! One of the best ways to learn about religion and culture is to visit a religious, cultural, or sacred place or speak to a follower. The experience of meeting believers, reading about beliefs, or witnessing sacred events can teach us more than merely reading a text. You may choose to visit a religious service and write a field report/ reflection on your visit along with a paragraph about the religious group/place. Visit a service and then write a report of your visit by following a list of guidelines provided below. You must visit the place or speak with the people during the current semester or up to a max of 4 months prior. Or, you may choose to visit an educational place such as the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art, the Holocaust Museum, History Museums, or related venues. Visit the place and then write a report/reflection of your visit following the guidelines below. The last option would be that you may choose to have an interview/conversation with at least 3 people (followers or leaders) of the religion and write a reflection about what each said and a comparison between what the followers shared. If you are unsure whether someplace counts as an experience speak with the professor. The first section needs to include include details on the name of the place / names of the people (with contact information for verification), the religious or sacred association(s), when the place was founded, and other facts about the place, activity, or people encountered for the experience. The second section is about what you learned of the religion/spirituality from the experience/interviews. Think of using terms from the beginning of class such as monotheistic, polytheistic, atheism, cosmological, transcendental, or terms related to the religion itself. Do NOT repeat what you stated in the first section! In the third section reflect on your personal encounter with the religious/educational experience/interviews. Include your thoughts, reactions, what you felt, and a comparison to what you may already have known or believed. You can also use this section to compare the experience to your own experience with the sacred/religious. There is no specific number of words or pages required to complete this assignment so long as the heading, three sections, and resource page are complete.

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